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Only the Best
By Celtics534

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Other, Ron Weasley
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: Death, Disturbing Imagery, Extreme Language, Intimate Sexual Situations, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Situations, Sexual Situations, Spouse/Adult/Child Abuse, Violence, Violence/Physical Abuse
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Rating: R
Reviews: 80
Summary: Metropolitan Police Inspector Harry Potter was having an amazing twenty-four hours. He slept a full eight hours, had a good pint, and met the most incredible red-headed woman. Of course, that was all nulled by the dead woman lying in Whitehorse Road Park.
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Author's Notes:
Throwing in some twists and turns! Just want to thank Arnel and gryffindormischief for their awesome edits!


A week with no answers was never satisfying. All of Harry’s leads fell flat. He had talked with Cho’s parents again, sought out some of her friends. Not a single one had seen her in the last month. Harry had found out Cho had been recently fired from her job, making it so none of the workers at her old office had seen her either.

It didn’t make sense. Why had no one talked to Cho in a month? Harry remembered her to be rather talkative. Nothing he was interested in, but she still held a conversation. Harry couldn’t imagine her not talking to someone for more than a week. Of course, Harry still hadn’t had contact with the boyfriend, but he had spoken with Bill Weasley often enough to confirm that Corner was still in America.

He and Tonks had set up a whiteboard to try and figure out connecting lines, but there was nothing. Everyone seemed to have a legitimate alibi. Harry felt like everything they did led to another dead-end, something that rightfully angered him. The only thing he had going for him was the fact that he was seeing Ginny on a regular basis.

After that night on the couch, they had come to conclusion that they should continue to have dinners with each other and see where it led, for scientific purposes, of course. Harry had learned so much about her in seven days. She apparently was one of the top football players in her secondary school, she had seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and she had once narrowly dodged being arrested at an underage party during her A Levels.

Harry, in turn, had told her stories about him. He told her about when his uncle’s horrible sister and how her dog had chased him up a tree when he was eight, his explanation of his first kiss had her in tears of laughter, and Ginny had given him the sweetest kiss after he showed her a picture of his parents, who had died when he was only one.

The last one had only been two previous night, but it made Harry feel so much closer to her. After a year of dating Cho, he had never told her that, he never felt comfortable enough with her. With Ginny, everything felt simple. There were no nerves, it was as if he had known her forever.

Now sixteen hours later he was sitting with another woman whom he was comfortable with. Tonks was currently staring at their white board, seemingly trying to will it into giving up an answer. “That plant,” Tonks seemed to be muttering under her breath, repeating the sentence repeatedly. Finally, she turned away from the board and looked at Harry, eyes alight with excitement. “That plant!” She exclaimed.

“That plant?” Harry parroted her. “What about the plant.”

“How did it get here? It’s native to the United States correct?”

Harry nodded. They had this discussion three days ago. Ageratina altissima had become a common word in their office.

“So, plants traveling across countries isn’t that normal, right?”

Again, Harry nodded. Tonks just continued to stare at him with her eyes shining. Harry didn’t want to be the one to bring her down, after days of failed trails, but he didn’t want them to get distracted by this train of thought again.

“But, it would take too long for the plant to travel and still have all its nutrients and be alive. Then it might not have the same effect on the milk, if the cow eats it after it's been plucked from the ground.” Tonks turned her head to the ceiling, disappointment emanating off her. Then suddenly she tilted her neck into place, looking at Harry again.

“What if they are importing the milk?” Tonks sounded exhilarated by her epiphany. “That wouldn’t be extremely common, now would it?”

Harry thought about if for a moment. No, it wouldn’t be normal to import a product they already they had in the country, would it? “Can we get that information?”

“We can try to talk to the Department for International Trade,” Tonks was practically bouncing on her feet in excitement. Harry could feel his own bubbling to the surface.

“Great. You try to reach them. I’m going to give Bill Weasley another call.”


“Anot her dead-end,” Harry said as he placed two plates down on Ginny’s kitchen table. Ginny was tossing a salad, while her shepherd’s pie baked in the oven. She glanced over her shoulder to look at Harry’s dispirited face.

“Well,” Ginny drawled, as she brought the salad over to the table, “At least you keep gaining leads, right? I bet it would be worse if you had nothing at all.”

