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Odyssey to the Orient
By potterfan2008

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Category: SIYE Challenges, Portkey Challenge (2018-1)
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley, Sirius Black
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 36

** Winner of Most Adventuresome, Best Overall and People's Choice in the Portkey Challenge **

Harry and Ginny stumbled upon a Portkey when they were cleaning Gimmauld Place. It swept them away on an incredible journey.

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Author's Notes:
Thanks to Arnel for all of her help! All of the places listed are real, but the names are the former names. I will list the real names at the end of the chapter. The information from the Encyclopaedia Britannica is accurate.


Harry’s eyes almost popped out of his head when Ginny strolled into the pool area in a dark blue bathing suit. It showed that Ginny had grown up in more ways than one. She was beautiful! Why had he never noticed that before? While he was busy staring at her, she ran and jumped into the water splashing him where he held onto the side of the pool.

She swam the length of the pool before returning. “Why aren’t you swimming?”

He blushed. “I don’t know how.”

“How can that be? You rescued Ron and Gabrielle from the bottom of the lake during the second task.”

“That was because of the Gillyweed,” he said uncomfortably. “Dobby brought me some just before the task. I grew gills and webbed feet and hands.”

“Had you used it before?”

He shook his head ruefully. “I didn’t even know what it was until Dobby showed up.”

“I don’t know if that was really brave or really stupid.”

He laughed. “I think a bit of both.”

Ginny treaded water while she looked over at him. “Do you want to learn how to swim?”

“You’d teach me?”

She nodded.

He considered it for a moment. Ginny wouldn’t try to drown him like his cousin and he didn’t think she would take the mickey like Ron or the twins might. She was certainly much prettier than Dudley’s swimming instructor. Although she would certainly be very distracting.


In short order, she had him floating comfortably on his back. At first, he felt a bit exposed, but when she didn’t take advantage of him floating, he relaxed. The water was cool and refreshing after their long walk back from the village.

“Bill taught me to swim. The twins kept throwing me in and he wanted to make sure I would be able to hold my own,” Ginny confided.

He smiled. He bet she was really cute when she was little. “My cousin had swimming lessons, but my aunt wouldn’t let me take lessons as well. I like playing in the water, but my cousin would always try to drown me.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at the naughty names she called his aunt and cousin. It wasn’t often that people spoke up for him, so he appreciated it. After floating for a time, she demonstrated some basic strokes. It took some practice, but he was soon able to kick and use his arms at the same time. He had a bit of trouble with breathing, but Ginny was sure he’d be able to learn.

After practicing for a while, Harry found some pool toys in a small cupboard. They threw the ball back and forth in the shallow end. They spent more than an hour and a half splashing and playing in the water.

Ginny sat on the steps. “As much as I’m having fun, I’m hungry.”

“Me, too.”

They investigated the groceries that they’d bought at the market. Harry pulled out the eggs and vegetables. “How about an omelette?”

“You know how to cook?”

He nodded. “I make breakfast for my relatives all the time.”

Ginny toasted some bread while he chopped up some vegetables to put in the eggs. It didn’t take long for them to prepare a simple meal.
After eating, Harry said, “I think we should look in the drawing room where we first landed. Maybe we can find out more information about where we are.”

“Good idea,” she agreed. “I’ll wash up the dishes as you cooked.”

A thoroughly discouraged Sirius and Bill returned from the small ski lodge in the French Alps. Like the other properties they’d found, it was dusty and deserted.

Swearing, Sirius looked longingly at the Firewhiskey on the sideboard, but he resolutely ignored it. He and Bill had explored the three properties that Gringotts had told them were attached to the Black vault over the past day and a half. It had been very discouraging.

“Any thoughts?” Sirius asked the younger wizard.

Bill stood and walked around the study. “We might be going about this all wrong. We don’t know who placed this Portkey. We were going on the assumption that it was your grandfather, but maybe one of your other relatives had a holiday house and it isn’t attached to the Black family vault.”


The house-elf popped into the study. He bowed low. “Yes, Master Sirius.”

“We are trying to find a property that wouldn’t be attached to the Black Family vault,” Sirius explained. “Do you know if there are any letters or diaries from other family members?”

“There are boxes in the attic,” Kreacher offered.

“Are there a lot of boxes?” Sirius asked.

Kreacher nodded.

“Maybe we could have Hermione and my brothers help,” Bill said. “They’ve been chomping at the bit to help.”

“Remus has been wanting to help also,” Sirius said.

