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Reality Bites
By Trinka

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Category: Alternate Universe
Characters:Harry/Ginny, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom
Genres: Comedy
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG-13
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Summary: Ginny is persuaded to be on a Bachelor-type reality show against her better judgement. Who is the hunk all the women are fighting over? We know him. We love him. But in my story, Ginny's never met him. NOTE: If you think you'll hate this story, read it anyway! I hate reality shows too, you know! lol Trust me, you'll love it...I proclaim in as non-arrogant a way as possible... *sweat drop*
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Episode Five
Last Group

It wasn’t until about an hour after dinner that the three girls finally got back from the group date. Tier’s face was radiant, but as she looked, Ginny noticed that the other girls had the same look. Denise was back a good hour later practically floating into the room. Everyone started tossing questions at her like they had to the three that had come back earlier. “It was divine!” Denise gushed. Ginny thought that maybe that word was a bit over the top. A date was ‘divine’? It sounded like something a character would say in a muggle soap opera. Then again, noticing the cameras that had followed her in, Ginny thought briefly of the Hawthorn affect. No doubt if the cameras had not been watching her, Denise would not have been nearly as dramatic as she was being.

Ginny sighed wondering how she would end up acting around Harry and the cameramen. She didn’t want to think about that; it kind of came unbidden. Maybe Trista had the right idea: even if I don’t win Harry’s heart, I might impress some guy who’s watching the show, and maybe he’ll seek me out after I’m kicked off. Ginny shook herself mentally. Stop thinking weird things, Gin. Just shut up, she chided herself. Thinking had definitely becoming a bad past time.

As it turned out, Denise and Harry had spent the extra hour alone at the Three Broomsticks talking over a Butterbeer for Harry and a Firewhiskey for Denise. He had been a perfect gentleman she disclosed, but Ginny suspected that even had that not been true it wasn’t likely she’d have said any differently. After they had finished their drinks they just walked around window-shopping. Several of the nosier girls asked if he had held her hand or kissed her. Denise pretended not to hear them and continued to rave about how wonderful it all was.

“Yeah, but did he hold your hand?” one of the girls insisted.

“Did he kiss you?” another asked right on top of her.

Denise blushed defensively. “No. He didn’t.” She then decided that she was suddenly tired and just had to get to sleep immediately.

He didn’t even hold her hand! Ginny didn’t know what to think. Why not? … What am I thinking? Good boy! She laughed softly at her own immaturity before getting ready to sleep herself.

The next morning Ginny was again one of the first up. A half hour sitting on one of the comfy chairs in the alcove and she was joined by a still radiant Tier as well as Trista and her new friend Alexa. Connie walked in no more than a few minutes later asking one of the other girls to get everyone else then told them to sit down again for her next speech. Ginny waited more patiently than most of the other girls, but…that really wasn’t saying much. One girl in a chair on the outer rim of their circle was twitching her leg so fast in looked like her foot was about to fly off. Several of the girls were teasing their lips nervously. Ginny just sat. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be going on the date until tomorrow.

“The next date will be at a muggle spa,” the four girls that had already gone squealed in protest. ‘That’s not fair’ was the clear meaning to their noises. Connie gestured for quiet. “The four that will be going on this date are Trista Clarkson, Becky Montgomery, Janice Torbeck and Alexa Taylor. The individual date goes to Janice Torbeck.”

Ginny almost swore, and from beside her, she thought she heard Tier do the same. Ginny did not want to imagine Janice alone with Harry in a spa. She thought she may throw up!

For the next hour Ginny pointedly avoided going back to her room. She could only imagine the kind of boastful look that Janice would have on her face at this point, and she was quite sure that she didn’t want to see it. Instead she stayed in Trista’s room where both Trista and Alexa were going crazy trying to get ready. Make-up was a problem. Neither of them would go without make-up on — silly girls! Ginny thought companionably — but they didn’t have any waterproof make-up. Ginny pulled through for them though. Another thing she would have to thank Hermione for before she killed her.

After that fiasco was cleared up, Ginny was forced to deal with another problem, just as silly as the first one. What to wear.

