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Will It Ever be Normal
By MyCreation

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Category: Post-DH/AB
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Mild Sexual Situations, Violence/Physical Abuse
Rating: R
Reviews: 11
Summary: Four years after the War, Harry and Ginny are enjoying their first summer after marriage in a vacation. Their lives are slowly evened out after war with the help of friends and family. But the enemy is always lurking in shadows and Will it ever be normal for the Potters.
Hitcount: Story Total: 2835; Chapter Total: 268


The Saviours return

By half past nine, the Potters were at the Gringotts bank and greeted by their Accounts manager. They were told to go to the Ministry and directed to a secure fireplace. Harry and Ginny thanked the Goblins for their help and flooed to the Ministry.

They arrived at a commotion in the Atrium. Deciding against drawing attention and waste any more time, they moved towards the lift but a reporter noticed them and shouted ‘Mr. Potter’ and alerted the others.

A swarm of reporters ambushed them immediately and fired questions.

‘Mr. Potter have you decided to take the vow?’ ‘Is the news in Daily Prophet true?’ ‘Are you really in States enjoying honeymoon?’ ‘what can you say about the kidnap’ ‘Is it true you love your friends and family?’

Percy and Bill, waiting for their arrival quickly alerted the DMLE officials and guided the couple away from the reporters to the conference room. Harry and Ginny asked what happened but Percy said 'Not here' and led them inside.

When they entered the room, Ginny immediately ran to her father and hugged him tightly while Harry greeted Kingsley and the other two heads.

Ginny greeted her twin brothers and Hermione the same way. Harry nodded to their family and Hermione and asked “What happened?” looking directly at Kingsley.

Though he expected the blunt question, the Minister only stared back in response.

“We know something happened to our family, tell us, Dad. I had this weird feeling from yesterday,” Ginny demanded in a concerned voice.

“Arthur, please, those reporters downstairs were shouting kidnap. Did something happen to Molly,” Harry asked when he saw Arthur’s hesitation?

“Molly is safe at home, son. It’s not her,” Arthur replied quickly and stared at Harry and Ginny as he couldn’t continue further.

“All your family is fine, Potter,” started Mr.Wallace and stopped when Kingsley shouted “Wallace”.

Ginny repeated ‘all are fine’ a couple of times and looked at everyone around as if to make sure the truth.
She eyed Harry for few moments, suddenly turned towards Wallace and roared “HOW DARE YOU”.

The occupants were shocked by her reaction. She turned to her father and asked, “Where’s Teddy?”

The guilt on the faces of the people around was enough for the couple to understood the situation. Harry’s face drained of color in moments and he stumbled back while Ginny rounded Kingsley

“What happened to Teddy? I want the truth,” and before the Minister replied, Harry quietly said “Take us where he is. I want to see him”.

It took few moments to register his words for them and Ginny stumbled back muttering “No, it’s not true. Not my Teddybear”.
Hermione, who was observing them closely blurted “NO, he’s not injured, Harry”. Before the Potters took a sigh of relief, she said, “Teddy was kidnapped”.

“What? How come he was kidnapped? What the hell were you all doing?” Ginny demanded her family and started crying.

Harry collected himself, moved closer and took her in his arms. She hugged him close and cried into his jacket. Suddenly moving out of his arms she stated, “I want him back”. She looked resolute and Harry said “Kingsley, Tell us everything,” not taking his eyes away from her.

“It’s better if both of you sit for this,” Kingsley told them.

Harry conjured a couch and sat pulling Ginny with him. Hermione handed him the case report and Kingsley started to explain but stopped when Harry lifted his hand. Harry held Ginny close and started reading the report, running his hand through her hair while she calmed down. He suddenly hissed “Where the hell is Jenkins?”.

“There’s no use cursing him Harry. We questioned him with Veritaserum. He abandoned his duty but has no hand in it,” Kingsley told him.

“Yeah, the lad is already half dead imagining your wrath,” Robards added. Harry glared at them both and went back to report as the other’s silently watched him.

‘KREACHER’ Harry shouted suddenly after a minute but nothing happened. He called again twice and swore. Ginny felt his anger due to helplessness but she couldn’t do anything as she too was on same lines.