“I’ll go get them,” Bill said.

Thirty minutes later, Sirius was explaining to Hermione, Ron, Fred, and George what they wanted. “Kreacher has identified the boxes that he believes has the diaries and other papers. We’re looking for any mention of a holiday house.”

“Wouldn’t Gringotts have the information for any family house?” Fred asked.

“Not necessarily,” Bill answered. “Several of the Black family members have been blasted off the tree and anything they bought wouldn’t be from the vault.”

“There are eight boxes,” Sirius said. “Each of you should pick a box and take it down to the library. We will go through each box carefully. Look for letters, diaries, pictures, or anything that might indicate a holiday home.”

Harry methodically went through the desk in the drawing room. It was an old-fashioned roll top desk with many cubby holes. He found some more colourful money as well as some Galleons. In the bottom drawer, he found a small box of uncut jewels.

He looked up and smiled as Ginny walked in. “I think we are in Burma. There are some notes here about the jewel mines of Burma.”

Frowning, he said, “I think Burma has a different name now, but I can’t remember what it is.”

“Burma,” Ginny turned the name over in her mind. “Where is Burma?”

In reply, he went to the shelves and pulled out a heavy book that appeared to be part of a large set of books. He put it on the desk and opened it. “Burma is in southeast Asia. It is bordered by the Bay of Bengal and Sea of Andaman to the south, Bangladesh and India to the west, China to the north and French Indochina and Siam to the West.” He read a bit further. “It was a British colony when this was written, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t anymore. I don’t know what Siam is, or French Indochina, but I don’t think that’s what they are called anymore.”

“What is that book? How did you know the information would be there?”

“This is the Encyclopaedia Britannica. It’s a bunch of books that you can look up almost anything in. We used them a lot in primary school to look things up.”

“These look pretty old.”

He frowned. “I know. From what I’ve seen, this house was built in the 1850s. I don’t know how long it’s been since anyone has lived here.”

“I hope Sirius knows about this place.”

A loud crack of thunder woke Ginny very early in the morning. Immediately, she looked for Harry and was relieved to see him sleeping on the floor next to her. It amazed her how quietly he slept; she was so used to her brothers’ obnoxiously loud snoring, that Harry’s silence was welcome. Glancing around the room, she could see no Lethifolds hiding in the corners.

Pulling a sheet around her a bit more closely, she walked to the door leading to the pool. It was pouring rain. The pool was already starting to overflow, and she could see the charms that had been placed on the house to prevent flooding. If not for those charms, the water would start coming in the house within minutes.

She watched the swaying of the palm trees. The noise of the rain hitting the roof was so loud, it masked the sound of Harry coming up behind her, but she could sense him as he approached.

She looked back at him with a smile. “This is incredible.”

The pair watched the show mother nature was putting on for a while. Eventually, Harry made his way into the kitchen. It was very early, only 5:40 in the morning, but they hadn’t really adjusted to this time zone yet. Yesterday, they’d both napped after walking to town and swimming in the afternoon. Last night had been very low key. They’d found a chess board and played chess.

It had been fun to play with a non-wizarding chess board, but unfortunately, he didn’t play any better with a Muggle chess set. He’d finally discovered the part of Ginny that talked a lot. It was fun listening to her. She told him about growing up the youngest of seven. She didn’t feel the pressure to live up to her older brothers as Ron did, rather she found inspiration in her two oldest brothers especially.

They talked about the Quidditch World Cup they’d gone to see the previous year. Harry discovered that like her brothers, Ginny was rather a Quidditch nut. She wanted to play Chaser and Harry made a note to introduce her to the three Gryffindor Chasers once they returned from school. While none of the Chasers would be leaving until next year, he bet they would love having someone else to work out with them.

Rummaging through the pantry, he found a cache of spices and baking ingredients that had all been preserved. He decided to try to make a banana bread. That was something Aunt Petunia had him do whenever they had leftover bananas. He was fairly certain he remembered the recipe. After putting the bread in the oven, he decided to scramble some eggs. He would love some bacon or sausage to go along with them, but they had been very hesitant to buy any meat. He’d seen animal shaped signs over the meat stall and he’d seen a horse, goat, and an animal he didn’t recognize. Overall, he thought going vegetarian for a few days wasn’t a bad idea.

“Harry, you don’t have to do all the cooking!”

He shrugged as Ginny pulled out some plates. “I don’t mind. I rather enjoy cooking.”

“Well, thank you.” Taking a deep breath, she said, “What is that amazing smell?”

