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Will It Ever be Normal
By MyCreation

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations, Violence/Physical Abuse
Rating: R
Reviews: 11
Summary: Four years after the War, Harry and Ginny are enjoying their first summer after marriage in a vacation. Their lives are slowly evened out after war with the help of friends and family. But the enemy is always lurking in shadows and Will it ever be normal for the Potters.
Hitcount: Story Total: 2834; Chapter Total: 210

Author's Notes:
A big Thank you to the reviewers.


A Warning Received

Weasley twins flooed to the Burrow followed by Hermione and Ron. Hermione and Ron went upstairs to freshen up while twins went to the kitchen where they found Angelina playing with Victoire and Fleur preparing breakfast. George gave Angie a peck and sat beside her. Fred took the plate of eggs and fried bread from the counter which also earned a hit on the back of his head from Fleur.

“When will you boys start making your own breakfast?” Fleur asked annoyed and started preparing more.

George saw Fred’s mouth full of eggs and asked “Why should we do such thing when we get delicious breakfast every day?” and added, “Courtesy of you Weasley women of course,” looking at Fleur and Angie.
He then took Victoire from Angie and she went to assist Fleur.

“Did you find anything?” Fleur asked them arranging breakfast on the table.

“Nothing much. We found that Kreacher is also missing. There’s a meeting scheduled at half-past six. They will decide further action then,” George replied.

They were interrupted by an owl tapping on the window carrying the Daily Prophet. Fleur opened the window, released the owl of its weight and gave it a few treats. She opened the paper and shrieked “mon dieu”.

Angie rushed to her took one look at the paper and cried out “Bloody hell!” then shouted “GEORGE”

Fred and George rushed to them and were shocked by the headline. Fred recovered first and shouted “RON, MIONE GET DOWN NOW,” and followed that with series of swear words.

Victoire started crying and ran towards Fleur who lifted her and chided Fred to stop yelling.

Audrey rushed down first holding baby Molly. Hermione came next followed by Ron who was still wearing his shirt. “Why the hell are you shouting Fred? We are only upstairs, I bet half of the town heard you,” Ron asked.

“Why am I shouting? Here look at this. I will see how calm you can be,” Fred gave a dirty look and threw Daily prophet into Ron’s hands.

Hermione took it from Ron and started reading. Audrey came to her side while Ron stood behind them. They were shocked to find the headline that read

‘Harry Potter — Become a Squib’

We at Daily Prophet received an anonymous letter early today morning stating they kidnapped ‘the Saviour of Wizarding world’ and ‘the boy who lived’, Harry Potter’s Godson and will release the boy only after Mr. Potter turns into a squib.
The mysterious letter quoted ‘Mr. Potter always said he loves his godson. I want to know if it’s true’. The mysterious kidnapper demanded Mr. Potter to become a squib to save his godson. He quoted ‘I want Mr. Potter to swear an unbreakable vow in front of Wizarding press at Ministry Atrium before five today evening vowing to never use magic again in his life. I won’t trouble myself with wordings. What I demand him is, become a squib and never use Magic. He and his friends can come up with them”
The letter was not signed and delivered by an owl that left immediately. We are yet to find the truth about the kidnap of Mr. Potter’s godson, Edward “Teddy” Lupin. Daily Prophet also ran a story last week that Potters are in America enjoying their second honeymoon. Whether the Wizarding Saviour can come back from America before five in the evening is to be seen?
Does the Ministry knew about the kidnap of Potter’s godson and wanted to remain quiet? Will the Ministry sacrifice a toddler for the savior? Will Mr. Potter really becomes a squib? We at Daily Prophet will bring you further updates in exclusive mid-morning and afternoon editions today.
Story by — Matt Hornby

Series of curses left Ron’s mouth after he read that. Audrey and Hermione started reading it again. Fleur shouted at Ron to stop cursing and closed the ears of Victoire who started crying again.

“Merlin’s pants, this is absurd,” bellowed Hermione. She threw her hands into the air and looked around. Looking at the shocked and blank faces, she said in a low voice “He can’t take the vow. He can’t become a squib”. The fear that Harry may decide otherwise was clearly evident on her face.

“We won’t let him, Mione,” Ron assured her with determination and pulled her into a hug.

“Come on, Ronald, let’s hurry to ministry. I want to look whether such a vow is possible,” Hermione said after composing herself.

“We are also coming,” Fred stated.