“He was not there at no-12, Harry, we searched for him yesterday night,” George told him and Harry resumed his work. Once he finished the report, he turned towards the heads and asked “Why didn’t you bring in all the remaining death eaters? What are you playing at wasting time? Where’s Ron?”

“We cannot arrest or detain them for everything, Potter. You know that” Robards answered.

“The hell you can’t. You are bloody head of Aurors” snapped Harry.

‘HARRY’ scolded Hermione but stopped immediately when Harry gave a menacing look.

“Harry, restrain yourself. We are sorry for what happened. All of us are working from last night. Besides, there’s more to this,” Kingsley told him.

“What’s more, Is Andy alright?” Ginny asked immediately.

“She was badly cursed and lying unconscious in St Mungos,” Arthur told his daughter.

“Will she be alright?” Harry asked.

“Healers are not sure what curse was used on her. By the time she was admitted, it already took effect. She’s critical and we can only hope for full recovery,” Arthur explained and Harry cursed again.

“What’s more then?” Ginny asked her dad.

Hermione answered her question by thrusting the Daily Prophet into her hands. Harry and Ginny opened it and were shocked by the headlines. Ginny used a series of swear words and Harry sat there stunned after he read the article completely.

“Oh No, you are not pulling another noble act, Potter” Ginny threatened holding his collar. When he looked at her she grilled “I want my baby home. Do you understand?” Harry came out of his shock and pulled her to him.

“What’s happening now. Where in the hell is Ron?” Harry asked them.

“We are trying to locate the elf and one squad went to check the locations of accidental magic recorded yesterday. Weasley and his team are searching Diagon alley,” Wallace summarised for him.

“We are trying to find a loophole in the Vow, Harry, to buy more time from the kidnapper,” Hermione told him.

“I want in this case, Sir. I want to interrogate all the former death eaters myself,” Harry told Wallace.

“Me too,” Ginny added stubbornly looking at the head of DMLE.

‘Mrs. Potter, you are neither an official of MLE or an auror. Mr. Potter, as for you, it’s not my intention to put you through this but ‘on what grounds you want in’?” Wallace questioned him.

Harry tried to understand the question while Ginny glared at the head of DMLE. It clicked for him why the head of Auror was so formal after he saw the looks on the faces of two heads and the Minister.

Harry asked, “are asking me whether I want in as an Auror or as a Parent.”

‘Yes, Mr. Potter. You can join this case either as an Auror and work in the team or as a guardian’ Mr. Wallace answered slowly.

Harry stood suddenly and replied with a sneer, “you are a fool to think I will sit on the sidelines or follow some damn rules when my godson’s life is at stake”.

“Sit down, Harry,” Kingsley told him authoritatively. “We are already facing enough problems with public and can’t have you start more by picking fights without proof”.

“Arthur, I suggest you take your family to your home and come back for the meeting,” Robards told Mr. Weasley.

“I am not going anywhere,” Ginny told them and sat firmly on the couch.

'Good, then you can help us in research' said Hermione. She pulled Ginny from the couch and forced her to the other end of the room. Ginny was clearly not interested but reluctantly agreed when Harry nodded.

“I requested you to divert Ginny's protection to Teddy but you didn't believe me and crossed that very idea,” Harry accused Wallace.

“Potter, we already increased your wife’s guard for the coming season. Many of her present guards are on vacation and I used others to fill them,” Wallace retorted.

“Yeah, fat lot of good was done,” scoffed Harry.

“Bill, Can we do a tracking ritual,” Ginny asked suddenly from the other end of the table loud enough for everyone to hear.

“We can, but he is the last Lupin. If we take blood from Andy we will get many results coz she’s a Black and it's not worth it,” Bill told her.

“I don't want to leave any option,” Harry told him.

“Then we will do it. We can get Andy's blood from St Mungos,” Bill told him and got up to go but George said “Fred and I will go. You can start preparations”.

“Can I have a look at the accidental magic records,” Harry asked Kingsley and left the room with Percy when told that they are with Mafalda after kissing Ginny on her head.

After some time, Padma Patil came in with two aged wizards and middle-aged witch and met with Hermione.


“Harry, we crossed Mafalda's office. Where exactly are we going?” Percy asked Harry following him to the elevator

“To meet an school friend, Perce,” Harry answered without stopping.

