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Reality Bites
By Trinka

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Ginny is persuaded to be on a Bachelor-type reality show against her better judgement. Who is the hunk all the women are fighting over? We know him. We love him. But in my story, Ginny's never met him. NOTE: If you think you'll hate this story, read it anyway! I hate reality shows too, you know! lol Trust me, you'll love it...I proclaim in as non-arrogant a way as possible... *sweat drop*
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Episode Twenty-Seven
To Argue and Make Up

Ginny had barely finished with her scarf when Connie came bustling in and just as quickly bustled back out with Ginny reluctantly in tow. Connie had made plans for Ginny so that she wouldn’t be bored. She made the same plans for Trista for the next day. It was the most boring day she had ever had. Ginny would have been happier being bored in the castle, as opposed to being bored and having no idea of her surroundings. Ginny tried not to remember what “activities” had been forced on her, as the sheer boredom would be sure to put her in a stupor if forced to relive it. Ginny decide that she would warn Trista to stay out of sight the next day so that she wouldn’t be roped into the horror.

But then it was blessedly over and Ginny, though nearly insane from the ordeal, found that she merely had to fall asleep and it would be over — when she woke up she wouldn’t have to be by herself anymore. When she woke up she’d be traveling to Harry’s home and spending an entire day with him; this time without him angry with her. Ginny was practically asleep before she even finished getting ready for bed.

She woke and followed her normal routine and sat, antsy, waiting for Harry and Trista to get back.

They were late.

Ginny began to get upset. Why were they given more time together than Ginny was going to get with Harry? What were they doing that was taking so long? Why had Ginny been forced to endure Connie’s ‘journey through the six stages of boredom’ for longer than Trista would have to?

When Ginny’s anger had worn off and they still weren’t back Ginny began to get worried. What if they had gotten in an accident? Would someone have come to tell Ginny if anything had happened to them? Maybe everyone had forgotten about her in their concern for the other two.

What was she thinking? The boredom must have really scrambled Ginny’s brains. First of all, Ginny couldn’t be jealous of Trista for very long; even the whole kissing thing wasn’t something that Ginny could really hold against Trista. Secondly she had already decided that she was going to make sure that Trista wouldn’t have to deal with Connie’s boredom depressant so of course she wasn’t going to have to suffer through it as long as Ginny had; she wasn’t going to have to suffer through it at all! And lastly, of course they would warn her if something happened. Heck, they’d probably tell her in front of a camera and interview her about how it made her feel.

The only problem then was that she was no longer angry and she was no longer scared but she was still alone. They still had not returned. What was taking so blasted long?

Connie came in while Ginny was still working through her emotion and stood pacing. Apparently she didn’t know where they were either. For some reason she kept shooting Ginny suspicious glances. What’s your problem? Ginny wanted to ask her. Would I be this upset if I knew what was going on?

The cameramen came in first making Ginny worry all over again that maybe something had gone wrong. Thankfully, though, Harry and Trista followed closely behind them. The two of them were acting very formal but not cold and with a smile, Harry mad his way over to his own room.

The cameramen, realizing that they weren’t going to get much more, slowly funneled out of the alcove and back into the hallway.

It was after they shut the door that Ginny realized Harry’s door hadn’t shut. When she heard someone laughing from beside her, she instinctively reached out, grabbing the invisibility cloak and yanking it off Harry.

“Sneaky sneaky, Mr. Potter,” was all Ginny could think to say. “Where were you guys?” she finally asked when Harry had stopped laughing.

“What do you mean?” Trista asked.

Ginny’s face betrayed her confusion and the anger that she thought she’d gotten over. “You guys were supposed to get back hours ago.”

“Oh that!” Trista laughed. “The three of us — Harry, his godfather and I — and completely lost track of time. Sorry if we made you wait.”

Harry was looking oddly at Ginny who worked very hard to keep her emotions from showing as soon as she noticed his scrutiny.

“Are you okay?” he finally asked quietly while Trista excused herself to use the loo.

“I’m fine,” Ginny lied. Harry obviously didn’t believe her. “Okay, so, I’m not completely fine, but I’m okay. I was just worried. I thought maybe something had happened. You know? I thought maybe you’d gotten into an accident, been mugged…eloped…” The last was said with a mischievous grin but she was still partly serious.

Harry laughed, blissfully ignorant of the way Ginny’s heart was now slowly returning to its normal pattern. Blissfully ignorant of the way his laughter relieved all of her fears and simultaneously created completely different ones.

“So, are you going to be ready to go soon?”

Ginny glared her disbelief at his question before answering. “I was ready to go a couple of hours ago when you guys were supposed to get back.”

Harry bristled slightly. “We already explained what happened and we’re sorry. Can we drop it?”

Ginny felt like sinking into the floor. He had never raised his voice to her before. It was a frightening sound and one she wasn’t keen to hear again. “I’m sorry Harry. I guess I really was worried, and, to tell the truth, a little jealous that Trista got to spend extra time with you.”