“What? You mean you brought more than one bathing suit?” They both nodded mutely, not the least bit remorseful. “What do you need two bathing suits for?”

“Two?” laughed Alexa. “I brought three!” The tall brunette tossed back her long hair, a habit that Ginny found increasingly irritating and gave Ginny a smile that was almost a smirk. Ginny had to watch very carefully what she said to this girl. Biting her tongue momentarily Ginny spoke in a much calmer voice than she wanted to use.

“Okay then, let’s see them.” Alexa started heading toward the bathroom. “No, I mean, just show them to me, you don’t need to model them.”

Alexa looked scandalized. “You can’t get the full effect if I only show them to you! I want to be sure to make the right choice.” She turned back and closed the door firmly behind her.

Ginny blinked several times before looking at Trista. “Where did you find this girl?”

Trista laughed. “She’s one of my room mates. I think she’s a little insecure. She hasn’t left my side since last night and she keeps fishing for compliments. You’ll get used to her.” Ginny looked disbelieving. “Or you’ll throw her across the room,” she shrugged. “Either way, it won’t change anything.” Smiling mischievously, she held up her own bathing suits to change the subject. “Which one?”

After much discussion — and several trips into the bathroom for Alexa — the decision was finally made. Alexa didn’t actually take the suggestion and commented at how big her butt looked in all three of the suits, quite affronted when Trista was the only one who verbalized her disagreement; Tier seemed of the same mindset at Ginny when it came to Alexa.

Trista wore a one piece with a strange cut, so that from the back it appeared she was wearing a bikini. Ginny had suggested to Alexa that she wear the one with only one strap and a strange yet purposeful cut out of the side opposite the missing strap but Alexa declined and instead wore something that Ginny thought looked like something Janice might like to wear later. I don’t even want to think about how someone would describe a suit like this. I certainly wouldn’t try. To say the least, it was skimpy.

Much to her chagrin, Ginny was actually glad to see the girls go. She didn’t think she could stand any more of Alexa, and Janice being gone was a blessing as well. After lunch she spent the afternoon talking to Tier about her experience the day before.

“Oh Genevra! He really was just as much of a gentleman as Denise said. He opened doors for us and even went around and pulled out a chair for all four of us at dinner.” Ginny quirked an eyebrow at that; it seemed a little silly to her. “And I thought chivalry was dead. It lives on, though. It lives on in Harry Potter.” She was being so dramatic which was not something Ginny had expected of a girl like Tier.

Tier’s face took on a different look, as though something had just donned on her. “You’ll be going on the next date, then?”

Ginny smiled slightly before replying. “I would assume so.” Tier laughed a little at herself, blushing before going on.

“I bet you’ll get the individual date.”

Ginny’s eyes widened. She hadn’t even thought of that possibility. Shaking herself she reasoned to Tier. “The individual dates are completely random. What makes you think I’ll get it?”

Tier quirked an eyebrow and took on a mysterious voice. “I just know these things sometimes.” They both laughed and Ginny thought vaguely how much Tier had sounded like Ginny’s Divinations teacher back at Hogwarts. The professor was always talking in what Ginny assumed was supposed to be an ethereal voice…except for when someone insulted her in some way. Ginny was always amazed at how brisk her voice could become after the languid tone she usually used.

The next couple of hours were passed in about the same way. A few of the other girls joined them after a while and tried to decide where the next group date would be taking place. One of the girls that joined them, Christina, would be going on the next group date with Ginny. She was probably the tallest girl there, meaning she would no doubt be at least an inch taller than Harry. This didn’t seem to bother her at all though. With her nose stuck in the air she looked like someone Ginny did not want to converse with, but she really wasn’t as bad as she seemed.

When that conversation lagged, the other girls started talking about what had happened on their dates the day before. Christina immediately decided she wanted to be somewhere else at that point. Ginny figured that maybe it wasn’t snobbery that kept Christina’s nose in the air, but jealousy.

Jealousy. I bet there’s going to be a lot of that going on for a while. The girls continued talking and even got Ginny in on the conversations. She was glad to see that they were no longer avoiding her after her fiasco during the first interview.

