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Summoning Conditions
By takefourmoments

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Category: Post-OotP, Buried Gems
Characters:All, Harry/Ginny, Severus Snape
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
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Rating: PG
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Summary: During a DA lesson, they are reviewing smaller spells, starting with summoning. Everyone, including Neville, is getting it down. Well, everyone besides Ginny. When she askes for extra lessons from Harry, he instantly turns her down. Which angers her and leaves her badgering him for the lessons afterwards. He finally agrees, but on one condition. She has to give him lessons too. Lessons on how to win over the girl he fancies.
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Summoning Conditions
Chapter 4-Aye, aye Captain

Up, open. Down, closed. Up.

This was difficult, and Ginny didn't know what Harry's problem was. The last time they had met for her summoning lessons, he had had her stand on her head and cast the spell. She could barely manage to stay balanced for two seconds, much less cast her spell. Ginny was beginning to think he got some sick humor out of watching her make a fool of herself.

Earlier, after she’d asked him what he thought about, he’d stood from the beanbags answering with a lame 'everything', they had gotten down to work. Or, at least that’s what Harry had called it. Ginny called it unwanted exercise.

She also thought doing thirty jumping jacks before casting the spell was an incredibly stupid idea. But, she was doing them. And thankfully, she was almost done. Only seven more.

Or was it eight? She didn't know anymore. It took too much brainpower to jump and count at the same time. She did seven more, stopped, and heaved a breath. Then, as quickly as she could, using her last bought of breath, she pointed her wand randomly and cast the spell.

And by golly if the stupid things didn't move in the slightest.

"Ah." Harry said with a small laugh. "That's too bad."

"Oh, yes." She smiled sarcastically and took a much-needed deep breath. "It's terrible. I really wanted to do a load of jumping jacks each time before I summon. It was right up there with the head stand on my favorites list."

"Now, Ginny." He clucked his tongue at her. "You're just to out of shape. I can do fifty jumping jacks and not lose a whiff of breath."

"I'm sure you can." She muttered sitting down in one of the chairs and Laying her head on the table. "I'm worn out now."

"Well, that's too bad." Harry said making her groan. "I think I know what the problem is."

Oh, gee. He sounded much to sure of himself. She glanced at him without lifting her head.

"What's that?"

"It's your wand technique. It's very bad." He shook his head pitifully. "I'm surprised you can swish and flick right."

"I swish and flick very well thank you." She muttered sitting up straight. She had no idea what Harry had in mind.

"Well, you might be able to swish and flick, but swish and flick is not the summoning movement." Harry pointed out with another smile. He was sounding so much like a teacher that it was a tad bit scary. He was also smiling...alot.

"I know."

"Well, you definitely have been swishing and flicking your wand." Another shake of the head and smile. She glared.

"Have not."

"Have to."

"Fine." She exclaimed standing. "What do you suggest we do about this technique problem of mine?"

"I'm going to help you fix it." He shrugged.

"How are you going to do that?"

"You'll see." This time his smile seemed mysterious. She didn't like the sound of this.


He was really going to blow this. He knew it. He was much too nervous. It was most likely seeping right through him. His nervousness, that is. He kept smiling. Well, that wasn't really so bad. Maybe Ginny just thought he was extremely happy.

Well, at least he wasn't stuttering. That would really be bad. There could be no excuses then. You don't stutter when you’re happy. Only when you’re nervous. Which he was.

He kept his words clear and without stammers the best he could. But it was much too late to turn back now. He had already brought up the subject of her wand technique. That had been the plan. Now, he just had to tell her to get into position to cast the spell. And then...

He took a quick breath and once again smiled. Damn his extremely nervous self.

"Alright Gin." He took a step forward. "Go ahead and act like your going to cast the spell." She did as told and then glanced at him for further instructions. "Now, try and summon the crayons, so I can study you wands movement once more."

More like so he could try and contain himself before he had to get close to her.

"Accio Crayon!" She said with little emotion. She flicked her wand just as he would if he was the one casting. He frowned in the knowledge that this wasn't really the answer to her summoning problems. Oh well, at least he had frowned instead of smiling again.

"Right, see. Swish and Flick. That's bad; no swishing needed." He walked closer to her. "Go ahead and make like you’re going to cast again."

