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Reality Bites
By Trinka

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 759
Summary: Ginny is persuaded to be on a Bachelor-type reality show against her better judgement. Who is the hunk all the women are fighting over? We know him. We love him. But in my story, Ginny's never met him. NOTE: If you think you'll hate this story, read it anyway! I hate reality shows too, you know! lol Trust me, you'll love it...I proclaim in as non-arrogant a way as possible... *sweat drop*
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Episode Thirteen
Breakfast Annoucement

Trista stood just inside the door when Ginny walked through. Her escort, as well as Ginny’s stood nearby; Trista’s escort looked a bit perturbed by the fact that Trista had waited. Looking up slowly, Ginny saw the tears in Trista’s eyes and almost started crying again. Again? What ‘again’? I’m still crying!

“I didn’t get to say goodbye,” Trista whispered in anguish.

“She knew,” Ginny responded just as quietly. The two hugged briefly and finally followed their escorts back to the rooms.

When they walked in, Ginny thought they had come to the wrong spot at first. For one thing, where there had been four doors in the small hallway previously, there were now six. One for each of us? Also, the furniture had changed; not only in number, but in style. The small couch had turned into an expensive looking love-seat. The comfy arm chair had been replaced by an even comfier looking reclining chair and Ginny thought she saw a control for a vibrator. Nice.

The biggest shock of all came seconds later when, after the escorts had left, Ginny turned to see another, slightly open door on the side of the alcove opposite the hallway with their rooms. That wasn’t the surprising part though. It was the name on the door in large elaborate calligraphy that caught her eye. Harry Potter. He would be no more than 100 feet away at all times. This was too much to handle. He could walk through that door at any moment! Ginny thought, looking toward the door that led out of the alcove.

“Wow.” Ginny jumped with a small yelp when Trista spoke. Don’t do things like that to me when I’m fantasizing. Augh. That just sounds wrong. Stop thinking again.

“Can you believe this?” Trista asked. Ginny just shook her head. “I’m so sad that Tier had to miss this. She would have loved it.” Ginny nodded, fighting back the tears.

“Oh. So you made it did you? I can’t say I have much respect for Harry Potter’s judgment on this account.” An echo of her own thoughts from earlier spoken in Janice’s voice narrowed Ginny’s eyes before turning toward the speaker. “One of us was a mistake,” Janice went on. “I’m sure we’ll find out who soon enough.”

Before Ginny could make a come-back she turned sharply after hearing the door open. No one came in. Must have been the wind. Turning back to Janice again, Ginny opened her mouth to give Janice a piece of her mind…when she heard something else. When she looked she saw that Harry’s door was now closed. So, that’s how it is.

Ignoring Janice completely now, Ginny turned to Trista. “Shall we find our rooms?” Trista nodded a little too empathetically. Without another word, Ginny glided past a still scowling Janice and entered the hallway behind her.

The second door on the right had Ginny’s name on it and the first door on the left had Trista’s. Beckoning Trista in behind her, Ginny closed the door to her room as quickly as she could. “What was that all about?” Trista asked. “I mean, I understood what Janice said, but you kept, well…not responding. What happened?”

Ginny was silent for a moment. “I think Mr. Potter has himself an invisibility cloak.”

“Are you sure?” Ginny explained what she had heard. “And you’re sure that the door to his room had been open before?”

“Positive. Do you know what this means though?” Trista looked at her blankly so Ginny explained. “There’s no way for us to know when he’s around. He could be anywhere at anytime. If I hadn’t been sure to close my door quickly, he could have slipped in here. Though I don’t know why he would have done that,” she mused aloud.

“Maybe he’ll be around sometime when Janice is talking bad about you.” Ginny gave Trista a slightly confused look which, strangely, made Trista blush. “I mean, when she being mean to you.”

“Janice talks bad about me?” It didn’t really need to be a question. Ginny didn’t need Trista’s apologetic nod to know it was true. Shaking her head, Ginny tried to change the subject. “That doesn’t matter now. I mean, I should have known that she would talk smack about me, but… Anyway, has Connie been around? I mean, to tell us what’s going on this next week?”

Trista’s expression was unreadable as she responded. “I’ve been here no longer than you have, Ginevra.”

There was a pause. “…Oh yeah. Right. We should go out and wait for her then.” Suiting her words, Ginny hustled Trista out of her room and they went to sit in the alcove, which was now thankfully Janice-free.

