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Tengu and Ninja's Daughter
By StarFeather

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Category: SIYE Challenges, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Poetry, Romance
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: R
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Summary: Someone will go hunting Kappa's eggs.
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Author's Notes:
Many thanks to Pix for beta.
This was my first NaNo fanfiction novel. Please leave your thought.


“It’s not so hard, compared to a battle,” Draco Malfoy muttered to himself. He didn’t want to admit he was forced to visit the farthest land from his home under the threats of Rabastan Lestrange, or accept that he was being manipulated by the last remaining Death Eater. He knew what Lestrange was up to. The Aurors had been tracking this last man for years, but still they couldn’t catch Rabastan Lestrange. He still had Pure-Blood supporters who had enjoyed privileges for centuries by associating with the nasty business of maintaining their status through the change of the times. Malfoy knew the benefits very well and also knew the price they paid for the privileges. Still, he had difficulty getting over the old Pure-Blood ideology. He took a step closer to the burnished ebony gates of the temple.

If you see a big moth on the gate, don’t scare her away. She’s a guardian of the gate. Rolf Scamander’s words rang through his head as he looked up at the ebony column. There rested a big green moth. He wasn’t sure if she understood English.

“Excuse me, miss, is this the place your master lives?”

The moth suddenly soared up into the air and transformed into a middle-aged witch with long black hair. “Who are you?” she asked him. “Do you have a letter of introduction?”

“Yes, I do. Rolf Scamander wrote it for me. Do you know him?” Malfoy asked with expectation.

Her ink-black eyes fixed on his grey eyes. “We know him and his grandfather well. Show me the letter.”

Draco handed a sheet of parchment to the witch. Her almond-shaped eyes skimmed through the letter.

“You’re a Potions Professor at Hogwarts, Mr. Malfoy. I heard the previous Headmaster, Dumbledore died from Voldemort’s curse. On which side did you stand during the Battle of Hogwarts?”

Draco was at a loss. How would it be best to answer the question? He thought for a while before speaking.

“I was forced to join the inner circle of the Dark Lord. But we are now at peace so I don’t have intentions to provoke the war again.”

She smiled and said, “Good. We hate war and Dark Magic. You’re are allowed to enter our temple, Professor Malfoy. Call me Hana.”

“Your English is good. How did you learn it?”

“When I was younger, I guided Mr. Scamander to the secret spots in this area. He taught me the language. He had many dictionaries in his suitcase. I believed that he even had an animal dictionary.”

Draco was astonished and asked, “Could he speak animal languages?”

Hana laughed. “No, I don’t think so, Professor. I believe he had developed a method to communicate with the magical creatures.”

They walked up the gravel path to the entrance of the building. It had a black heavy roof and a beautiful Chinese style decoration. The solid appearance gave Malfoy an impression of solemnity.

The slide door was opened. Hana urged him to take off his shoes at the entrance. He did as she directed and climbed up the floor which was one step higher than a dirt floor. They marched to the backroom. He looked around curiously to see sliding paper doors on the both sides.

“Is this the first time you have seen a Japanese temple, Professor Malfoy?” Hana asked.

“Yes, it is. They must catch fire easily.”

“That may be true. The material allows the passage of light and prevents heat and humidity from permeating the inside of the building. We have a lot of rain and snow in the winter. But it’s hot and humid in the summer.”

In the backroom, an old priest of the Zen sat in meditation on a mat floor. A big dragon was painted on the ceiling in vivid crimson and jet-black colors. Its eyeballs were larger than those of a Chinese Fireball.

Hana spoke to him from behind in Japanese.

“Master, Professor Malfoy arrived from Hogwarts in Britain.”

The old priest opened his eyes and stood up. He was as tall as Malfoy, and strongly-built. He made a polite bow. Malfoy imitated the movement and bowed, which reminded him of Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class with the Hippogriffs. Then a bitter memory from Hogwarts came to him. He hated exposing his neck to a stranger.

