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Tengu and Ninja's Daughter
By StarFeather

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Category: SIYE Challenges, Magical Creatures Challenge (2017-3)
Characters:Draco Malfoy, Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Crossover, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Poetry, Romance
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Mild Sexual Situations
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Rating: R
Reviews: 21
Summary: Someone will go hunting Kappa's eggs.
Hitcount: Story Total: 3590; Chapter Total: 162

Author's Notes:
Many many thanks to Pixi for beta!


A wintry blast wailed outside of Hagrid’s hut. The firewood was burning in the hearth when the three students came inside. Albus supported Scorpius as he climbed onto the big wooden chair. Hagrid smiled at them with satisfaction and said,

“I’m proud of yeh for entering the tryouts, Scorpius. Playing Quidditch needs a lot of guts. Yeh’r injury is like a medal of bravery.” He put a mug of tea in front of Scorpius.

Scorpius held the mug in his right hand and sipped it carefully not to spill it.

“Hagrid, we have something to ask you.” Rose put the thick book on the desk and opened to the torn spot.

Hagrid noticed it, “What? Did you tear these pages out? If this belongs to the library, Madam Pince won’t let you get off for nothing.”

“No, we didn’t. The pages had already torn.” Albus answered.

“It’s impossible. Madam Pince must have noticed.” Hagrid said.

“You’re right, Hagrid. Scorp, did you notice that when you borrowed the book at first?”

“If the pages were torn after you borrowed it, who did it? And when?” Albus frowned.

“Scorp, how are your dorm mates?” asked Rose.

“Adrian and Peter aren’t interested in books at all.”

“Are you sure?” Rose asked again after she checked the jagged line.

“Positive.” Scorp observed Rose whose red hair lay over her shoulder. He had an urge to touch it. The red color was rarely seen in Slytherin House, and couldn’t be ignored when his housemates ridiculed the blood traitors, the Weasleys.

Albus gulped down his tea and said, “The only adult who can enter the dorms is a professor. Your father can enter your room.” He stared at Scorpius.

Scorpius tore his eyes off of Rose’s hair and said darkly, “I was thinking the same thing.”

“He won’t admit it even if he had done it. Hagrid, do you know what was written on the torn pages?” Rose asked.

“Sure. Let me see the previous page.” Hagrid sat down on a wooden chair with a thud next to Rose.

Rose handed the thick book to Hagrid with both hands.

He grabbed it with his big hand, and knitted his brows to remember the missing part. “Well, after Shota and Saki got together, they were hunted by Genji warriors. So the pages missing were...right, I’ll tell you.”

Saki pulled a hairpin from the top of her hair and stuck it through the shell of the egg. She handed it to Shota. He put it to his lips and started sucking the insides. Seeing her try to do the same, he waved his hand to stop her. He said,

“Wait for me at the river bank where we used to play. You know the place, don’t you?”

Saki nodded. She imagined the terraced rice fields lit under the morning sun in her village. Abundant mineral water flowed into their fields from the river.

“I’ll be there in two nights and three days. Believe me. I’ll come back to you. I promise. Now go. I don’t want you see me in Kappa form.”

“Wait!” Albus stopped Hagrid and asked, “Does that mean he transformed into Kappa?”

“Yes, ‘e did.”

Albus was horrified as the image of that bizzare, amphibious creature flashed in his mind. “Could he turn back to a human?” “I don’t think the book explains how he could turn back to a man, but I reckon Shota could do two animagis. You know, Tengu and Kappa.”

Rose had been listening to them without saying a word. Finally she spoke, “Hagrid, you said Shota wanted Saki to wait at the river bank where they used to play. It must mean that the key to the mystery is the place.”

“Clever, Weas...Rose,” Scorpius was surprised by her insight and respected her. At the same time, he felt awkward to call her by her first name, and his face turned slightly red.

Rose beamed at him and continued, “If transforming to Tengu and Kappa is magical, that means the place they used to play wasn’t magical.”

“Genius. But why did Malfoy, sorry, your father want to tear the pages, Scorpius?” Albus followed Scorp’s precedent manner towards Rose and corrected himself about Scorp’s father.

“I don’t know. I want to know what your father knows.” Socrpius stared at Albus. Though he felt thankful about his rival’s manner, he was still guarded against Harry Potter.

“Yeah, my father may know. But he won’t tell me about his work.” Albus frowned.

Rose sensed their adversarial mood and said, “I’ll write an owl to my mum. She’ll give us something helpful, Albus.”

“Good idea. Aunt Hermione will give us some hints about the mystery.”

------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -

The narrow hallway led Kingsley to the Muggle Prime Minister’s office. He didn’t dare to use the painting in the Prime Minister’s room. As he had been engaged in guarding the successive Prime Ministers as an Auror, he was accustomed to wearing his black suit in the Muggle world. The room was handsome as before. The cozy sofa was waiting by the fine marble fireplace. The Prime Minister beamed at Kingsley when he entered the room.

“You came to check if I’m fine, Kingsley? See, I’m okay. No worries. The bodyguards you sent are doing good job. Blaise Zabini and Cormac MacLaggen. They are aces, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are ace Auror and Hit Wizard in our world. I have a question about your officer.” Kingsley sat on the sofa opposite to the Prime Minister.

“The maid will bring a cup of tea. Biscuits?”

Kingsley took one politely and put it down on a porcelain plate. “Did he come back looking normal?”

The Minister nodded, “Yes, he is quite healthy. The doctors have finished checking him over. If you want, please make sure there are no magical traces.”

“Thank you, Minister. I’ll send the team to him.”

