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Reality Bites
By Trinka

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 759
Summary: Ginny is persuaded to be on a Bachelor-type reality show against her better judgement. Who is the hunk all the women are fighting over? We know him. We love him. But in my story, Ginny's never met him. NOTE: If you think you'll hate this story, read it anyway! I hate reality shows too, you know! lol Trust me, you'll love it...I proclaim in as non-arrogant a way as possible... *sweat drop*
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Episode Four
And So it Begins

Hopping out of bed, Ginny stretched and headed for the shower, noticing that both Tier and Janice were still fast asleep. She checked her watch. She didn’t need to even be up for at least another hour. Oh well, that means more hot water for me.

Ginny lugged her toiletry bag into the bathroom and shut the door. Stripping she turned the water on and checked the temperature before jumping in. Fifteen delightful minutes later she got out feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to woo. She laughed at herself as she pulled out her wand and dried and styled her hair. It really was so much easier to manage at this length. She’d have to thank Hermione when she got home. Right before she killed her.

Grimacing at herself she proceeded to layer goop onto her face. She really didn’t like putting on make-up, but once it was on, she really liked how it looked. She was able to at least soften her freckles with the wonderful muggle foundation she had bought herself for this trip. Muggle scientists were far behind in some areas and yet completely outstripping the wizarding world in others.

She was just finishing up in the bathroom when Janice walked in. Hair sticking up in places and eyeliner smeared, she scowled at Ginny as she walked toward the shower area muttering to herself. Ginny caught only a little bit of what was said. It sounded like “making noise all night,” and “too chipper.” Apparently she and Tier had woken her up when they came in to sleep last night. Ginny found that she was in no way remorseful.

She walked back to her bed and sat down, pulling a smaller bag from within her largest suitcase. From this bag she pulled out her needles and yarn and started working on a scarf that she had decided to make for the upcoming winter season. Her mother always gave her children knitted sweaters for Christmas, but she only bewitched the needles to knit for her. Ginny liked doing it by hand. The repetition was relaxing. Tuck, loop, pull back, slide off. Tuck, loop, pull back, slide off. As she worked, needles clicking, Tier rolled out of bed with a sleepy smile, yawning as she headed toward the bathroom. Good thing there were multiple showers in that bathroom, because ten minutes later Tier was out, but it took Janice another half hour before she emerged, hair up in a towel and nothing but her knickers on.

Ginny was glad to have something to concentrate on so that she didn’t have to look at Janice. What a hussy! Walking around in front of perfect strangers wearing practically nothing. What is she thinking? Tier seemed to agree with Ginny on this. When Janice walked out she gave a disgusted gasp and retreated back into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later there was a light tap on their door followed by a summons of sort to come out to the little meeting room. The three complied, with Janice thankfully dressed, but still not wearing much in Ginny’s opinion. Ginny wore striped slacks in different shades of brown and a loose white button up blouse. It was casual, but classy. Janice, however, was wearing a skirt that stopped well above her knees and a halter-top tank that looked practically see-through. That is so wrong! thought Ginny in slight horror.

Connie was already sitting patiently in one of the many comfy armchairs in the meeting room and as each girl entered she took a seat as well. Trista had saved a seat for both Ginny and Tier and to her other side was another girl that Ginny hadn’t met yet. She introduced herself as Alexa. That was as far as they got because it wasn’t long after they all showed up that Connie started speaking.

“I’m not sure how much you girls know about the working of this show, so those of you who do know how things run, I apologize for having to hear it all again. All twelve of you will go on a group date with our Bachelor in the next couple of days in three groups of four. After each of you has been on a date with Mr. Potter he will be forced to send half of you home.” She stopped talking for a moment to let that sink in before continuing.

“The first group will be going for a day trip with Harry to Hogsmeade. As some of you may know, Hogsmeade has several restaurants as well as a candy store, a joke shop and other interesting stops. You’ll be leaving right after lunch and will be spending the day there, including dinner at a restaurant of Harry’s choice. The first group of four will consist of Denise Trager, Laurie Bristol, Tier Kaiser, and Martha Lynn. The individual date will be going to Denise Trager.” Turning to look at the blushing blonde, Connie explained what would be going on with Harry and Denise, so Ginny immediately tuned her out to look at Tier.

Tier sat there without moving, her mouth slightly open and her hands clenching her skirt till her knuckles were white. Tier turned when she saw Ginny looking at her. “What am I going to wear?” she asked breathlessly. Ginny laughed.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Ginny said, smiling at the look on Tier’s face.

“You’ll help me pick out clothes, won’t you?” Ginny couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her. Tier sounded so utterly helpless over such a small matter.
“Of course I will!” Ginny turned to see Connie standing up.

“After the girls leave I’ll inform the rest of you of the schedule for meals for today. Tomorrow morning at the same time I’ll tell everyone about tomorrow’s date.” Nodding when she saw they all understood, she swept out of the room without a backward glance.

The soft sound of the door closing seemed to open a dam. Girls all over the room started squealing; expressing their nervousness or congratulations, asking for opinions. It all sounded like a mess to Ginny. She hoped she didn’t sound like that when she got to go on one of the dates later.

Bolting upright from her chair, Tier turned, urgency burning in her eyes. “Ginevra, please. Can you help me right now?”

Ginny looked at her watch, confused. “You still have a good two hours.”
“I know,” whimpered Tier, “but I want to look really good, Ginevra. Please?” She pouted playfully making Ginny laugh.

“Alright, alright. But if you really want to look good, we have to call in for backup.” Dragging a laughing Trista behind her Ginny followed Tier to their room.
Reviews 759

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