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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Extreme Language, Sexual Situations, Violence
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 23
Summary: AU. Harry hated Ministry balls and functions. He never wanted to attend any of them, and this one was no different. With another twenty eight minutes till he could escape, the time was seeming to drag. Until he met a witty and charming red head.
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Author's Notes:
I want to thank Arnel for helping me edit this chapter. With the amazing edits of Arnel, I think this is the best looking and flowing chapter yet. There is a final author note at the bottom, to prevent spoilers for this chapter.


Harry let the hot water run down his body, trying to let it sooth his sore and tense muscles. They had been searching for three weeks. For three weeks they had been asking questions to the locals, trying to find any information about the missing children, but there had been nothing more than what he started with. No one had seemed to notice a child being taken away. There was nothing, until the mother finally noticed her child was missing.

How could a mother just forget their child was with them? He had interview both mothers. Both times they said almost the same thing. They were talking with a friend in a public location. Then, they thought of something they wanted to tell their child and… poof. Their child wasn’t anywhere to be found.

He placed his hands against the wall of the shower. It was infuriating to have nothing new after three weeks. In most cases he would have had something by now, at least a little new piece of information. However, in the last three weeks there was nothing. No new kids missing. No leads to where the children were taken. No hints at who was doing it all.

Seamus had led the way around the local areas. The thought was going on the basic profile of a kidnapper; start semi-local. The first kidnapping is the most nerve-racking and being close to a comfort zone helped the criminal mentally. Having spent multiple days just exploring the, what would typically be lovely, country of Ireland had led to nothing. It was clear this wasn’t a sudden kidnapping. There had been a plan, a plan that Harry couldn’t figure out.

He twisted the knob of the shower to off. He could spend all day under the hot spray, trying to figure out the motives, but it wouldn’t do him any good. There was just too little to go on. Harry let out a deep sigh as he stepped out into the cold of the hotel bathroom. A blast of warm air from his wand dried him in seconds. Then, taking one of the hotel’s towels he wrapped it around his waist and headed into his small room.

Papers littered the bed, all the notes and theories he had thought of. That’s what most of this case had been, speculation! Not something Harry particularly liked. He was someone who wanted facts to lead a case. Something that would then drive his imagination to finding the correct answer. Seamus called his gut instinct “the crime solver”, but in right now… This case was not going to be solved by his gut.
______________________________________ __

“So, Ginny, how’s the team doing?” Bill asked from across the kitchen table. Ginny was at the Burrow for the monthly Sunday lunch. After the death of her brother, her mother wanted the family to stay close and feeding them was one way to make sure they came.

She swallowed the bite of potato she was chewing before answering. “We’re doing fine. Second in the league after the Wasps.”

Ron did not finish chewing before saying, “Oh yeah.” Ginny’s mother shook her head as bits of carrots went flying onto the table. Ron quickly swallowed, “Sorry, Mum. Anyways, when I was at your game the other week you guys were great!”

“Which game was that, Ron?” Ginny asked with an insincere smile. She knew which game he was talking about, of course. The only game Harry had attended, before being sent on his case three weeks ago.

“The Bats’, I think.” Ron cocked his head to the side, clearly picking at his brain. Then it was like a one of those Muggle light bulbs went off over his head. “Hey, Ginny. Do you know who on the team is dating a guy name Harry? I met him at the game and want to see if he wanted to get a pint next weekend, but he didn’t respond to my owl.”

George looked over from his conversation with his girlfriend Angelina. “Oh, Ron, are you trying to steal one of the girls’ boyfriends? You know how territorial those Harpies are, maybe you should try to pick up someone more available.”

Ginny snorted onto her plate. ‘Oh, if only he knew,’ she thought. Then an idea struck her, why not let them into the loop? When would be a better time than after George accused Ron of stealing her boyfriend?

She smiled up at Ron as he made an indignant sound. “I’m not trying to pick him up,” Ron said, annoyed. “He was just an alright bloke. He was an Auror, so I bet he has some wicked stories.”

Ginny nodded her head, effectively drawing attention back to her. George and Ron looked at her expectantly. “Maybe,” Ginny mused. “Do you remember what he looked like?”

Ron made a face, as George snickered. “Yeah, Ronnie, what does your new boyfriend look like?” he asked his voice dripping with mirth.