Soon after their conversation, the team of Aurors was sent, but there were no dubious results, except the fact that he had no memory about the missing days. They reckoned the Oblivious Charm was used. They had discussed why the Muggle officer was abducted and what the culprit’s aim was. Still, they had no answers.

Harry and Ron were sent to Tokyo to watch Malfoy. They expected that the remaining Death Eaters, including Rabastan Lestrange, would contact him. The conference was held in the deep in the western mountains near Tokyo. For local Muggles, the spot was seen as an abandoned camp site. Researchers each had their own bungalow, which was magically enlarged to a bigger room inside.

When the sun set, Ron looked around the site. “This reminds me of the World Quidditch Cup. Do you think they’ll come, Harry? I mean, the remaining Death Eaters.”

“I don’t think so. Let’s go. Neville’s Mongolian friend told me where Malfoy stays.” Harry handed a sheet of parchment to Ron.

Ron took it and peeked in. Harry started walking to the back deserted bungalow. When he reached the front door, he knocked. Soon Malfoy’s voice was heard beyond the door.

“Who’s there?”

“I’m part of the staff for the site. Will you give me a sec?” Harry waited the next answer.

“I’m busy with the conference preparation. Not now.” Malfoy said.

“I brought you a tea pot and sweets. Will you open the door?”

Then the door was open and Malfoy, whose face was pale, was leaning against the inside wall. As soon as he noticed who it really was, he tried to shut the door immediately. But Harry prevented him.

“We won’t let you pass this time.” Harry entered by force.

Ron followed. “Don’t think any silly things, Malfoy!” He pointed his wand at Malfoy.

“I’m sick. I don’t have the energy to fight you,” Malfoy uttered weakly.

“You’ve already searched for the eggs in Aomori, haven’t you?” Harry pulled out the map Luna gave him and showed it to Malfoy.

Malfoy might have been surprised, but they couldn’t read what he was really thinking. He said, “I’ll answer to any questions after I recover. Please let me rest. The conference is tomorrow.” Malfoy sunk into the sofa.

“You’re seriously sick.” Ron sat down opposite Malfoy, but his wand remained in his hand.

“Go off to bed, then. We’ll question you after the conference.” Harry said as he was leaving.

“Harry?” Ron stood up in a fluster.

“I’ve already cast strong anti-apparation charm in this camp site. We’ll set up a tent outside. You can’t run away this time.” Harry warned Malfoy, and left.

Ron followed Harry out of the bungalow. He put a miniature box on the ground. When Harry pointed the tip of his wand and cast a spell, it was enlarged and a tent popped up in front of them.

“I hope we can go home the next week. Staying in a tent reminds me of our mission in seventh year.” Ron muttered gloomily.

“We can’t leave Japan until we find the truth about the Kappa’s eggs. Robards ordered us to find the priest named Dogen and visit him.” Harry changed his tone merrily. “Come on, Ron. Let’s go inside. I’m itching to cook a local hot pot I’ve just learned from the camp site owner.”

The tent had a small kitchen and a bedroom. Ron smiled at the neat dining table.

“I’m amazed by you and feel a little ashamed for my sister. Has she cooked for you recently?”

“Oh, don’t blame her. I like cooking. I understand the situation she’s in now. When she is at home, she cooks for me and the children. She has inherited the gift of pies and puddings from Molly. Her baking is the best.” Harry set an earthenware pot he borrowed from the owner on the stove, and started cutting vegetables and chicken.

Ron was fascinated by his adeptness and said, “Tell Hermione this recipe. Though her cooking ability is improving, sometimes she forgets to add salt.” He chuckled.

Harry grinned remembering their younger days, and threw cut ingredients into the pot. “Why don’t you cook with Hugo instead of her? Lily and I cook together. Recently, I haven’t had to help her at all.”

Smacking their lips over the steaming dish, they discussed their plan to have Malfoy confess everything.

“Do you think Malfoy already has the eggs?” Ron sipped soup from the bowl.

“I think so. Seeing he’s sick, he must have already made the trip north to the unexplored area.” Harry spread the map on his lap.

“So our mission becomes simple. Impound the Kappa eggs Malfoy has now, and visit the priest.”

“Yes. Ron, go and watch Mafloy at the conference tomorrow. I’ll stay here and search for the eggs at his bungalow.”

“On it.”

Next morning, all the scholars gathered around the conference room underground, and Ron kept watching Malfoy. Harry stood in the middle of the bedroom in Malfoy’s bungalow. The wrinkled blanket and sheets showed Mafloy hadn’t slept well and had no time to make the bed. The internal condensation collected on the surface of the window by the bed. The room had been warmed through the night, and Harry wondered how Malfoy kept the eggs in good condition. Thinking over how Unspeakables cared for the condition of Scamander’s eggs at DM, they had to be in a special container or something. He searched the inside of a wardrobe but he found only five empty hangers suspended. He dropped on his knees and looked under the bed, but he found nothing except a fat-legged spider running away. He finished searching the bedroom and moved to the kitchen. Rummaging through the cupboard on the higher wall and under the sink resulted in a wasted effort. He went back to the entrance, set his spectacles to cast a tracing charm through the whole inside, but it didn’t reveal any trace of hidden magic at all.

He pulled out the two-way mirror and called Ron. “I couldn’t find anything here. How’s Malfoy?

Ron’s eyes on the mirror glanced to the side and focused on Harry. “He’s very sick. I doubt he’ll be able to get through his speech.”

“Does he have a leather bag with him?”


“Can you check it?”


“Do it if you can.”

“Okay. I’ll report back in thirty minutes.” Ron’s face vanished from the mirror.

Harry began searching around the outside of the bungalow. A cold wind raised withered leaves into the air. He pointed his wand at a thick growth of weeds and checked if there was an egg hidden beneath it, but his search ended in vain. Then he felt the two-way mirror vibrating in his chest.