“No, you get Molly home and let’s all move to somewhere safe. This jerk looks like a psychopath. We cannot take any more chances with the safety of this family,” Hermione replied with a hint of panic.

“The Burrow is one of the safest places, Hermione. There’s no threat for any of us here,” Fleur reasoned

“Yeah, that idiot targeted Harry, not others. He would have had one of us by now,” Audrey added.

“That’s true, Mione. Why don’t we leave them here with twins? It’s impossible for anyone to breach the wards without alerting us,” Ron tried to calm her.

“Ok, but contact Molly and get her home. We will send Ministry escorts to Andy after reaching the Ministry,” Hermione reluctantly agreed and moved towards the floo.

Fleur followed Hermione, pulled her aside and said “the search for Teddy is even more difficult now, Hermione. You must calm down and stay focused on finding him. All the others will only focus on Harry”.

The war changed Fleur into a mature and calm woman. She blended into Weasley family and stood by them in thick and thin. Ginny and she became close and even Molly grew to accept her as a daughter.

“Thanks, Fleur. I needed that,” Hermione said and hugged her.

Hermione and Ron flooed to the Ministry immediately and they were greeted by Ernie who was pacing in the Atrium.
“Ron, Mione, Have you seen the Prophet?” Ernie shouted upon seeing them enter the Atrium.

“Yeah mate, it’s a shock. Found anything?” Ron inquired.

“Had the meeting started? What are you waiting here for?” Hermione asked Ernie at the same time.

“Thought you want someone to go and inquire at the Prophet Office,” Ernie replied.

“That... that’s a good idea. If you go early you can find out something from them before the office is flooded with people and they manipulate everything,” Hermione agreed.

“Let’s go then. We will find something or we will drag that blasted Editor and writer here,” Ernie told Ron.

They parted ways as Ron and Ernie went to Prophet Office and Hermione moved to the elevators.


Hermione strode into the meeting hall that was already occupied with Mr. Wallace, Mr. Robards, Williamson, Peasegood, Dawlish and few other Aurors and DMLE members. She was followed by Lisa after few moments.

Lisa came in shouting Mione “Have you read this,” holding Prophet. That caught everyone”s attention and Williamson asked, “what’s new Ms. Turpin”.
Hermione made copies of the newspaper and passed them to everyone to look on their own. That caused an instant outrage among the occupant and all started saying something or cursing openly.

“Williamson, go to the Prophet Office and get this moron here now,” barked Wallace above the commotion.

“Ron and Ernie already went there, Sir,” Hermione told him.

Kingsley and Arthur came in followed by Percy, Bill, and Hooper. Once everyone sat Kingsley looked at several copies of newspaper and said “all of you read today’s Prophet then,” and got a nod from the table occupants.

“What’s the report, Miss Granger,” Robards asked Hermione.

“Hope you solved the case,” Dawlish added in a derisive tone.

“Enough, Dawlish,” denounced Kingsley and silenced him with a glare. He then asked, “Hermione, Report”.

“Well Minister, we found Kreacher, Harry’s House Elf was also missing and concluded Kreacher’s absence is related to Teddy’s kidnap. There’s nothing notable in the detained Mail or at Harry’s house. We also wanted to look for any accidental magic recorded yesterday afternoon so that we can search these locations. Peasegood said he informed all the possible men and women in Hogsmead and Hooper came just now” finished Hermione.

“How is Potter’s elf related to this case, Ms. Granger,” asked Mr. Wallace.

“Kreacher is Harry’s house elf but Harry asked Kreacher to stay with Mrs. Tonks and help her with Teddy” explained Hermione.

“This is a clue that can give us something. I suggest we put Magical creature department to find him,” Robards suggested and asked ‘did you find anything, Hooper?”

“No Sir, none came at night but today morning at around 6, a reporter from Prophet came to their house. I sent him away saying it’s a private property. He didn’t disclose anything about the news they received,” Hooper finished his report.

“I already asked Mafalda for the data about accidental magic. We can get the details in half an hour,” Percy told them.

“Good, also we already made arrangements for Mr & Mrs. Potter’s travel. They are expected here before ten,” Kingsley told them.

“That’s fine, what do you suggest about the news, Minister,” Mr. Wallace asked.

“If you give me permission, Minister” Dawlish started and continued after getting a node from Kingsley, “I think we are giving more than necessary importance to this case because the victim is related to Potter”.