Ron made a rude gesture towards his brother, while his mother was distracted, then turned his head back towards his sister. Clearly, he knew better than to verbally respond to George. Angelina, on the other hand, slapped her boyfriend on the back of the head. “If your brother wants to gush about a boy he fancies, let him,” she told George in a serious tone. Then she looked towards the Weasley man in question with an all too innocent smile, “So, Ron, tell us about this man.”

George spluttered as he started laughing. Ginny had a hard time not joining her brother, but she really wanted to have her own fun with Ron, so she settled for a small smile. Ron, for his part, scowled.

“So, Ron,” Ginny made her voice sound light and tried to contain any hint of teasing, “what does he look like?”

Ron took a quick calming breath, then said, “He had black hair and glasses.” He paused. Clearly, he didn’t have a vivid image of Harry in his mind, like Ginny did. “Oh!” he exclaimed, snapping his fingers. “He had a weird look scar on his forehead.”

George dropped his fork onto his plate and threw his head back. When he spoke he sounded half exasperated and half amused, “Only Ron would find Harry Potter and not realize he was meeting Harry Potter.”

Ron looked dumbfounded. “Hold on,” He spoke slowly. “You think that it was Harry Potter?”

George tilted his head back, a grin plastered on his face. “I think so, mate. How many other blokes named Harry have a scar on their forehead? I bet the number is less than ten.” He paused, “You have high standards. Going after Harry Potter,” George started to shake his head. “Well, at least you set your goals high.”

Angelina covered her laughter with her hand. Ginny pressed her lips together hard to contain her own. Molly, who had been listening, hid her chuckle behind a cough.

“Yeah, you know what, Ron?” Ginny asked, once she was certain she wouldn’t bust out in giggles. “I think I know who your talking about. You want me to message her?”

Ron looked glad someone wasn’t taking the mickey out of him. He nodded. “Yeah, Gin. That would be great.”

Ginny nodded back. “I’ll do it right now.”

Ron looked slightly shocked. He waved his hand back in forth in protest, “No. No, you can do it later. It’s fine.”

“No, it won’t take more than a minute,” Ginny claimed.

She tilted her head to the left, facing her mother. When she spoke she used a slightly lower tone than normal, “Hey, Ginny?”

She made her voice normal again as she turned her gaze to the right, where George was sitting, “Yeah, Ginny?”

Back to the left. “Can you ask your boyfriend next time he is available? My brother wants to take him out on a date.” Ginny placed her hand over her heart. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Facing back to the right, she was able to see George’s gleeful expression as he figured out what was happening. “Oh sure! He is currently on a mission for the Aurors, but when he gets back I’ll certainly ask.” She scratched her chin as if she had a sudden thought. “Though it may be a couple of days after he gets back. I do want to spend some time with him.”

George’s head hit the table with a solid thunk as he started to shake with silent laughter. Ginny turned her attention back to Ron, whose mouth was agape. “His girlfriend will get back to you as soon as he’s back in town.”

Ron started to splutter, “Wh - Wai- You?” He finally was able to question.

Ginny gave a fake girlish laugh, and batted her hand in a no-big-deal gesture, “Yeah. I don’t blame you for want to take him out. He is very cute. I mean, don’t you just want to run your hand through his hair?”

Angelina covered her entire face with her hands. George could be heard taking deep breaths, trying to recover. Molly, who Ginny always thought gave the twins their sense of humor, said, “Ronnie, let Ginny have her shot first. If she decides she doesn’t want to be with him, you can have your turn.”

George let out an uncontrolled, loud guffaw. Ron turned an impressive shade of red. Ginny decided to take pity on her youngest brother. “If it makes you feel better, Ron, Harry did say he thought you were pretty swell, too.”

Ron let out a small snort and started to return to his natural color. George pulled his head off the table, his face as bright as Ron’s. His voice shook slightly as he asked, “So, Ginny, how did you meet the Boy Who Lived anyhow?”

Ginny grinned and started to explain the Ministry party that felt like such a long time ago.
______________________________________ _

Harry stood next to a large board covered in different photos. Places, people of interest, and victims went from corner to corner. Each category was marked with a single word: Location, Suspects, Motive, and Victims.There was also a large map of the entire country of Ireland. Harry rubbed his forehead; four kids taken in two months and two weeks. All gone without a trace. Parents confused. Possible witnesses with no feedback. Harry took a calming breath. He needed to keep his head clear of all emotion when presenting. Just facts.