Connie never came but Trista and Ginny had fun talking while they waited. Janice did not make a reappearance and Trista finally agreed that Ginny must be right about Harry because he never did appear to come back.

“Do you think he’s sitting here in the room with us?”

“If he was, I would ask him to take the invisibility cloak off and talk with us. But…” Ginny put a finger to her lips. “I don’t hear any extra breathing, so I doubt he’s here.

Over an hour later the girls finally decided to head off to bed. Ginny found it almost strange to have a room to herself now but found it slightly easier to fall asleep knowing that Janice wasn’t one bed over and potentially waiting for Ginny to fall asleep in order to kill her. Not that it would have happened before but the thought had crossed Ginny’s mind every now and then. It was like sleeping in a room that you knew was full of bugs or some such pest and trying to convince yourself that they weren’t going to crawl all over you. Not that I’m calling Janice a pest, of course. Ginny laughed at herself drowsily before sleep over came her.

The next morning as Ginny got ready (in her huge personal bathroom no less!) she found herself dreading the morning. They were going to be eating with Harry today, and one of the six of them would be going on a date with him. Making herself as presentable as possible, just in case she was the lucky one this time, Ginny picked out her favorite outfit. Her dark, sanded, greenish-blue denim trousers were, Ginny blushed to admit, tight in all the right places…but they didn’t look bad. Ginny was petite enough that she didn’t look trashy; far from it. For the top she wore a striped lavender and dark blue polo with the buttons undone and a white tank top underneath. Trendy yet unique.

She walked out of her room at the same time as Denise, who smiled warmly at her then dismissed her as she walked toward the dining area. Knocking on Trista’s door Ginny tried to discreetly get a view of Harry’s door. It was closed, but really, that could mean anything.

Trista opened her door a few inches and, seeing it was Ginny, gestured her in. Closing the door swiftly behind her, Trista then clutched at her stomach. “I am so nervous, Ginevra!”

Ginny laughed then agreed whole-heartedly. “I know. How can we possibly carry on a conversation with him; especially knowing that Janice is sitting at the same table?”

“That’s a good point. We didn’t know she existed when we got to eat with him before. Oh this is going to be horrible!”

“Don’t be so worried. It’ll be fine. She can’t say anything rude to us with Harry around, and I don’t think she’d be dumb enough to assume that he would be ignorant of any implications made by her as far as we’re concerned.”

Trista looked at Ginny for a moment, amused. “I…think I understood what you just said.”

“Sorry,” Ginny muttered.

They proceeded to breakfast with trepidation and Ginny felt herself blush furiously as she walked in and caught sight of Harry. Seated at the head of the table, Harry sat comfortably with Janice on one side of the table nearest him, and Denise across from her on his other side. Becky was just taking her seat next to Janice and, while Ginny hesitated in the door way, Laurie slipped in and took the seat opposite Becky. Trista and Ginny took the last two remaining seats; the two furthest from Harry, but across from each other at least.

Sitting on the same side as Janice, Ginny was able to glance down the table at Denise who was subtly tossing daggers at Janice with her eyes. Apparently I’m not the only one that dislikes Janice.

“Oooh, I can’t stand her!” she heard from beside her. Becky was occasionally leaning forward on the pretense of looking at Harry, but it seemed she was actually doing this to glare at Janice. “She is so two-faced,” she whispered to Ginny after realizing that Ginny had heard her earlier comment. “On our group date, she was acting all nice to everyone and pretending to be bashful around Harry, as though she wasn’t wearing one of the skimpiest outfits any of us had ever seen. Augh! She makes me sick.” Stifling a very amused smile, Ginny nodded interestedly and began spooning out some porridge for herself.

Breakfast went much as Ginny had anticipated: Janice dominated the conversation and hardly even let Harry get a word in edgewise while both Denise and Becky glared constantly at Janice, except when they thought Harry might see. Janice was apparently oblivious to this and, being so far from the action, Ginny and Trista merely conversed between themselves. Laurie, between Denise and Trista, seemed content to stay quiet and didn’t even seem to pay attention to any of the conversations going on around her.

Ginny was leaning forward to pour herself another glass of pumpkin juice when Connie glided into the room followed by several cameramen. “Please, carry on as you were. Pretend we aren’t even here.”