“Professor Malfoy, welcome to our magical site. I’m Dogen. Do you eat roasted sweet potato?”

He waited while Hana translated his words. “Yes, thank you,” Malfoy answered.

Dogen urged Draco to sit down. It was hard to put his legs together and keel on the mat like the old man had, but Draco tried his best. They didn’t exchange words at all. But Dogen’s piercing eyes looked at Malfoy’s like he saw through his mind. Involuntarily, Malfoy cast his eyes down on his lap. Pleasant smelling sweet potatoes wafted from the corridor. Malfoy remembered he had skipped dinner and suddenly felt very hungry. It was far from dinner time but he began eating ravenously after Hana handed him a plate, along with green tea. After the stressful trip, he thought he wouldn’t forget the taste of roast sweet potatoes in the far eastern land.

“Professor Malfoy, what’s your purpose here?” asked Dogen in a calm, low voice.

“I specialize in Potions and I have an interest in the properties of the Kappa's eggs.”

“You’re interested in the Kappa’s eggs. What will you do with them?” Dogen stared at Malfoy quietly.

“I’d like to do a spot check on them and present the possibility of using the essence for medical purposes in the conference which will be held at Tokyo next month.” Malfoy answered tensely. He wished that Dogen wouldn’t have cast Legilimens on him.

Dogen sipped green tea from a teacup and said, “You have to produce results by the day of the conference. You’re busy. Well, Hana will help you as she did when Mr. Scamander visited here. Hana?”

“Yes, of course. We’ll leave for the Oirase River tomorrow morning.” Hana smiled at Malfoy.

Malfoy felt relieved. He had to send the eggs to Lestrange before the Aurors found out what he was up to.

Hana and Malfoy got up very early the next morning. They climbed down Mt. Osore, which she explained was called “Itako” by local Muggles. “I sometimes go to the Muggle world to tell them about the spirits of their ancestors.

“Can you contact the dead beyond the veil?”

“Mostly, I can. Do you have a dead relative or a dead friend you want to meet?”

Malfoy remembered three people, Aunt Bellatrix, Professor Snape and Vincent Crabbe. He could already communicate with the portrait of Snape, and he didn’t want to talk with his aunt at all but he missed Vincent.

“Yes, I want to see my friend again. And I’d like to apologize him.”

“I’ll call your friend after we find the Kappas,” Hana promised him.

Then she took his arm and they did side-along apparation to the middle of the mountain.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------

Hermione took out two sets of Dragon Tamer’s costumes and handed them to Ron and Harry. They were gathered in the sitting room of Grimmauld Place.

“Ron, don’t say a word. I know how you feel about this color, but maroon suits you well.”

Ron mumbled something in a small voice and started to put on his costume. Harry chuckled and took off his Auror robes. His costume’s color was vivid green, which reminded him of Peter Pan. Hermione’s was just the same color as Ron’s. Then Ginny came in the room with Lily and Hugo.

“Hermione, do you have anything for the kids? Lily refused to wear her princess costume.”

“Oh, no, I don’t. Transform it, then. Hugo, don’t run away! We have no time.”

Ginny heaved a big sigh, “Harry, will you do this for her? My transforming charm is awful.”

“Got it. Lily, come here and show me your dress.”

Lily came bouncing to him.

“I want the same color as Mum and Dad, green!”

Harry hugged her in his arms and kissed her on the forehead and said, “Okay.”

He pulled out his holly wand. Observing the color of his daughter’s red hair and Ginny’s, he transformed her beige dress into olive green Dragon Tamer’s costume. Then he pointed his wand at his costume and changed the vivid green into the same olive green.

Lily was fascinated by her father’s work and became jubilant. “Thank you, Dad!” And she ran away to Ginny.

Hugo was resigned to change his clothes. When he finished, Hermione gazed at him fondly. “You look like your dad, Hugo, come here,” she beckoned and hugged her son. Hugo protested his mother’s kiss on the cheek, but he looked happy.

“Harry, we’ll change ours too.” Ginny urged them to go and wait the outside of the room.

