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Tengu and Ninja's Daughter
By StarFeather

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Category: SIYE Challenges, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Poetry, Romance
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: R
Reviews: 21
Summary: Someone will go hunting Kappa's eggs.
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Author's Notes:
Harry sensed something disturbing situation in the Department of Mysteries.

Beta read by awesome Pixileanin.


Kingsley’s regime had continued since the Battle of Hogwarts. He retired once, so he could rejoin the Aurors, but after a time, he remained popular and was elected Minister again.

Voldemort’s followers had focused on the Prophecy and other secrets that the Unspeakbles had kept safe. When Harry stopped by his office to tell him that he was going with Newt Scamander to determine the numbers of the Kappa’s eggs, Kingsley warned him to be careful.

Kingsley beckoned him to sit down. “Unspeakables have been eager to test you, Harry.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked sitting on the chintz sofa.

A strawberry blonde witch set down a tray of tea and winked at Harry before she left. He forced a smile at her. Kingsley gave an amused chuckle and said, “You’re not good at hiding your feelings, Harry. I can see what you’re thinking now.”

“I’m a married man. Why does she wink at me?”

“They read Rita Skeeter’s articles. Never mind her. Anyway, they’ll welcome you more eagerly than Newt Scamander. You’re still a mystery to them. They desperately want to know why you survived the Killing Curse.”

Harry gave a big sigh and said, “I’m tired of the story. I’ve kept saying ‘No’. I won’t talk about it to anyone.”

“I sympathize with you, Harry. I’ve tried to shut down reporters’ interests in this, including Rita Skeeter, for years. But you can’t be too careful.”

“Thank you, Kingsley. I’ll make a mental note of it. Have you gotten any information from the Muggle Ministry?”

“No. He has forgotten about the missing officer for a while. He has a lot of things to tackle.”

There was a knock at the door. The strawberry blonde secretary told them that Newt and Zavier Scamander had arrived. The old Scamander walked in with a cane. Harry remembered that he hadn’t used one at his house. Newt Scamander noticed his gaze and said,

“I could walk without a cane inside my house. I know everything in my house including obstacles, which prevent me from stumbling. But outside, I can’t go anywhere without this cane.”

Kingsley shook hands with Newt Scamander and said, “Please sit down, Mr.Scamander. It’s great honor to welcome you.”

“It’s about time to visit the place where my son works.” Newt Scamander sat down slowly.

Xavier Scamander stood near his father quietly.

Newt opened his mouth again, “I heard from my son, the Ministry stocks Kappa’s eggs for study. But what I’d like to say is, Kingsley, they’re very dangerous when someone misuses them. Did you know that?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Scamander. I wasn’t informed about the secret of the Kappa’s egg. I’ve left all concerns to Joannne McSherry, a head of the D.M. I should’ve asked her. “

“Yes, you should’ve informed me about that.” Harry sympathized with Kingsley, who had been very busy managing the security between the Wizarding World and the Muggle World.

“Or your boss,” Newt continued. He wasn’t finished blaming people for the oversight. “Gawain Robards should’ve grasped the information, Mr.Potter. The information about them could be very dangerous if the Dark Wizards find them.”

“I know exactly what you mean. We should’ve cooperated with each other,” Harry said extremely sincerely.

Then Xavier Scamander, who had been waiting patiently cut in,

“That’s enough, Father. We should go and check them. Minister, I think Joanne checked in her office after she left her daughter in charge.”

It was the cue for them to leave for the D.M. Xavier briskly led them to the grilled door of the lift. When the door shut, they kept completely silent until they reached level nine. When Lavender Brown’s voice told them their destination, they marched to the D.M.’s entrance gate. It had taken on a different appearance since Harry witnessed it in his teenaged days. Each numbered door was painted in a brighter color, pastel shade. He wondered which room was the Brain Room remembering an enormous tank of deep green liquid and a weird number of pearly-white brains. Then a calm alto voice came from behind.

“I’m sorry for having you wait on me. This way.” A brunette smiled at them. The assuring smile gave them a sense of security. Her navy blue robes waved as she walked away from the entrance. Harry noted in his mind, “She’s professional.” The number fifty-five was colored in vivid green on the door. Joanne turned to the visitors and explained,

“We preserve the things related to the Water Demons. We really appreciate Mr. Scamander for contributing your treasure to our collection.” She bowed lightly to Newt.

Newt Scamander said, “It was my son who stole my treasure. I didn’t contribute them. But I won’t complain about it. The problem is if you have preserve them all safely. I want to make sure they are all here.”

