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Tengu and Ninja's Daughter
By StarFeather

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Category: SIYE Challenges, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Poetry, Romance
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: R
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Summary: Someone will go hunting Kappa's eggs.
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Author's Notes:
Many thanks to my beta, Pixileanin.
I try to set Harry/Ginny scene around next.


"Shitterton?" Harry repeated what Hermione had just said.

"Yes, I heard of the name of the place from Luna. Shitterton. Her husband's birth place." Hermione told him again.

Ron started laughing. "Weird name isn't it? When I heard it, I couldn't stop laughing."

Harry had stopped by the Burrow to take a break from the investigation. He watched Lily play with Hugo out in the garden. Arthur and Molly had been taking care of the children, since Ginny had been busy with her first report for the Quidditch League.

Since Marsham Street, the Aurors hadn't found any more clues. Harry needed more leads. Hermione had suggested that he would attend Luna and Rolf Scamander's Halloween party. She had a hunch that it might be related to their interest in the magical creature. Harry agreed with her idea.

"The only material evidence was the soaked shoe of the victim. We sensed a slight trace of magic related to water creatures." Harry spoke, sitting on the sofa.

"It might be a water demon," Hermione concluded. "Did the team search all the lakes and rivers in Britain?"

"Yes, we did. But there might have been some holes that we couldn't find."

"Did you investigate the pond and the Great Lake at Hogwarts?" asked Ron.

Harry startled and said, "No, we didn't. I hadn't thought of that."

Ron grinned. "You should, mate. So what will we wear for the party?"

"We have to be in costume, Ronald. Luna said so in her letter."

"It should be fun. We can take Hugo and Lily, too. I miss Luna's big lion hat," Ron remembered it fondly from their school days.

"Her husband hates that hat," Hermione said. "We can borrow Dragon Tamer's costumes from Charlie. One for Ginny too. Send him an owl, Ron."

"Cool! I will." Ron jumped up from the sofa and went into the study.

Hermione stood and asked Harry, "Tea or coffee?"

"Coffee, please. Strong."

"You've already had two or three, haven't you?"

"How did you know?"

"It's obvious. You have dark circles under your eyes."

Harry rubbed his eyes and said, "I've been feeling weird since the investigation started. Kingsley and Robards said they felt it too. When the Muggle officer went missing, it left dark magical traces. It's like when Voldemort came back."

"You mean the Ministry will be taken over?"

"It feels like it. We have to stop them. I sensed Lestrange was involved in the incident."

"I hope we'll find something new at Luna's party," she said supportively.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Albus couldn't understand why Scorpius Malfoy left the pitch without saying anything last weekend. He wondered if he had said something wrong. Since Scorpius confessed that his father was threatened in the letter, he hadn't spoken with them.

After breakfast Rose said, "Wait for him come to us. He may be scared that he confessed everything. Did you send an owl to your father, Albus?"

"No, I didn't. I've been wondering how to tell him about it."

"Do it now, then. I'll help you." She pulled out a sheet of parchment and a green quill.

Albus picked up the quill and stared at it dubiously. "Is this an automatic spell check pen? It reminds me of Rita Skeeter. I hate her. She followed my Dad around wherever he went."

"I bought it from Uncle George's shop. According to my father, they are hot sellers. It's handy. Try this."

Albus took it and stared writing.


School is going well. I was selected as the Gryffindor Seeker. And I got an E in Potions class! I didn't think my essay would get such a good mark, but Malfoy said I earned it. Rose got an E, too. She doubts that Malfoy gave us good marks without a motive. She thinks that he is up to something.

I have one more to tell you. It's serious, so please don't tell anybody. Scorpius Malfoy confessed to us that his father got a threatening letter. Professor Malfoy doesn't know that Scorpius found it. We told Hagrid, and he insisted we should tell you, Dad. The threat came from someone whose initials are R.L. Please contact us via Floo Network as fast as you can. I think we need your help.


He left out the information about the Kappa's eggs on purpose. He was afraid, just in case someone might open the letter before it reached his father. He showed the letter to Rose.

After Rose read through the letter, she said, "You'd better add ‘Professor' to Malfoy in the first paragraph.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Malfoy submitted a request to McGonagall for time off. She read over the application and smiled. "You've already given the students their marks for the first half of the term."

"Yes, Professor. If something bad happens to me, they don't have to wait for the results."

