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Only the Best
By Celtics534

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence, Violence/Physical Abuse
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Rating: R
Reviews: 80
Summary: Metropolitan Police Inspector Harry Potter was having an amazing twenty-four hours. He slept a full eight hours, had a good pint, and met the most incredible red-headed woman. Of course, that was all nulled by the dead woman lying in Whitehorse Road Park.
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Author's Notes:
Huge thanks to Arnel for her diligent eyes and gryffindormischief for her awesome comments and thoughts!


“Not much has been found on site,” Sargent Boot explained. He was standing on the edge of the crime scene. Nymphadora Tonks, was taking notes down on her phone. “In her bag we found a basic lipstick and compact mirror, a romance novel, and a broken energy bar. No wallet which means no ID.”

Tonks nodded her acceptance to his claim. “So, we have a Jane Doe?”

“Not quite,” Harry’s voice was strained as he approached. His face was pale, making the unique lightning shaped scar on his forehead stand out. “I know her. I dated her, must be four years ago. Her name is Cho Chang.”

Surprise wasn’t a strong enough word for what Tonks felt. “Shit,” she muttered, then speaking to Harry she raised her voice, “I’ll do a search on her. Do you know if she has any priors? It will make it easier to find her in the system.”

Harry shook his head. “Not as far as I know, but I haven’t seen her in years. We kinda just,” he rubbed the back of his neck, “drifted apart.”

“Okay, well, I’ll go through the DVLA first; if she doesn’t have a history it would be easier to find out who to contact through her license.”

“I know her parents, or at least I did. A lot can happen in four years.”

“Alright?” Tonks had to ask. As much as she enjoyed working with Harry, she needed to make sure he was in the right mind set. She couldn’t risk him becoming too emotional. Even though he called Chang an ex, it didn’t mean he didn’t still have feeling towards her.

Harry nodded and took a deep breath. “Yeah, it’s just shocking when it’s someone you knew.”

Tonks could remember when she had discovered Remus had been murdered. Remus Lupin had been her target of desire for years before he died. He refused to accept her advances. He claimed he was too old for her, and he was too problematic for her. She never did find out what he had meant by the latter. Her mother thought he might be abusive or ill, but Tonks had never cared if he was sick. She had fallen hard for him, and then he was gone. She had taken two months off from the force, trying to keep her head on straight. Harry seemed to be handling it better than she had, making her think his feelings for Chang were never that strong.

She placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Just let me know if you need off the case.”

Harry shook his head. “It won’t be an issue, really,” he paused, sighing deeply. “What was in the bag?”

Tonks could tell he was moving on, ready to work. That was something she had admired about Harry since they'd first begun investigating together. He seemed to be able to push distractions to the side. Some might say it made him slightly robotic, but in their line of work it was more than useful.

She explained what Boot had told her. He nodded as she spoke, writing things down in a small black leather-bound notebook. “What did medical examiner tell you?” she asked once she finished her spiel.

He took a moment, jotting down a final few facts, then he looked up from his writing. “Not much, to be honest. There is no sign of a fatal wound, just some marks around her wrist that would signify she may have been tied up. Also, there is a small mark on her inner wrist that was written in what Hermione assumes was her own lipstick. It looks like a number one.”

“A number one?” Tonks felt puzzled. “Why would someone put a number on someone’s wrist?”

“Hermione has a theory that it may be the start of a counting…” Harry’s eyes shifted around the field, checking for any unwanted listeners. “My gut is telling me something similar, but for now it’s a standalone case.”

Tonks let out a sigh. If a mark was left on the body, it very well could be a calling card. Simply leaving a number? What kind of message was that? Tonks shook her head, she should dwell on what could and can, but focus on the facts that were right in front of her.

“Alright,” she said slowly, “you want to try and reach out to the parents? They might take it better from someone they are familiar with. Have you already looked over the body?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, I have looked her over. Nothing on her other than the rope marks and the lipstick, like I mentioned. She looks like I remember, maybe a few wrinkles I never noticed, but I would say it is Cho Chang.” He licked his lips nervously. “We could go speak to her parents now,” he pointed towards the area they came from. “They live around three blocks from here.”


Marth a and Adam Chang were completely devastated to hear about their daughter. When Harry knocked on their door, at first, they were thrilled. They had always liked Harry, even if his relationship fizzled with their child. When Harry asked to come inside with his police partner, they were understandably confused.