“Oh, yeah, we’ll wait at the Entrance Hall.” Harry put his arms around Ginny and kissed her.

“You look gorgeous,” she whispered close to his ear. “I’m wondering if you should get a Hungarian Horntail tattoo on your chest.”

“It may be a good idea, Gin.” He said softly and kissed her again.

“Oi, we’ve got to leave, Harry!” Ron patted his shoulder playfully.

On their way to Shitterton, they stopped by Godric’s Hollow. They visited the Potter’s graves. The ruined cottage was designated as a heritage by the Ministry after the Battle of Hogwarts. Every time Harry and his family visited there with his friends, he winced remembering his painful infant experience. This time wasn’t an exception, even wearing Dragon Tamer’s costume.

Ginny and Hermione conjured the autumn flower wreaths and set them near the tomb stone. Ron pulled out his wand and cleaned the dirt off it solemnly. Not caring about how sad the adults felt, Lily, James and Hugo went running around the grave yard while Harry talked to his parents.

“Mother, Lily and Hugo will go to Hogwarts in two years. We’re all fine. Father, the case we are grappling with is a hard one. Please lend us your power. I have a hunch that Lestrange is somehow behind all of this.”

They went back to High Street and dropped by the local pub to have a meal. The small space was full of regular customers. They felt at ease in the homey and comfortable atmosphere. A madam noticed them and dashed to the spot they were sitting.

“Thank you for visiting, Mr. Potter! Wow, nice costume, sir! What will you have today?”

“A light meal, please. We’re on our way to visit my friend’s house.”

“I’ll make you sandwiches. Mike, bring over pumpkin juice! Your drinks are on me.”

“Oh, thank you, madam!” Harry grinned wide.

“You’re welcome. You and your parents were our saviors. You and they have done so much for us.” She left briskly.

After a joyful meal, they left for Shitterton to visit Scamander’s.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------

Malfoy was listening to the murmur of the river. The air was very clean and fresh. The purity should have washed away the trouble in his soul, but the dark feelings wouldn’t go away. He couldn’t back down now. He had to find the eggs. According to Hana, the Kappas lived behind the waterfall. As they walked up to the headstream, she told him that she’d recently seen them reside there. She also mentioned that in her younger days, she’d led Newt Scamander to the same place.

“Did Mr. Scamander bring the eggs back to Britain?” Draco asked Hana.

“Yes, he did. But he wrote me a letter that he didn’t donate them to the Ministry. He hid them somewhere instead.”

Malfoy suspected that Lestrange already got them. Lestrange had hinted that he’d acquired his first set of the Kappa's eggs in the previous threatening letter. Draco was afraid that Lestrange and his followers had already tested the essence on the Muggle who was abducted. The Daily Prophet’s description of the soaked shoe found in the Marsham Street was grim. If his guessing was right, the Muggle was alive but his condition would be… Draco’s thoughts were interrupted when Hana spoke again.

“Professor Malfoy, there. They’re wrestling.”

Malfoy followed the direction she pointed at with her hand. He saw two water demons playing sumo wrestling. Draco and Hana held their breath and watched quietly. The magical creatures had a hollow on their heads and webbed feet. One was bigger than the other, and soon the smaller one rolled down on the ground. Their faces were like monkeys.

“Can you see their nest in the middle of Taro fields, Professor?”

Malfoy turned around and squinted in the direction opposite to the waterfall. The heart-shaped green leaves grew thickly there, but other than that, he couldn’t see anything that resembled a nest.

Hana chuckled and said, “I’ll guide you, Professor. We have to conceal ourselves from the Kappas. Don’t look back. If you do, the Kappas will notice us.” She swished her hand and cast a spell. He guessed it was a kind of Disillusionment Charm. Malfoy pulled out his wand and did the same. And then they silently approached the spot where the eggs were hidden.

Malfoy got nervous and didn’t see the big dead branch near his foot. He tripped over and made a big snapping sound.

Hana warned him in her whispering voice, “Don’t look back. They are watching us.”