"You sometimes say strange things, Professor Malfoy. I called a substitute teacher for you. She'll cover your classes until you come back in the middle of November. She'll arrive tomorrow."

"Fine, I'll leave straight away. Thank you, Professor." Malfoy hurried back to his office to send a message to Lestrange.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Scorpius tried not to be near Flint and his gang. He reckoned they would never forgive that he had supported Hagrid. Everytime he finished lunch at the Great Hall, he dashed to the boy's dorm and shut himself in the corner of the room and opened the fairy tale book. He was fascinated by the tale of the Ninja and Tengu.

The battle between Heike tribe and the Genji tribe became intense. Many hamlets were ruined after the battle. Saki's father had his followers within the Kouga Ninja's army protect his daughter from harm, but she wanted to be treated on equal terms with the others.

One day, very early in the morning, she took a horse and snuck away from the army guards. She guessed that the Tengu tribe was hidden behind the sacred mountain which was famous among Muggles. A song bird whistled from the top of an oak tree. Then she heard a familiar flapping of wings. She looked up and saw large, white wings in the gray sky. As the creature flew closer, she could see that his face was red and his nose was very long. He plummeted to the base of the mountain and vanished.

Saki was certain that was where the Tengu lived. She dismounted from her black horse and tied it to the oak tree. Before she left, she noticed a persimmon tree nearby. Its branches sagged under the weight of ripe fruit. She climbed up the tree and picked a ripe persimmon from the branch. She shoved it into the pocket of her kimono. After she jumped off the branch and landed the ground, she touched the hilt of the sword attached to her back to make sure her weapon was ready.

The view around her was veiled in the morning haze. The cool air welcomed her. An hour of silent walking brought her to the bottom of a cliff. She measured the steep wall with her eyes. Then she pulled out a rope and a hook and threw them to the spot where it would be a foothold. She balanced her body vertically and started climbing up to the entrance of the hiding place. When she arrived halfway up the cliff, she saw a flock of Tengues fly back to the entrance. She hid under the foothold hastily and waited for them vanish. Then she cautiously continued. The entrance looked like a torii, a gateway to a shrine. She made sure nobody saw her enter. She crept into the inner part of the cave, remaining hidden, and soon passed the conference room where she heard voices.

"Master, you look tired. Please rest. We did our best. We have to wait for their next move."

"Thank you, Saburo. I'll rest." It was Shota's voice.

Saki's heart started beating faster. The meeting was quickly dismissed, and the followers came out of the room. She saw Tengues up close for the first time in her life. They had beaks like birds, glittering eyes, and black crow-shaped wings. Only the leader Tengu had a red face and a long nose. Waiting for them pass, Saki worried about seeing Shota as a Tengu. She couldn't imagine him with a red face and a long, beak for a nose.

After she was sure everyone else had left, she crept into the room. It was very dark, and the only moonlight came through the clerestory. Saki took a bold step closer. He tensed but didn't try to attack her. His soft brown eyes stared at her, and Saki was sure that he knew who she was. She felt like he was searching for something inside of her.

He spoke. "I wasn't born a Tengu."

"I know." Her hand rummaged in her bosom pocket for the persimmon and a petite knife.
He watched her quietly peel the fruit, mesmerized by the vivid carrot orange and her white hand that held it out to him without words. Her velvet black hair shone under the moonlight. She had grown up to be such a beautiful woman.

Shota took it and said, "Thank you." He took a bite and felt relaxed for the first time in ten years. "Do you eat?"

She nodded and took it back and nibbled at it. Then she handed the rest to him. Seeing him munch it all up, she remembered their younger days. In the dark room lit only by moonlight, they shared the small quiet space and their memories. Shota hadn't changed except his outlook. He grew up manly handsome. Her heart started beating fast again. She fell in love with him. Shota felt the same way. He moved closer and pulled her gently into his arms. She closed her eyes. When she felt his lips brush hers, they heard Saburo's voice from the outside.

"Master, Genji started attacking our king of Heike. We'd better join their army."

Saki became alert and stared at Shota. He pointed the hidden secret window by his bed and mouthed, "Go." He opened it. A gush of wind streamed in through it. Saki didn't hesitate and stepped on the top of the stairs beyond the sash. She glanced back wondering when she would be able to see him again.