Harry sat them down in front of the fire. Pleasantries and chitchats were had, while Martha made them all tea. Once the biscuits and mugs of strong drink were passed around, Harry explained to them what they knew so far. Martha had let out a heart-wrenching sob and put her face into her husband’s shoulder. Adam kept eye contact with Harry, but his eyes were misty.

“Do you have any suspects? Shouldn’t you have someone…” Adam’s voice broke.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Chang,” Tonks said, “We have no evidence towards anyone right now, but maybe you could help us. Did your daughter ever complain about anyone? Maybe someone she disliked or someone who disliked her?”

Mr. Chang shook his head. “No, Cho was well liked by everyone. She never really complained about anyone…” he paused. “Well, okay, she complained about her boyfriend, but who doesn’t do that?”

“What kind of things did she complain about?”

Adam made a derisive gesture with his hands. “This and that. I mean, lately they had been fighting a lot. She wanted Michael to commit more, but he kept procrastinating.” He looked between Harry and Tonks. “But that’s normal in relationships.”

Harry nodded. “How long had they been seeing each other?”

Mr. Chang let out a long sigh and shot Harry an awkward glance. “I would say right after you two ended.”

“Four years can be a long time without commitment,” Tonks muttered under her breath, then spoke louder, “Do you know where we might find this boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I have his address written down somewhere.” Adam looked down at his wife. “Martha, dear. I need to give the inspectors Michael’s address. Afterwards, how about we go see your sister?”

Harry watched Adam extract himself from his wife and head into another room. He could hear rummaging and then Adam was back with a small piece of paper. Written on it was an address and the name Michael Corner. He handed it to Tonks. “Anything else I can do for you Inspector Tonks? Harry?”

They shook their heads, and as one rose from their seats. “Unfortunately we do need someone to come down and confirm that the woman we found is your daughter. I know it’s hard, but if one of you could come down to Scotland Yard? Tonks asked.

Adam let out a deep sigh, and quickly glanced at his wife. “I’ll come down before we head to Martha’s sister.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chang. Again, we are so sorry for your loss,” Tonk said. She and Harry walked to the front door and closed it shut behind them.

“So, going with ‘the boyfriend did it’ stereotype?” Tonks joked as they walked down the hall, back to the street.

Harry snorted. “No, just because I don’t want to be typical.” Tonks laughed. “But really, we do need to talk to him.”

“Yeah, we can head there now.”

“I agree, but I want to call Hermione first. Maybe she has some new information about cause of death.”

“Alright, make the call from the car.” They left the tall brick building and walked towards the squad car in silence. Harry pulled out his phone and found Hermione in his contacts. He quickly pressed the dial button.

On the third ring she answered, “Harry.”

“Hermione,” Harry said as he opened the passenger side of the car and hopped in, “Any new information?”

“Nothing as of right now, but I am running test for all the normal toxins. I am going to be doing a full autopsy. The body only just arrived.”

“Okay thanks, Hermione. Keep me in the loop.”

“Will do,” Hermione’s line went dead, as she hung up.

“So, nothing new?” Tonks asked as she merged into traffic on the A11.

“No, but Hermione is on it,” Harry said as he placed his phone into his inner jacket pocket.

Tonks snorted. “No doubt. That girl can figure anything out, I swear.”

Harry couldn’t help but agree. Hermione was just as stubborn as he. They both wouldn’t stop until they figured out the answers. Tonks drove along with the flow of traffic, heading towards their next destination. The car was filled with the sounds of radio calls, the usual afternoon chatter for traffic-filled London.

It took them forty minutes to travel from the Chang’s to Michael’s house on Lamble Street. He lived in a small semi-detached brownstone building. Cars lined the street as the two officers parked among the stationary vehicles. Tonks led the way to the front door, ringing the bell. They stood together on the stoop, waiting. No one came.

“Maybe he is at work,” Harry offered, as he looked in the front window. The sitting room was filled with comfortable looking armchairs and bookcases that lined the walls. No signs that anyone was home.

“Most likely,” Tonks nodded. She checked her watch. “It’s half past twelve, so he may even be away from work for lunch.”

Harry scrubbed his face with the palms of his hands. “Okay, how about we go back to The Yard, we can see if we have any information about Corner. Maybe even get his work address and pay him a visit.”


It turned out Michael Corner had no priors, making their search much more extensive. Around two, Harry received a text from Hermione calling him down to her office. He informed Tonks about where he was going and followed the narrow corridors towards the morgue. Hermione’s office was placed before the double door that led into the medical examination room. The harsh smell of chemicals was always strong in this area of the building, making it Harry’s least favorite place to visit.