“I wouldn’t be much of an investigator if I didn’t at least have some theories, now would I?” Harry’s voice dripped with sarcasm. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him back into her. After such a short amount of time together, Ginny already felt close to Harry. Something that was shocking to her, because usually it took her a while to become comfortable with someone. Somehow, Harry had already wormed his way into her small collection of favorite people.

She placed a kiss on his shoulder blade, through his shirt. “Have you heard anything about the boyfriend?”

Harry shook his head as he seemed to give into her warmth. “No, your brother hasn’t heard anything from him in a few days. Which makes it…”

“Dodgier, you’re right,” Ginny interrupted.

Harry turned in her arms and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. “I was going to say makes it more difficult to get answers, but I like your enthusiasm.”

Ginny grinned at him and returned his gesture, though this time it lasted much longer. The timer for the pie rang throughout the kitchen, drawing Ginny’s attention back to the task at hand. She grabbed a hot mitt and pulled the steaming dish out of the oven. Harry went over to the silverware drawer and pulled out forks and knives.

They took their seats and started to eat, both seeming to be in their own mind. Ginny, for her part, was trying to figure out how to help her new boyfriend. Within a week his case had seemed to flop about more than a seal in a show at the zoo. She didn’t have any experience with crime, other than a couple episodes of Midsomer Murders.

Harry was the first to break the silence. “So, how was your day? Any meetings with good old Abe?”

Ginny laughed as she speared a tomato. “No, we have gone five days without incident. Making my days rather boring.”

“Is boring good or bad?”

“Good, until noon rolls around and I’ve already played an hour of pinball on my computer.”

Harry nodded his head while laugh. “I can see your predicament. Pinball is only fun for forty-five minutes max.”

“Exactly,” Ginny gave a melodramatic sigh. “But I guess it could always be worse.”

“How so?”

“I could be stuck playing solitaire.”

Harry almost choked on his bite of steak, as he began to laugh. He coughed for a few seconds, then cleared his throat before saying, “You’re right it could be worse.”

Ginny gave him a grin and nodded with mocking seriousness. “You should get use to saying that. Next time make it easy on yourself and just say ‘yes, dear.’”

“Yes, dear.”

“And they say you can’t train an old dog to do new tricks,” Ginny laughed and stood up from the table, grabbing his and her empty plates. When she walked by Harry she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ginny decided that her way of helping Harry was by distraction. He needed to remember there was more to life than his case, she didn’t want it to consume him.

She could tell Harry was the kind of person who would wrapped himself so tightly in something he wouldn’t be able to anything but the all-consuming issue. Placing the used dishes on the counter, she started to fill the sink with soap and water. The water had only just reached optimum temperature, when two arms encircled her waist and a warm kiss was placed on her neck. Ginny tilted her head to side to give the mouth more access. Hot breath was next found right at her ear. “Leave those for me later. Right now, I say we go finish Sherlock, maybe even start another show?”

“Hmm, and what show, pray tell, did you have in mind,” Ginny muttered as she leaned into Harry’s body tipping her neck so she could see him slightly better.

Harry pressed a kiss to her jaw and then her cheek. “Does it matter?”

“You have a point there. Maybe we should re-watch Sherlock and find out what has happened from season two on?”

“Whatever you would like.”

“Only the best for me, huh?”

“Yes, dear.”

Ginny laughed and turned in Harry’s arms and gave him a proper kiss. Then she retreated and went over to the fridge and grabbed two beers. She popped the tops off on the side of the counter, handed Harry one, and led the way to the sitting room.


Harry woke to his phone ringing. Trying to quickly blink the sleep from his eyes, Harry looked at the caller ID-- Bill Weasley. Hastily he slid the bar over to answer the call. “This is Potter.”

“Hello, Detective Inspector Potter, it’s Bill Weasley from Barclays. I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Corner should be back by half past one this afternoon.”

Harry nearly let out a sigh of relief. “Great, thank you, Mr. Weasley.”

“No problem, let me know if you need anything else.”

“I will. Have a good day Mr. Weasley.”

“You as well.” Harry hung up the phone and texted Tonks to tell her the news. He checked the clock on his bedside table. It was ten minutes past seven in the morning. His intentions were to leave for nine so, he decided to get up and take a shower. By the time he finished cleaning Tonks had responded with confirmation that she would meet him at Barclays at half past one later that day.

Outside the window, rain poured down sideways. That ruined any ideas of going out for a jog. He texted Ginny, hoping she might be up and want coffee. For once, luck seemed to be on his side because Ginny responded almost immediately, saying that she had just started brewing a pot.

