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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 23
Summary: AU. Harry hated Ministry balls and functions. He never wanted to attend any of them, and this one was no different. With another twenty eight minutes till he could escape, the time was seeming to drag. Until he met a witty and charming red head.
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“Harry, you’re being ridiculous,” Hermione Granger said as she stood in sitting room of Harry’s cottage. “Anything you wear will be fine. Your acting like the girls I knew at Hogwarts. And that is not a compliment.”

Harry stuck his head around the door frame of his bedroom, blue button down shirt in hand. “What do you mean?” Harry asked feeling semi-hurt.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him, “Harry you said you really like this girl right?”

He nodded his head.

“Than just be yourself. If she likes you too, it doesn’t matter what you wear.”

Harry had never felt so unnerved for a date, but that might have been because he never liked any of the girls he went on dates with as much as he liked Ginny. They had only shared a few hours together and he already felt like she was someone special to him. He felt a stronger connection to her than he felt for most people, especially after only knowing her for less than twenty-four hours.

All day she kept cropping into his mind. He remembered her flowing, long red hair. He imagined her bright, beautiful chocolate eyes. And the way her lips felt on his. It was like a box of fireworks went off in his stomach when they had kissed.

‘Damn Potter,’ He continuously thought throughout the day, ‘You got it bad. Calm it down.’

Now here he was having a hard time deciding what to wear… just like a schoolgirl, who was going on a date. He hated it when Hermione was right.

Harry shook his head, trying to clear it. Why was he acting like this. When he went on that date with Cho Chang, six months ago, he hadn’t felt anywhere near this nervous. Yeah he had the regular nerves for that date, but nothing this bad.

“Do you want me to pick something out for you?” Hermione asked looking into his face. He must have looked out of his league, because if she was willing to do fashion for him…

He nodded his head, and she moved forward into his bedroom. After three years of friendship, they didn’t have many qualms with each other. They were perfectly comfortable walking into each houses without knocking and stealing a piece of cake from the kitchen. Harry and Seamus had the same relationship style. The two of them were like the siblings he never had, but always wanted.

Hermione opened his dresser and pulled out a red short sleeve button down shirt and a pair of clean dark blue jeans.

“Here,” She threw the articles at him. “I trust you can pick out underwear and socks.”

“I don’t know Hermione,” Harry teased, “Socks can be pretty complex.”

Hermione rolled her eyes affectionately. She moved to leave the room so he could change. As she past hims she gave his cheek a quick pat. “Oh I hope she has a snarky sense of humor too. If she does you two are meant for each other.”

Harry pulled out Ginny’s chair for her, at the corner table of the Muggle restaurant they had picked. They had met at the Leaky Cauldron at seven fifteen just like they planned. But they never planned for the way people would act when, one of quidditch star players and the man who stop Lord Voldemort, stood in the same room together. People crowded them instantly. Ginny had taken the lead, dragging Harry, by the hand, into the muggle street, where as soon as the Leaky Cauldron's door close the pair were just another couple on the streets of London.

They had walked hand and hand, discussing this and that. Finally they stumbled upon a nice italian bistro. It wasn’t overly busy, being a Wednesday night, so getting a nice seat was easy.

As Harry took his own seat their watier came over to take their drink orders. Ginny ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, which happened to be Harry’s favorite type of wine, so he just ordered them a bottle.

Once the waiter left they perused their menus.

“Do you have any allergies?” Ginny asked looking at Harry over her menu.

‘Interesting first date question,’ Harry thought as he shook his head.

“Ok I dare you to close your eyes and order whatever item your finger lands on,” Ginny said as she placed her menu open on the table. Her eyes glinted in the candle light of their table, making them more entrancing to Harry.

“Alright,” He said slowly. “But you have to do it too.”

She smiled widely at him, “But of course, sir.”

They closed their eyes at the same time, and Harry pressed his finger down randomly on the hard paper. Opening his eyes his finger landed on one of the chef's specialties, mushroom risotto, a dish Harry happened to enjoy.

“What did you get?” Harry asked the woman across from him.

“Pasta carbonara, which is always a good choice. What about you?” She asked looking up from her menu.

He told her and she laughed and said, “Merlin, we both got such a normal dish. Typically when I play I get something out of the norm. But the rules are the rules, so we get the normal meals.”

“How often do you play this?” Harry asked. He was someone who had a normal order, so when he walked into to the same place they knew right away what to make him.