He knocked on the office door, getting a call to come in. Hermione sat behind a large dark wooden desk, flicking through paperwork. “Harry,” she called as he walked in, “take a seat. I’ve already had the Changs identify the body. It was indeed Cho Chang, but we have some things to discuss.”

Harry did as she said, taking the stiff-backed chair placed in front of her. “Have you found cause of death?”

“Yes, I have,” Hermione’s tone was acerbic, “According to my results, Ms. Chang has been deceased for fifteen hours. I believe she died from milk poisoning.”

Harry felt nonplussed. “What? How was she killed from milk?”

Hermione passed a sheet of paper to him. It showed her assessment after the toxicology screen. Nothing had come back as positive. “Okay,” Harry said slowly, “how does this help me?”

“Well, first off, it shows the death of Ms. Chang was not from a normal drug abuse. After I received those results I checked her stomach contents. She had been eating, she had been receiving water, and she had drunk a lot of milk. I would estimate about ten liters in the last five days.”

Harry nodded his understanding so far, so Hermione pressed on. “I thought it was a little odd to have drunk so much milk, so I tested some of the remaining amount from her stomach. It was laced with ageratina altissima.”

“Okay, pretend I’ve never heard of ageratina altissima,” Harry said, “what is it?”

“It’s from a plant commonly called whitesnake root. It’s from the eastern side of North America.”

“What does that have to do with milk?”

“If a cow eats whitesnake root, its milk becomes a poison of sorts. If drunk in a large quantity it can be fatal, which is what I believe happened here.”

“So, you think she just drank the milk unsuspectingly, then someone dumped her body?”

Hermione gave him an acidic look. “I think someone made her ingest large quantities of milk, knowing it would kill her.”

“How long does it take for this ageratina altissima plant to kill someone?”

“According to my research, two to ten days.”

Harry blinked at her. “So, that would explain the rope marks. She must have been tied up, but if she was missing why didn’t anyone report her?”

Hermione spoke in a deadpanned tone, “Isn’t that your job?”

Harry could prevent a snort from coming out of his nose. “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, Hermione.”

She nodded at him as he stood up to leave. “Good luck, Harry. I’m going to keep search for anything that may help.”


Harry related the findings to Tonks. She was had been confused by the term milk poisoning as well, but she had nodded when he finished. “Well, that’s kinda dark,” she muttered as she sat back in her chair, “killing people with something everyone drinks.”

Harry ran a hand through his hair. “What I want to know is why she wasn’t reported missing? It takes at least two days to kill someone with ageratina altissima. You would figure someone would have missed her. Her office, her boyfriend, her friends… Someone.”

“We really need to meet this Michael guy,” Tonks claimed with earnestly. She gestured to her computer screen. “While you were with Hermione, I found out where he works. We should head there, maybe we could split up and one of us head to his house.”

Harry agreed, “I’ll go to his office. You take the house again.”

“What do you want to do if he isn’t at either?” Tonks asked grabbing her coat off the back of her chair.

“Hopefully that won’t be an issue, but if it is… we can play it by ear.”


Corner worked at Barclays, one of London’s most popular banks. He was a part of their legal department. When Harry arrived at the headquarters, the receptionist was less than cooperative. She said she was unable to give out any information and Harry would have to speak with a representative. He asked her to call one, and she did, someone she had named Bill.

Harry waited in one of the many stiff-backed chairs around the room. After a quarter of an hour, a tall, red-haired man came out from the employees’ door. His hair was pulled into a long ponytail, and he was covered in freckles. Harry felt like something trickled down his spine. There was something familiar about him.

The man approached with a smile and hand out. “Hello, sorry about the wait. I’m Bill Weasley.” Harry felt a shock as the realization hit him. Weasley. Bill had many similar traits Harry had admired on Ron and Ginny. The freckles alone were damning.

Harry took the outstretched hand. “Hello, Mr. Weasley. I’m Inspector Harry Potter. By chance are you related to Ronald Weasley?”

Bill’s gripped tighten. “Yes, did something happen to him?”

Harry quickly shook his head, making Bill loosen his hold. “No, he isn’t why I’m here. I just ran into him last night at a pub. Him and Ginny.”