Alright Harry. He scolded himself as she got ready to cast. You can do it.

"Now what?" She asked growing impatient.

"This is where I help you." He took a step so that he was directly behind her. Her robes brushed his chest. Before he had a chance to think otherwise, he quickly grabbed Ginny's wand hand in his.

There went the sparks, up his arm and to his chest, making him shiver involuntarily. But it wasn't so bad. Being this close to Ginny. He should have realized that he would fully enjoy having her hand in his when he had been contemplating this earlier. But, being the stupid prat he was, he hadn't.

Well now, he knew it. And to be frank, he was really enjoying it. He leaned his head down closer to hers, as if to get the same vision she was. He positioned their arms so the wand was pointing at the box of crayons.

"Now, Ginny. Summon the crayons."

"A-Accio Crayon." She muttered and Harry waved the wand for her. The crayons came soaring across the air and Ginny caught them smoothly.

"Well, I'll be. I really wasn't expecting that." He said truthfully, stepping back. Ginny's body seemed to relax, but Harry took no real notice. He was much to happy about her summoning.

She spun around to face him. He expected her look to mirror his, which was happy and relieved. Instead she was frowning and biting her lip.

"You did it." He mentioned, trying to get her to realize that this was good.

"Yea..." She mumbled. Harry frowned.

"Isn't that good?"

"Yes. But..." She paused and looked away form him. "I only did it because you helped me. I still can't do it on my own."

"Oh...I'm sure we will figure something out." He said apologetically, realizing the disappointment it was. She must have gotten her hopes up and then shot back down. "I could always just hold your hand whenever you need to summon."

"Ha ha." Ginny rolled her eyes. "Can I leave now? I mean, can't anything else you have in store for me wait?"

Harry stared at her. "Well, sure it can wait."

"Good." She took two steps towards the door before Harry grabbed her arm, stopping her.

"But, you can't leave." Harry muttered, and he felt Ginny stiffen.


She really wished he would just stop touching her. It was doing no good for her what so ever. She didn't like the things it made her feel. It was no good. None. And it didn't help that she had a very strong impulse to jump his bones and snog him senseless. That really wouldn't do them any good.

You never know Ginny. She told her self. There is a possibility that he could enjoy you jumping his bones. She mentally snorted.

"Yea right, and pigs could fly." She whispered under her breath. Harry, who still had a grip on her wrist, smiled.

"They can if you charm them to."

She glanced up at him and smiled also. Then another ting went from her wrist and she shook her arm free. "I am really going now." She took another step when Harry grabbed her wrist again.

"You really can't leave."

"I can't?" She glanced at him puzzled.

"We have a deal Ginny. I gave you your lesson for today. You owe me mine." He released her arm as realization dawned on her.

"Oh!" She really felt like an idiot. A really big one. "I'm sorry. It slipped my mind." And it was all your fault. Yours and your stupid hand's.

"That's alright."

Ginny walked to a table and sat down. Harry, on the other hand, remained standing. She glanced over at him.

"Aren't you going to sit?"


"No?" She repeated with a sigh. Things just didn't seem to want to go easy for her today.

"No. I want to pick the topic for my lesson to day."

"Alright." She nodded, not really minding him picking the idea; she had nothing herself.

"I want you to show me what I should do."

"What do you mean?” Ginny's forehead wrinkled in confusion.

"I mean, I want the physical stuff. I want to know when it's a good time to touch my date. If I should hold her hand and when. If I am supposed to brush the piece of food off the side of her mouth..." He waved his hands around briefly and Ginny began to pale.

This was it. What Hermione had been talking about when she said Ginny could use her lessons to get closer to Harry. This was the chance Hermione had been hoping Ginny would find. Only, Ginny wasn't ready for it. After having to deal with holding his hand for less than two minutes, she wasn't sure if she could touch him more. Without jumping his bones, that is.

But, she couldn't really tell him that now could she. Ginny didn't necessarily fancy Harry knowing how she felt about him and his bones. Not at all. So, there was nothing she could do but accept the lesson.

Oh, she could make excuses alright. Could think of plenty. But, what was the use in postponing the inevitable? If Harry wanted to learn it, he would. If not from her, then from someone else. Ginny cleared her mind of that thought, She didn't want to think of some other girl sharing lessons with Harry as she was.