Malfoy felt cold drops come out of his skin. He worried that they would attack them. If Newt Scamander was correct in his book, they would suck his blood. He regretted that he forgot to bring cucumbers with him. To his relief, they were not attacked.

Hana walked up to the middle of the Taro Fields. He followed her. She pushed aside the leaves and beckoned him to have a look at the eggs laid underneath. Malfoy hurried forward as Hana collected them and held them out to Malfoy. He took out the velvet cloth from his pocket and wrapped them up carefully. The color was just like the same as three kids had written in their essay, “the dark green eggs covered with Taro leaves,” Rose Weasley had described.

“Let’s go forward. We can’t go back to the place where we were. If they notice that we stole their eggs, we’ll be attacked.” Hana told him and kept going.

They plowed through the thicket of tall Taro Leaves. “The small kids use these leaves for umbrellas when it rains,” Hana said.

“Clever,” Malfoy muttered.

“It is.” Hana glanced back and smiled, “There, we reached the exit.”

The Taro fields ended there. Hana pointed to a nearby cave.

“We’ll stay the night there. When we go back to the temple, our Master will cast the preserving charm on the eggs for you. We can’t use the Muggle road to go back. If the eggs are exposed to their world, they’ll be soon rigid.” Then smiling, she led him to the cave and began setting up camp. “If you want to see your friend, I can call him back to you, Professor.”

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

The sitting room was crowded with guests in Halloween costumes. A Chinese Fireball streamer was hung on the wall. Its big eyeballs moved, welcoming the guests. The old magizoologist welcomed the Potters and the Wealseys. He wore a coat covered with soft, custard-colored fur. Harry guessed it imitated the Puffskein.

“Konichiwa (hello)! Oh, all of you came in Dragon Tamer’s costumes! How lovely! Come in, come in.”

Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, over ninety years, was still healthy and vigorous. His wife, Porpentina, wore a matching Puffskein coat, surrounded by their grandchildren. Luna appeared in a vivid red China dress, and to Ron’s delight, had the lion’s hat on her head. She sat on the long sofa with her twins, Lorcan and Lysander, who wore purple hats with unidentified animal horns on then. Harry guessed they were from a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Lilting music filled the air. Lily got excited and dragged a reluctant Hugo to the center of the room. Lily’s body instantly seemed to know how to move. Luna’s twins stood up and started a stepping dance. Luna adjusted the lion’s hat on her head and joined them.

Harry noticed Ginny’s head on his shoulder. “Do you want to dance?”

“Yeah, will you escort me?”

“I’m a terrible dancer.”

“I don’t mind. Come on, let’s dance!” She led him by the hand to the center of the room.

Ron escorted Hermione into the center. He was grinning wide at Luna’s event hat. As the music changed to up tempo, more guests joined them. Newt Scamander looked very happy to see his guests enjoying themselves. After the music ceased, they served beverages and snacks. Rolf Scamander and Luna went to the kitchen to help Porpentina and Rolf’s mother. Harry took this opportunity to go over to the older Scamander.

“Excuse me, sir. May I ask you about your trip to Asia?”

“Yes, Mr. Potter. I’m always glad to talk about my adventures. When I have listeners, I feel like I’m off on a trip abroad again.” Newt smiled and beckoned Harry to the chintz sofa in the corner.

“I heard you have visited Japan. What I’d like to know is about the Kappa. Do they lay eggs?”

“Yes, they’re amphibians. Did you study my textbook at Hogwarts?”

“Yes, we did. Your textbook is intelligible. My son uses my old textbook, ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.’ * ”

“Good, good,” Newt said satisfied.

“I have a question, Mr. Scamander. What effect does the egg have?”

Scamander’s face got tensed. He suddenly went silent.

“Mr. Scamander?”

“Young people sometimes want to know the things they shouldn’t know,” he answered mysteriously.

“You won’t tell me, will you?”