Bill let out a relieved sigh and dropped Harry’s hand. “Oh, good. You had me worried there for a second. Yeah, I’m Ron’s oldest brother.” He made a gesture for Harry to follow him through the door he had just exited. Harry followed Bill through winding halls, until they reached a large room. The door was labeled W. Weasley. Bill opened the door and let Harry enter first. They took seats opposite each other, a desk separating them.

“What can I help you with, Inspector Potter?” Bill asked once they both had settled.

“I’m looking for someone from your legal department, Michael Corner.”

Bill started typing on a keyboard in front of him. “Michael Corner,” He muttered, then spoke louder, “Yes, Michael Corner does work here. He is currently away in America, dealing with some translation issues on a contract with one of the companies in the States.” Bill looked away from his screen, towards Harry. “What do you need him for?”

“How long has he been gone?” Harry asked

“It says he’s been gone for a little over a week. He left last Monday.”

“When should he be back?”

“I don’t have the kind of information, Inspector. There is no definite answer. He is there until all the issues are worked out.”

Harry nodded and stood up. “Thank you, Mr. Weasley.”

Bill stood up with him and offered him another handshake. “Out of curiosity, are you the one who Ron pissed on?”

Harry laughed. “He told you about that?”

Bill shook his head with a smile. “No, it was Ginny. She called me last night and told me all about Ron’s night in jail. She claimed she wanted to make me feel better about him missing my daughter’s party, but,” Bill let out a laugh, “she really just wanted someone to laugh with her, and I’m the least likely of the brothers to mock Ron.”

“Yeah, that was me,” Harry admitted laughing with the man, “she did seem to get a kick out of the story last night.”

“Oh, it wouldn’t matter which brother it was, it’s funny to us all. I’m surprised it wasn’t one of the twins.”

“That’s what Ginny told me, too.”

Bill led the way back to the entrance. Once they reached the receptions desk, Bill said, “Here call me if you need anything, Inspector Potter.” He handed Harry a card. “If you like I can give you a call once Corner is on his way back.”

“That would be a huge help, Bill,” Harry handed him his own contact information. “Thank you.”

“Of course, I hope he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“You and me both.”


Harry called Tonks from his car, explaining what Bill had told him. “Well, fuck,” Tonks cursed through the receiver. “So, we have nothing now.”

“For now,” Harry said, as he watched cars passing him as he remained stationary. It was four in the evening, people were starting to get out of work. They might have plans for dinner or to just lay about their house. “Hermione will have a complete autopsy done by tomorrow, and I figured we could go back to the Chang’s and ask about some of Cho’s friends. Maybe they saw her within the last few days.”

Tonks was silent for a few moments, then said, “That sounds like a good plan, but let’s wait till tomorrow to talk to the Changs. They had enough to deal with today. Another visit from us might throw them over the edge.” Tonks paused again, her breathing the only noise heard through the wireless. “A little dodgy that Michael happens to be in the States, isn’t it?”

Harry grunted his agreeance. “Yeah I would have to agree, but let's not go around assuming. We will wait till he comes back and check out all the links, yeah?” Tonks let out a long sigh but agreed. “Okay, ten in the morning seem like a reasonable time to call upon the Changs?”

“Yeah, that would be fair. Hopefully, Hermione will have everything done before that,” Tonk said with a hopeful tone.

Harry agreed with her and said he would see her tomorrow. He started the car as he hung up the phone. Arriving back to the car park at half past four, Harry decided to leave for the day. He quickly went into his office and made sure he had everything he needed to bring home. The tube was crowded at the center of the city, but as he made his way to the outskirts the train cleared.

He arrived at his flat a forty-five minutes later. Hopping in the shower he started to get ready to meet Ginny for six. Swapping his professional clothes for a casual pair of jeans and a loose fitting button up, Harry was soon walking back towards the station. His watch told him he arrived with five minutes to spare, so he took a seat on a nearby bench.

He tried to wait patiently, but he seemed to check his watch every minute. One minute before six, Harry saw Ginny’s red hair flowing through the many people loitering on the street. She smiled as she reached him. “Hello, Inspector Potter. Can I interest you in some delicious butter chicken curry?”

Harry stood up and returned her grin. “I could be persuaded.” Before he offer his arm, in his gentlemanly fashion, Ginny grabbed his hand.

“I figured it was my turn to be genteel,” her voice dripped with sarcasm, “I wouldn’t want to disappoint my mother, and all that.”

Harry laughed as they started to walk away from the station. “Oh, no,” Harry said making his voice filled with mock surprise, “you figured out your mother’s plot. I was supposed to be undercover.”