Scorpius wanted to read more, but the lunch break was ending. Next period was Hagrid's class again. He stood up reluctantly and put the book away. Then he hurried outside so that he wouldn't be late for Hagrid's class.

When he got to the paddock near Hagrid's hut, the lecture had already started. Only the girls were inside the paddock, with all the boys standing outside, watching them. Scorpius saw Rose among the girls, who were petting tall, majestic unicorns.

"Sorry boys, but Unicorns prefer a girl's touch. Please stand away from the fence. I'll show yer their hairs. The one thing yer need to remember is yer mustn't try drinking their blood. If your lips touch it, ye'll be cursed forever, just like the Dark Lord."

Imagining what the curse was like, Scorpius was lost in his thoughts deeply until Albus poked him.

"Oi, are you listening?"

"What?" Scorpius was very surprised at his voice and tried to stand back.

"Don't sneak away, Malfoy! Why did you leave the pitch without saying anything to us?"

"Be careful of your language, Potter!"

"You're the one who needs better manners!" Albus grabbed Scorpius tightly. Suddenly he started laughing. Scorpius became stiff and looked around, worried. But Flint and his gang were too busy smirking at the girls who were petting the unicorns inside the fence to notice him. Scorpius wondered what they were up to. Then he was astonished by Albus who was very near him and whispered,

"You don't have to worry about the letter alone. I sent an owl to my father. He will send a reply to me soon. We are with you."

Scorpius stared at Albus. There was both fear and hope in his mind at the same time. He was afraid that his father would not be happy about that, but he was relieved that someone would help him soon.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Colorful light reflected off the roof tiles in the autumn sunlight. They painted the asphault in orange and blue where Harry was standing on Marsham Street. Robards had wanted him to return to the place where the stolen wand had been used. There was possiblity that the culprit might reappear with the kidnapped Muggle officer. The poor Muggle might be dead, but the Aurors concluded that he could be cursed by Dark Magic. Harry swished his holly wand and drew a magical boundry around the crime scene so that Muggles would detour around the place. After half a day of waiting, Justin apparated in.

"Harry, I'll keep watching here. You're needed back at Headquarters. A Hogwarts owl is waiting for you."

"Thanks, Justin," said Harry.

When he went back to his cubicle, the loyal school owl was standing in the middle of his desk. Harry undid the parchment on its leg and started reading. He smiled at the news that his second son was a Seeker in his first year like he had been. Then he found "RL" in his son's letter. What was the last Death Eater up to this time? It wasn't a wise move to drag Draco Malfoy into the Ministry for questioning. It wouldn't be a good thing for the Hogwarts students to see either.

He thought of Scorpius, too. It would be better to visit Hogwarts and investigate quietly on his own. Hermione and Ron had also suggested that he needed to check the ponds and the lakes at Hogwarts anyway, and it would be good to hear detailed information from Albus and Rose, too. Rose was a smart girl like her mother. Harry reckoned she could see the things Albus couldn't.

He marched to Robards' desk and said, "Sir, I got an important owl from Hogwarts. Malfoy was threatened. I'm going to investigate the area." He handed the letter to Robards.

Robards read it and glanced up. "Do you need a team?"

"Not yet. After my first survey, I'll send a report."

"If you need a partner, call Weasley. I heard he was bored with joke shop's marketing."

Harry grinned wide. "I will."

Though he had done apparation many times, Harry stumbled after he landed on the ground in front of the Hogwarts gates. He conjured a silvery stag to tell McGonagall about his arrival. But the action wasn't necessary.

A familiar voice came from above him. "Potter, Marvelous stag."

A tabby cat was sitting under the statue of the Griffin. It transformed into the figure of McGonagall.

Harry greeted her with a smile. "Professor, I'm very glad you are looking well."

McGonagall's voice turned serious. "You said that Malfoy was threatened by the last remaining Death Eater. Is that true?"

"I'm not sure, Professor. I received the information from a student. I have come to investigate at Hogwarts before I come to any conclusions."

McGonagall opened the gate and asked, "Is the student your son?"

"Right." He grinned.

"If Albus Potter sent you an owl, it is likely that Rose Weasley knows something as well."

"Correct." Harry pulled out his Invisibility Cloak and said, "I don't want Malfoy to know that I'm here until I am ready to ask him questions. Where shall I stay the night?"