“Of course, only the best brand for you,” Ginny texted, “Tesco.”

Harry sent a message telling her not to drink it all, he would be there in fifteen minutes. He grabbed his wallet and keys from the table next to the front door, and donned his rain jacket.

As he locked his door behind him Ginny sent another message. “Yes, dear,” making Harry snort as he pulled the cowl of the jacket over his head. The rain chilled him to the bone within the first minute of walking, so by the time he arrived at Ginny’s flat he wanted to curl up next to a fire and cradle his cup of coffee.

Ginny answered the door at the first knock. “Hello there,” she looked him over leaning against the door frame. “Wow and here I thought it was a bright sunny day.”

“Ha, ha,” Harry said with a humorless tone, but his smile ruined the act. “Care to let me in?”

“Do you have a warrant?”

“No, but I do have witty personality and charming smile.”

“Oh, I do swoon over a pretty smile. Do come in,” Ginny moved out of the doorway. She headed into the kitchen and came back with a steaming mug of intoxicating liquid. “Here you go, your new lord and savior.” She handed him the mug and together they walked over to her couch.

Ginny picked up her own mug from the coffee table set in front of them. “What’s your plan today big, bad, Inspector?”

Harry took a sip of the hot liquid, slightly burning the roof of his mouth, but considered it worth the warmth spreading through his body. “Your brother finally called to tell me Corner will be back later today. So, Tonks and I will meet there this afternoon.”

Ginny gave him a cheery smile. “That’s great!” She held up her mug in a cheers motion. “Here’s to hoping he has some answers.”

They knocked mugs together with a satisfying noise. Harry took another swallow of his drink. “Even if he can just enlighten us about why Cho hadn’t spoken to anyone in so long, it will be better than nothing.”

Placing her mug down on the table, Ginny turned her body so she was facing Harry better. “What happens if you can’t find any more leads?”

Harry copied her motions. He then ran a hand through his hair, making it even messier than before. “Well, as bad as it sounds without any leads we are basically trapped in a corner of a pit, attempting to claw our way out.”

“Bloody hell! So, what, you just keep hoping for some new evidence to come in? Do you just sit around waiting?”

Harry snorted. “Sorry, I don’t get to play pinball at work. No, I place it as a temporary unsolved case and then work on other cases. Then, if something new comes it, I get to reopen the original case and try to find the answers. “

Ginny picked up her mug again and nursed it. “I’m guessing you hate doing that?”

He gave her a startled smile. “How did you guess that?”

“You’re not that hard to read there, Potter,” Ginny claimed with a dismissive wave, “You don’t like leaving things unfinished. You like having the answers.”

Harry gave he a bashful smile, but nodded. “Some say I get slight obsessed, but what’s the point of doing something half-arsed?”

Ginny let out a melodious laugh. “You got that right.” She looked down at her watch. “I need to leave in an hour, but I have to take a shower first. Feel free to stay and watch something.”

Giving her a coquettish smile, Harry leaned forward and breathy asked, “Do you need a hand? I’m more than willing to come in to help.”

Letting out a throaty laugh, Ginny ruffled Harry’s already disheveled locks. “Oh, I think you’ve already had a shower, but,” she let her voice drop, “if you were to cook us dinner tonight I might be willing to…” she moved in close and whispered into his ear.

Harry’s felt his cheeks turn the color of Ginny’s hair as she pulled away smirking. “So, six o’clock work for you?” he croaked. Ginny chuckled and nodded, then headed into the bathroom. Harry turned on the television and watched the morning news, trying to ignore his thoughts about the currently disrobing red-headed temptress just a mere doorway away.

Suddenly the sound of the water from the bathroom was louder, as Ginny opened the door slightly and threw her knickers in Harry’s general direction, amazingly, having it land right in his lap. “Just a preview,” Ginny called as she shut the door again.

Taking the lacy black cloth in his hand, Harry laughed. Bloody hell, was he ever looking forward to six o’clock.


Tonks was standing underneath a shaded part of the building when Harry approached. He had on his black standard issue raincoat. “Ready?” he asked once he reached her. She checked her pocket watch. It was exactly half past one. Normally, she would have given the Michael more time to settle, but they needed answers.

She nodded at her partner and together they walked in through the double glass doors. Harry approached the receptionist, having already been acquainted before. She called Corner and told the pair to wait chairs placed in the room. Within five minutes Michael came out from the employee door. He was scrawny with short, clean dark hair.