“I understand your concern. I’ll show you.” She pulled out her wand and drew complicated runes in the air. The door clicked open instantly and she said, “Please come in.”

Harry asked her, “Is there anyone else who knows the opening runes?”

“Yes, there is.”

“Please tell me who knows them.”

“I’ll tell you personally later, Mr.Potter. Do you have a moment? One of my fellow staff has wanted to see you.”

Harry got alert remembering Kingsley’s warning and answered carefully,

“The answer is yes or no. I have to leave as soon as possible after I get the information about the Kappa.” His green eyes stared at her brown eyes. He was almost doing Legilimens.

Joanne blinked and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Potter if I was rude to you, but what you achieved in your younger days is mystery. My associates have been wanting to know the secret of the man who survived the killing curse twice.” She sighed and continued, “Anyway, I’ll tell you the names of them later.”

Inside, they saw enormous and small tanks of water. The first one they saw contained enormous spider crabs moving slowly in the big tank. Even they heard the Muggle piano soud as background music. They looked like they were dancing to the sound. The next tank had millions of electric jellyfish and a giant squid. The wizards were completely mesmerized by the mysterious world. Near the third tank where the common Gryndylows were swimming, the Kappa’s eggs were displayed in the transparent protective case. Newt Scamander took a step closer to it with his cane in haste and started counting. Harry asked,

“How many?”

“I had four. The number is the same. I’m relieved, but I doubt they’re real ones. Can you open this?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t. If you wait a sec, I’ll go and fetch the staff who is in charge of this case.”

“I’ll wait,” Newt insisted.

“Alright. Please wait there.” Joanne guided them to the wooden bench near the enormous tank of Merpeople.

Harry wondered what Dumledore would say if he saw them. He felt it wasn’t right for them in the tank. One of them moved towards them beyond the glass of the tank, and stared at Harry. He felt the male merperson tried to tell him something. He guessed that he would be able to understand the creature if he jumped into the tank, like he had in the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. But the thought was forgotten when Joanne emerged with another Unspeakable.

The man looked middle-aged like Joanne. He was thin and tall, and. focused his glare on Harry. He felt unusual in the man’s glare and had a mind to do Legilimens on him but it was probably poor timing in front of the Scamanders.

“This is Robert MacNeil. He has plenty of knowledge about Water Demons.”

After the introductions, Joanne said, “Excuse me, the Space section needs me now.” Then she left.

Xavier seemed to have known MacNeil from before. “We’re appreciate you setting aside space for these oriental eggs. I hope it’ll serve as a beacon for the continued study of Water Demons.”

MacNeil answered without smiling, “With our pleasure, Mr. Scamander. Asian section has been our weakest point for long time.” He pulled out his wand, pointed to the case and chanted the spell. The case slowly opened without a sound. When Newt Scamander approached the eggs, MacNeil warned them,

“Please don’t touch them. The temperature will be changed if you touch them.”

Newt Scamander sighed as if he was displeased and observed them crouching. And he mumbled,

“Is this light necessary? The light prevents them from showing their true color.” He pointed to the side light inside the case.

“Yes, it is. The light keeps the temperature,” answered MacNeil, and he shut the case instantly before Newt tried to protest. “I think you observed them enough. They are very delicate. Excuse me, I have to leave if you don’t have any questions.” He waited for their answer coolly.

“Thank you, Mr. MacNeil. We’ll leave, too. Please guide us to the entrance,” Xavier Scamander said.

MacNeil nodded lightly and waited for the entrance until everyone went out the door. “Joanne will be near the gate of the D.M. in a few minutes. I’ll call her for you.” Then he shut the door in front of them and vanished from their sight.

Harry asked Newt, “How did you feel about the eggs? Do you think they’re fake?”

“I don’t know, Mr. Potter. If only he had let me examine them closer, I could tell you. Measuring them by touch is important to make sure if they’re real or not.”

“I’ll ask Joanne if she allow us to see them again.” Harry offered.

Newt Scamander looked tired and said, “Please do, Mr. Potter. I hope something bad won’t happen anymore. I feel guilty about bringing them here years ago.” His shoulders dropped and he blamed himself.

They tried going back to the entrance gate, but they lost the way. All the pastel doors looked the same. When Xavier Scamander started walking again, Harry stopped him.

“We should stop wandering. We’d better wait for Joanne.”