"You'd better hurry. Professor Malfoy is leaving for Japan tomorrow morning. Use Slughorn's old room. Professor Malfoy prefers the room Professor Snape once used. You will need to perform your own Cleaning Charm before you go to bed. Do you know the spell? The house-elves are busy for preparing dinner right now."

"Of course, Professor. I'm not a school kid." Harry laughed.

"I know. I wanted to say it." McGonagall smiled with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

When they approached the castle, Harry put on the Cloak. His leather shoes touched the floor of the Great Hall, and a spicy smell wafted from the long tables. He suddenly remembered that he had missed lunch. The mischievous feeling came back to him. He thought of secretly sneaking some food from his sons.

He felt happy to see his three sons sitting at the long Gryffindor table. He was amazed by how tall his Godson, Teddy had grown. James was talking in his loud voice. Harry smiled at his brightness. It reminded him of Ginny. Then his gaze fell on Albus. He was whispering with Rose next to him. They were just like how he and Hermione had been in their younger days. On the platform, he saw McGonagall sit in the center seat. Neville was talking with Hagrid, but the seat on his other side was vacant. Malfoy wasn't at dinner. Harry smiled at them. On his way there, he took a chicken sandwich from behind Albus and had a bite and whispered to him,

"Hmm, yummy. Hand me the pumpkin juice."

Albus got surprised and said in his small voice, "Dad?"

Rose soon noticed him and she poured pumpkin juice to the goblet. Teddy and James were so absorbed in their conversation about Quidditch, that they didn't notice.

"Thank you Rose." He gulped it down. "So Albus, inform me about what you didn't write in your letter. I'll go to Professor Malfoy after lunch."

"R.L wants Kappa's eggs. He threatened Malfoy to get them. Scorpius is trying to make fake ones to save his father from getting into trouble."

"Poor Socrpius. So what's your plan, Rose?" asked Harry.

"I think professor Malfoy has an interest in Mr. Scamander. I felt that when he told me my essay got an E."

"You got an E. Great job, Rose. Have you heard if Professor Malfoy has recently visited Luna's house?"

"I don't know. Maybe Professor Longbottom knows."

"Your guess is right, Rose. You're a smart girl. Thank you for sharing lunch with me. I'll ask Neville. Study hard, Albus. See you later."

Harry guessed that if he went to talk to Neville now, Hagrid couldn't help giving him away. He didn't want anyone to know that he was around. It would mean that his investigation would be harder to do. He patted his son on the shoulder and left the Great Hall.

After he finished searching around the ponds and the lakes, he went down into the dungeon. The basement corridor became cooler and cooler the farther down he went. Remembering what McGonagall told him, he went to the office at the end of the corridor, where Malfoy now resided. Harry used to spend time here with Snape for his Occlumency training and detention. He tried opening the door but the office seemed to be sealed by the Anti-Alohamora Charm. After years of his experience, he knew what he could do. He knocked the door and waited under the Invisibility Cloak.

"Who is it?" Malfoy asked through the door.

No one answered, and he opened the door and looked around. Then he shook his head and tried to shut the door. But he couldn't. Invisible Harry propped his arm against the door to prevent Malfoy from closing it.
"Malfoy, tell me the real aim to go to Japan." He took off his Cloak.

Grey eyes got wide, and Malfoy froze in anxiety. His long-time nemesis, Potter was standing right in front of him. Then he recovered and said, "I don't understand what you're saying."

Harry chose the words, "There a few who noticed that your unique assignment has a hidden meaning. Tell me the real reason that you want to go to Japan."

"Did Longbottom tell you something?" Malfoy uttered.

Harry didn't answer.

"Oh, McGonagall found out?" Malfoy's voice broke.

Harry stared at Malfoy for a long while. Finally he spoke, "I can't tell you who noticed but you must tell me why you are doing this."

"Let me pass. If I don't bring back what he wants, he will put my family in danger." Malfoy covered his face with his hands in agony.

Harry cast Muffiliato and asked, "He is Rabastan Lestrange, isn't he?"

Malfoy nodded slightly.

"You need the Aurors. We can guard your family. We've been tracking him for years. What does he want?"

"I can't tell you."

"Kappa's eggs." Harry used the bait.

Malfoy became angry and asked, "Did you do Legilimency?"

"I don't think you felt a headache. You're going to search the eggs. What kind of power do they have?"