That statement caused an instant outrage among the assembled group. Weasleys and Harry’s friends protested loud and Kingsley asked “Why do you think like that” silencing everyone.

“I doubt we take the same interest in another normal wizarding family, Minister. This looks like a family feud and the Kidnapper clearly stated his desire. He is very smart and seems to have planned this carefully. All we can to do is either give what he asked or leave hopes on the boy,” finished Dawlish.

“You mean we should leave Harry to settle this and do nothing,” Hermione asked him incredulously.

“Good thing you shared your opinion without beating the bush, Mr. Dawlish. Let me make this clear to everyone that has a same or similar opinion. Potters were neither normal wizarding family nor Mr. Potter a normal wizard. Your statement of we won’t show the same interest in other families must be seriously looked into. We will discuss that after this case is settled. To make you all clear we don’t succumb to demands or threats of the abductors, how clever they may be” Kingsley told sternly emphasizing the word clever looking around the table.

Making sure his words were registered, he stated “Edward Remus Lupin must be found. I expect you all to work accordingly. Mr. Wallace, Mr. Robards, do you have any inputs” Kingsley asked both the heads. Before any of them could respond, the hall doors opened and a fat person in full body bind was levitated inside by Ron and Ernie.

“We didn’t find the Editor. Brought this chunky plump and the letter they received,” Ron told them giving the letter to Robards. Robards passed it on to Hermione and asked her, “will you do the honors?”
She levitated the letter and muttered an incantation making a replica the size of a blackboard, appear on the wall.

Dear Daily Prophet,
I believe you take the pleasure publishing this.
Harry Potter,
I heard you mention that you love that half-breed godson of yours. You are a disgrace to wizarding community and failure as a wizard. I expected you to protect your loved ones better with your history, but you left them and chose to pleasure with that blood-traitor tramp. The world is not a safe place and now we have something you hold dear. I will give you one chance though.
All I demand is simple “Become a squib”. Take an unbreakable vow in the Ministry atrium in front of everyone before five tomorrow evening and prove that you love this cur. Your intelligent friends can come up with wordings. I am watching you, Potter.
Hope you choose wisely.

Hermione finished reading the image loudly and dropped the letter onto the table and started examining it.

“There is no magic on that, Mione. We checked it,” Ernie told her

“The parchment is also normal and the ink used is a standard one,” Hermione sighed and sat back.

“Percy, take that for analysis” Kingsley ordered making a copy of the letter and released the newcomer from his binds.

The plump man got up with some effort and lunged towards Ron shouting “How dare you to arrest me. I work for the Daily prophet”.

Ron easily avoided his punch and said “I will freeze all your body parts except that jowl. We only need answers from you”.

“Mr. Hornby, we have some questions for you and release you after answering them,” Wallace told him.

“I won’t speak anything unless my editor and lawyer are here,” Hornby snapped.

“Hornby, you can answer our questions willing or we force them out of you. Weasley, get Veritaserum,” Robards ordered Ron left the room.

Hornby looked at everyone around the table and no one tried to object the head Auror. Defeated he agreed to answer muttering “this will be in tomorrow’s news,” and sat at the other end of the table opposite Kingsley.

“How did you get this letter,” asked Robards pointing the letter

“I believe you read the news today. I suggest you read it,” ridiculed Hornby.

“Careful Hornby, don’t provoke me. I am already exasperated,” warned Robards.

“It’s true then, Mr. Potter’s godson was kidnapped and you are trying to cover up the news,” Hornby asked eagerly. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. The moment the words came out of the plump man’s mouth, Robards fired a hex and Hornby got stuck in his chair and yelped.

Robards said, “Answer, Mr. Hornby” in a calm tone.

“It was around four, we received a postal owl addressed to the chief editor. It was an odd time to receive a letter. So, I opened and read it. Immediately understood that news is for today’s newspaper and we revised the front page and published the letter. I stacked it for Mr. Cuff but your men took it,” finished Hornby accusing Ron and Ernie.

“So Instead of alerting DMLE, you publish these kinds of letters and create panic and unrest among the public,” Hermione berated and gave him a filthy look.

“McMillan, escort him to a cell. He will stay here until the case is settled,” Wallace ordered Ernie. Ernie levitated the protesting plump man with is chair outside.

Once they are out of the room, Arthur asked “what is our plan now,” in general.

“Let’s get the details about accidental magic. We monitor that continuously, put a couple of squads on that and one squad on finding Potter’s Elf,” Mr. Wallace suggested.