After two months he would have thought they would have had more information. The team had gathered numerous entries for location and victims, but it was as if they had no clues for motives or suspects. Not a good sign after working on something for sixty days.

The team of six all loitered around the room, chatting as they waited for Harry to start the presentation. He cleared his throat making the room go silent instantly.

“Alright everyone, focus,” Harry said unnecessarily as everyone was already staring at him. “Let’s go over the profile.”

He gestured to the “victims” tab. “We have four missing children. All under the age of eleven. The youngest, age five and the oldest, age ten.” He quickly pointed at each child’s picture that the parents supplied in their interviews. “Our only connection between all these kids is the fact that they all are Muggleborn. None of their parents knew they were magical at the time of the kidnapping.”

Harry moved his hand over to the “location” category, “Every child was kidnapped from a different town. Dunloe, Kenmare, Limerick, and most recently, Galway. This is a lot of ground that has been covered in two months. That is a total of three hundred kilometers.”

Harry paused to let that number sink into the team’s heads before he continued, “If we keep the idea of basic psychology, a kidnapper started by their ‘safe zone’. This makes us believe that the perpetrator may be based in between the first two locations.” He pointed to Dunloe and Kenmare. “This makes our starting base slightly easier to find. However, the perp is spreading much further, making it hard for us to know if they are using the same base that they were when they started two months ago. This leaves us with two thoughts: Apparition or relocated base.”

Everyone in the room was solely focused on him as he moved to his next point. “Currently, we have no definite motive. With the only connection being Muggleborn children, we have to assume it has something to do with that. Anyone have any ideas on why Muggleborn children may be targets?”

The room was silent till Hyde spoke up, his voice cautious, “It sounds kinda like a Death Eater thing.” Multiple people sighed sadly. Hyde pressed on, “Kinda like the Muggleborn Registration Committee they had a couple of years ago.”

Harry nodded. He picked up a quill and a piece of parchment, on which he wrote ‘take out Muggleborns’. He lifted his head from his writing and ask, “Any other thoughts?” No one spoke up, they seemed to think Hyde had the right thought.

“Okay,” Harry took the spotlight again, “for now we stick with that idea. I was thinking along the same lines, Hyde.”

He pointed back to the board, at the word “suspects.” “As of right now we have no suspects. That is between Muggle police and our department. We need to figure out why no one sees these children leaving.”

Leo put his hand up in the air. “The people could be Stunned.”

Seamus shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. All these pick ups happen in public places. Tourist traps, landmarks.... That would be a lot of people to Stun.”

Dave spoke to the group, “What about a temporary forgetfulness spell? Make the mother or father forget they have the kid. The guy could convince to the kid to walk away from their parents. Then, simply Stun the kid and take them away.”

“But that still leaves the crowds at the public places,” Harry said. “Though that would explain why the parents weren’t keeping a close eye on their children.”

Hyde brought attention back to him, saying, “So what we're saying is that this guy is making everyone, in these large public areas, not notice him walk off with a child?”

Everyone looked at each other. Harry bit his lip. “That is exactly what we're saying, Hyde.”

Hyde blinked. Once, twice, then muttered, “Shit!”

“Wait!” Garrison spoke for the first time. “Why would a kid just go with a stranger? Aren’t Muggles taught not to speak with random people?”

The room fell deathly silent.

Ginny took the Floo back to her flat. Her teammates had asked her if she wanted to go out to a new club that had just appeared in London, but Ginny wasn’t in the mood. Practice had been long and all she wanted to do was take a long, warm bath. When she arrived in the kitchen she decided to make a sandwich first. She hadn't eaten in about four hours, which in Weasley terms was almost two days.

As she grabbed out her ingredients she noticed a stack of mail sitting on the counter. Forgetting her hunger momentary, she grabbed the letter on top of the pile. It was addressed to her in thin, semi-messy writing, writing that she had been seeing every week for the last three months. Harry’s writing.

Not a week went by since Harry left that she didn’t receive a letter from him. Sometimes it was just a quick hello with a little detail about the last few days. Other times they were long and heartfelt. She didn’t care if the message was long or short, she just loved the fact that he took time out of his day to think of her.