They waited for the head Unspeakable in front of a door numbered “seventeen”. A half-minute later, she jogged up to them.

“I’m sorry. The star observer claimed the panel went wrong so I had to recalibrate it.” When they reached the gate, she asked, “Did MacNeil open the case for you?”

“Yes, he did. But he didn’t allow us to touch them. Mr.Scamander needs to observe them with his hands.” Harry said.

“If MacNeil said no, I can’t permit you to touch them, Mr.Scamander.”Joanne said apologetically.

“They belonged to me once, Mrs. McSherry.” Newt Scamander pressed her. His voice shook with anger.

Joanne wrinkled her browns in thought for a while. She finally opened her mouth.

“There is a way. Please come with me, Mr. Potter.” She conjured two chairs for the Scamanders with her wand.

“Me?” Harry felt bewildered. He had a hunch that something was about to go wrong.

She led Harry to her office and urged him to sit down. “If you tell us how you came back from the Veil, I’ll order MacNeil to allow Mr. Scamander to touch the Kappa’s eggs on the condition of exchanging information.” She held her hands up seeing his protest, “Please don’t be secretive, Mr.Potter. It’s our earnest wish to reveal the mysteries of life and death.” She showed her pride as a professional Unspeakable of the D.M.

Harry said, “I understand the situation, but there are some things which shouldn’t be revealed in the world, Mrs. McSherry. I warn you. If I tell you how I came back from the Veil, the second Voldemort will appear in our world.” Harry persuaded her in his unearthly serious manner which had worked many times in the past.

Overwhelmed, she kept silent for a while. Harry tried to leave saying, “If you can’t get MacNeil to open the case, I’ll ask Kingsley to exercise his rights as Minister of Magic.”

She uttered her thought, “I understand what you said, Mr. Potter. Please ask the Minister. We’ll obey the Minister’s order.”

“Thank you for understanding.” Harry left.

************************************ **************************************** **************************************** ********************

Scorpius was brooding over whether he should join the Slytherin Quidditch tryouts. He had given up once, but every time he heard the exciting news from his fellow Slytherins about plays by seniors, his inner desire arose. He couldn’t stop thinking about joining the team. After breakfast at the Great Hall, he slung his school bag on his shoulder and left for the green house for Herbology. Then the hem of his robes was pulled suddenly. Albus Potter grinned wide and held a carton out in front of him.

“What’s this?” asked Scorpius frowning.

“Open it.” Albus shoved it in Scorp’s chest.

Scorpius put it on the floor in the Entrance Hall and sat down. He removed the lid and looked into it. Then he uttered,


There were various stationaries with logos of professional Quidditch teams. He took an ink bottle on which the letters “Pudlemere United” were scribed, with golden crossed bulrushes in navy blue. He asked in his husky voice,

“How did you get these?” Even Malfoy couldn’t get such rare items.

“My mother sent them yesterday.”

“Oh, I got it. Your mother got them from the league managers, didn’t she?” He became jealous.

“Yep. I’ll give you all if you join the Slytherin tryouts tomorrow.”


“You can.” Albus grinned again.

“Potter, your positive thought doesn’t fit for me. No, thank you.” Scorp shoved the carton box back to Albus. And he stormed out of the castle. He hurried to the green house.

But Albus didn’t give up.

“Wait, Malfoy. I forgot one more thing.”

Scorpius turned around to Albus.

“What’s next?”

Albus handed the leaflet to him. Scorpius read it and was stunned.

Christmas Gathering for Puddlemere United fans. Workshop for future professional Quidditch players.

Albus folded it and put it into Scorp’s pocket saying,

“My mum will take us to the gathering during Christmas holidays if you show up at the tryouts.” Scorpius swallowed hard and said,

“On it.”

“Good!” Albus patted Scorpius on the back.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------

On the day of tryouts, Scorpius got up earlier than any other mates in the boy’s dorm. He checked his bootlaces many times before he left for the pitch, holding the newest Nimbus model. When he saw Flint and his gang, Scorpius regretted that he had come. Ever since he had stuck up for Hagrid, they didn’t treat him well. It was easy to imagine that they would hoot over his bad moves. Flint noticed him and jeered from the stand,

“Hey, Malfoy. I didn’t know you can fly!”

Socrpius bit his lip and marched to the group of first and second years. He felt relieved to see one familiar girl who was the same first year. He tried to remember her name, but he couldn’t. Just then he heard from the opposite side,

“Scorpius, show us your skills!” Albus was waving his hand and smiling.