“Hello, I’m Michael Corner,” his voice was slightly posh, as he held out his hand.

Harry shook the man’s hand. “Hello, I’m Detective Inspector Potter and this is my partner Detective Inspector Tonks.” Tonks shook Corner’s hand as well. “We are here to discuss an open case with you, if you have an office?”

Corner nodded and led the way through the employee door. It was a short walk to his small office. There was no window inside the room, but a decent size desk with two straight back chairs placed in front of it. A leather luggage set sat in the corner.

Michael took the seat behind the desk and gestured for the Inspectors to sit in the two before him. “So,” his voice was nervous, “what can I help with? I’ve been in The United States for the last few weeks, so I do not have much knowledge to what has been happening around here.”

Tonks nodded at Harry, gesturing for him to talk. “Mr. Corner,” Harry said, making eye contact with the legal guide, “I’m afraid that the body of Cho Chang has been discovered eight days ago.”

Tonks stared at Corner’s eyes. The light that had been illuminated in the hazel orbs seemed to die. An honest reaction, if you asked her. He seemed to pale as well. “W-w-what do you mean been discovered?” His voice seemed to raise an octave higher as it trembled.

“Miss Chang was found deceased in Whitehorse Road Park. We currently have no one in custody, but we are hoping you may have some information about Miss Chang’s lifestyle in the last month.” Harry kept his voice candid.

Michael was taking deep breaths, trying to keep his composure. “Whatever I can do to help.”

Harry nodded and took out his notebook. Tonks did the same with her phone. “When was the last time you spoke to Miss Chang?” Tonks asked. She decided to keep it simple, something that could help him get his head back on straight.

“Uh, about three weeks ago… maybe three and a half. We had a fight before I went off to America,” Corner had started to run a hand through his hair, making it nearly as messy as Harry’s. “She was annoyed at me for not showing enough dedication in the relationship… maybe I didn’t, but anyways, she wanted to get married. I wasn’t ready…” he paused to collect himself before continuing, “I wasn’t ready then, but when I was in America I realized I-I did want to marry her. I bought a ring while in New York…” Michael seemed to have a lump in his throat as he opened his mouth, but was forced to close it.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Corner,” Tonks apologized, but pressed on, “Do you know why she hadn’t been talking to any of her friends?”

Michael gave a slow nod. “Yeah, she was embarrassed about losing her job. She didn’t want anyone taking pity on her or something.”

Tonks saw Harry give a slight nod, seeming to acknowledge Cho would behave as such. Harry then asked, “Had she been behaving oddly?”

After a couple of blinks Corner nodded. “To be honest, yes. She had been going out more… spending a lot of time at some club.”

“A club?” Tonks asked, vigorously taking notes, “do you know the name of the club?”

“She called it The Ministry, but I don’t know if that is its real name.”

“Great, thanks, Michael. One final thing, did Cho ever talk about someone disliking her?”

Michael let out a small snort and shook his head. “The only person Cho complained about was my ex-girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in like six years. As far as I know Cho never met her, but she was constantly paranoid about her, claiming she was afraid she would steal me back. So, really no.”

“What’s your ex’s name?” Harry asked. “We want to check any lead. It’s possible your ex could have been doing something without your knowledge.”

Michael shrugged. “I doubt it. I met her in uni and we only went out for a year. She thought I was sexist and I thought she shouldn’t focus so much on football, but we split amicably.”

“Her name, Michael,” Harry requested again.

“Ginny Weasley.” Tonks saw Harry give a little start and nearly drop his pen. Giving him a curious look, Tonks tried to silently question her partner. Did he know this Ginny Weasley? Harry gave nothing away so Tonks turned back to the distraught man.

“Thank you, Michael,” Tonks stood up, Harry mimicked her motion. She pulled out her card and handed it to the man across the desk. “If something comes to your mind feel free to call me.”

Corner nodded. “Can I see her?”

Tonks hesitated with her hand on the doorknob. “We are still running some tests, but once we release her to her parents I’m sure they will be more than happy to let you see her.”

Michael’s head dropped, but he agreed. Harry and Tonks left the office, heading back towards the watery world outside.

“Do you know this Ginny Weasley?” Tonks asked as they reached the entrance.

Harry took in a deep breath. “Yeah… I’m k-kinda seeing her.”

Tonks let out one chuckle, then two, then she was full belly-laughing. Harry watched her with an annoyed look. “That’s great,” she finally said once she had control of herself. “First you dated the victim, and now you’re dating a person of interest.”

