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Aether Continuum
By Zaphren

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Albus Dumbledore, Harry/Ginny, Other
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Death, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations
Rating: R
Reviews: 50
Summary: Two mysterious beings that claim to be Nephalem send Harry's soul back in time to fix the mistakes of the powerful and save his world from more than just Voldemort. This is a change in the Time Travel trope where Harry originally never went to Hogwarts, where events spiraled out of control and Voldemort had risen with the Philosophers Stone and Diary Riddle forced another side to the conflict.
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Author's Notes:
A/N: We’re doing more time jumps here until Christmas. Couldn’t exactly skip the Mirror of Erised now could I? Also because it has a big plot point for the future. Any questions pertaining to what Harry sees will not be answered. Why? Because I’m a dick and because, and I repeat, “it has a big plot point for the future.” Finally, I want to say this, the Nephalem blood in Harry is not physically bad to him or any human in any way, shape or form. Nephalem are half-human, half dragon, so the blood is merely there for Shadow to track Harry’s family easier (through the mother’s side since it can only transport from mother to child) and it gives those who have it increased endurance, strength, etc. I don’t consider this a big spoiler or anything, but I should have seen that you guys thinking it would be bad by how Shadow has been pulling strings and me not explaining everything about it during the previous chapter. The Nephalem blood comes directly from Shadow himself.

Finally, I love you guys who read and review. I am looking to become a better writer and would love to hear your constructive criticism.


Chapter 8: Christmas

November letters:


I’m fairly certain you have probably already heard about this, but your brother’s (Ron, Fred and George) helped me take down a mountain troll that had trapped Hermione in one of the girls’ bathrooms. The whole situation felt like it was from those adventure novels you grow up reading. Hermione was only in the bathroom because Ron was rude to her at lunch that day, so when dinner came around she wasn’t there to hear about it. The troll was reported to be in the dungeons, but who reported this is someone we believe is trying to steal the item currently hidden away. Yet the creature just happened to walk into the bathroom a girl was in.

Well, enough about that. The biggest thing to come out of this is that Ron and Hermione are friends. Unfortunately they seem to now be hell-bent on figuring out what’s being kept here, despite my protests that they should be focusing mainly on their schoolwork. I would ask you to talk to Ron, but he seems to mostly be following Hermione’s lead. She’s even gone so far to talk to Fred about this, which I’m not really sure why. He and George at least seem to want to stay out of it. Just don’t let your mum know, I have a feeling she would pull him out.

At least the rest of the school is behaving normally, the Slytherins continue to ignore me for the most part while the other three take advantage of me and my advanced knowledge. The coursework through the professors is really beginning to stack up. I’m not sure how they are able to teach and grade all the other years.

I didn’t know you liked quidditch, but I suppose that hasn’t come up. I don’t know too much about it, besides what Ron’s told me. The first match of the year is coming up and I am excited to see what it’s all about. It sounds like the muggle sport football, but with a lot more to it like flying.

You mentioned the possibility of meeting someone. Have you met her yet and what’s she like?

Hope your Halloween was more pleasant than mine was,


************************************** **************************************** *****************


I had heard about something about my brothers being involved in something dangerous but not any of the details. My parents, mostly my mother, believe I’m too young to hear anything like that. Is there more than one professor that you think might be after what’s hidden? Maybe there is more than just one and they’re working together.

They want to get involved? What do they think they’re going to do, wave their wand and hope something happens? They’re eleven! I won’t tell my parents, but you have to promise me that you will keep them out of it. Ron may be a giant prat but he’s still my brother.

You don’t know much about quidditch, and you call Ron your friend? I’m surprised he hasn’t found a way to disown you, but he’s probably too busy doing things he’s not supposed to do. When you do visit, maybe I can show you somethings.

Yes, I did meet the girl. Her name is Luna and she can be a bit weird at times but I like her. Her father makes this newspaper called the “Quibbler”. I’ve never read it but my dad says it’s… well he said it was a weird word I can’t spell. Anyway, Luna talks about all these weird creatures that I don’t believe exist. Hopefully you like her, as she’ll be starting Hogwarts with me next year.

I asked mum if she’d be fine with you staying over the Christmas holiday. She said we had plans or something and that my brother’s would be staying at the school as well. Maybe the Easter holiday instead? I’ll let you know.



************************************** **************************************** *****************

December Letters:


Well, November passed with nothing happening, so that’s a plus compared with the past few months. Honestly, it was kind of boring as I’ve come to expect something to always happen. The quidditch matches of the month weren’t too bad, but Gryffindor needs some big help. Their seeker, I think the position is, isn’t very good as he had the snitch near him most of the game. Ron seems to think I would be good at the position if I could spot the elusive ball so easily but I’m not so sure. I think it would be harder with having to deal with flying and dodging those bludgers. Magical folk seem to like dangerous things in my opinion.