“Any time I go someplace new. My brothers and I always do it.”

“You have brothers. How many?”

“I have five, but I grew up with six,” Ginny’s face fell a little, “one of them died during the war with Voldemort. It was George’s twin actually.”

Harry felt like a stone dropped in his stomach, “I’m so sorry,” He said. “I lost my godfather to the war.”

Ginny nodded solemnly reaching out across the table to grab his hand. He happily accepted her warmth. She gave him a wan smile. No words needed to be said between them, Harry could tell. They both understood the pain of loss, something he had dealt with poorly over the last few years.

“What about your other brothers?” Harry asked trying to keep the conversation light keeping their hands intertwined.

She gave him a wide grin, “Well there is Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, and Ron.”

Harry let out a low whistle. “I know you said you had five but the number didn’t feel real until you named them all.”

Ginny laughed, that magical sound Harry had adored last night. “Oh yeah, just wait till you hear what they do for jobs.”

So she went off explaining her childhood. How she was the youngest and the only girl. About how she had always been close with Ron and Bill, the two brother farthest apart by age. She explained what they all did and how they differed from each other. She told her the horror stories of growing up with pranking brothers. In this time they had received their drinks, placed their orders and received their food.

“The twins use to pick on my constantly for the, oh this is going to be embarrassing,” Ginny face darked in the candle light as she flushed, “Well I use to have a small, minut really, crush on you.”

“Well,” Harry couldn’t help but smile at her admittance. “ I would definitely hang some Ginny Weasley posters on my walls now a days.” She let out a small laugh, encouraging him. “I hope they weren’t to mean to you.”

“No, really they weren’t so bad.” Ginny laughed as she twirled a pasta noodle around her fork. “They were actually really sweet boys. They gave me this on my sixteenth birthday.”

She pulled on the chain of a necklace, that Harry hadn’t noticed before. It was very simple and graceful, the exact way Harry thought of Ginny. A small red quaffle was held at the end of a silver chain.

“It was my old quaffle from my parents house.” Ginny told him with a fond smile on her face. “They shrunk it, and actually made it into a locket. So I can place a photo inside of it.” She open it to show him. One side held a photo of her entire family, or what he assumed was her entire family. Nine redheads all beaming up at the camera, behind them stood a pyramid. The other side of the locket, which would be the side to sit on her chest, remained empty.

“I haven’t decided what to put on the other side yet,” She told him closing the case.

“That’s incredible,” Harry said honestly. “That was such a great gift for you.”

She nodded, still with fond smile gracing her lips. She tucked the locket back into her shirt.

“What about you?” She asked as she took a sip of her wine. “I’ve told you all my embarrassing childhood stories. Though, I bet my mum has more, what was yours like?”

So Harry told her about being raised by his godfather and how close the two of them were. Harry couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to Ginny. Even after knowing Hermione and Seamus for three years he hadn’t told them this much about Sirius. The hold Ginny had on him last night seemed to have tighten.

Harry told her about training to stop Voldemort and how he never really left his home for nearly sixteen years. How it wasn’t until three years ago he never had friends his own age. Ginny was a fantastic listener. She was attentive and didn’t interrupt, like Hermione would have. She just let him pour out his life story. By the time he finished they had both devoured their meals and ordered dessert and coffee.

“Sirius sounded amazing.” Ginny said as she took a bite of her tiramisu. “And I actually know Hermione Granger, she was in the same year as my brother at Hogwarts.”

“Oh yeah, was she as bookish then as she is now?”

“Well, I haven't seen her in three years, but yes.” Ginny said pointing her fork at him. Harry laughed. Again there she went drawing out his laughter, something other people just couldn’t do as well as her.

When the waiter brought over the check Ginny made to reach for it, but Harry swiped it quickly. “Because you were such fantastic company allow me to pay,” He said pulling out his muggle wallet he kept in his back pocket.

Ginny gave him a quick once over, but accept defeat, “Well, as long as it isn’t because of stereotypes.”

“Oh no if you had been horrible, I would have made you pay.” Ginny gave a low chuckle as she stood up. They walked to the exit, their hands naturally seeming to latch to one another. Harry couldn’t help but appreciate how well their hands fit with each other. Their fingers laced together perfectly.

The walked out on to the muggle street, making their way towards one of the many set apparition points located around London.

“Miss. Weasley,” Harry said in a mock pompous tone, “please allow me to walk you to your doorstep.”