“Mr. Potter. I heard you have some secrets related to the second war. I understand there’re lots of things people shouldn’t know. So I think you can understand what I mean.” Scamander sounded like he was chewing each word to implant them into Harry’s mind.

Harry could understand what Scamander tried to say. But without the information, Headquarters couldn’t solve the case. He tried again.

“What I’m going to tell you is confidential, Mr. Scamander.” Harry cast the Muffiliato. “There is a man who is threatened by someone who searches for the Kappa’s eggs.”

“I want to help you, Mr. Potter but if I tell you the effect, there will be horrible consequences. I was warned by Dogen when I visited Aomori. My grandson knows it very well and he keeps his caution afterwards.”

“I think I understand what you mean. Well, if you have the eggs, will you show me what they look like?” Harry wasn’t going to give up. He thought if Scamander showed him the eggs, it might give him more information.

“Very well, come with me to my study.” He stood up and walked out of the room.

On their way to his study, three Kneazles were sitting on the stairs. Scamander held up one of them, “Good girl, Hoppy.” The small cat-like creature groaned with content in his arms.

In the dark room, Harry found a Plimpy tank. Three mottled fish with long legs dwelled on the sand inside.

“Are you raising these for food, Mr. Scamander?” Harry asked.

“No, I have them as pets. It took much time to have Luna understand these are not for eating. She’s extremely fond of them.” Scamander chuckeld and lit up the room.

Harry was stunned to see various stuffed magical creatures. A Phoenix doll showed its long golden tail and beak in the light and it looked like it would soar up at any moment. The vivid orange Fwoopers was perching on the bar. Under the bar, there was a lime green patterned egg. Then he was stunned to see the stuffed small Kappa.

“It’s a fake one, Mr. Potter. Just a doll. But I have the eggs. Please wait a second.” Scamander shoved open the secret door behind the book shelf and vanished behind it. Harry waited for him to come back to the spot. When Scamander emerged from the hidden room, he looked utterly petrified.


Scamander was standing there. Harry waited for him speak. Finally, Scamander muttered,

“They have gone. Someone stole them.”

“What? Do you mean all Kappa’s eggs were stolen?”

“I can’t believe it. When were they stolen? I and Porpentina have never left...Oh!” Scamander made his eyes big and took a step closer to Harry. “What did you say?”

Harry got perplexed and repeated the words, “What did I say?”

“You said the Aurors found a soaked shoe.” Scamanders’ hands were shaking.

“Yes, we found it in the Marsham Street. One Muggle officer is missing.”

“I wanted to keep this secret forever. But this time I have to tell you. Do Muffiliato. My magic is weak now. Do it for me, Mr.Potter.”

Harry cast Muffiliato. Scamander sat on the wooden chair and started speaking slowly.

“The effect of the egg is categorized as Dark Magic. We shouldn’t extract the essence of the egg.”

“If we extract the essence, what will happen?”

“It will work in the same way as Polyjuice potion but there is a big difference.”

“How big?”

“If you drink the essence, you transform to the water demon.”

Harry felt shocked. “You mean the essence of the egg has the power to transform into a Kappa itself?”

Scamander nodded.

“Are there any counter curses?”

“If there are any, I’d like to know.”

Harry’s blood drained from his face. The missing Muggle must have been forced to transform into a Kappa. Gather as much as information you can. He remembered what Robards said. He asked,

“Many years have passed since you got the eggs. How have you preserved them?”

“Dogen cast the preserving charm. Only he can do it. The egg turns to stone when you bring them out of the magical world. They are very sensitive. It only takes an hour or two.”

Then they heard a noise outside of the room.

“My son, Xavier came home,” mumbled Newt.

Harry remembered the name, Xavier Scamander. He was a Ministry officer. He was said to have joined the Ministry because he didn’t want to be measured against his father. Though he avoided the career as a Magizoologist, his knowledge cultivated by growing up in the House of Scamander made him cut out to be an officer of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. His son, Rolf succeeded the position, Magizoologist.

“Your son is an officer of DRCMC. Will you introduce him to me?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t like me. Ask my wife,” said Newt and he left the room walking with a stick.