Ron and Hermione seem to have hit a wall with their “investigation”. I’ve done my part by not bringing it up and discouraging it when it does. I also was able to recruit the twins in helping me, and they said they’d watch “the kids every move”. When I asked how they said that they had their ways and I think they were just having me on.

I read one of the articles from that paper you mentioned. It seems like a… very interesting piece and I believe your father may have used the word ‘eccentric’, because that’s exactly how I would describe it.. I’m very interested in meeting this girl, Luna thought and hearing about these creatures like the “Crumple-Horned Snorkack.” Does her mother believe in the same things as well?

Thank you for thinking of me for the holidays. I’m not sure I would have been able to do Christmas actually, but yes we’ll have to see for Easter break.

Hope you have a Happy Christmas


************************************** **************************************** *****************


Welcome to the average person's life, where we expect nothing and nothing happens. If it was exactly how you described it then yes, YOU WOULD BE A BRILLIANT SEEKER! I wish you could help Gryffindor with their quidditch team, but even if you were sorted it would be impossible as first years can’t play.

Good on Fred and George, hopefully they continue to take it seriously. They also seem to know more of the secrets of the school than my other brothers. Explains why they can do their pranks without being caught most of the time.

The snorkack seems to be the main creature Luna and her father talk about. They’ve even gone on journeys to find them! About Mrs. Lovegood, Luna told me that she died almost two years ago from some kind of accident. She liked to experiment and discover new spells, at least that’s what dad told me.

Well, I found out what mum, dad and I are doing for Christmas. We’re going to see my brother Charlie! He works in Romania at one of the dragon preserves, maybe I’ll get to hold a dragon egg? Still not sure about Easter yet, but I’ll keep asking.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas as well.



************************************** **************************************** *****************

Christmas for Harry had been a very pleasant day. The day had started with him opening his presents. He especially liked the homemade sweater and snitch that Mrs. Weasley and Ginny had sent him. He had gotten Ginny an imitation quaffle, something he felt she would like as the girl did like the sport. The rest of the gifts he received were from Ron, and of course some of the staff. Their gifts were more what he expected. Candy from his friend and the professors gave things that aided with teaching. He was curious why Dumbledore hadn’t gotten him anything.

He had spent the afternoon with the Weasleys, enjoying a snowball fight and helping the twins cause mayhem with the other Houses students that had stayed for the holiday. Harry was actually surprised that when dinner came around he was able to fully relax. Something that hadn’t happened in a very long time.

It was later that night and Dumbledore had sent a note via Fawkes to meet in one of the empty classrooms on the fourth floor, stating to use the invisibility cloak to prevent being seen. Curious, he quickly left his room covered in his cloak for the first time since the school year had started.

Upon entering the room, Harry understood the elder man’s need for secrecy. They were to enact the final stage to protect the Stone. It was something they had talked about, with the previous universes Voldemort gaining the object, they sought to find a way to prevent the dark wizard from obtaining it without knowing they had tricked him. The biggest issue they had found was that the Stone constantly gave off a magical signature that a powerful witch or wizard, like Voldemort, could feel from within a five kilometer radius. Dumbledore had told each member involved with guarding the Stone what he would be doing so that the disappearance of it’s signature wouldn’t be questioned. They would use Fawkes to transport the stone back to the hands of Flamel with an explanation of everything from the past universe and the steps they had taken to trap Voldemort.

In the center of the room stood the Mirror of Erised, a magical object that Harry had thought merely legend until Dumbledore had mentioned using it in the plan. Next to the Mirror stood the headmaster, who was combing the beard with his fingers in thought. When Harry removed the cloak, Dumbledore’s wand was pointed in the younger man’s direction.

“Ah, I apologize my dear boy but you seem to have caught me unaware. I can surmise that you now fully understand how my plan for the Stone will work?”

Harry walked up to the Mirror, but just off-center to prevent himself from seeing what his greatest desire would be. Reading the inscription that wound along the edge, he spoke. “Yeah, wasn’t sure what you were going to use the hide the signature though. Always thought this was just a myth.”

The headmaster chuckled as he watched Harry. The younger man had no doubt that his eyes betrayed what was going through his mind. “If you wouldn’t mind waiting for Severus, I believe you can take a peek.”

Harry’s head spun to Dumbledore so quickly that he was surprised it hadn’t cricked. “Snape is coming?”

The older man nodded gravely, glancing at the watch on his wrist. “Yes, I asked him to try and find out how far along Quirinus has gotten with our defenses and report back to me here. I doubt our Defense professor will reveal much, especially if Voldemort is as near as I fear.” He eyed Harry once more with his piercing eyes. “Consequentially, has your scar hurt again since Halloween?” The younger man shook his head, and the two fell into a comfortable silence.