They went to level six and Harry roared “Malfoy” entering the office. All the employees who were inside the office immediately stood from their seats to see what’s happening and Draco came from his cabin and said “Potter” in a low voice. Harry didn't say anything and waited for Malfoy to continue.

“You must believe me. I have no role in it” Draco said in a fearful tone.

“Then you have nothing to fear” Harry replied.

“I already told the same to Aurors, yesterday. You can question me,” Draco replied but the fear was evident in his tone. By this time murmurs started in the office and everyone was waiting for Harry to say something. He kept looking at Malfoy and asked “Do you have anything else to say” and Draco shook his head.

When turned back and started to leave Percy asked “That’s it. You believe him” and Harry nodded and communicated not here. They both left for ‘Improper use of Magic’ office.

They entered Mafalda’s office and Harry asked her for the records of accidental magic. They both chose an empty cubicle and started reading them.

“There are total seven reports yesterday and only four in the afternoon. We can search all of them within half an hour if you wish, Harry,” Percy told him.

“There’s no need, Perce, all the reports are in Muggle areas. Its normal and the kidnapper won’t hide in a Muggle town,” Harry told him.

“How can you say that? We can’t leave any option,” Percy questioned

“One this bastard is a Pure-blood Maniac and two our detectors can’t record accidental or underage Magic in a magical household. They trust the parents to take care of their children,” Harry explained him.

“That means our teams are wasting our time going to these places,” Percy asked in disbelief.

“That’s what I believe. Come on, let’s look at the other records of dark magic and any magical spikes for clues,” Harry told him getting up.

“But the spells traded were not dark. What can we find checking dark magic detectors when there was nothing used” Percy asked confused and followed his brother in law.


Harry and Percy arrived with the records and went to the group that is researching about the Vow. Harry greeted Padma and the others and asked “Mione, will you leave that for some time and help me in analyzing these,” showing the records.

“They were all in muggle neighborhoods, Harry, we don’t find anything there,” Hermione answered.

“I know we won’t, Mione. That’s why we brought dark magic and magical spike records of past six months,” Harry replied.

She looked up suddenly from her book and said “Brilliant, Harry. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Pad, will you also come and look at this? You please continue about the vow’ Hermione asked the others getting up from her seat.
Harry conjured a small table in another corner of the room with enough chairs and started looking in dark magic records with Ginny and Padma while Hermione and Percy started reading the record on a Magical spike.

“This was recorded yesterday afternoon but not meeting alarm threshold,” Padma immediately pointed. “That’s near Andy’s house,” Ginny immediately said.

“It was recorded at seven past four. That means the kidnap happened then,” Harry told the others.

“There is no another record in past three months. The previous one was in the second week of February,” Padma pointed out.

“Where was that,” Hermione asked her.

“Cheviot Hills, Northumbria,” Padma answered.

They looked at each other thinking about the place but none were certain. Padma again spoke “Harry, let’s take help from The DA”.

“We can’t, Pad, the Ministry won’t accept us operating parallel with them. That will not go well with the public and we won’t get enough support in Wizengamot even,” Hermione told her.

“Your Ministry can go stuff yourself, Mione. I lost faith in them when they couldn’t solve the attack on Harpy’s stadium. I won’t trust them with my family,” Ginny lashed out.

“In case you forgot, your darling husband investigated that. Don’t you trust him?” Hermione retorted.

“Don’t start, Hermione,” Harry told her but she scolded him “It’s not me who started it”.

“What’s this secret you are hiding from me, Harry,” Ginny rounded on him and when Harry didn’t reply, she continued “Merlin help you, Potter if that has anything to do with me”.

“Gin, I cannot disclose the case details. Surely you know that,” Harry spoke in a raised voice.

“Aren’t we going off topic,” Percy asked them trying to calm the situation. Ginny continued to glare at Harry and he spoke “you are right, Pad, I will contact our friends if nothing comes from the next meeting,” Harry told her and turned towards Hermione and said “Mione, can you go through all of this, I want to speak with Bill”.

He came to Ginny kissed her cheek and said something in her ear. She smiled slightly and said ‘Deal’. After Kissing her once more, he moved towards Bill and a few minutes later, both of them left the room.