This was her connection with him. Her thing. Her way of trying to prove to him that they could be together. She had fully realized that earlier when the crayons had flown to her.

The closer they got to her 'successfully summoning', the closer they got to the end of their lessons. The sooner their connection...would be severed. They would still be friends, of course. They had been since the trip to the Department of Mysteries. But...She couldn't exactly say why, but she had been enjoying their lessons. More than she should, really. Especially when Mr. Potter had her standing on her head, doing jumping jacks and spinning in a circle 20 times...

Harry's hand (in all it's glory and tingly sending skills) waving in front of her face, snapped her out of her thoughts. She glanced up at him, muttered an apology, and stood. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she summoned-no pun intended-her courage.

You can do this Ginny. Just a few touches, brushes of the cheek, rubbing his can do it. She nodded to her thoughts and faced him.


"Alright. Let's go." Harry said confidently. Ginny swallowed and nodded. "I haven’t had a chance to prepare for this lesson, so can you give me a moment to think it over?" She asked, trying to postpone it for a few seconds.

"Sure." Harry agreed.

"Alright, good." She folded her arms and stood in place. Harry took a seat at the beanbags.


Harry watched as Ginny stood completely still, her eyebrows scrunching together. He wasn't exactly sure why she needed time to think, couldn't she just...go with the flow? He really wished she would. Harry was much too anxious to get get her hands on him...

Alright, that sounded dirty. But, what could he say; he loved the feel of them. The shivers she sent through him, the way he was all so wonderful. And if he couldn't have her for his own, then this was the next best thing.

Then again, wasn't that the whole reason for starting these lessons? So he could have her for his own? Of course it was. Although, at the moment, she had Dustin. Harry bit the inside of his lip to refrain from grimacing.

It was sad. He didn't even know the boy, but he hated his guts. Harry knew he was jealous. He also knew that it wasn't right for that...boy to come in and stand in the way of his plans...

Now he sounded like a stubborn five year old. Harry laughed softly at his own antics. Ginny glanced over at him. They stared at each other for a few moments, and then Ginny nodded.

"I'm ready."

"Okay." Harry stood from the beanbag with a jump. "What's first?" He smiled. Ginny frowned.

"Well...I'm not sure there is a first. I'm just going Well and demonstrate, of course. Just...just follow along. Alright?"

"Aye, aye Captain."


"It means alright." He said with a smile.

"Okay..." She shook her head, giving him a weird look. "Let's start." She walked closer to him. "You're on a date. Let's take her to Hogsmeade?" She raised her eyebrows in question. He nodded. "You meet at the Entrance Hall. You're both nervous. We are going to pretend this girl is...perfect, shall we say? She likes you just as much as you like her..." Ginny nodded, confirming her own words.

"Okay." Harry stared at her with a soft smile. She seemed to really be getting into telling this story.

"Anyway. You're loading onto a carriage, just the two of you." They both jumped when a large Hogsmeade carriage appeared in the room. They smiled at each other after recovering. "You open the door," As she said it, Harry put actions to her words. "She steps up to get in and you..." She paused and gave him a pointed look. Ginny smiled brightly as Harry held out a hand to help her into the carriage. Her hand slipped into his, tickling his skin. "Thank you Mr. Potter."

"Anytime." He muttered as he climbed in, closing the door behind him.

"Now, it could be all stuffy and nervous or it could be...conversational."

"Conversational please."

"Is that how it would be?" Ginny asked in a nosy-I'm-the-boss tone. "Truthfully, between you two."

"Maybe." Harry answered truthfully. "I do talk to this girl. All the time. But with the date atmosphere, it might be slightly uncomfortable."

Ginny nodded. "Good enough. You're sitting in the carriage talking, blah blah." She imitated. Then in a slightly animated voice said, "Oh! Lookie! We are here." She climbed back out of the carriage, Harry following after her, rolling his eyes.

Once again, they were both amazed. The Room of Requirements had turned into a model of Hogsmeade. They had both glanced at one another before walking to one of the doors and pulling. Ginny laughed when she realized she was tugging on the wall.