“I made some banana bread.”

“That’s a great idea!”

“If I remembered the recipe right, it will be a great idea,” he corrected.

He was gratified to discover that he had indeed remembered the recipe correctly. They ate their simple meal and cleaned up.

Making a face, he watched the rain. It would pour down and lessen and then rain hard again. “I guess we won’t be making it down to the village today.”

She shook her head. “I imagine the road is a muddy swamp by now.”

“I’m going to explore the bedrooms upstairs,” he said.

“I want to look at the books in the other room.”

Other than casting some cleaning charms, they’d pretty much avoided the bedrooms. They both had taken showers after cleaning the bathroom upstairs, but they still camped out downstairs rather than choosing bedrooms upstairs. He started with the room he thought must be the master. There was a chest of drawers that he wanted to explore. He’d only made a small dent in them when he heard a terrified shriek from downstairs.

His wand aloft, he ran downstairs. Ginny was standing on a chair with three snakes around her.


All four of the turned to look at him. The three serpents immediately slithered in his direction. There was a large python, a cobra, and one snake that had yellow and black stripes that Harry couldn’t identify.

“Speaker,” the python was the one who spoke. The snake was huge with beautifully patterned skin, Harry was certain it was at least three and a half meters long. He was also sure it was a Burmese python.

“Yes, I can speak Parseltongue.”

“We sensed you here,” the cobra said as he slithered around Harry’s feet. “We are sorry if we scared the other human.”

“I’m Harry. This is my friend, Ginny. She can’t speak Parseltongue.” The three serpents bobbed their heads almost in greeting.
Harry chanced a look at Ginny who was watching the proceeding with a bit of fear. “They said they could tell that I was a speaker. They came to find me.”

“T-they won’t hurt us, will they?”

The serpents quickly reassured Harry that they wouldn’t hurt either human when he repeated her concerns. Ginny made her way over to Harry’s side and the snakes held rather still. “I d-don’t think I’ve seen snakes up close before.”

Harry appreciated her bravery, he could tell she was scared, but she was trying. He sat on the floor and she followed suit. The three snakes reminded Harry of dogs as they wanted him to pet them. They weren’t cool and slimy. He rather liked the feel of their skin.

“Can I pet them?”

The python must have realized what she wanted, because he slithered closer to her. Like Harry, she found petting the snake rather pleasant. The yellow and black snake seemed like the shyest of the three, but he too wanted to be petted. Harry had dubbed him the bumblebee snake as he really didn’t know what kind of snake it was. It was smaller, less than two meters long. The cobra was in between the other two, closer to two and a half meters long.

“We don’t see many wizards in this area anymore,” the bumblebee snake commented.

“Have you seen other wizards?” Harry asked excitedly.

“There are a few in the village,” the cobra said as his hood flared around his head. “They help the villagers capture us, so we can ‘dance’ for the humans. Some humans keep us in captivity with other animals.”

“Like a zoo?”

The cobra nodded. “Zoo, that is the word. Some snakes like to live in the zoo, they are fed regularly and don’t have to worry about being killed.”

“Some of the humans eat us,” the python said. “Usually cobras, but they aren’t always picky.”

“That’s awful,” Harry said. His thoughts about not eating meat while here reinforced.

“There are non-wand users over the mountain,” the bumblebee snake said.

“Non-wand users?” Harry questioned. He looked over at Ginny while he quickly translated for her.

“Goblins?” she asked.

The three nodded. “Yes, goblins. Sometimes there are wizards with them, but we tend to stay away. Goblins set up traps around their camps.”

“Can you take us there?” Harry asked excitedly. “We have no way of getting home and they might be able to help us.”

The three whispered among themselves for a moment. The python said, “We can’t take you now in the rain, but in a day or two there should be a dry period. We can take you then.”


A splash sounded from out in the pool area. Exchanging a startled look, Harry and Ginny raced to the door. There was another snake swimming in the pool.

Looking at the python, Harry said, “I don’t mind if you want to visit, but every snake who visits must know not to hurt either of us. If I ask you to leave, please respect that.”

“Of course, speaker.” The bumblebee snake slithered over to the edge of the pool and appeared to be reprimanding the swimming snake.

That snake slithered out of the pool and hissed an apology before slithering out under the screen.

“Water snakes have no manners,” the cobra hissed.

“We will return tomorrow,” the python said, “but I don’t think we will be able to travel to the non-wand users until the next day.”