She quickly grabbed the letter and read,


I’ll start off with a simple hello and I miss you. I have been checking the papers to see how your season is going. Well done on the twelve goals against the Cannons the other day! I’m sure Ron was upset.
The case is still going on, which means I’m still limited on what I can say. We have many theories, but nothing that has proven to be correct yet. I only hope we can figure out what this guy is trying to do soon. Another child has been kidnapped. This time from Kilkenny. I personally think the perpetrator is heading towards Dublin next.
I miss you. I know I already said it, but I want to make sure you know. It’s our six month anniversary, so happy anniversary. Sure, we were only in the same country for half of those months, but still, well done us! When I get back we will go on a really nice date, so start coming up with ideas. Maybe we can go on one of those Muggle tours of London, since I know how interesting you find Muggle culture… That’s not really romantic, is it? See, I told you I wasn’t romantic.
I hope you don’t miss me too much… Well, miss me a little. But anytime you do miss me just take a look at that photograph. In there we are always together, something I wish was true now. As soon as I can I’ll be there by your side. Just wait for me to come home.


Ginny placed the letter down on the table. She hadn’t even thought about a six month anniversary. Sometimes it amazed her how attuned Harry was with their relationship. She had never met a man who actually thought about a six month anniversary without the girlfriend saying something first.

She chucked to herself as she thought about last week when it was George’s one year anniversary. He had completely forgotten. He now swore his arse would never be the same, after what Angelina did to him.

Opening the ‘clutter’ drawer of the kitchen, Ginny grabbed a piece of parchment and quill. She was going to write and tell Harry how much she actually missed him. She also intended to tell him where their date would be and the amount of clothing they weren’t going to need to dress in.
______________________________________ _

Harry pressed his hands over his eyes, engulfing him in blackness. He had thought he had started to understand. It had taken him five and a half months, but he thought he was finally in the kidnappers’ head. He thought he knew where the perpetrator was going to strike next, but no. He had been wrong, and now two more kids were missing.

One child went missing from Cork and, without any explanation, the other from Belfast. The kidnapper had seemed to be on such a set path, what had happened? What made him go backwards towards the start of all of this? And Belfast? Belfast was completely out of the projected areas.

There was light knock on the meeting room door, and light footfalls swiftly approached him.

“We got something!” Seamus’ thick accent penetrated through Harry’s thoughts. His eyes opened wide and he moved his hands. Seamus was staring at him with a wide grin and excited eyes, something that had been missing for a while.

“What?” Harry asked, his mind trying to catch up completely.

“We got something. A Squib witnessed something odd at Brú na Bóinne near Drogheda. Said a man cast a spell. The next day her child was reported missing on the news.”

Harry stood up from the chair he had been sitting in for the last half an hour, “Did they get a good view of the spellcaster?”

If it was possible, Seamus’ grin grew wider, “Yeah, mate! We got her with a sketch artist.” He pulled out a large piece of parchment and placed on the table in front of Harry. Leaning forward expectantly, Harry was stunned as he recognized the person.

“Is that?” He started to ask, but Seamus spoke fast and excited,


The image of Tobias Nott looked up at him. His sallow cheeks and dark hair shaded using a quill. The artist had taken colored ink and colored in the eyes, a dark shade of blue. Those eyes seemed to glare at Harry.

Tobias Nott was one of Voldemort’s supporters in the last war. Nott had been one of the few to escape capture after Voldemort had been stopped. There hadn’t been word of him in years, and now he had cropped up.

‘Okay, it would make sense with the motive we’ve come up with,’ Harry thought. ‘Nott was known for his dislike of Muggleborns. But how was he preventing everyone from noticing him with this child?’

“Did the Squib recognized the spell?” Harry asked.

Seamus shook his head, “It wasn’t something her Ma used to do, so no. But she said the guy walked around in a circle as he cast it.”

“A circle… That sounds like a Repelling Charm.”

“Maybe a Muggle-Repelling Charm? It wouldn’t affect a Squib or Muggleborn child.”

Harry nodded. That would make sense. It would explain why the parent was never right next to the child. And Nott could take the child away, then reappear and take off the charm.

“Did the witness get a reason why the child would go near the man or did he just grab the kid?”

Seamus looked around the empty room, as if looking for a eavesdropper. “That’s the real kicker, what made the Squib do a double take. He was wearing a Muggle police uniform.”

Harry felt shock and then a feeling of ice spread through his veins, “Because a child is taught to trust a policeman.”

Seamus nodded sadly. “That’s the general consensus.”

“Okay, so what we need to do is get a high quantity on watch for him. Keep it within the Auror department. Do we think we can trust the Muggle police department?”

Seamus shrugged, but nodded after. “I think we gotta. We need the numbers.”