“Malfoy let me search his leather bag. I couldn’t find any evidence. I reckon he failed in finding them.”

“Malfoy let you search his bag? That’s strange. He might hidden them somewhere else. Keep watch. I want to know if anyone tries to contact him.”

“Right.” Ron vanished from the mirror again.

---------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Malfoy suffered terribly from the fever. He glanced at his wrist watch Astoria had given him nervously. He wanted to finish his panel discussion sooner. The potion he brewed made him sit on the bench. Neville’s Mongolian friend with the ruddy face had been passionately speaking about the effective repelling plants for Acromantula. His talk seemed to go on forever until Malfoy finally passed out. Then he suddenly regained consciousness as his name was called. He couldn’t remember how he managed to finish his speech or answer the questions about herbs in Okinawa. It was uncomfortable to see Weasley waiting for him in the entrance hall of the conference room, but he had no energy left to deliver any sarcastic remarks. Weasley shoved his bag to his chest.

“Have a good sleep. You need to rest.”

Malfoy felt thankful that they hadn’t trespassed any further, though he reckoned Potter had already searched everything in the bungalow. He wasn’t worried, since the Kappa’s eggs had already been handed over to Lestrange. The man must already be working with MacNeil on the potions for their VIPs in the Ministry.

After one good night’s sleep, his condition improved. When Potter asked the same question he had before, Malfoy told them a white lie.

“As you guessed, I couldn’t find any eggs. I respect Newt and Rolf Scamander. I admit I have no guts to explore the unexplored magical area.” He didn’t know they had already known about the priest Dogen in the northern temple.

--------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------

Haas liked to sit beside the indoor plants in the Ministry cafeteria. He even decorated his desk with small pots of them. Green calmed him after the tiring paper work involved in registering the new bills. After the war not a few important bills had passed. Wand Register for School Age to protect the kids from the crimes, Proliferation of Welfare Facilities for Werewolves and a new bill for House-Elves. It took much time to let the third bill pass. He and his colleague were now working on Repel of the Act for Pure-Blood Privilege. He could guess easily that most of the Pure-Bloods would refuse the bill pass. Their privilege covered a wide range of various business in the Wizarding World.

He put his tray on the table near the plants and sat down. The smell of steak-kidney pudding wafted. He poured his favorite herb tea into the cup. He didn’t notice the slight difference of the color of it. He tasted it as usual. The mint flavor gave him relaxing feeling. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the temporary happiness before his hard schedule began without knowing he would be transformed.

---------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------

A new DADA teacher, Johan Lybeck at Hogwarts had been invited from Norway. He was chosen for his knowledge about Trolls and counter curses against the Dark Magic. Albus and Rose hadn’t learned from him yet for they were still first years but they had a chance to be talked to by him in the corridor to the potions class. Lybeck was a very robust and tall man with sandy blond hair. His voice was loud and Rose felt embarrased when he called her name loudly.

“Rose Weasley and Albus Potter, I have something to talk about with two of you.”

“Yes, Professor?” The bag slipped off Albus’ shoulder and he slung it again. It was annoying that it got heavy with new ingredients for Potions class experiment. He had been expecting the substitute teacher for Malfoy, who went abroad to attend the conference, would give the students easy task, but she didn’t. He rather preferred Malfoy’s to hers.

“I heard from Headmistress that your parents fought with a Troll at Halloween night in their school days. I’d like to discuss about it later. I’ll offer you salmon sandwiches in my office.” He winked.

“Thank you, Professor. Where’s your office?” Since Hagrid was Gryffindor House Head, they didn’t know his office.

“Next to the kitchen. The entrance for the kitchen is secret, so don’t tell anybody. My office is the next to the painting of a bowl of fruit.” He winked again and left.

After class, Albus and Rose dragged Scoprpius with them to Lybeck’s office.

Scorpius protested on their way there, “Why do I have to go with you? I have essays to work this afternoon.”

“Only knowledge of books don’t give us good marks, come on!” Albus urged him to get closer to the door.

Lybeck welcomed them with broad smile, “Come in, come in.”

The room was like the one in Hagrid’s hut. All pieces of furniture were made of wood and it had no sofa. Fire was crackling in the hearth. Above the wooden desk, there hung a large picture of a dark green Troll.

“Do you like wood nymph’s candy?” He urged them to sit down on the wooden chair each and had them pick the wrapped candy.

Unwrapping the stripe cellophane, Scorpius whispered dubiously, “Is it tasty?”

The taste was too hot and their eyes were watering so that Lybeck had to conjure a glass of water. But salmon sandwiches were delicious. He was delighted to listen to how Albus’ father and Rose’s father beat a Troll. Scoripus criticized that their heroic act was too dramatized and they were just lucky with beating the monster who was not so wise. Lybeck nodded satisfied and said,

“You’re right, Scorpius. Trolls aren’t smart but they are extremely enormous so they deserve to be praised. Hmm, this sandwich is so tasty. Do you want more?”

“No, thank you. Mr. Lybeck, have you heard about the Kappa’s egg?” Rose asked abruptly.

Albus and Scorpius were waiting for Lybeck’s answer intensely.

“Oh, I know Kappas. They’re cool, aren’t they? I heard that they’re so aggressive and we need to throw them cucumber to protect ourselves. But I didn’t know about the eggs at all. Are you interested in water demons? It may be a good approach to learn about DADA. I’ve been wondering what I should teach the next year, but it seems to be better to teach them than Trolls and Giants. Or should I teach you Mermish first?”