“Would you like any rats?” the bumblebee snake asked. “We could bring you some.”

“No, thank you,” Harry said. “We have food.”

“None of it is live,” the cobra said in a horrified tone.

“That’s okay,” Harry said. “We like it that way.”

Together, Harry and Ginny watched as the snakes left. Harry closed the door behind them.

“I don’t think we want to leave that door open anymore,” Ginny said faintly.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked.

Blinking rapidly, she nodded. “I’m fine.”

Correctly reading the look on her face that she really wasn’t fine, Harry reached out and pulled her into a hug. He felt her shoulders shake. “It’s okay. They won’t hurt you.”

“I know,” Ginny sobbed. “I just…I want to go home. A Lethifold and now snakes.”

It took her some time to calm down. She pulled away embarrassed and wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry, Harry. I don’t…I’m not usually such a girl about things.”

“It’s okay,” he reassured her. “It’s been a rough few days.”

“Those books from yesterday, will they tell us what kind of snakes those were? I don’t even know if they are poisonous or not. Are there other dangerous animals here?”

“Let’s go look.” Together they walked into the drawing room. “I’m pretty sure the biggest one was a Burmese python. The medium sized one was a cobra, but I don’t know what kind. I have no idea what the bumblebee looking one is.”

“Cobras are poisonous, aren’t they?”

Harry nodded. Reaching up, he pulled down the same encyclopaedia he’d used the day before.

He read out loud, “The jungles of Burma are home to many different bird species, including parrots and pheasants. There are water buffalo, tigers, leopards, elephants, and rhinoceros. Bears, gibbons, and monkeys are common in the jungles areas. Snakes, turtles, and crocodile are found in the delta area.”

“That wasn’t overly helpful, other than scaring me,” Ginny said.

Harry nodded. Scanning the book shelves, he found another book titled, The Dangerously Venomous Snakes of Burma. “According to this, there are almost one hundred and fifty types of snakes in Burma, forty-four of them are venomous.”

Flipping through the pictures, he said, “The big one was a Burmese python. I think the cobra was a monocle cobra. The bumblebee snake is actually called a banded krait and it is also poisonous.”

“But they won’t hurt us, right?”

“They promised they wouldn’t,” Harry reassured her. “We’ll just have to watch out for each other."

“Who is Castor Burke?” Hermione asked.

Sirius frowned as he tried to place the name. Standing he wandered over to the wall and looked at the tapestry. “Oh, Castor. He was the son of Belvina and Herbert Burke. Belvina was the sister of my great-grandfather, Sirius. The Burkes moved to America after the war with Grindelwald.”

“That explains his letters from America,” Hermione sighed.

“My mother kept in touch with the Burkes. Castor had a son, Damocles, to whom she used to write. I think they were thinking to set him up with Andromeda or Narcissa,” Sirius made a face as he examined the tapestry.

“Alphard mentions a flat in London,” Fred said.

Sirius smiled. “That was my flat. Alphard was disowned for giving me gold.”

“Are your parents related?” Ron asked in a horrified voice as he looked at the tapestry.

“They are second cousins,” Sirius replied shortly. “Keeping the bloodline pure was more important to them than the ick factor of marrying your cousin.”

“Your mum’s aunt married a Potter. Are you related to Harry’s family?” George asked as he looked over the tapestry with his brother.

Sirius shook his head. “Not really. Charlus Potter was James’ fourth or fifth cousin.”

“Lycoris Black mentions a home in Kenya,” Molly said.

“Lycoris…I remember him,” Sirius said. “He was my grandfather’s brother. He did…he lived in Africa for a while.”

“Have we found a home in Africa?” Remus asked.

Bill shook his head. “There’s no documentation for a home in Africa. Remember, he may have sold it.”

“I don’t think so,” Molly said in an excited tone. “Here is the deed.”

Sirius and Bill scanned the document. “Let’s check it out.”

“Mate, not to rain on your parade, but it’s late,” Remus pointed out. “You don’t want to be wandering around an unknown property in the dark.”

Sirius wanted to argue, but he knew that they were right.

“Goodness,” Molly said. “I will check in with Kreacher and make certain that dinner will be ready soon.”

By mid-afternoon, Harry was bored and a bit grumpy. It was still raining and by now the front garden was flooded as well as the back. It felt a bit like they were stuck on the island.

They’d cleaned the master bedroom and peered in the others. There were a few pairs of trousers and shirts left in the wardrobe. Ginny was altering them, so they would each have something else to wear. She’d already cut the heavy jeans they’d arrived in to make them shorts — much more useful in the hot environment. Harry definitely appreciated that part of the sweltering environment.

