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Aether Continuum
By Zaphren

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Rating: R
Reviews: 50
Summary: Two mysterious beings that claim to be Nephalem send Harry's soul back in time to fix the mistakes of the powerful and save his world from more than just Voldemort. This is a change in the Time Travel trope where Harry originally never went to Hogwarts, where events spiraled out of control and Voldemort had risen with the Philosophers Stone and Diary Riddle forced another side to the conflict.
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Author's Notes:
In case anyone was wondering what Shadow and Lars have been up to during this year, here it is. Now, believe me when I say that Shadow has an agenda for everything (literally everything, he does not make a mistake except in regards to the feelings of his ‘wards’). Also, with Harry being put back in time, there had to be something that evened out the imbalance. When exactly will this take place? I know but you don’t… yet (grins evilly) Also, I’ll just hide behind this well placed wall while the rest of you throw shit at me. :D Also, I forgot to post this before bed last night... Sorry about that.


Year 1 Epilogue

‘This was a very dangerous thing you’ve done, Ikelius.’ A pleasant, yet deep, feminine voice spoke in his mind. He ignored it as he stared at the virtual image in front of him, showing the Milky Way galaxy, and suppressed a shudder. The whole galaxy had shifted, twisting in too many places to be considered natural and then became a transparent shape before snapping back into place. As the screen darkened, he continued staring at it with unseeing eyes, his thoughts blocking out the loud sounds his usual over-sensitive ears heard. The resetting of the galaxy was more than just giving Harry a chance, it would allow Shadow to have more control over the events. His own enemies had come too close to discovering what was there. A power that would have only added to their superiority in control across the Draconian universe. A power that had drawn Shadow as well.

The galaxy had not only reverted back fifteen years, leaving the one person at the center of the ritual with his memories, but had destroyed everything else, including thousands of his own race. He’d lost track of how many of them he had killed, even if the majority of them were mindless creatures blindly following their so-called “god.” His eyes narrowed, they would not be the last. He was pulled from his musings by shouting coming from the other room, drawing nearer.

“Hold on, wait just one- Put that away! Your type of magic won’t have any effect here.” One of Shadow’s eyebrows rose slightly. Very rarely did Lars raise his voice in anger like he was now. Perhaps he shouldn’t have left his charge with Kesh’rak, most people were wary due to what the man was. Shadow schooled his features before walking into the room where the shouting originated. Upon entering, he saw three men, one in the middle keeping the two others apart. One was a being near eight feet in height, the middle was Lars, and the third, a bald man with pale skin in black robes. The first man’s skin looked to be made of leather but was the color of the deepest black marred by purple veins protruding out in various parts of his body. There was no hair on the man’s head, instead a few horns struck out from just above his pointed ears. Raven like wings grew from out of his back, they were shaking out in a way that Shadow recognized as an act of intimidation. The man wore only a brown cloth over his waist, leaving his muscled chest bare, and his legs were hocked ending in rabbit-like feet. The irises on his eyes were shaped like Shadow’s, cat-like but horizontal and were a bright violet. In his left hand he carried a large red and black one edged sword pointed over Lars’ shoulder at the robed man. This man, was Kesh’rak, a demon and one of the revolutionaries against his people’s Queen.

In the robed man’s pale skeletal hand was a wand, Shadow estimated it to be just over 13 inches in length. It was the man’s facial features that mostly distinguished him. Snake like nose, eyes the color red, but they didn’t have the unnatural glow like Shadow’s.

Lars, as the man in the middle, held his hands up in front of him, trying to dissuade whatever had caused the situation. “Look, Voldy, he’s with us. You can trust him.”

“How can you expect me to trust this thing?” The pale man snarled, his wand thrusting at the black leathery skinned man in emphasis. “Demons can never be trusted.”

“Not like you can trust anything anyway.” Kesh’rak said softly, the tone in his gravelly voice was dangerous. Red eyes met violet, and Tom moved to reach around Lars when he suddenly stopped. The room had darkened, centered on the demon whose own shadows had grown. “You hold no power here, Dark Lord.” Kesh’rak’s voice reverberated throughout the room, the darkness strengthened even more before…

“That’s enough.” Shadow’s words were soft, barely discernible over the humming of the ship around them, yet the darkness dissipated instantaneously as the other three looked in his direction. Tom looked to continue but the Nephalem cut him off. “I said enough, Tom. Kesh’rak has my trust and that should be enough for you.” The two stared for a long moment before the pale skinned man growled, pointing at the demon.

“Just keep him away from me.” The man turned, departing the room and headed towards the sleeping quarters. Lars moved to follow, before making a rude gesture, two fingers pointing up with the thumb in between, that Shadow didn’t recognize.