For his part, Harry only rolled his eyes. “I’ll look up this Ministry place if you want to go talk to Ginny, though that might be a waste of time because I doubt Ginny even cares that Corner was dating her.”

“And I’m sure you know where I could find her, hm?”

Harry placed his hood over his head, but muttered, “She works at Wembley.”


To nks arrived at the famous Wembley Stadium in record time. Last time she had been there she had seen Green Day in concert. Now she was here to talk to her partner’s girlfriend, about her ex-boyfriend’s lover… Life loved its ironies.

She received directions to Weasley’s office, no issue. Knocking on the designated door, a pleasant female voice promptly called for her to come in. Tonks entered and did a quick check around the room, as she was trained to do. There was a lounge area with comfortable looking chairs and a couch. Miss Weasley was sitting at her desk, typing rapidly on a phone screen. She looked up and gave a quick smile. “Sit where ever you like.”

Tonks took the chair closest to the door. Weasley placed her phone down on her desk and came over to sit in the other chair. “Sorry about that, just needed to finish that text to the team manager. How can I help you?”

“Hello, I’m Detective Inspector Nymphadora Tonks. I have a few questions for you about an ongoing investigation.”

Ginny looked puzzled, but nodded. “Sure, happy to help, but what can I do?”

“Do you know a woman named Cho Chang?”

“Isn’t she the woman who was found in Whitehorse Road Park?”

“Yes, but did you know her personally?”

“No, never met her… Should I know her?”

Tonks smiled. “Not really, but she was dating your ex-boyfriend, Michael Corner.”

“Michael?” Ginny snorted. “I haven’t seen him since I was in school. Why would I know his girlfriend years later?”

“Cho apparently was afraid you were going to try to quote ‘steal Michael back’.”

Ginny started to cackle. “Why in the name of the hot lord would I want that tosser back? He was a sexist, masochistic git.”

Tonks couldn’t contain her own chuckle. “Michael said you would say something like that.”

“Well, if the shoe fits,” Ginny stopped laughing. “No, I never wanted him back, and we honestly split on fair terms. I didn’t even know he was dating this woman.”

“My partner thought as much.”

A light tinge of pink graced Ginny’s cheeks. “I’m guessing your partner is named Potter?” Tonks tapped her nose in a right-in-one gesture. Ginny laughed. “Why didn’t he come with you?”

“Conflict of interest, but I will say this, you picked a good conflict.”

Ginny snorted and gave her a humorous smug smile. “And don’t I know it.” If Tonks had met Ginny in a pub or at a football match they would have become fast friends.

Tonks’ phone lit up signaling a text. Taking a quick look, she saw Harry had found a place called The Ministry. A dance club near the Thames River, maybe thirty minutes from Westminster Abbey. Harry told her they could meet there. “Alright, Ginny,” she said standing up, “If something changes and you suddenly know Miss Chang, please give me a call.” She handed out her second card of the day.

“Sure thing,” Ginny claimed easily. They shook hands. “You going to be seeing Harry?” Tonks nodded. Ginny’s face lit up with a mischievous grin. “Wanna make him blush?”

“You mean break cold, hard Potter?” Tonks asked. “Hell, yeah!”

“Ask him what he’s is doing at six tonight. I bet his cheeks turn as red as a bus.”


“So, do you know who we’re talking about?” Harry asked the bartender of The Ministry. While he had waited for Tonks to come back from talking with Ginny, which had led to nothing as he expected, he did some basic research on the club. It was a popular place to go, and had been around for only a few years. When Tonks had finally arrived, the pair went onto the deserted dance floor.

There was a man preparing for the crowds behind the bar. Harry asked if he was the regular barkeep. He claimed he was, so Harry asked about the last month. He pulled out a photo of Cho Chang to help the man recognized who they were asking about.

“Actually, yeah.” The man, who called himself Ben, wiped a glass as he talked to them. “She’s martini without an olive.”

“How often did you see her?” Tonks asked excitedly.

Ben placed down the glass and smiled up at her. “At least four times a week. I only work four nights. Sam works the other three.”

“Do you have his number?”

Ben’s smile dropped as his brow furrowed. “Why do you need her number?”

“We are trying to keep track of this woman’s movements over the last few months. Has she been in within the last three weeks?”

“Uh…” Ben thought long and hard. “Yeah, the last time I saw her was three Fridays ago.”