Rose Weasley sat next to him. She was reading a thick book on her lap. Scorpius shook his head but he couldn’t stop smiling broadly. Could he call them his friends? Maybe. How on the earth could they sit among all the Slytherins? Perhaps even the Slytherins might not have guts to chase away the children of war heroes. Slytherins knew how politics worked. They were good at courtship and ‘It is no use contending against a man in power.’ was their principle. Also, James Potter and Teddy Lupin were very popular among the Sltytherin girls, so they might want to make a good impression on Albus and Rose. One of them even gave cookies to Albus once. Scorpius suspected it was a kind of bribe. He could imagine what their conversation was like. “How’s your brother, Albus? Please tell him I’m his fan. His play at the pitch was fabulous. We’ll welcome you and your brothers anytime at our practice.”

After the tryouts for Chasers, Captain MacNeil called the time for Beaters. Seeing the thickest players soared up in the air, Scorpius remembered the House of MacNeil had supported Lestrange for long time. Suddenly he got anxious, remembering his father. What was he doing now? He wondered if his father would find the Kappa’s eggs. If he found them, would he really hand them over to Lestrange?

Scorpius felt gloomy. He couldn’t endure thinking his father would be a criminal. When he was deeply lost in his own thoughts, it became his turn to challenge the position fo Seeker. There were four candidates including Scorpius. He heard Flint comment sharply from the stand. He had a sudden impulse to slap Flint on the cheek. Then his jeer vanished abruptly. He looked around and noticed the red haired Rose put her wand into her pocket. Her thick book was closed and was put on the seat. He reckoned she cast a Silencing Charm on Flint and his gang.

He was filled with an unspeakably warm feeling, flung his right leg over his Nimbus and kicked the ground hard. He soared higher and higher in the air. The wind was cold against his face but he felt very happy and forgot about the dark emotions towards his father and House of Malfoy. On the pitch, he could forget all the annoying things.

All the sky above the Hogwarts was his. He wondered if Shota in the fairy tale felt like this when he transformed into a Tengu. He wondered what would be like to fly with his own wings, without help from the broomstick. Shota must have forgotten the hardship of the war when he was flying. The young man in the East Asia had to endure the burden as a leader of the tribe and had to fight against his family and his friends. Scorpius couldn’t understand what it was like to have a fiance from childhood, but he could imagine what the war was like. His grandparents on his mother’s side and Grandma Narcissa told him about how the war was absurd and destructive ever since he was young. And he could guess what would become of his father, who was going to support Lestrange. He couldn’t bear the thought that his father would vanish suddenly. It was just then that the Bludger hit him. He felt a dull pain on his left shoulder and lost support of his body in the air. He was falling. He wondered if death would visit him suddenly, when he hit the ground. He heard Rose’s voice far away.

“Arresto Momentum.”

He felt his body hover for a moment but he fell senseless from the acute pain on his shoulder and closed his eyes. The next time he opened his eyes, he was on the bed in the Hospital Wing. Madam Pomfrey was looking into his grey eyes.

“Can you see us?”

He noticed Albus and Rose with worried looks next to Pomfrey, who continued,

“If Rose Weasley didn’t know that spell, you might be dead. I’m very proud of you, Rose. You really take after your mother. So smart for your age.” She smiled at Rose and handed Scorpius a flask of potion. “This will give you strength. You broke your shoulder bone. How dangerous these sports are! Though I have seen many severe injuries, no one’s ever died at the tryouts, yet.”

“Has anyone died during Quidditch?” Albus asked her in horror.

“Not at Hogwarts. But you know, there were a few in the professional leagues, your mother knows very well.”

“Yeah, she does. What were you thinking, Scorp?” asked Albus.

Scorpius felt ashamed. He uttered the words, “I was distracted.”

“Why? I cast Silencing Charm on the gang. Did anyone jeer you?” asked Rose.

“No, it was my problem.”

Both Albus and Rose exchanged glances. Rose opened her mouth,

“You are worried about your father, Scorp?”

Scorpius felt thankful for her to call him his first name. Since when did they start calling him by his first name? He liked that. It was like true friends. Albus vanished under the bed suddenly and he was now rummaging through something. Finally he stood up with a carton box in his hands and put it on the edge of the bed. He pulled out a sheet of paper. Scorpius noticed the leaflet for the Christmas Gathering by Puddlemere United fan club. There was a ticket attached on it.

“It’s yours. You flew well. You deserve this.”