Ginny gave him a sideways glance as they continued to walk, “Oh but of course, Mr. Potter. It’s the only acceptable way to end such a fine meal.”

They reached apparition point set, behind where Benjamin Franklin's house was. They went down the alley to the side of the buildings. Ginny kept her hand enclosed around his as she turned on the spot, pulling them into the tube like suffocation of apparition.

Ginny landed the two of them a few paces from her front door. She slowly walked them up to the door, she didn’t really want their date to end. It had gone better than any date she had been on in a long time. Even with the discussion of death, she had found conversation with Harry to be amazing. He listen really well, asked the right questions, and said the right things at the end of any of her tangents. Not to mention the way he told his stories. He was entrancing as he revealed information about his past. All she could do was stare and listen.

She lightly pulled Harry onto the stoop, her back to the door, “Well this is me,” She couldn’t stop the sarcasm from coming out even if she tried.

Harry grinned at her, “And did you notice we didn’t even have to stop for directions.”

The laughter bubbled out of Ginny, just as it had all night. Harry had a sense of humor that rivaled hers. She looked into his eyes. Just the eye contact made her stomach flutter, as if there were a million snitches flying around. Damn, his eyes. They were hypnotic. He could express so much through one gaze. She had noticed it at dinner while he spoke about Sirius. The love he felt for that man was evident, just in Harry’s eyes.

She slowly leaned in close to him, unable to resist the pull she had felt all night, just like she felt last night. He met her half way. Just like the last time they kissed, Ginny could have sworn a shock pasted between them. She lightly drew her tongue against this bottom lip, asking for access, which he seemed more than happy to grant.

Passion was the right word, that Ginny’s mind use to depict this kiss. Harry’s lips responded to her movements, with his own. One of his hands had moved to thread through her hair and the other pressed on her back, bringing her closer to his body, which she was more than willing to participate in. He gently guide her backwards, so her body was leaning on the door.

Ginny lost track of time as she lost herself in Harry’s lips. Eventually, he pulled back. Ginny wanted to let out a moan. She wanted to keep the contact.

“What are you doing tomorrow for lunch?” Harry asked huskily, with a slight pant, his chest heaving a little more than normal.

Ginny gave him a sly grin, “Well I’m hoping to meet up with a tall, dark, and handsome auror. Do you know if he’s free?”

He pressed a quick kiss to her cheek, “I know he would clear his schedule to meet with you.”

“So, wanna tell him to meet me at the Harpies stadium at one pm tomorrow?”

“I’ll make sure he writes it down on his calendar.”

Harry leaned in for another kiss, this one lasting much less than the last. He pulled back.

“See you tomorrow,” He pressed one final kiss on her cheek as he turned to go back to the apparition point, disappearing into darkness with a turn.

Ginny open the door to the three bedroom cottage she shared with her two teammates, Nicola and Mary-Ann. She quickly closed the door behind her and leaned against the hardwood. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

‘Holy Shit!’ Her mind basically screamed. ‘That boy can kiss.’

She opened her eyes and say Nicola sitting at the small table that was positioned in the small kitchen she walked in. Nicola had a large smug grin plastered on her face.

“Hey Gin,” Nicola said with a light teasing tone, “Lovely night, right?”

All Ginny could do was beam back at her friend.

The next month was the best November Ginny could ever remember. She spent most of her free time with Harry. They would meet after her practices for dinner, or go to different muggle landmarks on her days off. He made her feel like all her senses were alive, when she was with him. It was almost like being high up on her broom, continuously getting closer and closer to the clouds. It was a thrill and exciting, something Ginny hadn’t realized she had been lacking in her life recently.

His conversations were interesting and made her laugh. His touches made her stomach flutter, just like the first time. And his kisses. Oh his kisses could make her feel lightheaded and sometimes left her breathless.

Five weeks after meeting at the Ministry party, Harry suggest they go to one of the Christmas Markets popping up throughout muggle London. Having never been to one, Ginny loved the idea. They agreed to meet after her practice on Saturday night.

When Ginny arrived, Harry was waiting for her leaning against a brick restaurant wall. The minute he noticed her, he came over and gave her a tight embrace. His hands presses into the small of her back, while her’s wrapped around his neck.

Pressing a light kiss to her lips, Harry said, “Such a fine night for a walk, wouldn’t you agree Miss Weasley?”