The next half hour dragged by as Harry fought with the temptation to stand directly in front of the Mirror. He wanted… No, needed to see if everyone would be there. His legs itched to move the few inches towards knowing. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, ready to take that step when the door to the room slammed open. Spinning with his wand drawn, the breath that he held in his lungs ready to shout any spell needed, he noticed the Potions Master storming into the room. The man’s cloak floating behind him until he had stopped within five paces of the headmaster.

“That blasted man has more backbone that I thought, Albus.” Snape’s jaw was set, his face red with anger. “He keeps blubbering with that damned stutter he acquired over those bloody travels of his. I’m not completely sure the man has his sanity anymore and that the Dark Lord took it just to spite me.” A vein on the man’s head grew as he continued his tirade, and Harry looked to gauge the reaction Dumbledore had. The man, of course was still calm, appearing to have expected the news brought to him. Snape seemed to have finally noticed Harry, giving him a scathing look.

“Thank you, Severus. If Quirinus isn’t talking, that means he fears retribution from his master.” The older man sighed, his hands were clasped behind his back. “I fear this means that Voldemort has found his way onto the grounds, and possibly hiding in the forest. I’ll need to alert Hagrid to keep a close eye on the creatures there. That will be all.”

While the dismissal didn’t surprise Snape, he did look back and forth between headmaster and student-aid. “Why is Potter here?” The man for the most part was cordial with Harry, there were moments when his temper, like now, would overcome this small sense of camaraderie and he would take it out on the raven haired boy.

“I had asked Harry to be here for another reason that is between him and me. I had expected you would have already made your report when I called for him.” Once more being dismissed, yet Severus didn’t move for a moment. His mouth opened before closing it once more. Narrowing his eyes at Harry, he turned from the two and swiftly walked out of the room.

Once the departing footsteps had moved far enough away, Dumbledore motioned for Harry to step in front of the Mirror. Now that he’d could, his courage had left him. He felt afraid that he was wrong with what the Mirror would show. Closing his eyes once more, Harry stepped to the spot before his body could prevent him. He stood there for a few moments, eyes closed, hands clenched and holding his breath until the need to breathe forced his tensed body to release.

There they were, everyone he expected. His mother and father, James and Lily Potter directly behind each shoulder and smiling proudly. Of course he’d seen pictures of them, yet the Mirror was showing a quality of life that couldn’t be captured in a photograph. Once he had absorbed their faces, he moved to two next to them. Sirius by James, Remus by Lily. They too were smiling at him, Sirius was even winking. There was Nicolas, Hagrid, Gellert, Dumbledore and Ron all laughing over some joke the youngster was telling.

There was another person next to him, with two children on each hip. He focused on these two, a boy and girl. The boy was nearly the spitting image or Harry himself without glasses. The girl looked very closely like the woman he knew the children were with.

Then the reason for Sirius’ winks became prevalent as Harry looked to the woman that was standing next to him. Of course she would be here for she was the most beautiful woman Harry had ever seen. The only girl he had ever loved. He knew what she looked like, he couldn’t remove that, but the memories he had were vague and his feelings had the edges dulled. Yet still his heart was swelling and breaking all at once, something he couldn’t ever imagine nor would he ever be able to explain how it felt.

“Harry?” Dumbledore’s voice rang out in the empty classroom and Harry was pulled from the vision the Mirror gave him. It was only then he realized the two tears, once from each eye trickling down his cheeks. Rubbing his cheeks, Harry looked back up to the older mans worried face. “Forgive me for my forwardness, but what did you see?”

He tried to speak, but his throat was tight, preventing any air from escaping. He forced himself to calm, taking deep breaths and moving away from the Mirror. When he felt in control again he spoke. “You were all there, everyone I consider to be my family.”

Harry felt like Dumbledore’s eyes were searching his soul. Of course he couldn’t talk about it all, but he knew the headmaster would see past his evasion. “She was there as well, I assume?”

“Of course she was!” Harry spat, there was hatred in his voice, but was it at the headmaster or himself. “How could she not be? And it wasn’t just her, she had two children. Our children. A boy and a girl and I… I don’t think I was ready for this, Albus.” His voice had softened once he brought up the children, and nearly broke during the last few words.

“I’m sorry, Harry.”

“Come on, let’s get this done.” Harry indicated to the Mirror, no longer wanting to think of what he’d seen and wrapped himself once more into his cloak.

Fortunately, the older man took the hint and they silently moved the Mirror down into the secret passage. Dumbledore conjured a violin to play music for them to slip past Fluffy, then passing the Venomous Tentacula with ease. From there, the headmaster showed Harry how to bypass each door without needing to pass each professors protection. They entered the last room, the largest of them all and in the center lay the Philosopher’s Stone on top a pedestal.

“I’m assuming there’s at least a trap?” Harry asked the aged man.

“Of course, but this is a much better plan.” Dumbledore picked up the Stone in his left hand, then banished the pedestal for a place for the Mirror the sit. He then called Fawkes, and the phoenix spirited the Stone and the note for Nicolas away.
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