Scorpius tried to sit up but he felt pain on the shoulder and sank to the bed again. Rose and Albus gasped and said,

“Lie down, Scorp!”

“Thanks,” Scorpius barely managed to say the word, grimacing. He asked, “Who was selected as a reserve Seeker?”

“MacNail’s brother. He was super!” Albus told him and added, “But you would be great if you weren’t distracted with the ...other things."

-------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Robert MacNeil made sure that no one was watching him. Then he swished his wand to move the secret sliding door on the floor. The spot where he pointed his wand showed a dark space through which only one person could go. He descended to the bottom and carefully opened the lid of the glass case where four dull green eggs were laid. He observed them and closed and wrapped it with a black piece of cloth. He ascended to the main floor and closed the secret door. Then Joanne came into the room. MacNeil held the wrapped case in his one arm and grabbed his wand in his right hand.

“Hi, Robert. Do you have time to talk?”

“Yes, but I have to hand this to my staff. This is urgent. Please wait in your office. I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay. I’ll wait.” She smiled and left.

MacNeil gave a sigh of relief and went out of the room. He turned the corner to the bathroom and went to the back toilet and tapped the cubicle door with his wand. A cauldron gradually rose up from the toilet. The muddy water was boiling. He removed the cloth from the case, and touched its surface with the tip of his wand. A needle sized hole appeared. He pointed the tip at the spot again and poured the liquid out of the egg, into the cauldron. The transparent liquid merged with the surface of the muddy substance, making a sizzling sound.

He smiled satisfied. He achieved what he had to do. As he swished his wand, the hissing sound slowed and finally settled. He took out a flask from his inside pocket and poured the fresh potion into it. He capped the flask and shoved it back in his pocket. The potion was ready for the second victim.

The abducted Muggle officer would be returned to his world after they captured the wizard who would be their next target. The effect of the Kappa’s egg was limited. Nobody had known the secret yet except the old Japanese priest and Newt Scamander. The Aurors would find out eventually, but by then, the deed would be done.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

MacNeil put the rest of the Kappa’s eggs in the bottom drawer of his desk and cast Locking Charm. His next move was going to be tricky. But nobody would be able to find the clue.

Gordon Haas was a strong candidate for the next Minister. He had supported Kingsley’s regime for three tenures, and after Kingsley’s declaration that he would not continue for a fourth term, Gordon had decided to step up. Kingsley was so popular that many people had tried to convince him not to resign, but his mind wouldn’t change. Haas was Half-Blood and had a more discreet style compared with Kingsley, but his neutral attitude was quickly gaining popularity. Having endured the pain of his Muggle mother being victimized by the Death Eaters had made his determination to wipe out the remaining Death Eaters unshakable.

MacNeil had supported House of Lestrange for centuries. When the Dark Lord was rising, MacNeil didn’t show any intention to join the inner circle, but House MacNeil was thought as one of Lestrange. They had survived by keeping in the background. They were cleverer than Malfoy. That was how they had gained political power over hundreds of years.

When MacNeil finished Haas, he planned to trap the Head of Aurors, Gawain Robards. He thought Kingsley would be the last target. He knew it would be hard to do it. If one of the eggs didn’t work, they would need fresh eggs. That’s why Lestrange had sent Malfoy to Japan. Then there was a knock. Joanne McSherry came in. MacNeil sensed something was wrong from her mood.

“Is there trouble?” He poured coffee into a goblet and handed it to her.

“Thanks. Hmm, I like this flavor. MacNeil’s spice. Please tell me how to make this later, Robert.” She sipped and put it down on the top of the potions shelf.“You have to open the case of Kappa’s eggs for Mr. Newt Scamander. It’s Minister’s orders.” She stared at MacNeil gingerly.

“Oh, did they set that in motion?” MacNeil pretended to be calm. Inwardly, he was wondering how he could talk his way out of whatever was going to come up next. “When will they come back?”

“Tomorrow morning. Can you? I’m afraid the exposure will do harm to the eggs.”

“Yeah, I’m afraid so. Please put this in my hands, okay? I need to search the best condition for the eggs.”

“I trust in you, but Mr. Potter insists it’s urgent. So we have to hand them over tomorrow morning. We can’t change the schedule.”

He still had one night to move. “Okay, I’ll work on a plan.”