Harry rubbed the back of his neck, “Alright, but we need a fast way to contact someone in case he is located.” He paused in thought. “Let’s use a simple Muggle coin, place a Protean Charm on it. Make it grow hot if we touch it. Link it from partner to partner. We don’t want everyone Apparating into the same area. It will make Nott flee.”

“Sure thing. I can get a bunch set up. Are we giving them to the Muggles?”

Harry took a moment to think. “Yes… I think we better. Hook theirs with yours and mine only.”

“You got it.”

“Good. I’m going to set up patrols in public places that police wouldn’t be out of the normal. Parks, landmarks, busy shopping areas. We can eliminate the places he has already been, since he doesn’t seem to be going back to the same town twice.”

Seamus clapped Harry on the shoulder, “We’re gonna get this guy, mate!”

Harry smiled. Yeah, now they finally had something to really go on.

__________________________________ ______

Harry divided team among suspected areas. Dave went to Sligo, Garrison to Londonderry, Leo to Waterford, Hyde to Castlebar, and finally he and Seamus divided Dublin. He also made sure the Muggle police had all the notes he had.

His gut feeling was telling him that Dublin was next. That’s why he put him and Seamus in the area. He took Phoenix Park, near the Dublin Zoo and he sent Seamus to Drimnagh Castle, two highly populated areas. Both had a lot of land to cover, but Harry couldn’t stop thinking that it was going to be in one of the two places.

Before heading out, Harry told the team to dress in Muggle clothing, something Nott wouldn’t be focused on. Most just wore a tee shirt and jeans, a common Muggle tourist outfit. Harry did as well.

No one gave him a sideways glance as he walked across the grass of Phoenix Park. He had been walking for over an hour, acting impressed by all the large buildings that were placed in the area. It wasn’t until he reached Papal Cross that Harry noticed anything odd.

For a popular tourist spot, no one seemed to be heading towards the structure itself. In fact, people seemed to get aggravated by the idea of heading to the architecture. They would turn around and head in the way they just came.

This was a good sign that Nott might be nearby, at least in Harry’s books, but he didn’t want to call his partner away from his post if it was false. He needed to get in closer and see the man before calling Seamus. Moving slowly, Harry entered what he thought would have been the repelling border. The large cross could be noticed from a great distance away, but it wasn’t until Harry could see the staircase up to the platform that he noticed two people standing there. One tall figure and one small, childlike figure.

With no Muggles around there was no risk of hurting a civilian if spells were cast, but Harry had to make sure Nott didn’t hurt the child. He concluded his best bet was to fire a Stunning Spell at Nott before he noticed him. He moved slowly, reaching for his wand in his pocket, when suddenly something was pressed into the small of his back.

A gruff voice whispered in his ear, the hot breath blowing into his ear canal, “Don’t move. Slowly remove your hand from your pocket.”

Trying to see who had him out of the corner of his eye, he could see a figure that blended in so well with the environment he would have almost been untraceable if Harry didn’t know where to look. He did what he was told, gradually moving his hand out of his pocket. The back of hand brushed metal.

‘The coin,’ Harry thought. He had to get word to Seamus. As he kept his hand moving he made his fingers separate from each other, he let the copper-plated- steel fall between his fingers. He caught the coin between his pointer and middle, sliding it into his palm. He closed his hand into a fist, activating the charm.

He and Seamus had set up five Apparition points in the park: the American Ambassadors residences, the visitor’s center, Papal Cross, Wellington Monument, and finally the zoo. Going in that order it shouldn’t take more than thirty seconds for Seamus to cast the Homenum Revelio spell and Apparate to the next point. So he needed to give his partner one minute and thirty seconds.

He dropped the coin back into the depths of his pocket, and removed his hand completely. Gently he moved his arms into a surrendered position.

“Now who are you? And how did you get through the charm?” the person holding Harry at wand point asked. He knew he could play this two ways: play dumb or fess up.

“I have no idea what your talking about,” Harry made himself sound scared and feeble.

The voice swore under its breath, but moved its face away from Harry’s ear. He kept his wand pointed directly at Harry, however.

“Don’t move a muscle,” the voice commanded as the wand slid across his back onto his side. The man’s footfalls copied his wand’s movements. Eventually, he was right in front of Harry. He was stringy with dark hair and wearing a Muggle police uniform, but what caught Harry’s attention were the similarities between this man and Tobias Nott. The same nose and chin, but differences such as eye shape and color. There would be no way the two couldn’t be related. If Harry had to guess, he would think this was Nott’s son.