Ginny let out an un-ladylike snort. “And don’t you forget it. I can sniff out any plots against me.”

“Are you looking for a new job? I have an opening in the canine unit.”

“Only if I’m at the top of the food chain,” Ginny laughed. Harry followed her example. They continued their ribbing all the way to the restaurant, which was on the ground floor of a small building. The front window had pictures of some of the dishes and an intoxicating smell of spices wafted out the open door.

Harry and Ginny approached the counter. At first Harry didn’t know what he wanted to order, there were so many options that sounded delightful, but that may just have been because he hadn’t eaten since much earlier in the day. In the end he went with the butter chicken, the dish that Ginny had also chosen. Harry, again, paid before Ginny could do anything. They found a table and waited for their order to arrive, all the while chit chatting idly. Finally, after a disgruntled man delivered their food, there was a comfortable silence between the two as they ate. Ginny hadn’t been lying that the butter chicken was incredible.

“So, what happened with Thomas and the other one?” Harry asked as he cut a piece of chicken in half.

Ginny rolled her eyes as she swallowed her food. “It could have been worse. All they did was piss off the barkeep. No fights or taking a married woman back to their place.”

“Does that last one happen a lot?”

“Yeah, actually. As sad as it is, some women will take off their ring when they meet a professional football player. I deal with that situation more than I would like.” Ginny paused as she took another bite of chicken, then said, “What about you? Anything interesting happen on the streets of London today?”

“Well, my ex-girlfriend was murdered, so that’s something,” Harry blurted. It took him only two seconds to realize he should not have done that. “Sorry, can you just pretend you never heard that?”

Ginny was wide eyed, but snorted. “Does that mean you did it, and you don’t want me to say anything? I’m good at keeping secrets. Like I never told anyone Ron use to snuggle with a teddy bear till he was eleven.” She placed a hand over her mouth. “Oops,” she said with mock horror, “forget I said anything.”

Harry couldn’t help but laugh. All those things he had seen in her last night were still there and prominent. She put her hand on top of his, across the table. “Don’t worry I won’t say anything,” she said honestly. “Are you okay? I would think that would be more than a little shocking.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Harry let out a sigh. “It’s just, we are already running low on leads and that’s never good within the first twenty-four hours.”

“I would think not,” Ginny said, then she something in her eyes changed. There was a glint that Harry could only place as mischievous, like a cat about to knock over a vase. “So, what was this girl like? Do you have a type I should be worried about?”

He was surprised at her boldness. There was also a bubble of excitement in his gut. Did that mean she had a thing for him, too?

He let out a derisive snort. “If you’re trying to make it so I never talk to you again, she could be your inspiration.”

“Perfect! Is there an instructional audiobook I can buy?”

“Not yet, it’s going to be released within the next week,” Harry spluttered though his laughter.

“Great, I’ll pre-order when I get home, but until then,” Ginny gave him a radiant smile, “you’re stuck with me, too.”

“I’m okay with that.”

They finished their meal and walked back towards the Sudbury station. Again, their hands were adjoined naturally and they were talking back and forth with ease. Once they reached the bench where Harry had sat earlier they, again, stood and did nothing. Just like last night, Harry didn’t want to leave Ginny’s company.

“Have you seen Sherlock?” Ginny asked. She was looking at him, a small smile gracing her lips.

“No,” Harry admitted, “but a lot of people rave about it.”

“So, I’ve heard,” Ginny claimed, “I was thinking about watching it for the first time tonight on Netflix’. If you would like, maybe we could lose our Sherlock virginities together.” He stared at her for a few moments before she continued, “That isn’t an invite for anything else, mind you, but think it’s a shame that two of England’s finest haven’t seen such a revolutionary show.” Ginny placed her hand over her heart as if it hurt her.

Harry chuckled. “I guess that depends.”


“Do you have ice cream?”

Ginny choked out a laugh. “Of course, mint chocolate chip.”

Harry let out a happy groan. “Perfect. My favorite.”

Ginny smirked up at him as she guided him in the direction of her flat. “Only the best for you.”


They arrived at Ginny’s flat after a short, five-minute walk, having chatted about everything and nothing. Ginny could help but admire how easy Harry was to talk to. She felt like she could tell him almost anything and he wouldn’t judge, he would just make a sarcastic comment. A man with her own values.

