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Ginny's Pity Party
By CaptainYellow

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Category: Alternate Universe, Post-Hogwarts
Genres: Romance
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Summary: It was a silly plan, really. Ginny knew this party was a bad idea!
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter Publishing Rights J.K.R. Note the opinions in this story are my own and in no way represent the owners of this site. This story subject to copyright law under transformative use. No compensation is made for this work.

Author's Notes:
This is my first one shot. I hope you like it. Please, forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. Don't hesitate to rate and comment!



“Stop fidgeting! I've thought about everything, it's a foolproof plan,” Demelza said for the tenth time.

She tightened Ginny's corset, making the latter huffed in protest.

“I can't breathe,” Ginny complained.

“Perfect!”, Demelza grinned, “Dean doesn't know what's coming for him.”

Ginny flushed at the mention of his name. It was a silly plan, really.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were staying at Bill and Fleur's cottage for the weekend, George was at Angelina's doing things Ginny didn't want to picture her brother doing, Percy was somewhere in London, Charlie was with his dragon in Romania and Ron was out of town for an Auror mission. And so Ginny had the Burrow to herself.

She had invited her friends over for a girl's night. The plan was simple : drinking, eating, gossiping and maybe sleeping if they got tired. This was until Demelza got drunk.

“Let's throw a party!”, she had exclaimed, her glass of firewhisky up in the air, “Your parents won't know about it, Ginny. Nobody will,” Demelza had assured, “Let's invite Dean and make him jealous. He will regret having broken up with you, this bastard.”

It had been a messy break up. Ginny had found out a week earlier that Dean was cheating on her. She had confronted him but the coward had refused to give her a proper explanation, calling her crazy and delusional. She had cried and yelled at him. She just wanted to know why he had done that, or at least she wanted to have a proper closure. Maybe this was the reason why she had agreed on Demelza's crazy plan.

“The guests will be here in half an hour,” Alicia announced as she entered Ginny's room.

“You look racy, Ginny,” Luna said from the doorway.

The three girls burst out laughing at her choice of word and Luna merely smiled.

Ginny looked at her reflexion in the mirror and she had to admit that she liked what she saw. Despite being drunk, Demelza had done a good job to her hair and make up.

Her long and vibrant red mane cascaded on her shoulders, her eyeliner gave her a feline look and her tight black corset made her breasts looked firm and round.

Ginny smirked. She did look racy.

“Dean's going to crawl back to you,” Demelza said in delight.

This time, Ginny didn't blush when she heard his name.


There were too many people, the music was too loud and Ginny was panicking.

“Get down of there, Lavender!”, Ginny yelled at the young witch who was dancing on the kitchen table.

Lavender giggled and started to undo her shirt. The boys who had gathered around to watch her cheered and whistled.

“Don't you dare!”, Ginny warned, wand in hand.

But she didn't get to hex anyone as she heard a loud crash from the living room. She ran out of the kitchen and, to her horror, she watched helplessly as Alicia, Demelza, Lee and Neville played a weird version of two-a-side Quidditch. Except that there were no brooms and Mrs. Weasley's china had replaced the Quaffle. Ginny gasped in horror.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!!!”, she was pleased that the four idiots had stoped playing to stare at her with fear in the eyes, “Clean that up immediately!”

Neville and Lee nodded and cast a quick Reparo on the broken china.

“This was such a stupid idea,” Ginny moaned.

“Yeah... Neville can't even play Quidditch,” Alicia muttered.

“No, not that! This party!”, Ginny snapped, “Dean isn't even here!” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Blaise Zabini talking with Cho Chang. “Is that Zabini? And Cho Chang?! What are they doing here?”

Alicia and Demelza had the decency to look down, cheeks red.

“Er... The word might have gotten around that you were having a party tonight,” Demelza said and Ginny groaned.

“Great! So everyone is here but Dean!”

And just then Luna appeared from seemingly nowhere.

“Ginny, this gentleman was looking for you,” she said with a pleasant smile on her face.

Beside Luna stood Dean Thomas, looking fresh in a white Oxford shirt and a pair of blue jeans. To her surprise, Ginny didn't feel her heart racing at the view.

