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Summoning Conditions
By takefourmoments

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Category: Post-OotP, Buried Gems
Characters:All, Harry/Ginny, Severus Snape
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
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Summary: During a DA lesson, they are reviewing smaller spells, starting with summoning. Everyone, including Neville, is getting it down. Well, everyone besides Ginny. When she askes for extra lessons from Harry, he instantly turns her down. Which angers her and leaves her badgering him for the lessons afterwards. He finally agrees, but on one condition. She has to give him lessons too. Lessons on how to win over the girl he fancies.
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Summoning Conditions
Chapter 3-All talk, no action.

Harry slammed the door as he entered the Room of Requirements. He couldn't sit at the table any longer, not if he was going to contain his jealousy. He sat on a beanbag chair, which was conveniently there, and punch the one next to him.

Dustin and Ginny were being really...lovey dovey at supper. She would ask for a piece of bacon and he would kiss her cheek as he gave it to her. They were holding hands on top of the table the whole time. Then she leaned against him and closed her eyes, sighing happily. And through all this, Harry had calmly eaten his food. He didn't say a word, unless Ron or Hermione said something to him and pretend to be really enjoying the food.

When in fact, the two people across from him, had been driving him mad.

They shouldn't allow house tables to mingle at dinner. Definitely not. He would have to talk to Hermione about that. She was head girl; she could add a few rules here and there. But that wouldn't stop the two of them...not entirely.

Harry clenched the beanbag next to him in his fist. He really needed to calm down. He had told Ginny that he would meet her in the Room of Requirements, that he wanted to sort something out first. But, he doubted he could sort out this problem before she got here.

He looked around the room. The items they were using for Ginny’s summoning practice were still in order and the table where they had been sitting, still there. He pulled the list of ideas for her practice from his pocket and glanced over it.

Apart from the things Ron had suggested last night there was nothing new. Half of the list was things that Harry new wouldn't help her at all. Like spinning around ten times then casting it. For one thing, she would be to dizzy afterwards. Also, if she is in the middle of a duel and has to tell her opponent to wait, she had to spin ten times; they are not going to care.

But, it would be fun watching her do it. Harry smiled and he noticed his body had relaxed slightly. The thought of Dustin still heated his thoughts, but he wasn't as tense. He sat the paper on the table and leaned back into the beanbag. He folded his arms over his chest and closed his eyes as the door opened to the room.

"Harry?" Ginny muttered walking into the room. Harry heard her footsteps move and then stop. He couldn't tell where she was at in the room, but he kept his eyes closed. He heard her sigh and then gave a slight jump when she lowered her self into the beanbag next to him. He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at her.


"Hello." She smiled. "Tired?"

"No. Just waiting for you to get here."

"I'm here."

"I noticed." He smirked. She rolled her eyes.

"Doesn't mean I want to be here..." She grumbled jokingly. Next to her Harry stiffened and she could tell he was offended. She turned towards him ready to apologize.

"Rather be with Dustin?" Harry's tone was snapping and his eyes were set in a full glare. She glared back at him.

"Maybe I do." She snarled back, her anger flaring. Harry's glare faded in that instant and he looked away from her. He laughed shortly. The laugh seemed bitter and wasn’t natural.

"You can go..." He said with a small shrug.

"I..." She frowned at his sudden change in his demeanor. "I need to learn to summon."

Harry glanced over at her and gave a small smile. "Let's get to it then."


Ginny tried hard to balance the book as she focused on where to cast her summoning spell. This was to show that her posture was really bad, if she couldn't hold her book on her head right...

The book tottered off her head for the sixth time and Harry and Ginny sighed in unison. Ginny bent down to retrieve it as Harry marked it off the list.

"I saw you give up on that one." He said standing. He grabbed the list off the table and skimmed through it. "Alright..." He mumbled almost to him self.

"Alright?" She repeated him.

"Let's try this one." He pointed somewhere on the paper. Ginny waited with low enthusiasm. "It's kind of like casting a Patronus. Think of a really happy time and then, cast the spell."

A happy time...Ginny thought hard. She couldn't really remember a time she had been extremely happy. Well, she could think of few. The day Percy returned home, when her father had won yet another drawing for money at the Ministry, the day she had fallen for Harry...

She looked over at him. He was staring at her hopeful eyes.

Sorry Harry. She thought. You're going to have to be disappointed again. Ginny knew it was to early in the operation to move any items. Large or small. She had to wait at least two more meeting.

So, she decided to concentrate on the fact that Harry like someone instead of a happy memory. Not that either would help her move the box of crayons.

"Okay, I got one."

"What is it?" He asked curiously.

"Can't tell you." She winked and Harry frowned. "Nothing important." She shrugged. "Accio Crayon!" She cried pointing towards the wall and waving her wand vigorously. The spell, of course, failed. Harry sighed.

"You're sure your memory was happy enough?"

"Positive." She lied.

"Bloody..." He marked it off the list. "Alright. Let's try..." He frowned. "Try spinning around in a circle ten times, then casting the spell."

Ginny just stared at him. "You can't be serious."

"I am." He smiled. "It's that or standing on your head..."