“Oh, can you speak Mermish? We heard a story related to them from Uncle Harry, didn’t we, Albus?” Rose got excited.

“Can he talk with them?” Lybeck bent himself forward in curiosity.

“No, he can’t. He had a task to rescue his friends in the Great Lake at the Triwizard Tournament.” Albus explained.

“Great Lake! I sometimes chat with merpeople there after lunch. Please say hello to your Dad for me!”

Rose and Albus developed quite a rapport with Lybeck. Only Scorpius was left behind, and he got sulky.

“I’ll leave. I have essays to finish.” He stood up.

“Oh, take some sandwiches with you, then.” Lybeck wrapped the leftovers and held them out to Scorpius.

Scorpius took it awkwardly and said, “Thank you.”

When they were leaving, Lybeck spoke, “Talking about the Kappa reminded me of an article by a priest in Asia. The title was ‘The Counter-Curse against Water Demons’. My recent field of study is Counter-Curses.”

Albus responded Lybeck’s word, “Asia” where his father and uncle were right now. He didn’t know which country they were though. “What’s his name?”

“Dogan or Dogen...I’m sorry, I forgot. But I’ll tell you when I find the name after I check the past essays.”

Kingsley’s uneasiness grew with each passing moment. Reports showed that his right hand man had numerous unscheduled absences from duty. The meetings about the new bill which was relevant to the Privilege of the Pure-Bloods were postponed many times. The Daily Prophet reporters including Rita Skeeter fussed that the bill would be rejected. Things were wrong in the world, and Kingsley felt powerless against the growing feeling that it wasn’t going to get better any time soon.

Everything came to a head when Haas’s wife came to tell him her husband had just been admitted to St.Mungo’s.

--------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------

Rose stared at the front page of the Daily Prophet and contemplated for a while. Vice-Minister Haas was in St. Mungo’s. The most important bill of the term had not passed. Her porridge was not touched at all. The only thing she wanted to do right now was ask her mother some questions. James talked to her from behind.

“Aren’t you hungry, Rosie?”

“Oh, I was reading this.” She handed the newspaper to him.

“Politics? Are you interested in entering the Ministry like your mum?” He handed it back to her.

“I don’t know. When will Uncle Harry come back?”

James shrugged. “I don’t know. Haven’t you heard when my dad and yours come back?”

“They didn’t contact us via Floo Network or the owls.”

“What did he say about his father, Malfoy?” James glanced back at the Slytherin table. “I can’t see the Malfoy boy. I suspect he’s at the owlery. He must be missing his dad.”

“He is with Albus at Hagrid’s hut. They’ll be back soon.”

James frowned. “When did my brother become his mate?”

“Perhaps since the Gryffindor tryouts. Your fascinating stand play attracted him.”

“Oh, did he watch my play?” James asked with his head held high, twinkling his brown eyes.

“You and Teddy are the most famous and popular at Hogwarts. He admits the fact.”

Teddy, whose hair color changed from vivid purple to ginger red, cut in their conversation.

“Hey Rosie, what are Albus and Malfoy up to? I often see them going to Hagrid’s hut. Tell him we need a Seeker for the early morning practice if we’re going to win the game against the Ravenclaws at the end of this month.”

“Oh, ask him directly. Here they come.” Rose waved her hands towards them.

Albus and Scorpius were running into the Great Hall. Rose noticed Scorpius face was bright with excitement, which showed their plan was finally worked out. Albus sat down next to her as she watched the other boy go back to the Slytherin table.

“Well, did you guys finish?” she asked Albus.

“Yep, finally.” Albus grabbed a toasted Sunny-Side up egg and took a big bite.

“What were you doing?” James swiped his brother’s bacon and chewed with satisfaction.

Albus frowned at him and said,“None of your business. We helped Hagrid with a project.”

“Well, if you’re so secretive, I’ll owl my Dad.”

“Oh, don’t tell him yet!” shouted Albus.

“Yet? What do you mean?”

“I can’t tell you.”

Teddy handed a goblet of pumpkin juice to Albus.

“Brother, you didn’t show up in our early morning practice recently. Do you recognize how important the first match against Ravenclaws?”

“Yes, I do, Captain. We have to win against Victoire. But isn’t it easier for you to win her? If you kiss her in the middle of the game...” then he was smacked by Teddy on the back. “Ouch!”

Teddy in his vivid turquoise blue hair, was grinning wide.

After classes, Albus, Scorpius and Rose hurried to Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid had already set a grindylow’s egg painted in dull green on the dry leaves in the wooden box. Rose looked into it mesmerized.

“Wow, it’s beautifully painted, Albus!”

“I helped him, too,” Scorpius pouted.

Rose giggled at his attitude. “I’m sorry. I know you’ve worked so hard. Well done, Scorp!”

“It’s a Kappa’s egg whichever way yeh look at.” Hagrid smiled with satisfaction and served a slice of rock cake on each plate.

“All you have to do is, Scorp?” Albus urged Scorpius to say the rest.

“Yes, I know. I’ll ask my father if he got the real ones in Japan and give these to him.” Scorpius got serious.

Admiring their art work, he spoke, “Yeah. I hope your father hasn’t handed them over yet.” He thought in his mind, if Malfoy handed the Kappa’s eggs to RL, their hand-work would be in vain. He loved to draw pictures, but painting was an exhausting job. Albus continued, “I sent the second owl to my father but he hasn’t replied. I’m afraid he hasn’t read my letter yet.”

Rose sipped her tea and hesitated to eat the rock cake. “I’m afraid of that too. I’ll send owl to my mum.”

“Thank you, Rose.” Albus took a bite of the cake and said, “Hmm, it’s hard to chew, but yummy. Scorp, you’d better try it. This one is better than the one the other day.”