Harry followed him and went downstairs together to the sitting room. When they reached the ground floor, they heard the cheerful music again. It seemed that dancing party had begun again. Newt yelled into the kitchen.

“Porpentina, call Maggie.”

Maggie Scamander, Xavaier’s wife was a tall and slender witch. She came out of the kitchen with a wash towel in her hand and came to the spot where Newt and Harry were standing.

“Will you talk with him, Mr. Potter?” she asked elegantly. Her reined-in move reminded him of Narcissa Malfoy.

“Yes, Mrs. Scamander. I’d like to talk with your husband.”

“I think so, if he isn’t tired. I’ll go and fetch him downstairs,” Maggie left with hurried steps.

After five minutes, she emerged with Xavier Scamander in the sitting room. Xavier held out his hand to Harry and said,

“It is our pleasure to welcome you, such a celebrity in this place. I hope you enjoy your Halloween night.” He welcomed him politely.

“Thank you. It’s a very fine party. Shall we sit and talk there? Do you have time?”

“Sure. I finished my Ministry work so I can spare some time. What do you drink?” Xavier tried to be amicable but his voice was tense.

“Fire whiskey, please.” Harry answered.

Xavier nodded and walked up to the table where the glasses and a bottle of whiskey were set. Newt smiled at them and sat back down on the chintz sofa. Soon Xavier came back with a tray of whiskey. After a toast, they sat at a table near newt. Newt asked Xavier about his work eagerly.

“How’s the Ministry recently? You come home late at night every day.”

“Father, I’m grappling with the werewolf’s problem. The things aren’t easy, you know that very well.”

“Yes, my son. I was a member of the Werewolf Register in 1947. Do they protest their rights again?”

“Not only them, there’re some more unregistered magical creatures.”

“What? In 1964, we passed the Ban on Experimental Breeding.” Newt raised his voice in anger.

“Yes, you did. But Europe missed one Asian Magical Creature, Father.”

“What do you mean?”

“The one you explored when you visited Japan.”

“The Kappa?”

“Yes, Father.”

Harry couldn’t understand their conversation and asked,

“Excuse me, what is going on with the Kappa?”

Xavier turned to Harry and said, “All the Kappas weren’t natural Magical Creatures, Mr.Potter. Some of them were experimentally bred.”

“Who fabricated such a stupid story?” Newt questioned his son.

“We got the information from a reliable source. I reported you after I took the eggs from your study, Father. They were sent to the Department of Mysteries.”

Newt’s face got red with anger. “I haven’t used them for an experiment at all.”

“The officers of the D.M. will determine whether you did or didn’t.” Xavier said coolly.

Newt Scamander was shocked and couldn’t speak for a while. Harry saw him quiver and worried he would faint. Finally, Newt spoke,

“I shouldn’t have told you about the hidden room. When did you take them?”

“Last month. Don’t worry, Father. They managed to keep them safely. They’re professionals.”

“Take me to the laboratory, tomorrow. I have to make sure they are all there.”

Harry got a word in. “I’ll go with you. We have to investigate, if there is a possibility that the banned experiment has been done.”

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------

At the library, Rose and Albus walked to where Scorpius was waiting. The table was surrounded by Asian section books.

“Hey, why did you laugh at the Care Magical Creatures class?” asked Scorpius when Albus sat next to him.

“I don’t know. To distract Flint and his gang?” Albus shrugged.

Scorpius shook his head and tried to go back to the fairy tale of the daughter of the Ninja and Tengu. Bur Rose cut in,

“Scorpius, I heard from my dad. Your father has already left for Japan. Did you talk with him before he left?”

Scorpius tensed and answered, “No, I didn’t.”

“Incredible. Didn’t he really?” She pressed.

“No. I’m telling the truth.” He bit his lip.

“I can’t imagine my dad leaving without telling us where he is going.” Rose said rolling her eyes.