Connie later came in to tell them that dinner would soon be served soon, which stopped that conversation until after dinner. Noticing the time, Ginny excused herself to hop in the shower before the other girls got back. She couldn’t help imagining her date with Harry. And, like the hopeless romantic that she was, she fantasized about getting the individual date this time. For some reason this date was taking place at the spa too — I guess even in my dreams I don’t want Janice to one-up me — where Harry made comments about Ginevra’s(even in her dreams she liked the way he said her name, also) modesty in her well-covering bathing suit as he sat near her in the sauna, the steamy air making emotions rise.

Before long, Ginny started blushing so bad that she had to turn the heat in the shower down. She sighed as she washed her hair. Right. Like that’s ever going to happen.

By the time she had gotten out and dried and styled her hair Trista and Alexa as well as the other girl, Becky, were dishing out the highlights of the evening. Every eye was focused on them as Ginny entered.

When Trista saw her she squealed and ran to her. “I so understand why Denise said her date was divine! It really was! I’ve never met such a man.” Ginny grinned in amusement as Trista went on declaring all the glories of Harry Potter, and as Ginny had imagined, there were a lot of them.

“Oh! I am just so mad that Janice got the individual date. I really wanted to spend some more time with him.” Resting her hands on either side of her face, trying to cool her blushing cheeks, Trista’s eyes looked almost feverish. Either these girls exaggerate a lot, or that Harry Potter is quite a guy!

“He really is incredible, Ginevra.” Ginny blinked, wondering if she’d made the last comment out loud. “Just wait until you get to talk to him. You’ll see what I mean.”

If he’s even half of what all these girls say he is I’m bound to fall head over heals in a matter of minutes. Ginny sighed again.

The time came when Janice would be getting back and Ginny decided to take a walk in the garden out back. It was just starting to get dark so she tried to drag Trista along, but the girl was determined to find out what Janice had done on the date. “You may not like her — I may not either for that matter — but any information we can get may help us later on.”

Strolling through the beautifully kept garden Ginny rolled her eyes. It sounds more like she’s talking about some kind of reconnaissance mission instead of a reality show. She bent down to smell one of the flowers — a blue iris, her favorite — when she heard a voice.

“You wouldn’t have believed it!” the voice cooed.

Ginny groaned silently. She had come out here to get away from Janice, and here the girl was, destroying her solitude.

“Well yeah!” she heard Janice speaking again; apparently she had missed the other girls response. “I know he looks like he’s all shy, but he is a god when it comes to snogging, let me tell you. I swear, if there had been a bed around and more than an hour of time, we would have ended up in the sack.” Silence. “Seriously! No, he is such a good kisser.” Silence again. “I’m not kidding. Why do you always say that? No, if he doesn’t pick me at the end, I will be so surprised. It was very obvious that he wanted me as much as I want him.”

Ginny chanced a glance through the shrubbery and saw Janice standing there alone. What the --? Is she planning an interview or something? Janice turned and Ginny found her answer. In her hand was a muggle cellular phone. Ginny wondered vaguely who Janice was talking to but as the conversation wore on, she decided that she didn’t want to know. Who talks about these things over the phone in the open like this? Ginny thought she was going to throw up if she had to hear that gloating voice any longer.

“Well, I should probably get going. I know that the other girls will be wanting me to divulge all of the details of the night.” Silence. “Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow to brag… Of course he’s going to pick me! Weren’t you listening?” Janice sighed like an exasperated drama queen. “Look, I really do have to go. Yes, of course. Ba-bai.”

Ginny heard the door close and stood up slowly. With a hand pressed to her back — remind me never to hide in a Garden again — she walked towards the door, hoping against hope that Janice would be far enough away that she wouldn’t see Ginny walking in right after she had.