“Where did they go, Ginny,” Hermione asked when Harry and Bill left the room and Ginny answered ‘Gringotts’.


“Do you think they can perform the ritual in a short time?” Harry asked Bill in the elevator.

“Of course, Harry. Most of the tracking rituals are done on short notice,” Bill assured him.

“They went to Arthur’s room and flooed to Gringotts. They entered the inner offices of Goblins and entered Ragnok’s chamber.

“Lord Ragnok, May your profits multiply,” Harry and Bill bowed to him

“Lord Potter, Mr. Weasley, May your assets flow. How can I be of your service,” Ragnok asked them with a slight bow?

“Ragnok, do you know anything about my godson,” Harry asked clearly.

“I know he was kidnapped, nothing more,” Ragnok replied him truthfully.

“I need your help to find him. We want you to do a tracking ritual,” Harry told him.

“Mr. Lupin’s blood was used in making his Portrait and the remaining was sent to study about lycanthropy. I am afraid we cannot proceed further,” Ragnok explained.

“We wish to use Mrs. Tonk’s blood,” Bill clarified.

“We can do it, there will be many results though,” Ragnok told him.

“What else do you need, Lord Ragnok,” Harry asked him.

“Nothing else,” Ragnok answered with a ‘but’ in his voice.

“Charge it to my vault. I want my godson safe,” Harry told him emphasizing safe and clearly communicating gold is not the issue.

Ragnok called his secretary and asked to contact few others and make arrangements for a tracking ritual. He then asked Harry how the search was going on and Harry answered nothing was found.

“Mr. Potter, are you sure there are no clues in the area. Even with the Master of plans, there will be something because the planner doesn’t execute his plan every time. Usually, it’s the followers,” Ragnok advised. That raised a doubt in Harry’s mind.

“Do you need me here to perform the ritual?” Harry asked him suddenly

“I need blood, Mr. Potter, not you,” Ragnok told him with a smile that looked more like a sneer.

Harry pulled his wand and pointed it to the open space in the room. A majestic silvery stag appeared instantly and bowed to him.

“Hey Prongs, need you to carry a message to the twins,” he continued ‘Gred, Forge get the blood to Gringotts and meet Lord Ragnok’. The stag bowed to him again and disappeared. Harry got up followed by Bill and left Gringotts after taking leave.
They flooed to Tonk’s house and apparated inside the park after speaking with the Auror posted there. They felt the muggle repelling wards and Harry walked towards Teddy’s favorite place.

“Harry, where did they find Andy?” Bill asked walking alongside him.

“It was near the rope climbers,” Harry told him pointing in their direction. They moved near slides and scanned the area. They went to rope climbers and found markings of blood on the ground and also some blood on the walkway curb.

“Harry, if Teddy was playing the slide why did she come here,” Bill raised a question. The slides are first equipment and rope climber was towards the end.

“I also didn’t understand that,” Harry stated and continued “It was written the kidnappers didn’t use any form of magical transport. They Apparated from somewhere in the park,” scanning the entire area.

“If you are the kidnapper Harry, where will you Apparate from?” Bill asked him thoughtfully.

“I will choose that secluded corner behind those bushes and big tree,” Harry told him pointing to the corner and said ‘Bill stay calm for few minutes’.

Harry closed his eyes concentrating on the air and all other things surrounding him. He turned few times breathing slowly and finally settled in the direction of the corner pointed before and said, “I think they Apparated from there”.

“How you can say that?” Bill asked him.

“Trust me, Bill. I have a strong sense of scent. If it was yesterday, I would have been surer’ Harry told him and moved towards the corner and Bill followed. They searched the secluded area for any clues but found nothing. Harry was little disappointed and concentrated again closing his eyes. This time he moved towards the boundary and found the first clue.

“Bill, see here,” shouted Harry and bent over a small bush near the wall. Bill came running and looked over his shoulder and asked ‘Is that blood’.

“Yes, and it’s not Andy’s,” Harry told him. This time he concentrated even hard and moved along the wall. He stopped near the bushes of the big tree and scanned the area. He found the second. He bent down and picked Teddy’s stuffy wolf.

Bill cursed the clues team after looking at it. They searched the area again, apparated to Tonks’s house and flooed to the Ministry Atrium.

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