Before the conference, Draco Malfoy submitted his research papers via Neville’s friend in Asia, and secretly went back to Hogwarts to accomplish the task Lestrange had demanded. He was so exhausted after the repetitive apparition and the long trip from East Asia. As soon as he shoved the box of the Kappa’s eggs to the bottom of the potions shelf in his office at Hogwarts, he had a lie-down on the bed without changing his clothes. It was the middle of the night, and he still had to write an owl to Lestrange to tell him of the meeting at Malfoy Manor. But he had no energy to do that. Then he heard a modest knocking, which meant his son. Only his family knew that fact that he came back.

“Scorp?” Draco sat up and opened the door.

His son was standing there and said, “Father, how was the conference?” He entered the room timidly.

Draco noticed his son’s arm in a sling and asked,“Were youl bullied by someone?”

“No, I wasn’t. Quidditch.”

“Get well soon. But how did you come here? Only Prefects are allowed to wander around at night.”

“I gave him a bribe. All boys do that in our House.”

Draco tried to smirk but his tired face failed.

“I’m tired. If you have some questions about your study, we can discuss it tomorrow morning via Floo Network, is that okay?”

“Yeah, fine. I just worry about you, Father. I’m wondering…” he hesitated to say more.


Scorpius kept silent. Draco got irritated and asked,

“Scorp, I’m exhausted after a long trip. After I check everything at Manor, I’ll leave for Japan again. The fact that I’m here is secret.” He pressed his son.

Scorpius nodded and he was going to leave, but he glanced back again and said,

“Father, I know you’re being threatened by them.”

“Wait, Scorp. Shut the door and come.” Draco said sternly.

Scorpius closed the door and came back to his bed. He was afraid if his father would lose his temper. Expecting to be scolded by Draco, he nervously sat down on the edge of the bed slowly trying not falling down with the other arm. Draco sat next to him. He heaved a big sigh and said,

“What do you know?”

“I’m sorry, Father, I found the letter in a dustbin. Did you get the Kappa’s egg?”

Draco stared at his son shocked. Scorp’s innocent eyes fixed on his. Then he spoke,

“Scorp, what seemed to be unpleasant is necessary in this society. That is how we, the Malfoys have survived.”

“But Father, if you obey him, you’ll be sent to Azkaban!”

“Shh, Scorp!” Draco pulled out his wand and cast Muffliato charm. “Scorp, you’re also one of us. We lost so much of our dignity in the previous war and were labeled as losers but this time may be our chance. You’re Slytherin, Scorp. This is our chance to regain political power. You have to realize it. Do you understand?”

Scorpius nodded overwhelmed by Draco’s strong remarks. He stood up and said,

“I understand, Father. But please be careful.” He was leaving now.

Draco halted his son,

“Wait, Scorp. I have one thing to say. Didn’t you say about this to Potter’s son? I heard from Longbottom that you made friends with them.”

Scorpius answered without turning back to Draco. “No, I didn’t. I hate them.”

“Good. Now, leave. Good night.”

“Good night, Father.” Scorpius shut the door and walked away. He stood at the foot of the stairs, unable to climb them. He wanted to cry. He hated that he was born a Malfoy with all his heart.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Draco stepped out of the hearth of Malfoy Manor. Since Lucius Malfoy had taken his wife to France, the Aurors had stopped observing the Manor. The only thing that concerned Draco was Potter. He admitted that Potter had a keen sense for tracking down dangerous developmetns among the remaining Death Eaters.

“Strong obsession,” muttered Draco.

But this time, Potter didn’t seem to notice the meeting. Malfoy Manor was very quiet in the early morning. He could see the peacock his father loved, spread its fair feathers in the garden from the window. He didn’t see any Aurors who usually observed his home. His wife, Astoria entered the sitting room gracefully. She sat down on the purple velvet sofa and said,

“You look tired, Draco. You don’t have to work so hard. Who is coming here today?”

“I can’t tell you. You’ll visit your sister’s Manor, won’t you?” Astoria didn’t know what he had done. If she found out, she would try to stop him.

“Yes, but if you need me, I’ll stay. This guest is an important person, isn’t it?”

“It’s none of your business!” Draco raised his voice.

“Draco?” Astoria looked anxious.

“Sorry. Never mind. I’m just exhausted.” He hated himself. He hated the fact that he always felt off balance before important meetings.

“I told you. You don’t have to work at Hogwarts. If you get tired of the students, you can retire. How’s Scorpius?”

“He’s doing well. I gave him an Outstanding on his essay.”

Astoria smiled and said, “He is very proud of you, Draco. And I’m very happy to be your wife. I’m looking forward to hearing about your successes at the conference.” She stood up and took a step closer to him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him.