“Can we talk?”, Dean asked then he glanced around him. “In private,” he added.

Ginny nodded then guided him upstairs, in her bedroom.

There were an heavy silence as they stood in the middle of her room, staring at each other.

“You look good,” Dean commented.

“Thanks,” Ginny answered a little dryly.

She could have smiled or maybe be friendly but she had no intention to make this confrontation easy for him.

Dean closed his eyes then took a deep breath as if to gather his Gryffindor courage. When he opened his eyes again, he stared at Ginny with fierce determination.

“Ginny, there is something I need to tell you,” he put his hands in his pocket and Ginny folded her arms, “I... I did cheat on you.”

Ginny said nothing but listened carefully, her fingers digging into her arms.

“I'm deeply sorry for what I've done. It wasn't fair to you... and to him.”

Ginny's brows snapped together as Dean looked down, shoulders slumped.


Dean looked up again, tears shimmering in his eyes, then he silently nodded.

“I... I'm gay,” he murmured, “Gosh! It feels so good to say it aloud.”

Dean gave her a weak smile but Ginny was too stunned to react.

“You... but... how... wow...”

“I know the feeling,” Dean muttered then he took a step closer to her, “I'm really sorry for what I did to you, Ginny. I hope you could forgive me someday.”

He pressed a kiss on her forehead then left the room. It was only when she heard the sound of the door closing that Ginny came back to her sense. She ran after Dean and stoped him in the corridor.

“Wait! I want to know. Who was it? Who did you cheat on me with?”, she asked, almost pleading.

Dean was about to answer her question but before a sound could escape his mouth —


It was Ron's voice. Ron who was supposed to be in York. Ron who was currently in the living room. Ron who had just crashed her party.

Ginny blanched for a second and then stormed off, running down the stairs, pushing people on her way. She stoped dead in tracks at the view of a very furious looking Ron and a scowling Harry. They were both in their Auror robes, wands in hands.


Ron's head jerked up to her. She was surprised that he had heard her trembling whisper but then she realized that the music had stoped and that there was a deadly silence in the room.

Harry's eyes found her. He seemed to smile for a second but then he noticed Dean beside her. Something darkened in his face and he glared at Ginny, jaw set.

“OUT! EVERYONE!”, Ron yelled and everybody obeyed immediately.

Ginny noticed that Alicia and Demelza were also leaving. Luna smiled and waved at her on her way out.

Ginny was mortified. She felt humiliated and enraged with her prat of a brother.

“How could you do that to me?”, she yelled at Ron when everyone was gone, “How could you treat my friends like that?”

“Your friends? Since when are Zabini, Smith, and that troll-faced Pansy Parkinson your friends?”

Ginny's mouth snapped shut. She had no idea that Zacharias and Pansy were here.

“And bloody hell! What are you wearing?”, Ron gasped.

She covered her chest with her hands and Harry looked down, red faced. Suddenly it was too much for her. Dean had cheated on her, he was gay, her brother had humiliated her in front of half of Hogwarts and Harry was looking at her like... like a slag. To her horror, she felt her lips quivering and her eyes watering. But she refused to cry in front of her brother.

“Right. You listen to me carefully, Ronald Weasley. I can wear whatever I want and be friend with whoever I want. And don't you dare shame me for that!” she glared at him.

Ron gaped at her for a second but quickly recovered.

“I'm going to tell mom about this!”, he threatened.

“Tell her! I don't care!”, Ginny yelled and then stormed out of the room.

She slammed the back door as hard as she could and ran to the broom shed. She collapsed on the floor and at last allowed herself to cry.


She didn't know how long she stayed sit on the floor. This night had been horrible, this party was a horrible idea and Ginny felt like an idiot. She wasn't crying anymore, just thinking.

Was she so ugly, so undesirable that Dean had prefered to be with a guy instead of being with her? She must have been the problem, Ginny decided, something was wrong with her. She was too short and she had too many freckles. Or maybe her breasts weren't big enough and her lips full enough.

A quiet tear fall down her cheek and Ginny quickly wiped it away.