The man in question was clearly nervous. Another assumption, but Harry figured this wizard was someone who liked to stay out of the action. He moved his wand right up to Harry’s forehead.

“Oh, shit,” the man muttered, as he brushed Harry’s hair aside, revealing his famous scar. “Just fucking great. Harry Potter is the one to find us.”

Harry wanted to chuckle, but decided to press his advantage without aggravating the man, “Well, you know my name. Want to tell me yours?”

The wand holder looked at Harry like he had six heads and a unicorn horn. “Why would I do that!?”

Harry gave the man a light-hearted chuckle, “Because it’s polite, of course.”

The man shook his head, clearly thinking Harry was crazy. Then he started muttering under his breath, trying to encourage himself. “Okay, all I need to do is Obliviate him. Can’t be that hard, can it?”

Out of the corner of Harry’s eye he saw movement. Seamus was standing slightly behind a tree to their right. He had a clear view of the scene: the distant view of Nott with the child and Harry stuck at wand point.

Harry hoped Seamus would take out Nott with the child. But Seamus was watching him. Harry needed to send him a sign. He needed to use the safe word he and Seamus had come up with during their training years. If that word was used, then the other would have to ignore their partner.

“No,” Harry spoke loudly. “It’s not an easy spell. But it is easier than brewing Amortentia.”

Harry saw Seamus flinch at the potion’s name. He knew he was being told no himself. He watched as Seamus pulled out his wand and tapped himself roughly on the head, effectively blending in with the surroundings. Harry was still able to see Nott in the distance, the child chatting animatedly to him. Harry’s captor wouldn’t be able to see anything Seamus did, as Harry hoped his partner was moving closer to get the kid.

“I would rather make Amortentia,” muttered the man in front of Harry. “Potions are much better than wand waving and whatnot.”

Harry allowed a little chuckle, keeping his voice calm. “You’re one of the few, mate.”

Harry kept his eyes trained on the scene in the distance. The moment Seamus took out Nott, Harry would take out his captor. Then, like it was slow motion he watched as Nott fell backwards giving Harry his queue. He launched himself forward, forcefully knocking the man to the ground.

The man tried to struggle away and tried to cast a curse at Harry, but missed him by a few inches as they both went to the grass. Harry used his left hand to knock the wand out of the man’s hand, but it seemed the survival instinct of the wand holder kicked in as he used his knee to knock the wind out of Harry. He then rolled Harry off of him as the Auror tried to catch his breath.

Harry was still on the ground, wand pointed at him again, as the man stood back to full height.

“That… wasn’t… smart,” panted the man. He then lifted his boot and stomped on Harry’s face. He felt the crack of his nose and hot liquid poured out over his face. The man opened his mouth to cast a spell, maybe to actually Obliviate him, but instead he fell sideways, frozen.

Seamus came up to him, his Disillusionment Charm gone. “You look like a right mess,” he said to Harry, but keeping his attention on Harry’s assailant.

Harry groaned, “Yeah, well, it wouldn’t be right if I came out scott free.”

“Too right, mate!”

Harry sat up and looked around to make sure everything was secure. “Where are the kid and Nott?”

Seamus gestured behind him with his thumb, “Body Binded Nott and tied him to a tree. The kid is still chatting his ear off, though now Nott doesn’t look to happy with it. And this here,” Seamus give the man near Harry a little kick with his boot, “is Theodore Nott. I knew him in school. He was always a git, but not someone who liked to fight man to man.”

Harry grabbed his wand from his pocket and casted a hasty Episkey at his nose. The blood flow stopped and his nose twisted back to its normal position. Gingerly, he rubbed his nose as he said, “Yeah, I got that vibe from this guy. Didn’t really want to fight.”

“I’ll take this kid back to his Ma,” Seamus turned his attention back to where the older Nott and the child were still positioned. “I sent a Patronus to Leo to meet us here. He can give you a hand getting these two back headquarters.”

“Thanks, Seamus.”

Seamus glanced back over his shoulder, “Eh, it was nothing.”

Harry snorted, “So modest.”

Seamus let out a hearty laugh and made his way over to the kid. Harry stood up and pulled out his wand, waiting for Leo to arrive.

___________________________ _____________

AN: The idea of having a child being kidnapped by someone wearing a police uniform came from the game Heavy Rain.
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