Scorpius had been staring at his cake for a while. Encouraged by Albus, he began eating gingerly.

Hagrid smiled at them and said,“I added dried fruits into my rock cake after I got the idea from Molly. I can’t wait to see the match. I’m the head of House Gryffindor. Win the game, Albus. Catch the Snitch faster than your Dad.”

“I have no confidence at the first match. But I’ll do my best.” Albus grinned wide.

--------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------

Harry twirled his holly wand in his hands as he stared at Malfoy. Malfoy had gotten better after he’d had enough sleep. Harry was wondering if it would be wise to try Legilimens upon him. He sensed Malfoy must have been hiding something. “Malfoy, I can give you Veritaserum whether you are allergic to it or not. Tell me everything you are hiding from me.”

Malfoy heaved a big sigh and said, “You’re mental, Potter. When will you stop interrogating me? If you want to do Legilimens, try it. I mastered Occlumency.” He glared at Harry.

“Okay. I will tell you I got information from Luna and Rolf. It is clear that you visited the Priest. Take us to Priest Dogen.”

Malfoy shrugged, but his mind was ruffled and he searched for a way to escape. Then he thought of a plan. “Alright, I’ll send an owl about our visit to Dogen.” He was going to send false information that Potter and Weasley were the egg hunters under the disguise of Aurors.

------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------

Hana stood in front of the temple gate and gave the two wizards with Professor Malfoy an amused look. One had jet-black hair which revealed the lighting scar on his forehead with an occasional gust of wind. The other had ginger red hair, a rarity in her part of the world. More than that, she was amazed by their fearless determination. “Good evening, gentlemen. I’m Hana. What can I do for you?”

Harry said, “I’d like to meet the Priest Dogen. I heard from my friend whose grandfather is Newt Scamander about the Kappa’s eggs. I need to know if Professor Malfoy found the eggs.”

“Why didn’t you ask him yourself?” Hana asked. She noticed Harry’s eyes were the special green. She remembered that “Seers” lived in the far West land. “Are you a druidic warlock?”

Harry was puzzled at her words. “My mother might be one, but I’m not sure. Well, can we meet your master?” He stared at her dark brown eyes and tried his magic.

Feeling a slight headache, she answered, “Unfortunately, he has left for your country. If you…” her words were cut off suddenly.

Malfoy coughed hard and said, “See? I did as you commanded me. I have to be back at Hogwarts. The students are waiting for me.” Then he disapparated away.

“Bloody hell! We didn’t expect this. Harry, we have to chase him!” Ron was going to vanish too.

Harry grabbed Ron’s arm and said, “No, Ron. We’ll stay. Hana, I reckon the Priest Dogen is here.”

Ron was surprised. “Harry, did you do Legilimens?”

Harry nodded lightly and continued, “Your master will understand when we have a talk with him.” He stared at her eyes again, “I’m sorry I read your mind. Your master is here, I’m sure.”

Hana stared back and said, “That’s why I asked you if you’re a druidic warlock. Seers can read the other’s mind.” Then she smiled, “Welcome to our magic land. I’ll take you to my master.”

Green tea’s aroma wafted from the open sliding window. Hana, a middle-aged woman poured tea into each cup on a birch wooden table. Her kimono’s indigo blue suited her calm attitude and the refined appearance of the temple garden so well. She urged Harry and Ron to eat a steamed bun. She chuckled at Ron’s clumsy manner of using chopsticks.

“You can eat it with your bare hand if your hand is clean.”

“If you say so, excuse me,” Ron picked it up with his right hand and bit it cautiously. “Hmm, it’s good. Not too sweet.”

“Confectioneries in my country are lightly sweetened. We make good use of its material. You can feel red bean’s taste better.” She asked Harry, “Do you like it?”

The mild sweetness of the red bean paste melted in his mouth, which he enjoyed very much. “Yes, I like it.” Then he sipped green tea. He was very impressed by the combination of green tea’s bitterness and red bean’s sweetness and its texture. “I like green tea, too.”

Hana looked satisfied with his compliment and smiled. “My Master would be glad to meet you two. I can’t believe you and Mr. Malfoy came from the same country. He looked…feared something. On the contrary, you two looked very confident yourself.”

“You are right. He has been threatened by the remaining Death Eaters. I feel pity for his situation, but he has to decide to cut all ties with them.” Harry put down the china cup on the table and asked, “How was he like when he visited here? I reckon you guided him.” He stared at Hana.

“Please, don’t look at me like that. I feel magic from you, Mr. Potter. I know you can read people’s mind.” Hana closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again.

Harry said, “I know manners. I won’t do Legilimens if you tell the truth to us.”

Hana breathed in and sipped green tea from her cup.

Ron tried to change the tense air and said, “Your kimono is beautiful. I’m wondering if I can get the same one for my wife. Can I buy it somewhere?”

She smiled at Ron. “Yes, you can, Mr. Weasley. I’ll tell you where to buy it.” She turned her face to Harry and said, “I can’t tell you a whole story, but I can say Mr. Malfoy achieved his goal. And my Master will tell you how to solve the problem in your country. I think I gave you enough information to investigate the case.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you, Hana. I think so.”

Ron looked perplexed and asked, “What? You can tell us if Malfoy could get Kappa’s get or not by telling the truth. It’s simple.”

“If my Master feels he needs to tell you the truth, he will. If he doesn’t, please just guess.” Hana stood up and bowed deeply to them. “I’ll call my Master. Please wait.” And she left the Japanese-style room.

Ron still looked confused. Harry said,

“I think I can trust her. It might be a good chance for us to learn Ninja skills from Dogen, Ron.” He grinned mischievously.