“One squad to make a thorough search of Diagon Alley and Knock turn alley. Another to do the same in Hogsmeade,” Robards added.

“I don’t think we can find anything in Hogsmead, Divert them to inquire about postal owls. Also, you should keep two squads at your disposal to deploy when you find a clue. I also need someone to guard Mrs. Tonks in St Mungos,” Kingsley told them.

“I suggest you also provide protection to Weasley family, Minister. He openly threatened the loved ones of Harry,” Hermione reasoned.

“Hmm, we will look into that Ms. Granger. Arthur, can you please ask all of your family to stay inside the Burrow for now’ Mr. Wallace asked Arthur.

‘I already told them, Wallace. I will make sure of that’ Arthur replied.

‘What can you think about this kidnapper from the letter,” Kingsley asked everyone.

“He is a supporter of Pure-blood ideology. He called Ginny a blood traitor,” Lisa immediately replied.

“Yeah, and Teddy a half-breed,” Bill pointed.

“It seems he planned this for quite some time. He chose the time Mr. Potter is away,” Williamson gave his view.

“I think he stalked Potters and their families and carefully selected his target. It looks like he also studied about Potter. How can he put such a condition without hoping that Potter will accept it,” Dawlish told them reluctantly?

“That’s correct. Harry is too noble for his own good. The kidnapper didn’t ask for Harry’s death. He wanted to humiliate Harry and enjoy it when he led his life as a squib,” Hermione told them with disgust in her voice towards the evil plan.

“Hmm, that’s correct, but you all forgot a crucial thing here. He never promised to release the Kid after Mr. Potter took the vow. Whoever this one is, he is very smart and has a bigger plan to destroy Mr. Potter’s life,” Proudfoot calmly told them the depth of this situation.

“Then why tell the world about that. He could have kept quiet,” Ron asked.

“Less than a year ago, we declared all the death eaters were accounted for. There will be a public outcry once the news breaks out. We all will be busy maintaining order and he can carry out his plan with very few wizards behind him,” Wallace explained.

“Divide the squads, Robards. We don’t have much time to waste. Let’s get this bastard,” Kingsley ordered losing his cool.

“No offense, Minister, we can’t spare more than ten from my team apart from Aurors. I need the bulk of my team in few hours to control the situation from further damage. It’s better to avoid any more fuss now,” Wallace told him.

“Why don’t you put hit wizards to handle public for today,” Kingsley asked impatiently. Looking at Wallace’s forlorn expression, the minister understood the head of DMLE already included them in his plans and sighed.

“You can recall other Aurors from training,” Bill suggested hopefully.

“No. That will send a wrong message,” Robards answered.

“Then what’s the plan. We don’t find him unless we search and you are not ready to do that,” Bill arraigned.

“Mr. Weasley, we are doing all the things Robards suggested to get the Kid safe,” Williamson sternly stated.

“Yes, but clearly that’s not enough,” Bill shot back.

“Mr. Weasley, there’s no use in blaming us. You have to understand we are doing all we can. I welcome any suggestions and ideas,” Wallace told Bill in a no-nonsense tone.

“Wallace, Robards, divide the squads, let’s start the work” Kingsley ordered them putting an end to further arguments.

“Williamson, take four and investigate accidental magic records. Proudfoot, your squad will look at all the known blood purists and have one member at their homes. Dawlish, you stay here with your squad ready. McMillan, you take a trainee and go to Prophet. Peasegood, Weasley and five others will search Diagon alley and other wizarding areas. We will put the Magical creatures department to search for the elf,” Robards declared and everyone agreed.

“Also assign someone to Mrs. Tonks at St Mungos, Robards,” Kingsley told. When he got a nod, he continued

“Miss Granger, rope in someone loyal and knowledgeable, research about this unbreakable vow,” Kingsley told her and added, “your services are used when required Bill, for now, this is a Ministry issue”.

All the assigned dispersed to their tasks and only Minister, Heads, Arthur, Percy, and Bill remained inside the room.

“What should we tell the Public, Kingsley,” Wallace asked.

“The truth” Kingsley replied and explained after looking at the raised eyebrows of others “we will say that Teddy was kidnapped and search is underway. Death eaters have nothing to do with it and we are investigating the mysterious letter”.

“Percy, call a Press conference at Atrium in an hour. I will address them,” Kingsley told him and left to his office.

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