He breathed in her lemon verbena perfume and whispered, “I’m doing right by you and our family.” Talking about his son and embracing his wife relaxed him and eased his nerves.

“I believe in you, Draco.” She smiled at him and left the room.

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --

Newt Scamander was with Luna. He looked younger and vigorous with his daughter-in-law. Luna was laughing a reply for his jokes.

“Why Luna?” Ron said to Harry. They had been waiting for Joanne McSherry at the gate.

The old famed Magizoologist looked happy with a good listener. Harry grinned at them, turned to Ron and answered,

“I don’t know. But she may see what we can’t. It’ll be helpful with her.”

Scammader walked up, carefully using his cane. Luna looked around the floor with much curiosity.

“How are your twins?” Harry asked her.

“They’re fine with Rolf. He’s at home today.” Her gaze shifted to his green eyes. “Where’s Ginny now?”

“She’s with Lily at the Burrow right now. Soon, she’ll be leaving for Spain to report on the Quidditch game.”

“It was fun with you all at Halloween Party. When will you leave for Japan?” Luna asked in her dreamy voice.

Harry was stunned at her words. How did she find out that they were leaving for Japan? “Luna, did I mention leaving for Aisa at the party?”

“No, you didn’t. But Draco Malfoy left for Japan, didn’t he?” Luna’s big eyes kept staring at his.

“Yes, he did. Oh, yeah, he visited your husband before Halloween, right?”

“Yes, he did. Rolf gave him a map.”

“What map?” Harry cursed himself. He should’ve checked the fact earlier. Engrossed in the matter of lost Kappa’s eggs at Newt’s study, he forgot to ask Rolf Scamander about Draco’s visit.

“Harry, I thought you would want the map, so I brought the copy for you.” Luna pulled out a sheet of paper from her bosom pocket.

“Luna, you are our queen!” Ron cried in triumphantly.

“Thank you for your compliment, Ron.” Luna looked happy with his comment.

When Harry was about to spread the map out, Joanne turned up. She looked serious. Harry shoved the map in his pocket. He had a bad feeling and asked,

“Mrs. McSherry, what happened?”

“We have to say the situation is quite undersirable.”

“What do you mean?” Ron asked.

“When MacNeil opened the case of the eggs this morning to show you, everything turned to stones.”

Newt Scamander gasped and said, “Why? Isn’t he an expert, is he?”

“Of course, he is. He tried to search for the best way to keep the eggs as fresh as possible. But we couldn’t stop the phenomenon. I’m sorry, Mr. Scamander.”

Harry thought Scamander would fall down. When he tried to support him, Luna’s hand captured him and she wrapped him from behind with her arm.

Scamander opened his mouth, “Can I see them?”

“Of course. Please follow me.”

When they entered the vivid green room, MacNeil was giving directions to his staff. He noticed them and bowed deeply at Scamander.

“We did everything we could. I think if we hadn’t exposed them to the air, the crisis wouldn’t have happened.”

“What’s the cause?” asked Scamander.

“Under investigation, sir.” MacNeil bowed again, “Excuse me, I got information that a new species was found in Scotland. I have to go and see them. One of our staff, Bob Henry will bring you the remains. Ask him anything.” Then he left there.

The younger staff, Bob Henry set the glass case on a small white table. There stood four egg-shaped stones. Scamander took each in his hand carefully and observed it.

“Scamander?” asked Harry.

Scamander shook his head and sighed, “They seemed to be exposed in the Muggle’s world. Once they’ve touched the air which is not magical, they turn to stones. Is there any space where Muggle air enters in this room?”

“No, I don’t think so, sir, but we’re investigating right now,” Bob answered apologetically.

Harry stared at the stone eggs. They were all dull green. Luna took one of them and kept watching it quietly. Then she spoke,

“What’s this, grandpa?” She held out the egg to Newt. “There’s an eye needle hole.”

Scamander observed it again. And he checked the all four. He spoke,

“Luna is right. All of them have the hole. I suspect someone has already extracted the essence before they exposed them to the Muggle world.”

“Harry, we have to hurry. If they’ve already extracted them, there’ll be more victims in the Muggle World,” Ron said.

“Right. Let’s go.”

------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

After they reported to Robards, their boss directed them.