Harry’s face softened. “I understand.” That was all he needed to say. It seemed a rather petty argument, but Ginny was proud of them for having gotten through their first argument. Though, truth be told, had she been completely comfortable around him — which, she of course, wasn’t yet — the argument probably wouldn’t have ended so easily. Her desire for him to like her kept her from continuing to voice her complaints.

She was silently thinking about this when she suddenly focused on Harry’s face. “Something wrong?” he asked with concern.

“Kind of.” Ginny forced an embarrassed laugh.

“Want to talk about it?” he asked in return. At that moment, however, Trista walked back out to rejoin them.

“Later,” Ginny answered him and turned her attention to Trista.

A couple minutes later Connie came looking for them. “What took you two so long?” she asked with a huff.

“They just lost track of time,” Ginny answered her, though Connie practically ignored her.

“Well, in any case, you two need to get going now. The limo driver is getting impatient.” Ginny was happy to comply.

She said goodbye to Trista who apologized profusely for not having given Ginny a hand with her packing while Ginny repeatedly warned her to stay away from Connie if she wished to keep her sanity, and then they were gone.

Harry sat down close by her side in the limo and as soon as the chauffer had closed the door he turned to her. “Now, why did you have such a tragically serious look on your face back there?” he asked without preamble.

Ginny wasn’t exactly sure how to explain it. She wasn’t exactly sure what she had been thinking. “Bare with me while I try to put it into words.” Harry nodded. “It’s just that we kind of got into an argument earlier and, I don’t know about you, but I purposefully cut it short because I was afraid you wouldn’t like me as much if I continued to argue with you.” Harry didn’t say anything so she continued.

“I was really upset with you guys for a while because Trista got to spend extra time with you while I spent the day being ushered around by Connie, who has no knack for fun, let me tell you.” Ginny laughed at her own joke, Harry smiled at her in encouragement to go on.

“After that I got scared that something had happened and I felt bad that, if so, no one had thought to tell me about it. Then, when you guys came home and nothing was wrong and you didn’t seem to care that you’d made me wait, I was hurt. But when I tried to voice that frustration,” Ginny could no longer look in Harry’s eyes. “I guess it made me even more mad at you, but I was so scared that you’d raise your voice again that I stop complaining.

“I don’t know if you’re going to pick me — heck, you’ve confessed that you don’t even know who you’re going to pick yet — but if you do pick me, you have to know that I can’t possibly be that timid all the time. It’s not me. If you want someone who will easily submit to you than Trista is definitely a better match for you. I can guarantee that I will want to win arguments and it kind of chaffs to be denied the chance to defend myself.”

She finally looked up at him but he was no longer looking at her. In fact, his face was toward the window so she wasn’t sure what he thought about what she had just confessed. She wasn’t even completely sure that he’d been listening.

“You’re right,” she heard Harry whisper. “That was totally unfair of me, though I do think I also had the right to be a bit upset at you since I had already apologized and you had apparently forgiven me. If I was forgiven in truth, I felt that it shouldn’t be brought back up. I understand why you did though. It wasn’t very fair of us to make you wait while we were having fun. I’m sorry I got upset at you, but I hope you can understand why.”

“Of course. I sometimes use things against people to make a point; it’s rather vindictive of me and I try not to do it but when I’m really upset it’s hard to hold back.”

Harry grinned at her and, much to her surprise and delight, he took up her hand and squeezed it gently.

I love you, Ginny thought suddenly.

The thought so shocked Ginny that she almost didn’t notice that Harry continued to hold her hand. I love him?! How can I possibly know that I love him? I’ve only known him for a few days. That’s crazy Ginny; you’re being a hopeless romantic, that’s all.

But from the back of her mind, it came again. I love you.

She glanced over at Harry as he gazed out the window, idly tracing his thumb along one of her fingers, sending small chills from her hand all the way up her arm. He was truly one of the most handsome men she’d ever seen. His vivid green eyes jolted her every time they made eye contact. His smile was intoxicating to the point that she found herself constantly wanting to say something that would make him smile, make him dazzle her anew. His hair was thick and in such a dark contrast to her own. And his hands, so warm and soft and strong as he held hers.

I love you.

You’re crazy Ginny. You’re just infatuated, that’s all. Don’t be silly!

Without thinking, Ginny squeezed Harry’s hand, wanting to see him smile again. He did. And as they looked into each other’s eyes, she saw his face soften. His eyes smiled as his lips turned up in an adorable grin. His lips; oh cripes, his lips! She had never so desperately wanted to kiss someone in her entire life.

Without thinking, Ginny slowly found herself leaning toward him, her eyes darting from his gorgeous eyes to his tantalizing lips. It was when she noticed him leaning forward also that she caught herself. Trista! Her mind screamed.

Two thoughts flew through her head. One was that she didn’t want to hurt Trista. The other was that, he had already kissed Trista. It would be special to her, but he had already kissed one of the other girls.

It’s not fair! Ginny’s mind screamed as she pulled back with a silent sob.


Bwa-ha-hahahaha! I'm sure you all hate me now, but it's okay; I'm used to it ;) This is the last chapter, so far, that I've written, so it's going to take a while to get the next one up - especially since I'm getting married a week from today (YAY!) Anywha, please review, it would be much appreciated! Jaa.
Reviews 759

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