“Oh, can we learn Ninja tricks?” Ron got pleased, “Wicked!” Satisfied, he finished his green tea. “And I’ll buy kimono for Hermione and an accessory for Rose. I wish I could buy a toy throwing knife for Hugo.”

“Ron, remember our mission…” reproving his best mate, he imagined Ginny in kimono in his mind. Watching a Chinese bell flower painting on a thick papered sliding door, he wondered if purple kimono would suit her well.

The Buddhist priest wore an oblong piece of gold and brown ornamental cloth over his plain robes. He sat erect with his legs folded under him when they entered the room, and turned his head in their direction. Harry wondered if he had to sit in the same way as Dogen.

Dogen spoke in his low reassuring voice, “My answer to your question is you had better save the victims. The man who vanished is also a victim.”

“You mean Malfoy? I’m sorry, eh, Professor Malfoy is a victim?” Harry asked.

“Yes, he is. He found the Kappa’s eggs. I’m sure he has been threatened by Dark wizards.”

“You knew Malfoy had been threatened and you let him go?” Ron couldn’t hide his distrust.

Unperturbed, Dogen continued, “He’ll soon regret what he has done. You’ll need this when he wants to adjust his orbit.” He pulled out a chained hourglass and held it out to Harry.

Ron peeped in and asked, “Is this a necklace? The top looks like a sandglass.”

“Time-turner.” Harry muttered, grabbing it in his hand.

“I heard most of them in your country were destroyed. Use it wisely.” Dogen beamed at them. “Now I’ll let you in on Ninja skills before you go back to your country. Come with me.” He stood up and began walking.

Ron whispered to Harry, “Did he do Legilimens on me? How could he find I wanted to learn Ninja skill?”

Harry shrugged. He couldn’t guess how to use the Time-Turner. He had a lot to ask Hermione when they got back to Britain. Dogen looked back to them, “We’ll do side-along apparation. Take my arms, gentlemen.” He tapped him on the arm.

As soon as they grabbed his arms, they vanished and appeared on the side of a gigantic waterfall surrounded by rugged rocks.

He took off his oblong cloth and robes and jumped into the water with only a loincloth remaining. He bobbed up and down on the surface of the water and moved right to the foot of waterfall. Standing, he folded his hands and started chanting a prayer. Harry urged Ron to remove his clothes and they jumped one by one into the water. Shivering, they swam towards the priest and did the same movements. Hearing the howling of the waterfall, they nearly choked with falling water. After the ascetic practice, Dogen swam back to the spot where he jumped and they followed him. Casting a drying charm, Dogen smiled at them,

“How long can you swim?”

Ron didn’t answer and continued drying his body and soaked hair.

Harry answered, “As we use Bubble-Head charm or Gillyweed, for two hours or so.” He pointed the tip of his holly wand to his hair and cast a drying charm. Oddly, he felt warm after swimming in the cold water.

“You’ll need to swim with the victims to save them. You need to develop stamina.” Dogen noticed Ron was looking at him with much expectation. “Are you eager to learn more about the art of Ninja? Good! Follow me” Then he started running.

The priest ran faster than the wind, Harry thought. He soon heard his mate breathe hard next to him. Harry also gave up trying to catch up with Dogen. They jogged for a while and took off their Auror robes and sat down on the ground.

“Where’s the priest?” Panting, Ron asked.

Harry looked around, but Dogen had vanished. Then he got knocked on the head from behind with a wooden sword. Rubbing the spot Dogen attacked, Harry stood instantly and got ready for the next attack pulling his wand high.

“Constant vigilance, gentlemen. I’ll tell you how to do a moment movement. You get the strength of your magic from the wind, Mr. Potter. Mr. Weasley, your strength is the ground. Concentrate on gaining power from nature. Close your eyes.” Dogen folded his hands in prayer again and started chanting.

Harry and Ron exchanged glances and did the same. They repeated the same activity till the sun set. When the sun hid behind the mountains, it was Ron who succeeded first in the skill. Raising a thick cloud of dust, he vanished and reappeared right behind Harry.

“I did it!” Ron cried like a child and clenched his fist in triumph.

Harry got jealous of his mate, and cursed himself for his childish feelings. Dogen chuckled and advised, “Climb the big rock there and do the same movement jumping from there. You can win the wind power to your side.”

Harry dashed to the rock as Dogen had said, and climbed to the top. He closed his eyes, folding his hands. He imagined his destination and chanted, “Teleportatio!” Soon he felt his whole body thrown far away then landed right behind his mate.

Ron shouted, “You did it, Harry!” and gave him a five.

Dogen beamed at them, “It was fun to teach you a few skills, young men!”

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

After going back to Britain, Harry remembered his son’s letter, still inside his pocket and unfolded it. He smiled at the scribbles and muttered,

“He inherited my bad handwriting. I have to ask Hermione to tutor him during the winter holidays.” The letter began with the talk with a DADA teacher who could speak Mermish. He found a cartoon of the Kappa at the bottom. The picture was well drawn. It had reptilian green and yellow skin with scales and webbed hands and feet. There was a hairless spot on the top of its head.

Then Ron patted him on the shoulder and shoved the Daily Prophet in front of him.

“Have you read this?”

Harry read the front page about the Vice Minister’s hospitalization.

“I need to see Kingsley.”

At Kingsley’s office, the strawberry blonde witch told them that he had already left for St.Mungo's, fluttering her eyelashes. Ron flushed and asked her,

“When will he come back?”

“He didn’t say. Will you go to St. Mungo’s? It’s speedier to check directly with the Contagious Maladies section. That’s the floor where Mr. Haas was sent.”

