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Tengu and Ninja's Daughter
By StarFeather

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Category: SIYE Challenges, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Poetry, Romance
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: R
Reviews: 21
Summary: Someone will go hunting Kappa's eggs.
Hitcount: Story Total: 3591; Chapter Total: 152

Author's Notes:
Many many thanks to my beta, Pixi! Without her advice, I can't continue this story.


The Aurors were bustling about on Marsham Street, a clean broad road flanked by a forest of Muggle modern buildings. The jet-black haired man led a team of warlocks to the exact spot of the occurence. He squinted at the crowd of Muggles who had been watching their investigation. Thanks to Obliviators, those Muggles believed that he and his team were Muggle police officers viewing the wands as stout, black batons. One Muggle British Ministry officer was missing. He had covered local government finance and according to the Muggle news, he is an ordinary, hard working person. The magical map at the Auror Headquarters showed that an unforgivable curse had been used at the spot where he'd last been spotted. The fact that the curse registered at all meant the culprit's wand had been on record. It would be easier to track the wand than searching for the remaining Death Eater, Rabastan Lestrange. When the untidy jet-black haired man contemplated this, the curly blond haired man began talking,

"Harry, we found this," Justin held out a soaked leather shoe.

Harry pulled out his spectacles. It assisted with examining whether an object had any leftover magical traces. The spectacles were new product he was testing for George and Arthur Weasley, who had developed the concept with help from Bill and Hermione.

"What do you see?" asked Justin.

Harry saw a jet of light stream across the sky from the trace through his spectacles.

"Imperius Curse and Binding Hex. This proves that the victim was abducted after these curses were cast."

"Beginners, huh? Professional wouldn't leave any proof."

"Maybe.. or not." He took out the magical camera and released the shutter.

"If the culprit did this intentionally, why ?"

"I don't think it was intentional." Harry grabbed the instant picture and examined it carefully.

"What do you mean?"

"If the culprit didn't care that his magical trace would be discovered, it means his intentions exist in another place. Can you guess?"

Justin shrugged. Harry started to explain, but then his holly wand vibrated. The way of vibrating indicated that his boss needed the report immediately. He reckoned Robards and Kingsley must be nervous because of the Muggle Ministry issue. He chanted the spell, and his silvery Patronus trotted away with the message.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

A stray cat groaned at a coyote in the falling curtain of night after the beautiful sunset. The wild animal turned into a hooded wizard, who hit the poor little animal with a green flash from his wand. He looked up at the tall gates of Hogwarts and whistled. Then an Eagle owl zoomed up from the dark sky and glided down to him.

"Good boy. Carry this message to him." He patted the owl and released him to the dark night.

The Eagle owl soared up once and swooped through an opened window of the Great Hall. He flew directly to his master who was sitting at the head table of professors. Malfoy had been talking with Neville about the magical flowers which never whithered through the year until the owl interrupted them.

"Good news?" Neville asked.

"I hope so," Malfoy disentangled the letter from the owl's leg attempting to hide his pale, flustered face. Feeding his owl a slice of bacon, he rapidly read the note and then stood up saying, "Excuse me, I have urgent business."

McGonagall stared at the back of Malfoy who had hurried out of the Hall and turned to Neville,

"What has Mr. Malfoy been doing, Mr.Longbottom?"

Neville stuck a diced beef in his mouth and said,

"Studying Asian herbs and some amphibians in Asia. Oh, professor, have you heard of Kappa?"

"Yes, I have. But I know little of them. How about you, Hagrid? Did you know professor Malfoy has been studying amphibians in Asia?"

"No, professor. He should've asked me about them. I reckon he has avoided me fer years since he was a student here." Hagrid threw beef into his mouth without cutting.

"I'm afraid so, Hagrid. It's deplorable that he can't talk with you properly. I must speak with him about his behavior." McGonagall swallowed her unpleasant feelings towards Malfoy as she sipped a cup of Earl Grey.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

After Malfoy retreated to his office, he shut the door making sure nobody followed him.
On a second thought he cast Locking Charm to prevent his son from entering the room. Malfoy didn't want his son witness this embarrassing predicament. He unfolded the threating letter again.

I need more than two eggs from the kappa. If you try to trick me or inform this to the Aurors, you shall lose everything. When you're ready, owl me.


He crumpled the letter and shoved it into the desk. He had come up with a plan of making imitation eggs. Otherwise, how on earth could he acquire the eggs that he'd never seen?

He sat down and reread the essays written by his students. Most of them weren't even acceptable enough to be graded Poor. Very few Exceeds Expectaions would be given. But three essays contained more information than he had expected. After reading half of each essay, he thought of giving Outstanding to his son. Scorpius had written a detailed description of Kappa's eggs and even reported uses for the eggs. Only his son had found these facts. And he disgustedly remembered it was the reason why he was threatened. Two Es to Rose Weasley and Albus Potter. Though it was annoying to give good marks to two typical Gryffindors, he recognized the importance of fairness. If he allowed his son to score higher it would downgrade their scores. But if he did that, McGonagall wouldn't turn a blind eye to it.
He took the wood stamp and began reading the rest of Albus's report.