“You're going to catch a cold,” a voice said behind her, startling her a little.

Ginny didn't have to turn around, she knew who it was. Wasn't it pathetic that after all this time she could still recognise his voice?

“I don't care,” she shrugged.

“I'm sure you do,” his tired voice replied.

She was about to protest when she felt a warm blanket on her shoulders. She glanced up at him, her eyebrows raised in surprise, but Harry was staring down at the ground, not meeting her eyes.

“Ron said — ”

“I don't care what Ron said!”, she interrupted him, “Don't speak his name.”

Harry merely nodded then sat down on the floor next to her. He was too close, Ginny could feel his body heat. She tried to ignore the fact that her heart was beating wildly in her chest.

“Are you okay?”, he asked after a moment, “If it's about Dean...”

“It's not about Dean... Not really.”

“What is it, then?”, Harry asked quietly.

Ginny took a deep breath to gather her thoughts. Suddenly, her hands felt sweaty and she found it hard to remain still.

“Dean and I broke up... But that's not the problem,” she added before Harry could interrupt her. He watched her closely and waited for her to go on. “He cheated on me. And now I'm left with all this thoughts... What is wrong with me? Wasn't I enough for him? Why do I always loose my boyfriends to someone else? Michael and Cho, Dean and... this person, and...”, her voice broke a little as her heart twisted and sunk with nerves.

“And what?”, Harry asked in a whisper.

And you and this American Auror, she wanted to say.

She had read all about it in the Daily Prophet. How Andrea Davis was one of the top students of her class, how her beauty was equal to a Veela's and how her skill was on par as the Boy-Who-Lived's.

Ginny had hopped that Harry and her would reunite after the War but then he, Ron and Hermione had been pulled in every direction by the press and the Ministry, Kingsley had recruited them to join the Auror training and she saw little of Harry. Before she knew it, it was time to go back to Hogwarts.

And then one morning she saw the picture on the cover of the Daily Prophet: a tall blond woman hugging Harry fiercely during a Ministry ball. Ginny had been heartbroken. She decided to give up on Harry and two months later, she was dating Dean again.

If she was being honnest with herself, she would admit that she still had feelings for Harry. The fact that her heart was racing just because his foot kept bumping against hers was a proof of it.

“Nothing,” she muttered, “I'm just tired.”

She bowed her head and drew the blanket tightly around her.

“Dean is an idiot,” Harry said after several moments and Ginny looked up at him, “You are the most beautiful, strong, and funny woman I know and nothing is wrong with you, Ginny.”

Harry was staring at her with such intensity that Ginny blushed and broke eye contact.

“You're just saying that... I'm not Andrea Davis,” she blurted.

“Thanks God for that!”, Harry exclaimed, “Davis might be a powerful witch but God! This woman is annoying!”

Ginny was so amazed by this unexpected remark that she burst out laughing. Harry seemed startled by her sudden change of mood but said nothing. He was watching her again with these burning emerald eyes. Ginny's smile slid slowly from her face and she felt her cheeks flushed.

“W-what?”, she asked, a little nervous.

“Nothing,” Harry breathed, his eyes traveling over her face, “I forgot how lovely your laugh sounds.”

This time, Ginny held his gaze. Harry slowly reached out and gently brushed a strand of hair back from her face. He was so close, too close. All she had to do was to lean in and capture his lips. She could do it, she would do it.

Ginny slowly leant in towards Harry when she heard a loud crack followed by a muffled “Bloody hell!” They both froze and stared at each other with wide eyes.

“He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is looking for you,” Harry said.


“Ron”, he grinned.

Ginny laughed and playfully nudged him. She suddenly felt light and happy. Harry extended his hand to help her up. The blanket fall off her shoulders as she stood and she noticed that Harry was staring at her chest.

“Dean is really an idiot,” he sighed and shook his head.

Harry took her hand and walked her back to the Burrow. Ginny couldn't help but grin to herself. It felt so right to have her tiny hand in his protective one's. This was what she wanted, for the rest of her life.

Ginny decided to owl Demelza later and thank her for the party. And maybe she would also owl Dean.

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