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Some Cuts Leave Scars
By melindaleo

Category: Post-DH/AB
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Violence
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Not all wounds heal completely – many scars aren’t readily visible. Join Harry and his friends as they journey through the year following the war, learning how to maneuver over hurdles both unique and lingering. An 8th-year sequel to the summer of These Cuts I Have.
Hitcount: Story Total: 9833
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4. Revelations and Frustrations by melindaleo
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5. Reunions and Reactions by melindaleo
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7. Daring Nerve by melindaleo
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8. Witches and Bitches by melindaleo
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9. Sneezes and Snuggles by melindaleo
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10. Parties and Partings by melindaleo
8686 words, updated on 2018.03.08 [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar

11. Reunions Redux by melindaleo
9319 words, updated on 2018.03.14 [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar

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