“We’ll use the Floo Network. Thank you, miss.” They grabbed a handful of Floo powder and went straight to St. Mungo's.

Haas’ private room was at the end of the ward. His bed was set inside a cubicle. No one was allowed inside to see the sleeping man, not even his wife. Kingsley was talking with her outside the cubicle, while Harry and Ron waited. When Kingsley noticed them, he urged them to go outside of the room. When they reached the staff room, the Head Healer led them into his office. He shut the door and spoke,

“I’ve never encountered this type of disease before. I can’t find any remedies for this.”

“What’s happening to him? According to his wife, he suddenly started drinking water all the time, and preferred only salad and fish to meat and bread. His baths got longer. Now he can’t speak and can’t perform daily functions. Does he have nerve palsy?” Kingsley asked.

“I’m afraid Mrs. Haas doesn’t know how or why he is transforming now.”

“Transforming?” Harry asked the Healer.

“Yes. Transforming. Since he entered the ward, the staff has checked him regularly. They reported Mr. Haas is transforming into a water demon. This is the first time we have ever seen such a rare disease. I wonder where he was infected.”

“Is it contagious?” Ron asked.

“We’re not sure.”

Harry pulled out the letter Albus had written and showed the hand-drawn picture of a Kappa to the Healer,

“Is he transforming into this?”

The Head of Healers was stunned at the cartoon.

“He’s precisely in this state.”

Ron peeked in the letter and said,

“He still has hair.”

“He’s losing his hair little by little.” The Healer confirmed.

They exchanged glances. Kingsley, who had been silent for a while, finally spoke.

“Harry, I’ve been busy with the bill, but what is going on over at Headquarters?”

“I can’t tell you here, Kingsley.” Harry nodded towards the Healer.

The Healer said, “I’ll be back to my patients. If you need me any time, call me.” He left.

“So what has happened?” Kingsley asked in his baritone voice.

“Malfoy has been threatened by Lestrange. Lestrange commanded him to get Kappa’s eggs. Newt Scamander’s eggs were kept in the DM, room number 55, but they seemed to be stolen, an inside job... We found the eye of a needle, the means by which the essence must have been extracted. I suspect Mr. Haas is the targeted victim.”

“Do you mean the essence of the Kappa’s egg made Mr. Haas transform into a Kappa?

“I suppose so. We’ll do our best to find the Counter-Curse.” Harry said.

“I’ll tell Gawain to watch Malfoy Manor. Lestrange and his followers may visit there during winter holidays to see Draco Malfoy. If the connection between Lestrange and Malfoy is discovered, Draco Malfoy won’t be able to escape from Azkaban this time.” Kingsley said sternly.

“His game will be up,” Ron said.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------

When Scorpius heard from Rose that her father told her mother about the possibility of Malfoy’s arrest, he got depressed. He recalled that his father secretly had a temporary come back before the conference. Rose noticed his gloomy mood before the Potions class started, sat down next to him.

“Are you okay?”

Scorpius didn’t say a word and stared at his father who had been preparing for the next class. Malfoy was checking each cauldron. “I wish I had a time-turner,” Scorpius uttered. “If I had one, I could change my father’s mind in the past. We made a fake Kappa’s egg, but it was useless. My father must have handed them to Lestrange.”

“When do you think he did it?”

“Before the conference. He came back to Hogwarts secretly.”

“Did he really?”

Scorpius nodded.

“Oh.” Rose contemplated for a while and opened her mouth.

“I heard there was only one left in Britain.”


“A Time-Turner. My mum’s talked about it. I’ll ask her about it via Floo Network tonight.”

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------

Sheets of parchment were scattered on the oak desk. Hermione was overwhelmed by the different numbers of house-elves between the Pure-Bloods and the non-Pure-Blood families. The case in the House of Black (Potter) was rare. Her aim was to set the trusting relationship between house-elves and the wizards as the same level as Kreacher and Winky at Grimmauld Place. The bill had just passed, but the real battle would begin after she submitted her documents.

She glanced at her wrist watch and felt irritated. She promised Ron that she would try cooking a Japanese hot pot with him. She felt thankful that Ron was willing to help her with the kitchen recently. She reckoned Harry’s words encouraged him during their recent mission in Asia. Ron had been helping George with his joke shop, George was now managing three and he needed his brother’s hands. W.W.W. had created innovate products with the ideas of his father and sometimes she helped with the new products and some of them were promoted by Harry and his colleagues. Ron had enjoyed managing the other two branch shops but she knew he had been missing being out in the field. When he contacted her with the two-way mirror, he looked lively after he returned from Asia.

After an hour’s intense desk work, she had her finished with all the documents. She stretched herself and cleaned up all the mess on the desk. Satisfied with her accomplishment, she took a step closer to the hearth and grabbed a handful of Floo powder and shouted, “The Burrow!” As she landed on the carpet of the sitting room, her son Hugo welcomed her.

“Mum! You came home early!” He grinned wide at her.

She hugged him and said, “Have you studied your math?”

“Yes, I did. But what for? Dad said we wouldn’t use math at Hogwarts.

“Hugo. Most of modern technology needs mathematics. Grandpa Arthur told you we started using their devices mixed with our magic, didn’t he?”

“Yes, but it’s boring. When will Dad and Uncle Harry come back?”

“Tonight. Oh, Hugo, help Molly with the laundry. I have to prepare dinner.”

She went to the kitchen. It seemed that Molly had finished the boiled potatoes and meat pies already. The big steel pot was ready on the stove. She pulled out her wand and pointed at the vegetable knife. Then Hugo came to call her,

“Mum, Rosie is calling you.”