Ginny walked over to the kitchen area to grab a glass of water, trying to give herself something to do in case Janice came back into the room. Apparently all of the bragging was going on in their room, so Ginny made sure to steer clear, which was a bit difficult since the only things she had to occupy her time were stuck in her room with Janice and her entourage of girls hanging on her every word. I wonder if she’s telling everyone about snogging Harry. I wonder if it actually happened…

The evening went by very slowly and Ginny found that being without entertainment was about to kill her. And she was so nervous about the date the next day that she just couldn’t sit still. It was too dark outside to enjoy the garden any longer, so Ginny just sat staring off into space. Despite the fact that she now considered thinking a dangerous pasttime it really was the only thing to occupy her time.

What if I am picked tomorrow for the individual date? Ginny blushed with pleasure just thinking about it. If he kissed Janice, maybe he would kiss me too. Now that was stupid! Why would I want to kiss someone that wants to kiss Janice? That’s just not right! And right on the heels of that thought, she was given another unpleasant alternative to her own wishful thinking. What if he gives me a white rose tomorrow?

Ginny realized that, after all this, she really didn’t want to go home. Tier had had the right of it the other day. Ginny wanted to last at least as long as Janice did! But how could she possibly convince Harry that he should keep her on the show? She was saved having to think up an answer by the return of most of the girls. It appeared that Janice had shooed everyone out of the room in order to sleep, but that didn’t stop them from gossiping about the whole thing.

After almost an hour of doing nothing and trying to entertain herself to no avail, it was delightful to have the others to talk to…even if the conversations didn’t hold her attention very well.

She waited another hour before heading off to bed. She didn’t know how she would react to seeing Janice at this time so she was very glad to see the lights off as she walked into the room. What a blessing to be spared having to listen to Janice’s voice again. Ginny slept wonderfully and again woke up before the other girls.

Her shower was as quick as she could manage so she grabbed her knitting stuff and immigrated to the alcove to work on her scarf until Connie came by or breakfast was served, whichever happened to come first today.

Breakfast was first. Sure, on the day that I will find out about the date I’m going on I have to wait longer. She sighed as she sat at one of the small tables set up for them. Trista sat down with her almost immediately.

“Did you hear anything about the date Janice had with Harry last night?” Trista asked as she sat down next to Ginny.

Ginny shook her head, then realized that just saying ‘no’ was a lie. “Not much, and I’d rather like to keep it that way.”

Trista smiled understandingly as they were joined by the other girls. Tier sat on the other side of Ginny with Alexa next to her. Looks like Alexa is making her rounds. She must not have gotten enough compliments from Trista. Ginny chided herself for thinking like that. She’s just insecure, like Trista said. Give her a break, Ginevra. When she realized she’d called herself by her real name, thinking was once again banned.

While she was eating, Ginny heard Janice’s voice from the other end of the table, commenting on how she was looking forward to when ‘Prince Charming’ would get to eat every meal with the girls that made it past this hurdle. Ginny saw some very glum faces after this comment as though they saw Janice’s spot as a given and their own spot precariously close to falling off the edge.

Oh, to get to see Harry at least three times every day. Ginny sighed just thinking about it. That would be wonderful, but there was no surety that she would be there when it happened.

Breakfast went by with agonizing slowness and Ginny didn’t taste any of her food. She couldn’t have told anyone what she had eaten, yet she had the feeling that she had done something stupid like putting pumpkin juice in her cereal or milk on her toast.

The girls all migrated to the alcove again to await Connie. She didn’t keep them waiting long.

Smiling she swept herself into one of the many seats and opened a folder to read off of it. Most of the girls seemed excited, even those that had already been on their dates. Janice looked bored. Ginny wanted to hit her. Really hard.

“The last group date will be at an amusement park.” Noises were made through the room voicing excitement — or vexation at only having gotten to go to Hogsmeade — and other such complaints and rejoices. “I’m sure all of you know who will be going on this date. Lila Brewer, Ginevra Weasley, Elizabeth Crow and Christina Blanche.” She paused for the noise to die down a little but Ginny was making no noise as she waited for Connie to announce the individual date.


Oooooh! Evil cliffie!! I hope this means I’ll get a lot of reviews…please? Pretty please? No, I didn’t really think that would work, but still… (please? Lol)
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