She had never intended to invite him back to her place, but she just was so content in his company that she figured: what the hell. She unlocked the door to her flat, which opened up into a spacious sitting room. “If you start up Netflix, I’ll go grab us each a bowl of ice cream,” she told him handing him a remote from the coffee table. “Just turn on the TV and then turn on the PlayStation. The Netflix app should be the last thing opened.”’

Harry nodded and did as requested, while Ginny entered her small kitchen. There wasn’t much to her apartment. Just a nice sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, and decent size bedroom, but Ginny loved it. It was her first place of her own. Away from all her brothers, away from her mother. It was great.

She dished out two large helpings of ice cream and drizzled chocolate sauce over it, because who doesn’t love chocolate sauce? Grabbing two spoons from the drawer, she headed back out to the sitting room, where Harry was lounging on the couch flicking through her game collection. “See anything you like?” she asked setting the bowl in front of him on the table.

“You have good taste,” Harry said holding down the button to head back over to the Netflix’s app, “LA Noire and the Last of Us are two of my favorite games.”

Ginny took a large spoonful of her slowly melting treat and stuck in her mouth. Once she was over the initial cold she swallowed and said, “I’m not surprised you like LA Noire. How similar is that to real police work?”

Harry took a moment to consider as she took the controller from him and started Sherlock. “It has its moments,” Harry finally claimed, “but I will say not enough people have bar matches, so I can find out where they frequent.”

Ginny laughed and they settled into the show. Something Ginny was always wary about when watching something with new people, was if they were talkers. She personally liked to discuss things that were happening on the screen. In the past she had been shushed and told to stop too many times, so she tried to be quiet when enjoying a film with others.

Harry, it turned out, was a talker too, because when Sherlock suddenly knew everything about John just by looking at him, he let out a low curse in surprise. “How did he do that?”

“You’re the Inspector here, not me. Shouldn’t you know?” Ginny said comically turning her head to the side.

Harry laughed and looked at her. “If only. It would make everything so much easier. Though I will say I have a pretty good internal lie detector.”

“Do you? Care to test it?”

He gave her a cocky, slightly lopsided grin, which Ginny found way too attractive for her own good. “Bring it on, Weasley.”

“Alright, I’ll give you two truths and a lie. You have to figure out the lie,” she paused to think out her claims. “Okay, one: I only bought the mint chocolate chip ice cream because they were out of Neapolitan. Two: I hate the Star Wars series. Three: my favorite album of all time is Night Visions by Imagine Dragons.”

Harry stared at her for a full minute leaning towards her, looking directly in her eyes. They were now sitting close enough she could smell his cologne, a woodsy kind of smell. Like the scent of a cricket bat. She decided at the minute mark to wink at him, making his cheeks turn pink, but he leaned back with a smile. “The first one is a lie,” He claimed with confidence.

“Why do you think that,” Ginny made sure to give nothing away.

“Because no one goes into a store looking for Neapolitan, unless it’s a kid’s birthday party.”

Ginny laughed. “You’re right. That inspectors badge is well deserved.”

Harry chuckled. “That’s how I got the badge, don’t you know. My boss quizzed me on all his favorite ice cream flavors.”

In the last few minutes they had seemed to move closer to one another. They were now sitting facing each other, their knees touching one another, both leaned slightly forward. “Can you tell what I’m thinking right now?”

Harry gave her another lopsided smirk. “I’m not a mind reader, but I bet I can guess.” He put his pointer finger to his temple. “I see a man… devilishly handsome…black hair… snoggable lips.”

Ginny snorted loudly. “Oh, yeah, let me give it a go,” she placed on hand on the side of his face. He leaned instantly towards it. “You are thinking about something… Ah a beautiful temptress… Long flowing red hair, to die for brown eyes. Am I close?”

Harry visible swallowed, making his Adam’s apple bob. “Yeah,” his voice was husky, “right in one.”

Ginny would never be able to figure out who moved first, but the next thing she knew her lips were latched onto his. Her hand combed through that chaotic messy hair, which she had found so incredibly appealing when she saw him for the first time. Harry’s hands were at the back of her head, pushing through her own locks.

Time seemed obsolete as they intertwined with each other. Harry leaned her backwards on the couch, keeping their lips connected. After an unknown amount of time Harry pulled slightly back, placing his forehead against hers. “What happen to ‘not an invite for anything else’?”

“I changed my mind. Any problems with that, Potter?”

“No complaints from me, Miss Weasley.”

Ginny chuckled and pulled his lips back on to hers.
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