Ginny knew this wouldn’t be possible with some of them (*cough* Janice! *cough*) but decided to try it herself. She reached for the pitcher and refilled her glass and was about to take a sip when one of the cameras was directly in her face. Lifting one eyebrow, Ginny continued to raise the glass to her lips and even shot a half-sarcastic smile at the lens. Bloody cameramen.

This went on for several minutes until Connie cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. As she spoke, the cameramen continued to drift around the room capturing at apparent randomness. “Harry here has chosen six locations to where he would like to take the six of you on your dates. The girl and location for each of the six dates were again chosen at random, and the first of these six dates will be to Diagon Alley. This first date will be given to Ginevra Weasley.”

Not expecting to be first (why, after all, when she’d been last for everything else?) she saw no reason to delay the sip of pumpkin juice she had just allowed entrance into her mouth. At the announcement, that same sip became lodged in her throat, causing her to make a very unladylike choking noise before being able to regain control of her wind pipe. When her breathing was back to normal, and her face was as red as her hair, she smiled both in the delight she knew should be there and embarrassment as she saw how closely the cameras were now watching her. She glanced down the table at Harry and found him smiling at her. Heart almost stopping, she smiled back and her blush deepened even more, if that was possible.

After breakfast, Ginny was a mess. She stood pacing back and forth in front of her bed, where Trista sat watching her. “How did this happen?” Ginny exclaimed. “Up until this point, I’ve been last for everything. I was the last person to get a red rose for the past two ceremonies, and I was in the last group date. How could they suddenly throw this on me? I was content with last; I’m not sure I can handle first!”

“It was a random choice, Ginevra. It’s not like they did it out of spite.”

“Though I wouldn’t put it past Connie to do something like this out of spite.”

Trista went on as though Ginny had not said a word: “You will have a wonderful time with Harry today, and you will end up being ecstatic that you were able to go first.”

“But I’m not really first. Three other girls have already had dates with him.”

“Stop being sulky.” Trista’s words brought an indignant squawk out of Ginny that she hoped had not sounded as impudent as she thought it had. “The difference here is that you get the date to yourself all day. None of the other girls have gotten that yet. They’ve only been with him alone for an hour or so at a time. And remembering your little escapade during your group date, I’m fairly certain you’ve had more alone time with our Bachelor than anyone else,” Trista said with a tilted head and a smirk that almost screamed “so-stop-complaining.” Ginny blushed.

Looking down at her watch Ginny blanched. “I still have over an hour.” She looked at her watch again, then looked desperately at Trista. “Wait! I only have a little over an hour! Help me,” she pleaded.

Giving suggestions for hairstyles and makeup, Trista was a great help to Ginny at this point. Ginny was practically a whirlwind running from one part of the room to the other looking for things and each time she finished something she’d ask how much time she had left. “Fifty-three minutes.”

“But the last time I asked I had fifty-eight.”

“That’s because the last time you asked was five minutes ago. You still haven’t found your shoes,” Trista reminded Ginny who jumped as though burned and started another search through her room.

Trista couldn’t help laughing. “Did you bring any robes?”

“They told us not to.”

“Yes, but did you bring any?” Trista asked again.

Ginny paused. “Yeah, I brought one pair.”

“Go try it on.”

Ginny practically ran to get her robes and threw them on. Adjusting them, she turned to Trista. Wand raised, Trista twisted her mouth in thought and suddenly pointed her wand at Ginny muttering a spell. Ginny felt the length of her robes shorten slightly and the way in which it fit around her waist tightened. Indignant, Ginny was about to tell Trista to stop when she felt something. The robe was slowly tightening somewhere else, but looking down she realized that it wasn’t the robe that was getting smaller.

Grabbing herself, Ginny screeched at Trista. “What are you doing?

Smiling wickedly, Trista just shrugged. “They look good.”

“But they aren’t real!”

“I just added a little extra padding to your bra. No one will notice.”

“If no one will notice, then why do it?”

Trista seemed to contemplate this for a second before answering. “Because it looks good.”

Exasperated, Ginny pulled out her wand and muttered the counterspell, but just as they were…deflating, she heard Trista mutter something again, and inflate again they did.

“Stop that. If you’re not careful I’m going to end up lopsided!” Trista’s laugh was less like the usual tinkling bells and was instead sounding a bit more like Tier’s full-throated guffaw.

After much debate — and a little light hexing — Ginny finally allowed Trista to have her way, but with a compromise. “No, that’s too big,” Ginny grumbled. Trista sighed in mock annoyance and shrunk them slightly. “Still too big.”
Reviews 759

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