“Was she with anyone?” Harry asked feeling a bubble of thrill from in his stomach. Finally, they were getting somewhere.

The barman scratched his head. “I don’t think so. It’s kinda hard to tell. Someone may come in alone, but leave with someone, you know what I mean?”

Undeterred, Harry pressed on. “That’s fine. Do you have cameras? If we could get an image of her leaving, it would be helpful.”

“My boss will want a warrant of some sort,” Ben admitted with an awkward, apologetic smile.

“Okay, sure.” Tonks’ voice was acerbic, but she gave the barkeep a small smile. “We will be back soon, but until then I would like Sam’s number. What’s her last name?”

Ben took a piece of paper from under the bar and wrote down the phone number. “Sam Fortune.”

Tonks took the paper and shook the man’s hand. “Thanks, Ben.”

Harry pulled out his contact card. “If you think of anything…”

“Of course, have a good night Inspectors.” Ben gave them a cheery wave as they walked to the exit.

Once outside, Tonks paused before entering the downpour, hiding under the large sign. “What do you think?”

“Maybe she went home with someone… I mean, she and Michael were fighting. She wouldn’t be the first or the last to have a one-night hookup.”

“And if she didn’t go home with anyone?”

“Maybe a camera outside picked her up and can give us a little direction.”

“We’re basically blind, Potter.”

Harry couldn’t contain his snort. “I’m used to that. I do wear contacts.”

Tonks laughed. “Okay fair. How about I go make a call for a warrant? If luck’s on our side we should be able to get it for tomorrow. You want to give this Sam woman a call?”


Tonks handed him the slip of paper with the phone number, then looked down at her phone. She looked back at Harry with a smile, that with all honestly, he didn’t like. “Only an hour till six… Ginny told me you have something planned for six tonight. Still have time to make that call?” Harry could feel heat spread up his face like wildfire. “Someone call the fire brigade,” Tonks said gleefully. “Ginny wasn’t kidding, you do look as red as a bus.”

“I’ll go make that call now,” Harry claimed, walking towards his car and trying to ignore the burn of his cheeks, while listening to Tonks laugh.


“Knoc k, knock,” Ginny’s voice rang through Harry’s flat. “I’ve brought beer.” She let the bottles in the six-pack clatter together. “Where are you, Potter?” Harry came out from the kitchen and leaned against the doorway. “Ah, what’s cookin’, good lookin’?”

Harry made a disgusted face, that was ruined by his twitching lips. “Now that was just bad, but I’ll tell you anyways, beef stew with some toasted Chorleywood bread. A good meal for a rainy day.”

Ginny nodded her head in appreciation and walked towards the kitchen. As she passed Harry, she patted his cheek a few times, his face twisting as if he'd bit a lemon. The aroma of the stew was incredible. Something that Ginny found impressive about Harry was his cooking ability. He could make some amazing dishes. Four days ago, he made treacle treat for pudding, which was to die for.

“So, what’s the plan for tonight?” she asked as she placed the beers on the counter.

“Isn’t dinner and Netflix’s enough,” Harry asked in a mock hurt tone.

Ginny tapped her finger to her chin, as if deep in thought. “It might be too strenuous; you sure you can keep up?”

Harry came and wrapped her in his arms, pressing a kiss teasingly on her lips. “Trust me, darling, I’ll keep on top of things.”

“Good, because I only accept the best.”

He chuckled. “Yes, dear.” Ginny laughed and leaned up and kissed him. She ran her tongue along his bottom lip, eliciting a moan from Harry. Backing them slowly she pressed him against the counter.

“I thought it was dinner, then dessert?” Harry questioned hoarsely as he moved his lips to her neck.

“I’ve never been a stickler for rules,” Ginny claimed as she tilted her neck to allow him better access, her eyes shutting on their own accord. Harry took one hand from her waist and reached for the knob on the stove, lowering the heat to a simmer. Then he returned his hand to Ginny, using it to switch their positions.

“I’m willing to break the rules occasionally, for a good reason,” he told her, keeping his attention to her neck.

“Trust me, this is a good reason,” Ginny assured him, as she grabbed his chin and brought his lips back to hers. Harry moved his hands down to her tailbone and lifted her up allowing, her to wrap her thighs around his waist. Harry carried her towards his room. “I told you cooking for me would be beneficial to you.”

“Yes, dear,” Harry said as he shut the bedroom door behind him.
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