“Kingsley assigned the Aurors who are available near all Muggle public offices. Potter, Weasley, leave for Japan and put Professor Malfoy under guard. He’ll show up at the conference at Tokyo in a few days. Dig for his real purpose there.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Draco realized he had the fever, only two days were left until the conference began. Frequent apparations had caused him great exhaustion. He couldn’t move from his bed at all. It was lucky for him that he didn’t forget the antifebrile potion. He gulped a flask of potion and crept into bed. All he could do was sleep. Slumber visited him soon and he had a dream.

He was in the midst of blizzard in Russia. Surrounded by a zero-zero fog, he was struggling to walk ahead.

“I have to go back to my home safely. I have to go home safely for Scorp and Astoria,” He chanted in his mind like a mantra.

After a long walk, suddenly his vision cleared. The blue autumn sky broadened above and he noticed he was standing on the top of the hill in northern Japan. Chirping of small birds was heard as he climbed down the hill. He searched the stream which would merge into the big river. He traced the river bank. He had to find the eggs. As he walked, the ground became greener and greener. The sight of tall, thickly growing Taro leaves told him that his destination wasn’t far away. Then he heard cantering sound of horses. Five Oriental warriors, mounted on horseback, prepared to shoot arrows. Draco noticed their target was the two surviving soldiers. At first, he thought they were men, but soon he noticed one of them was a woman. The man shouted, shielding the woman,

“Kill me, but spare her. She’s a daughter of Kouga Ninja. Kouga is an ally of yours.”

The woman cried desperately, “No! If you kill Shota, kill me as well. We’re married.” Her long, velvet hair was sadly beautiful against the greenness of Taro leaves.

The boss of the hunters smirked. “I won’t kill you, beauty. But we must capture the leader of Tengues.” He climbed off his horse and drew a short sword.

Shota pulled out his long sword, too. Five minutes of holding out against an attack would give him time to transform into a Tengu. With wings he would be able to fly away, carrying Saki in his arms. He raised his sword against the Genji warriors. Sake fought back, too. Her sword skill was equal to the rest of warriors. When the three Genji warriors fell down, Shota edured the pain of his back while fighting the boss. After dodging the enemy’s attack many times, his transformation was complete, and he spread his wings to fly up into the bough above. He landed on it and soon kicked off the tree to fly back to the spot where Saki continued fighting. He gave one last blow to the boss, and he embraced her in his arms. They flew away and landed on the top of the mountain where some water falls were dotted. They started tracing the stream to the upper bank to the big water fall. They carefully climbed down, and behind the water fall, they saw the Kappas eating fish on the stone floor.

“I think the eggs are under the Taro leaves. We have to find the leaves,” Shota told Saki. They kept searching for a while then finally found the spot. Saki entered the bush and pulled out her short sword to cut the stem of the Taro leaves away from the nest. Two dull green eggs lay under the roots. She picked them up in her hand and rubbed her sleeve gently to remove the dirt from them. She came back to the spot where Shota was waiting.

Draco woke up. He remembered the dream was the same story as the pages he had torn from the book. After Scorpius read the book, Draco had snuck into the boy’s dorm and removed them. He sat up on the bed and wondered where the eggs were now. When he remembered that he had already handed them to Lestrange, he shuddered, realizing that he had finally assisted the conspiracy.

Had he finally become the same coward as his father, Lucius? At the same time, he felt like he could understand the real Malfoy pride. That was how his ancestors had survived to protect their families. Good Gryffindors always faded away. Bad Slytherins could live longer. He had learned that lesson from his mentor, Snape. His life would be lived for all of his comrades who had died too young. For his friend, Vincent Crabbe who died in the Room of Requirement at the battle of Hogwarts.

He remembered the spirit of Vincent, who had spoken from the Veil after they succeeded in collecting the Kappa’s eggs in Aomori.

Hana put the animal’s bones and the rainbow colored pebble stones and shells on the stone floor and began chanting. Draco felt the air change, surreal and cool around him. Then her chant suddenly changed to a male voice. Vincent told Draco in the cave,

“Live longer for me. Protect my old mother and your Pure-Blood friends.”

Draco had been relieved to know the spirit wasn’t a ghost, and at the same time the wistful tears started in his eyes. His old friend called from the Veil in the cave was still young and Draco was far older than him. He hadn’t thought of Vincent as a true friend back then, just one of his followers in his school days. But now he remembered him as one of his House mates. As he had gotten older, he had gotten lonelier, realizing that he’d had no true friends until he became an adult.

Suddenly, he wanted to see Neville. He had an urge to confess everything to him through the Floo Network. Then he rethought. How could he meet Neville after he deceived him and ran away to work for Lestrange?

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