Harry thought he’d discovered who lived here. There were several documents with the name of Rigel Black. He presumed the man was a relative of Sirius’. Ginny didn’t think any women had lived here. She thought Rigel must have worked with Gringotts. They’d found a small chest of jewels. These were all cut and polished. Harry would wager they were worth quite a bit of money. He’d happily give them all away if they could leave.

“Harry! Look what I’ve found.”

Turning, Harry saw a large wooden box in her hands. “What is that?”

“An old-fashioned wireless,” she explained as she set it down on the low table. Touching her wand to it, the device sprang to life. It didn’t take long until she was able to find a station playing music.

“Is that a local station?”

She shook her head. “If you purchase one to use overseas, they cast a charm so it will pick up the WWN. You can charm it to pick up the local stations as well. I’m thinking that’s what they’ve done.”

Humming along with the music, she skipped over to the shelves. Holding up a box, she said, “I found this. It looks almost like Gobstones, but they aren’t.”

Peering into the box, Harry grinned. “These are marbles.” He gasped. “I think they’re made with precious stones.”

“Do you know how to play?”

He shrugged. “Not really, why don’t we play Gobstones with the marbles?”

That settled, Ginny drew circles on the floor while Harry counted out fifteen marbles for each of them. “What sorts of games does your family play?” she asked.

He stiffened and she worried that she’d asked the wrong sort of question. “I’m sorry, that was very rude.”

“No, that’s okay,” Harry said. “I don’t really consider the Dursleys my family. They’ve never really wanted me there and didn’t encourage me to join them. This past summer, I had to hide outside the windows to listen to the news.”

“That’s horrible!”

He shrugged, but felt warmed by her defence of him. Ron and Hermione knew that he didn’t have a great home life, but it wasn’t something they talked about. “It was a lot worse before Hogwarts. You know, thinking about it, I don’t think the Dursleys ever play games together.”

“Really? What do they do?”

“Watch a lot of telly.”

“Telly? Oh, that’s like the WWN with pictures?”

“That’s a good way of describing it,” Harry agreed. “They have all sorts of programmes and my cousin, Dudley, loves watching them. He has a PlayStation — it’s a sort of game, but it’s on the computer.”

“Hermione tried to explain computers. I’m still a bit lost.”

“They are machines that can do all sorts of things. They do calculations, they help send people into space, my uncle uses one at work, and you can play games on them. I don’t know that much about them either. My aunt and uncle don’t use one at home. I’ve seen them in the library.”

“What does your uncle do?” she asked curiously. “I don’t know a lot about Muggles. I know Hermione’s parents do something with teeth, but I’m still not sure what that means.”

Harry smiled. “My uncle has the most boring job in the world — he sells drills and drill bits.” He sketched a picture of a drill for her. “Drills are used to put holes in things and they are quite handy, but I’ve heard way more about them then I want to. My aunt is a homemaker, but she spends a lot of time gossiping with the other housewives.

“Hermione’s parents are dentists. They are healers for teeth. Muggles have a lot more trouble with their teeth than wizards.”

Ginny nodded as they started playing marbles. He looked over at her curiously. “What do you want to do when you finish school?”

She blushed slightly. “I’d love to play Quidditch professionally. Bill took me to see the Harpies when I was only six. I’d love to play for them.” She shrugged. “If I don’t make it into the pros, I’d like to do something like curse-breaking.”

“Quidditch would be brilliant,” Harry said a bit wistfully. “I think I’ll probably end up an Auror. Voldemort seems to come after me often enough. It’s not just that, though. I like figuring things out.”

“It’s supposed to be really hard,” Ginny said. “I’ve talked to Tonks. She’s the first trainee they’ve taken on in quite a while.”

“She told me. I don’t know, it would be interesting. What does a curse-breaker do?”

“A lot of curse-breakers work for Gringotts, like Bill does. They have to map out and break the curses placed on someplace. They work in places like Egypt, Rome, Greece, India, Mexico, China — basically any place there were ancient wizards. Some work just on battlefields or on old houses.”

“That sounds pretty cool,” Harry commented. “I never took Ancient Runes or Arithmancy. I wish I had. I hate Divination.”

“You should talk to Professor McGonagall. I know there’s some way of switching classes, but I don’t know what it is.”