Hermione glanced at the vegetables sitting by the cutting board and came back to the sitting room with Hugo. He pointed at the hearth and she saw her daughter’s face in the flames.

“Hi, Rosie. How’s your studying?”

“Not bad. I envy you, Mum.”


“I wish I could have a Time-Turner.”

“Oh, Rosie. You inherited my side. I understand your feelings. There’re so many subjects to study but you can’t choose two in the same period.” She smiled at her.

“You said the oldest Time-Turner was found in Britain the other day. Tell me about it in detail, Mum?”

“Well, I happened to hear from my colleague, Casey. She got to know an old witch who lives in Giants Causway, and still keeps in contact with her. ”

“Is that in the Druidic district?”

“Yes. The old witch named Nora O’Byrne, came to Hogsmeade to live with her son and his family last month. His name is Padraig O’Byrne. I heard he donated his mother’s Time-Turner to Hogwarts last week. It’s very rare. It can make you be back two weeks ago at maximum.”

“What? You said the Time-Turner is in Hogwarts right now?” Rose was stunned at the news.

Hermione smiled at her, “Yes, it is. If you want to learn two subjects at the same period, you can ask the Headmistress.”

The unexpected news made Scorpius delighted. They decided to get together at Hagrid’s hut after classes. Albus had a little hard time to reach the hut. James and Teddy halted him.

“Albus, you’re going to Hagrid’s but we won’t allow you to go there this afternoon. If you want to visit him, practice with us first!” Teddy reprimanded him.

Albus exchanged glances with Rose and Scorpius and gave a big sigh.

“I’ll race with the reserves double times as usual tomorrow, okay?”

They reluctantly agreed. Albus ran after Rose and Scorpius and caught up with them in front of the pumpkin patch.

“What’s the news?” Albus asked Rose.

“I’ll tell you inside.”

The room was empty except Fang II sleeping by the hearth. There was a note by a tea pot on the big wooden table.

I’ll be back soon after the meeting with Minerva.

Rose pointed her wand at the hearth and ignited a fire. They were staring at the wood burning in the hearth. It was Albus who spoke first.

“So what’s your plan?”

Scorpius came to his senses, “Did you ask McGonagall to lend you the Time-Turner, Rose?”

“Yes, I did. She will lend it to me tomorrow after lunch.”

“Okay, after we get the Time-Turner, you and Scorp will go where?” asked Albus.

“Malfoy Manor. I reckon my father called Lestrange there and handed the eggs him then.”

“It’s too dangerous for only two of you to go there. We should tell our plan to my Dad.” Albus said gingerly staring at Scorpius.

Scorpius didn’t say no. Rose continued,

“Right. I’ll tell this to my dad as well.”

Then they heard the voices outside. Albus dashed to the window and peeped out. He shouted,

“Here they came. Dad and Uncle Ron!”

Hagrid opened the door and came in with Harry and Ron. He spoke,

“Whoa, hah! Surprise! They came to Hogwarts for an investigation.”

Scorpius became tense. Rose and Albus jumped into them. Harry hugged his son tight and said,

“Long time no see. How’s Quidditch? Do you need a new broom?”

“I like my old broomstick. You don’t have to waste your money.” Albus grinned.

Hugging Rose, Ron pulled out an oriental comb with pearl inlay and handed it to her. She was mesmerized the beautiful art and said,

“Wow, dad. It’s so beautiful. Thank you. How was your stay in Japan?”

“Most of the time, we watched …” Ron hesitated for a while seeing Scorpius and continued, “Malfoy. He had a heavy fever. How’s your father now, Scorpius?”

“He’s fine, thank you.” Scorpius answered shortly and kept silent.

“What will you investigate here, Dad? Is it related to the case we saw on the front page?”

“Yes, Albus. We suspect Professor Malfoy handed the things to the culprits before he left for Japan.” Harry said and stared at Scorpius.

Scorpius got pale and uttered,

“You suspect my father committed a crime. If he did that, will you send my father to Azkaban?”

“We have to say ‘yes’.”

Scorpius breathed hard. Albus took a step closer to him and said,

“We have a chance to change the situation. Dad, we’re planning to change the past.”

Harry stared at his son with surprise and asked,

“The past? You can’t change the past with magic except a Time-Turner. There aren’t any Time-Turners left in the Ministry since we intruded there at our school years.”

“Hey, Rosie, you and Hermione were talking about the things at the Burrow. Hermione wouldn’t tell me what you were talking about. I reckon you were talking about the Time-Turner, weren’t you?” Ron asked Rose.

“Yes, we were talking about it. I borrowed it from Professor McGonagall. We’re planning to go back to the time Professor Malfoy came back to his house before the conference. Scorp and Albus made a fake egg from the grindylow. If Lestrange gets the fake one, you can arrest him. We have to persuade Professor Malfoy to co-operate to capture Lestrange. If he agrees, he will turn to be a cooperator not an accomplice, won’t he?”

“Did Professor Malfoy come back in the middle of his stay in Far East Asia? It’s incredible.” Hagrid poured tea into mugs.

“That’s why he got sick. Repetition of apparition had him exhausted mentally and physically.” Harry said. “I’m on it. We’ll work with you. Rosie, come back to us as soon as possible after you persuade Malfoy. We’ll use the Time-Turner to go back to Malfoy Manor to arrest Lestrange. I’ll lend you my Invisibility Cloak. Use it if you feel that your’e in danger or need to hide.” He pulled out his Invisibility Cloak and handed it to Rose.

Rose asked, “You said Time-Turners. Does it mean there’s more than one?”

Harry winked and said, “Your dad and I will follow you three. If the bad wizards emerge, we’ll protect you. Let’s go persuade Scorp’s dad not to commit a crime.”

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