"Saki, a daughter of Kouga Ninja looked up the cold night sky. She wondered if the amazing rare creature she had witnessed the other day was her lost fiancé, Shota. Her mother and she used to go to the stone statue of the Kappa every summer to pray for the lost child of Sasuke. Sometimes they found a Kappa's dull egg under the leaves of Taro. The leaves had small protrusions and repelled water which cleaned up all dirt on the leaves so that the Kappa's egg was guarded from water and dirt. In east Asia, you can still sometimes find these eggs under the leaves of Taro near the pond."

Malfoy stopped reading there and stared at the well-drawn picture, the leaves of the Taro and the Kappa's eggs peeking out from under them. Potter's report gave him more information than he expected. Most of it was based on a fairy tale, but this was the closest he'd ever come to having any information about the eggs at all. He would now have a place to look for them when he went to Japan for the International Herbology and Potions Society Conference. The leaves of Taro. He had to ask Longbottom about that plant. Then he read the latter part of Rose's essay.

There are various species of water demons. : Grindylows are found in lakes throughout Britain and Ireland. Kelpie live in the lakes of Scotland. The Kappa inhabits shallow ponds and rivers. Kahaku inhabits the Yellow river in China. Vodyanoi appears as a creature with a frog-like face and fish scales in Muggle dams and the big river in Russia. The Bunyip inhabits billabongs, riverbeds and swamps of Australia. Kraken dwell near the coasts of Norway and Greenland. This same creature is called Umibouzu near the coasts of Japan. Among them, the number of Kappa is decreasing rapidly in recent years due to reduction of rivers within Muggle's city development. Their methods of breeding have been a mystery for a long time. One expert of Asian folklore collected folk tales and published the tales that he found. According to the rare source, "Illustrated Dictionary of Asian Magical Creature", the dark green eggs covered with Taro leaves shows they are oviparous creature. My mother's friend, a Magizoologist sent me an owl and told me that he witnessed the creature inhabiting the basin of a waterfall in Aomori Prefecture in Japan. I wish I could meet the Kappa.

"Rolf Scamander. The grandson of Newt Scamander..." Malfoy muttered to himself. He wondered if he could find a way to meet the famous Magizoologist.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---

Neville poured as he observed the three young students. They were quiet at first, sitting on the chintz sofa in his office attached to the green house, but then Albus's stomach growled, which made Rose giggle. His face turned red but he remained silent. Scoripus took one sip of his tea and said nothing.

Neville sat down on the wooden chair and offered biscuits.

Albus jammed a biscuit in his mouth. Rose nibbled at hers little by little, daintily.

Her cousin said,

"You don't eat biscuits at home, Rose!"

Her freckled face turned a light shade of pink and she protested to admit what he said and she spoke,

"I do, Albus!" She cast a glance at Scorpius.

Scorpius said, "No, thank you," when Neville nodded towards a plate of biscuits.

Then the professor coughed lightly. "Okay, lads, tell me what happened after Potions class. I reckon each of you have your own reasons but fighting isn't allowed. Before throwing a punch, try to understand each other before. Which of you started this fight?"

"Malfoy." Albus blurted out.

Scorpius looked Albus furiously and said,

"It was you who insulted my father! You're so- arrogant, posing as a hero. "

"What? Who are you to talk about posing? If my father hadn't felt pity for your father, he would have been in Azkaban. Everybody knows that!"

"You hide behind your father's authority again! I've had enough! I can't stand it!" Scorpius stood up from the sofa and started to leave.

"Calm down, lads, and drink your tea." Neville took a step closer to Scorpius.

Then the door of the office suddenly opened. Professor Malfoy poked his head in,

"Longbottom, If you don't have a class the next period..." He noticed the three students, "Oh, Scorp, what are you doing here? Did you have a quarrel?"

Neville sighed. "To my regret, you're right. I remembered the time when you and Harry were like them."

"Well, I don't care what happened, but the three of you are together at just the right moment." Malfoy sat down on the sofa where his son had been sitting before and beckoned Scorpius to sit back down. Scorpius came back to the spot reluctantly.

"What do you mean?" Neville asked.

"These students' essays were excellent. Among them, Weasley, your report is splendid."

Rose couldn't believe and asked,

"Is that true, professor?"

"Yes, I mean it. I was very impressed by the last part of your essay." Malfoy smiled but his eyes did not.

"Professor, how was mine?" Albus asked, still irritated.

But Malfoy ignored him and talked to his son,

"I gave your essay top marks as well, Scorp. I've never read such an excellent report before."

Scorpius smiled brightly at his father. But Albus stood up and he stormed out of the office. Rose trotted after him.

"Albus, wait!"

Albus halted and turned around, burning with rage,

"See? That's his way. I can't stand unfairness anymore. I'm sending an owl to my father!"

"You shouldn't, Albus. He didn't say he downgraded your essay at all."

Then Neville caught up with them and said,

"Rose is right, Albus. You received a well-earned Exceeds Expectations."

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