"I have the right to silence."

"I can give you Veritaserum."

"Potter, I am telling you the truth. I'm not an expert on the Magical Creature. Your half-giant friend knows what the eggs can do. And you can't have me drink Veritaserum. I'm allergic to the stuff." Malfoy retorted.

Harry breathed in and changed his plan. Grabbing his wand, he cast Legilimens on Malfoy. His green eyes caught a familiar glass door of Luna's new house. But he couldn't enter the house, his thoughts were shut down by Malfoy's Occlumens.

"Potter, give me a break! I am the victim here! You haven't changed at all! I hate how you weild your authority too much."

"What did you find at Luna's house? What did her husband tell you?"

"Nothing. I have to find them first. Leave me alone!"

Harry nearly told him that Scorpius knew about the threatening letter, but he remained calm and said, "Well, you're not allowed to apparate there alone. I'll call a team to protect you. They'll escort you to Japan tomorrow morning."

Harry left Malfoy in his office and went to Slughorn's old office. The room was still as grand as he remembered. He walked to the tall, ornate hearth and ignited the fire to use the Floo network. When Robards' face appeared in the flames, Harry told him that he would need the team. Robards promised to send a team of Aurors in the morning to escort Malfoy when he left. Then Harry pulled out his two-way mirror.

Ron's face appeared in the reflection within seconds. "Hey, Harry. Where are you?"

"At Hogwarts. How's your business?"

"Fine. We're busy, but I got used to the daily routine. I get plenty of money, but I'm bored."

"What Robards said was right." Harry chuckled.

"What are you laughing about? Do you have a case?"

"Sort of. Do you want to see your Rose?"

Ron's face got bright and said, "I'll be at Hogwarts soon via Floo Network. I need to tell George that I'm leaving." Then Ron's face vanished.

Soon, Ron landed on the soft red carpet next to Harry. "Blimey, isn't this Slug's room? I nearly died in my sixth year here." He looked around.

"Thanks to me, Ron. I saved your life." Harry grinned wide.

"Yeah, without your help, I wouldn't be here today." Ron grinned back.

"George must be busy without you."

"No, it's okay with him. Verity directs the other employees. So what do you need me to do?"

"Let's keep an eye on Malfoy. He's been threatened by Lestrange. I requested a team from Robards, but they won't be here until the morning."

"Do we have to watch him now?"

"Yeah, please do. I'll lead you to his office, and then I want to visit Neville."

They went back to Malfoy's office. Harry knocked on the door saying, "Malfoy, open the door. The team is coming soon."

But there was no reply. They exchanged glances. Ron shoved the door open, but Malfoy wasn't there.

"Did he go somewhere? Does he have classes today?"

Harry bit his lip and said, "No, he doesn't. He submitted a holiday report to McGonagall. He must have left for Japan already."

"He has registered his wand, right? So we can track him."

"No, we can't. The magical map is only for Britain. I told him not to go alone. But he seemed to have ignored my warning."

"No way. Why didn't you drag him away to Headquarters instantly?"

"I didn't want to do that in front of his son."

"Harry, you're sometimes too soft. You shouldn't throw the reins to the horses."

"You're right. I'll ask Robards to contact Japanese M.O.M."

"I have a hunch that Robards will let us go."

"I think so too."

"Can we meet some Ninja?"

"It depends on the location."

When Harry reported Malfoy's flight to Robards, his boss ordered them to attend the Halloween party at Scamander's. "If Malfoy has gone hunting the Kappa's eggs, we need to consult the authorities. We have no knowledge of Aisan Magical Creatures. Ask Newt Scamander anything. He ought to have often visited the Far East."

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -

Malfoy landed on the ground of Aomori in Japan with a folded map in his hand. His hands were numb with cold after repeating the apparition through frosty Nordic countries and snowy Russia. If he did the right thing as informed by Rolf Scamander, he should be in the right place. From where he was standing, he could see the dim outline of the temple in the gray misty morning.

The encounter with Potter at Hogwarts was a close call. Malfoy had managed to disapparate outside of the castle before the Aurors arrived. He couldn't confess everything he knew to Potter. He might be poisoned by Lestrange's plot, but he still had ambition to solve this on his own. Though he knew he was doing the same thing as his father, Lucius Malfoy, he couldn't turn back .

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