"Ugh..." She moaned before spinning around. After her ten spins, she couldn't even focus her eyes. Pointing her wand wherever it was, she shouted, "Accio Crayons!"

"I was really hoping that would work." Harry muttered marking it off. Ginny made her way to a chair clumsily. "Next we can-"

"No more!" She cried softly laying her head down. "To dizzy."

"The dizziness will fade..." He pointed out. Ginny shot him a desperate look and Harry sighed. "Fine, fine..." He folded the list and stuck it in his pocket. Ginny kept her head down a few more moments, blinking a couple times to fix her vision. She lifted her head and smiled.

"All better I suppose."

"Good." He smiled and stretched his back using the chair. "What are you teaching me today?"

"Well..." She stared at him. "I'm not really sure."

"You're not sure?"

"Nope. There is a lot to teach you. But, I don't know where to start."


"We could go over how to dress, how you should act, things you should do for her, how she is going to dress, whether or not it will last..." She shrugged as she counted them off on her fingers.

"I take it there is more."

"Oh yes."

"Hmm..." Harry repeated the things she said in his head. "Let's go over how I should act."

"Alright. How you act can be a very essential thing. Acting nervous, will give it away completely that you like her. It could even possibly scare her off. Not to many girls want some guy walking two steps behind her muttering to himself on their first date." She grimaced. "It's not attractive."

Harry nodded. "Nervousness, shows girl you like her, not attractive." He repeated. "Got it."

"Also acting like a manly-man isn't a good thing. Girls don't like to hear about your many accomplishments, they don’t care what kind of after-shave you wear, as long as it smells good. They don't want to know that you can do thirty-five different versions of the Wronski Feint on your broom." She smiled when Harry bowed his head sheepishly. He had boasted about being able to Wronski Feint thirty-five different ways one night in the common room. "Maybe after your first few times of hanging out, then you can fill her in on this kind of stuff. If it's meant to be and she really likes you, she'll want to know this kind of stuff. But on the first's not needed."

"No tales of Wronski Feint achievements, got it." He smiled.

"Then there is sucking up. It more depends on the girl though. Some girls love to hear how pretty they are over and over again. Some, think it's annoying and makes a girl think you want in her pants. But, if you tell her she's pretty and mean it, and she can tell you mean it, then..." She looked away. "...then she will be the happiest girl alive." She looked back and forced a smile. "Slight exaggeration, but you get my point."

"Got it."

"Also, don't act stupid. Don't embarrass her on your first date. You can be funny, humorous, but goofing off and horse playing is too much. She will get embarrassed and most likely never want to be seen with you again."

"So, no acting like Fred or George." Harry muttered and Ginny laughed.

"That's really all you have to worry about. Don't act stupid, nervous, manly or like a suck up and you should have it down."

"But..." Harry paused. "What if I get nervous? I mean, I know I will. Going on a date's going to be fabulous. But, I'm not going to know how to act."

"Have you ever even talked to this girl before?"


"Then just act like you normally would." She shrugged.

"But, it's not a normal time, it's a date."

"Harry..." She sighed. "Just be yourself. Any girl would be honored to go out with you."

"You really mean that?"

"Yes." She stated honestly, looking away form him again.


"Anytime..." She grumbled.

If only she had looked over at him. If only she hadn't been worrying that he would see her every thought reflected in her eyes. She would have seen that all he really wanted to know was if she would go.


"So, have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the stars?" Dustin asked Ginny a week later at breakfast. She glanced over at him and smiled.

"No, I sure haven't." She laughed slightly wondering if he realized how gay he sounded.

"Well. One day, you and I will. We'll fly to the moon together and as we are landing, I will gently kiss your lips..." He turned her head towards his and planted a soft, but very fake, sweet kiss on her lips. Ginny laughed again. She sometimes thought Dustin should be an actor. He was very good at it.

"Dustin, not now, we are in public." She scolded all the while smiling.

"Fine then, later." He brushed her hair off her cheek and winked before grabbing a muffin and biting into it. Across the table, Harry knocked over the salt and quickly picked it back up, muttering incoherently under his breath.

Dustin knew exactly what Harry's salt knocking over meant. One, that Dustin had completed his mission for this morning. Two, that he was mad with jealousy. Yes, he could tell when Harry got jealous. Every single time. He studied the boy…but, what gay guy wouldn’t? Harry was bloody hot…

But, he wouldn't tell Ginny what he had figured out about Harry‘s green-eyed monster. If the girl couldn't get see it herself, then she wasn't ready for it. All right, so she was. She had been ready to take on Harry Potter since she was eleven. But, telling Ginny that Harry was jealous wouldn't solve anything.

Besides, she wouldn't believe him anyway.

"Oh shoot." Dustin mumbled. Ginny glanced over. "I have to be going. See you in class, love." He kissed her cheek and left the table, Ginny saying her goodbyes as he walked away.

"Love?" Hermione repeated and Ginny blushed. Harry glared at his plate. He had been wondering the same thing. The two of them hadn't been going out for more than a week and they were already to the love stage?

"It's nothing." Ginny mumbled at Hermione. "He was kidding."