“I understand. My dad leaves without telling us if he feels he needs to.” Albus said showing his sympathy towards Scorpius. Then he noticed the book opened near Scorpius’s arm and he asked,

“Does the book have information about the Kappa?”


“Can I read it?”

“Sure.” Scorpius handed the thick book to Albus.

Albus started reading it from the page Scorpius had left off.

Saki held up her sword over her head and swished it downward diagonally and swished it back up again. She knew the opponent had fallen down with a thud without having to glance back at all. She ran and ran away from that place. It was the first time that she had ever killed a man. She couldn’t believe what she had done. It was just surreal. She wished it was only a dream. But it was real. If she had hesitated, he would have killed her instead. Her mission was to find out where Heike was hiding the little prince with a magical mirror. Before she slipped into the old temple, she caught a little boy running across the grounds of the temple from the bushes. He seemed to be a child of the Imperial Household. Then she was attacked by the guard. Without thinking, her hand grabbed the sword, her body reacted to the attack as she had been trained by her father. She hoisted herself up and her legs hit the sides of the horse. Running away to her village, her mind jumped to Shota. She desperately wanted to see him.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --

The wind blew through the rocks, making a sound like voice of a human-being. Shota looked up at the serene sky without a cloud where the stars were shining brightly. It was so cold that he could see his breath in the air. He swished his feather fan and commanded his fellow Tengues to attack the fishing village that supported Heike. But he told them not to kill women and children.

“What if women attack us?” asked Saburo.

Shota grimaced and answered, “If you’re in self-defense, there is no alternative.”

He joined the battle, too. It was the tenth time for him. After he remembered who he was, it was harder to continue leading the Tengues. Someday he would have to fight against the village where Saki lived. He couldn’t bare thinking about it. Then he heard a dart swish by his ear. Saburo targeted a woman warrior. She fell down on the ground, thrown from the village wall.

Albus looked up from the book, “The story written here is the same as the story Hagrid told us. Do you think he has read this before, Rose?”

“Yes, I think so. Let me read the book.” Rose took it and started reading.

In the heavy rain, Saki saw Shota standing there. He spoke,

“I can’t stand anymore. I can’t shut out the sight of my village being burned. I can’t bare the imagination that I have to take away your life. I ran away from the mountain.” He looked pale and miserable.

Saki felt relieved but she was worrying for him. “What will happen if you abandon your fellow Tengues?”

“I’m cursed. I will die within a year.”

“Are there any spells to break your curse?”

“There is only one way.”

“What is it?”

“To brew potion mixed with the essence of Kappa.”

Saki couldn’t believe her ears. “Will you transform into a Kappa?”

Then Rose gasped, “Oh, the pages are torn down.”

“What?” Scorpius snatched it from her hands and searched the rest of the book flipping through the pages.

From page two hundred thirty-eight through two hundred forty-five, someone had torn them out of the book. Albus grabbed the book and started reading the next available page.

Shota emerged out of the water of the fall, naked. Saki dashed to him and covered his body with her short kimono coat. They went back to their village. In a few days, a grand wedding ceremony was held, Saki and Shota became a good couple and they lived happily ever after.

“So he could come back to a human being. The important part is missing. When were the pages torn out? When did you borrow the book, Scorpius?”

Scorpius frowned and answered, “After the essay was assigned.”

“Let’s ask Hagrid. He might know all of the story, including what is on the missing pages,” Rose suggested.

“Yeah, it’s a good idea. But before leaving, Scorpius Malfoy, aren’t you going to join the tryouts for the Slytherin Quidditch team?” Albus stopped Scorpius who was going to leave the library.

Scorpius turned to Albus slowly and spoke, “I don’t want to join such a savage game.” Then he tried to walk away.

“Oi, playing Quidditch is your dream, isn’t it?”

“It’s waste of time. I don’t want to play games that I know I can’t win.”

“What do you mean?”

“I watched you play at the tryouts for Gryffindor. The Slytherin team isn’t going to be able to beat your team. There’s no point in playing,” Scorpius spat out and left.

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