Ginny returned his favor as she replied, “I don’t know,” She gave him a sly grin, “I’m pretty comfortable right here.”

Harry give her a lopsided grin. A grin that could make the strong, feel weak at the knees. He removed one arm from her waist, but kept one encased around her. She took her arms away from his neck and mimicked his actions and he lead the way towards the market.

They walked, talking about everything and nothing, just like they had all their time together. Nothing seemed to be off limits with them. Even though she had only known him for such a short amount of time, Ginny felt like she could tell him everything. Something that felt odd to her. Odd, but good. She only felt like that with a few people in the world, including her brother Bill and her father. She felt like she could tell he anything and he wouldn't judge her. He just would listen and give his honest opinion, which was more than most men she had dated. People she went out with in the past always seemed to just be telling her what she wanted to hear. Harry told her the truth, even if it varied from her own thoughts

The street was lined with tables, littered with different trinkets. People milled around, holding cups of steaming liquid. Mulled wine, Ginny discovered as they found a vendor selling the warm drink. Harry bought them each a cup, as they continued along the path of businesses, keeping their hands connected. Ginny told him about how she use to sneak out of her house in the dead of night to fly, knicking her brothers brooms out of the shed.

“My brothers never let me fly with them because I was a girl,” She stopped walked and turned towards Harry, “But I showed them, didn’t I,” She mused.

Harry laughed, “I’m sure you became a professional, just to spite them.”

“Obviously. That’s how it works,” She said with a tone of sarcasm.

Harry gave another chuckle. He was looking right into her eyes, something she adored about him. He was never afraid of eye contact. Her first boyfriend, Michael, seemed terrified to meet her eyes. He would look slightly over her shoulder whenever they spoke, something that was extremely annoying to Ginny, especially when she was trying to win an argument. In his defense they were only fifteen and fourteen, but still. Harry never seemed to have that problem. He always made sure his green jewel-like eyes bore into her brown ones.

“You know,” Harry’s tone was lower than normal, a smile gracing his lips. “You always keep me guessing. I love discovering all these new about you everyday.”

His eyes continued to stare at hers, and to Ginny it was like the rest of the world faded. All the noise surrounding them seemed to disappear. All of London was gone. It was just him and her.

A flash caught her eye suddenly. They both turned their heads quickly to see a man holding a muggle camera. He was short, could be described as dumpy. He had brown hair laying flat on the top of his head. Around his neck was a lanyard with a badge at the bottom, claiming some muggle newspaper.

“Sorry about that,” The man said approaching the stunned couple. He held out his hand. “My name is Mitch Cooper. I work for the South London Press. I’m doing an article on the markets around the city. And you two were posed so perfectly. If you don’t mind I would love to use your picture in the article.” He beamed at the two, clearly trying to seem charming.

Harry shook the man’s hand, still looking semi-confused. Ginny felt slightly annoyed. Shouldn’t he asked before he took the picture? She was about to voice her question when he spoke again, “I typically ask first, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. If you feel uncomfortable with it…” He let his voice hang off.

Harry turned his attention back to her, giving her a little shrug and a half smile. Clearly he wasn’t too upset by the idea. Ginny couldn’t help but smile back. Oh, what did it matter if their picture was in a muggle paper?

Harry looked back at the hopeful camera man. “Yeah that’s fine,” Harry approved making the man’s smile extend even further. “But,” Harry went on. “I would love it if you sent me a copy of it. If I give you my address could you mail it to me?”

Mitch nodded so enthusiastically, Ginny though he might lose his camera. “Sure thing!” He pulled out a piece of paper and a muggle pen. “Here write it down and I will have one developed for you in a jiffy.” Taking the pen, Harry did what Mitch asked, jotting down an address quickly. Mitch took his paper back, as soon as Harry finished and asked for their names for the credits in the paper. Ginny told him and he wrote it next to the address. Then he shook both of their hands exuberantly, and walked away back into the throng of people.

“Well,” Ginny astonished. “Here’s to hoping you and I look good together in photos.”

Harry snickered, and pressed a light kiss on her cheek, “Well I know at least one of us looked good.” He made a exaggerated carding through his hair.

Ginny lightly slapped his arm, but immediately hooked her’s around his, leading them back into the hoard of shoppers. “Just for that you your going to buy me large mince pie.”

Harry chortled through his nose, pulling her close to him, “Sounds like a good deal to me.”
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