"You've arrived at Hogsmeade." She said, waving her arms around as if to show him the room. The way she said it reminded him of the lady he had seen at the zoo. She stood on the train and announced each stop. Ginny definitely had a job if she became a muggle.

"I see that." He smiled.

"You walk through the town together, both of you nervous, but still having some idle chatting going on." She came and stood next to him and they proceeded to walk side-by-side through 'Hogsmeade'. "Your arms swing as you walk and her hand accidentally brushes yours." She made it a point by brushing their hands. Harry ignored the urge to take hers fully in his.

"What if...what if I want to hold the girl’s hand as we walk?" He asked watching her from the corner of his eye.

"Well..." She hesitated. "It depends."

"On what?"

"Well, if she wants you to."

"How do I know if she wants me to?"

"Brush her hand, I guess. If she...responds in any small way, then, she wants you to."

"Like..." Harry moved his hand so it brushed hers. "this?"

"Yea. Exactly." Harry glanced to his left, moving his hand away from hers. She hadn't given him any...signal. So, he wouldn't take her hand. But...that was just too bad.


Ginny stared at the shops as they continued walking down the fake Hogsmeade. She as hoping her face wasn't as red as she thought it was. She had just been completely embarrassed, and it was all her fault.

When Harry had asked what he should do if he wanted to hold the girl's hand, Ginny had read too much into it. She'd been hoping he was asking because he wanted to hold hers...if only she had noticed how ridiculous it sounded before she made a fool of herself.

She just hoped that he hadn't noticed...

When he brushed his hand along hers, the sparks were, as always, there. She told him that if the girl wanted him to grab her hand, she would give him a sign. Well, Ginny had given the sign. It hadn't been a very big one, but she thought that flexing her fingers against his, was going to be a definite sign.

And if it was, she had jus been told by Harry Potter that he didn't want to hold her hand.

She shook her head and focused her thoughts on the lesson. It was actually more fun than she had thought it would be. When the carriage and then the town had appeared, she couldn't stop smiling. It was so amusing in its own way.

Also, by turning his dating lessons into a story she was telling, it seemed to make things simpler for her. And now, after the hand incident, clearer. Clear that he wanted nothing to do with her. He was possibly too strung up on this girl to notice.

"What now?" Harry's voice made her jump and brought her out of her thoughts.

"Oh, let's practice...going to 'The Three Broomsticks'." When Ginny mentioned the shop name, a table appeared a few feet away. Ginny smiled. "This is brilliant."

"Yea." Harry pulled out her chair for her and she was almost amazed at his gentlemen like qualities.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome." He said sincerely. "Shall I go get the drinks?" A miniature bar appeared next to the wall at his words. On top of it sat cups.

"Yes. Please." Ginny folded her hands on the table. Harry walked over and grabbed the drinks, returning with a smile.

"Seems we couldn't get anymore of Hogsmeade than we already have." He motioned to the cups as he sat. Ginny laughed slightly. The cups had been filled with pumpkin juice instead of what they would have usually ordered, butterbeer.

"Apparently." She cleared her throat and took a long sip of her pumpkin juice. “Now, you’re sitting at the table with the girl, alright?”

“Alright.” Harry smiled and took a swing of his juice.

“Say she…” She thought for a moment. “...places her hand on the table.” She acted out what she was saying, placing her hand flat on the table, so it was almost midway across. Harry kept his eyes on hers. Ginny swallowed. “If your comfortable with it…” She paused. “You can reach out and place yours over it. Or play with her fingers…some kind of simple gesture that shows you care.”

“Got it.”

Ginny almost felt disappointed. She had really expected him to test out her words…to place his hand on hers. She almost sighed, but held it in and pulled her hand back hastily.

“You could even ‘accidentally’ brush your leg with hers. If you get my point.” She smiled and Harry nodded.

Ginny looked over at the wall with the painting of Three Broomsticks on it. She fell silent and really couldn’t think of anything else to say. She stood and nodded towards Harry.

“I think that’s it for today.”

“Sure.” He stood also, and the fake Hogsmeade faded around them. Ginny smiled sadly and touched the wall.

“It was fun.” She mumbled. “Thanks for taking me to Hogsmeade.”

“Anytime.” Harry replied smoothly. If only he could have meant it.


Hope you enjoyed.
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