Harry nodded. That was actually a good idea. He really did hate Divination with Trelawny’s never-ending predictions of his death. He’d looked at Hermione’s Arithmancy book before and it didn’t look too difficult. Ancient Runes seemed a bit more difficult, but it did look interesting.

Sirius and Bill had made their trip to Africa first thing in the morning, but there was no sign of the two missing teens.

Albus and Moody came over while they were eating lunch. Sirius looked at them eagerly. “Any news?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Albus replied. “Severus has discreetly asked around and there is no indication that they have Harry and Ginny or that they know Harry is missing.”

“We checked the Lestrange properties, but there was no sign of them,” Moody said. “Nothing at Malfoy Manor.”

“Lucius wouldn’t be able to keep from taunting us if he found Harry on his property,” Sirius said.

After lunch, Albus accompanied them up to the library. He looked over the information they had complied so far. Bill had conjured a board with a map. They had big red Xs through the places they had already checked.

“Phineas mentioned that his uncle and cousin lived for a time in India,” Albus said. “Have you discovered anything about India?”

“No,” Sirius said. He scanned the remaining boxes with more enthusiasm. “We will certainly look for that.”

Hermione gasped. “An elephant!”

Everyone turned to look at her. “There was an ivory elephant in the curio cabinet.”

“Damn, she’s right,” Sirius said. “I’d forgotten all about it. It’s been in there as long as I can remember.”

“An elephant could indicate India,” Albus agreed.

With renewed vigour, the group dove into the remaining boxes, searching for clues that might help them find the lost teens.

Harry made cheese sandwiches with rice and grilled vegetables for dinner. He found that he really enjoyed cooking for Ginny. She kept him company and talked the whole time.

They ate in the living room, listening to the WWN. It was such a perfect relaxing time. A song he recognized from the Yule Ball came on. Without even thinking about it, he turned to Ginny and held out his hand. “Would you like to dance?”

Her smile was blinding. He wrapped his arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around his neck. They swayed in time to the music, spinning around.

“You’re such a good dancer,” he said quietly.

“Thank you,” she replied. “Mum made me practice with my brothers.”

“I wish I’d asked you to the Yule Ball.”

Her eyes widened as she looked up at him. He was cursing himself for letting it slip out like that. What should he say?

As he stared into her cinnamon-coloured eyes, he leaned down and kissed her. He pulled away, but she pulled him back down and kissed him. He couldn’t help but smile as he kissed her.

He threaded one hand through her hair. He didn’t have anything to compare it with, but it felt like liquid sunshine bubbling up in him. Eventually, he pulled away and smiled down at her. “You’ve made a horrible summer so much better. I don’t know if I can tell you how much you’ve meant to me. Ron told me that I’d never seen the real you, but I think I have now and I really like what I’ve seen.”

She blushed. “I know I was stupid.”

“No, you weren’t.”

She nodded. “I was. I had a huge crush on my childhood hero who did all these amazing feats. I remember waking up in the Chamber of Secrets and thinking that you were so much more amazing than any made up hero. In some ways that made it worse, I had a huge crush on Harry, my brother’s best friend.

“Hermione kept telling me to date other boys and gain some self-confidence, but I just couldn’t do that. I had a boy ask me to Hogsmeade in the spring, but I turned him down.”

He grinned down at her. “I’m glad. I’m sorry I didn’t pay much attention to you.” He blushed. “I had that stupid crush on Cho Chang.”

“You don’t anymore?”

He shook his head. “I spent a little time around her and Cedric. She seems nice enough, but we don’t have anything in common.”

She rewarded that statement with another kiss. The rest of the evening was spent talking, kissing and just enjoying each other’s company.

To Harry’s relief, it wasn’t raining when he woke the next morning. He glanced over and could see that Ginny was still asleep. They’d decided to keep camping in the living room. He was all for that. What if a snake came or a Lethifold returned?

Plus, he liked to fall asleep listening to her talk. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, they had made their own beds at least a meter apart. Maybe the Weasleys would have preferred for them to be a bit further apart, but he wasn’t going to worry about that. He still couldn’t believe that someone as pretty and amazing as she was would want to date him.

While he was enjoying his time alone with Ginny, he wanted to find a way back home. It was dangerous here.

A/N: Burma was a British colony. It is now independent and known as Myanmar. Siam is now know as Thailand and French IndoChina covers part of Laos which borders Myanmar. The Encyclopaedia Britannica listing was on Myanmar. The other book was actually titled, "The Dangerously Venomous Snakes of Myanmar."
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