"Then why are you blushing?" Hermione questioned with a raised eyebrow. Harry watched Ginny glare towards the older girl. He resumed staring angrily at his plate.


Harry wasn't sure what to think anymore. While Ginny and Dustin seemed to grow closer and closer, the plan him and Hermione had, seemed to be going down the drain. Fast.

They had five meetings in all and didn't seem to be progressing at all. With either lesson. Ginny was still doing very badly at summoning and had yet to make any improvements. At all. He was beginning to wonder if the day he say the crayon move, had been a trick of his eyesight.

They had tried almost everything. Even Ron's suggestion of standing on her head. Which had, as Harry had thought, done nothing but hurt her head.

His lessons weren't any better. He had yet to be able to use any of the lessons on Ginny. He wasn't even sure if he was going to be able to. The last three lessons had once again been all talk. She had told him how to identify a girls feelings by the way she wore her hair, the way she dressed and the way she talked. The next lesson she had told him what kind of message his clothes, hair and speech could be sending out.

All talk, no action. There was no way he could use what Ginny taught him against her if she kept talking about sending out signals. When he brought this up with Hermione the next day, she frowned.

That was it. She simply frowned. Which made Harry frown also. So, they both set there frowning. For a good two minutes at least. Then Hermione looked at him and sort of squinted her eyes, her frown leaving.

"I've got it!" She announced. Harry smiled thankfully.

"What do you got?"

"Your going to have to speed things up your self. Instead of waiting for Ginny to make the first move, you make it."

Harry's frown returned. "Hermione, Ginny is the one teaching the lessons."

"Ah, yes. But, you’re going to turn things around on her side."

"By that you mean...?"

"I want you to help her cast the spell."

"Help her like how?"

"Let's see." Hermione stood and began to pace. "Tell her to try doing the spell a certain way, then pretend to notice how she is waving her wand. Tell her she is doing it all wrong." She stopped and looked a him with a smile. "Walk behind her and take her wand in yours. Then help her cast it."

"Er..." Harry just stared at Hermione who was looking rather triumphant. "I don't know if I can do that..." He mumbled.

"Do you want to move things to the touching stage or not?" She snapped glaring at him.

"Ah...right. I guess I can try."

"Good. Do it tonight. I want to know the results." With that, she turned on her heel and walked out of his dorm room.


He had left supper early again. He had been every night for the past week and Ginny had no idea what the cause of it was. He always said that he wanted to go prepare for their meetings, or had homework to do. But Ginny knew for a fact that the former was a lie. They were using the room of requirements.

So, each day, she frowned at his back as he stood from the table, muttered his excuse and walked from the Great Hall. Then, moments after he left, Dustin would stand and leave also.

Dustin said that after Harry left, his job was done. Which Ginny had no idea what that was supposed to mean.

Well, Ginny was bloody sick of everyone leaving with out giving her a real excuse. So she stuffed a forkful of eggs in her mouth and stood from the Gryffindor table. She ignored Hermione's questions and stomped to the door. It was time for some explanations.


Harry had just taken a seat in the beanbag when Ginny came stomping into the room. He stared at her surprised and she shot him a knowing smiling. Knowing what, he had no idea.

"I knew you didn't come in here to ‘get ready for the lessons’."

Ah, that explained her look. Harry frowned, not knowing how to respond as she look a seat next to him.

"Guess I've been caught red handed." He joked.

"Yea. You have." She agreed. They feel silent and Harry felt the need to clarify him self.

"I just come in here to think."

"To think." Ginny repeated, watching him from the corner of her eye.

"That's right."

"The think about...what?"

Harry stretched his legs out and folded his hands together, resting them in his lap. He couldn't answer that question truthfully. Not to her. He had left the Great Hall early today, because he wasn't sure he could follow through with Hermione's plan.

Him and Ginny barely ever came in contact, skin to skin, even if it was just their hands. When they did, it was only long enough for Harry to feel the shocks run up his arm, before he pulled away. And now, he was supposed to hold her hand in his, and cast the spell.

He just wasn't so sure about that. Hermione obviously thought it would work. Or she never would have suggested it. He could tell that his bushy haired friend was all too sure it would make things speed up.

Harry just wanted his lessons to move quicker. He wanted Ginny to show him what to do on a date. If he ever got one. It was beginning to seem unlikely. Dustin and Ginny seemed to be getting closer and closer. He couldn't even look at Dustin anymore, with out feeling like he wanted to sock him in the jaw.

But, that wasn't very mature.

Ginny nudged him in the shoulder. He glanced over.


"Aren't you going to answer me?" She frowned.

"Answer?" Oh, that was right. She wanted to know what he had thought about when he came in here. But, he still couldn't tell her. His thoughts always had her spun to them in some twisted way. So he simply shrugged and replied, "Everything."

He stood form the beanbag and offered his hand to her. She slipped hers into his and the shocks he had thought about earlier went racing up his arm. He tugged her to her feet and she ended up standing directly in front of him. He released her hand and took a step back.

"Ready for your lesson?" He smiled brightly and decided to tackle Hermione's plan. Now, he just hoped it worked.


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