“Bloody Brits.” The jovial man said with a smile, as the demon beside him shook his head, snorting. Turning to the red eyed giant, he continued jovially. “Funny how he doesn’t trust demons, but the magic he used to prevent himself from dying came from them. Anyway, now that the ‘Dark Lord who can’t stand his own name’ is out of our hair, er... no offence Kesh, what’s the plan?”

Motioning the two to follow, Shadow led them back to the room he had started in and to the console that still displayed the galaxy. With his left hand, he placed it onto a half sphere that stuck out just below the screen, and after a few moments the visual shifted until it displayed the planet Earth, how it looked the day they had sent Harry back to.

“The time we sent him back, the second of May, the planet year nineteen-ninety, exactly fifteen years. I have a good idea on when we should reintegrate, but I would like to know each of your opinions.” Looking back at the other two, he noticed Kesh’rak eyeing the planet, while Lars looked bemused.

“I’m not falling for this again, Ike. I have a fragile self-esteem as it is and I don’t need you lording over it with your brilliantly thought out plans.” Lars said in a light, joking tone, causing the demon to snort again in a very human-like way. Perhaps Shadow did need a reminder that the being once was, in fact, human. However, catching the demon's eye, the glowing eyes looked at him questioningly.

“It’s… just like my Earth.” Kesh’rak’s eyes were glazed as he thought back to his past.

“It is your Earth, Kesh, just this universe’s version. I’m sure there’s another one just like it in other universes of the multiverse, but unlike yours they actually have magic!” Lars looked thoughtful for a moment before clapping the demon on the back. “Such a shame you had to grow up on the most boring version.”

Kesh’rak continued to look at the planet for a few more moments before finally moving to the computer, standing to Shadow’s left. Touching another pad, Earth disappeared to be replaced by a vertical line with smaller lines breaking off horizontally as it moved up. Glyphs appeared at the end of each branch, they each consisted of jagged lines crossing to form the words in the ancient draconic language that Shadow’s and Lars’ people used.

“This is the most possible projection for this world’s future as of right now for the next 8 years. The further up the line we go, the further into the future but more susceptible that changes can happen. I’d say this is ninety-five percent correct up until here.” The demon placed one of his clawed fingers at just under the halfway mark. “I’d recommend reintegration here late in the year nineteen-ninety-four, without me of course as the humans would probably call for my head the moment they saw me.” Lars gave a barking laugh before Kesh’rak continued. “Any changes we make before this point will have to be absolutely necessary. Not to mention we’ll have to prepare for any possible...” He cut off as they heard their guest making his way toward them. Shadow shared a look with Lars before shaking his head.

“There may be one change.” Shadow said, eyeing a spot on the timeline. He then turned around, Shadow glancing at Tom before back to the timeline. Near the top, the last year of the projected timeline, he saw a possibility that helped make up his mind on what was needed of the wizard. “Tom, there is one thing I’ll need from you. I hope you won’t mind my presumptuous nature in this.” The three turned to look at the pale, robed figure. Tom gave a wary eye toward Kesh’rak before finally giving a slight bow with his head toward Shadow.

“Whatever you need, Great One.”

Annoyance fluttered within Shadow for a moment. Tom had taken to calling him that when Lars had explained who they were and why the Dark Lord had always had more endurance and faster reflexes than the rest of his kind. Breathing slowly, the Nephalem walked up to Tom, placing his left hand onto the man’s right shoulder.

“I’ll need to place you into this version of the world, but you will need to be smarter on how you act. You almost brought the dragons to you with your conflict, and I will not let them have their way. You need to be more subtle in how you control the planet.”

“I did it exactly how you wanted it done!” The dull red eyes flared angrily, but Shadow stopped him by raising his right hand, the one that looked nearly identical to Kesh’raks own.

“Things have changed dramatically since then. My enemies, unknowingly, bound themselves to their idiotic rules with the conflict between myself and them while trying to prevent me from acting openly. Now, the biggest issue with what I need is we can’t have two of you, so you will have to replace him. I have a plan for that, which is where what I need you for comes in.”

“Whatever you need, Great one.” Voldemort looked at the image behind the three, though was unable to discern it and his eyes shifted back to Shadow. “Will you be using the ritual you used on Potter for this?”

“No, as that would revoke what I’ve done. Also the ritual can only be used on a person once.” Voldemort’s face flashed into confusion before realization reflected off the mans eyes. Taking a deep breath, Shadow then plunged his right hand into Tom’s chest. The man gurgled as two trails of blood crawled its way down to his chin, flowing from the corner of Tom’s mouth. The same darkness from earlier was exuding from Shadow’s right arm as it slowly made its way into the wizards torso. Once the man began to spasm, the Nephalem removed his hand, holding a small glowing orb of grey light surrounded by the darkness. Releasing the stiff shoulder, the body fell lifelessly to the ground. Looking into the orb, Shadow’s normally glowing red eyes had dimmed until they were nearly black and he nodded. “I just your soul and it’s memories.”
Reviews 50

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