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Summoning Conditions
By takefourmoments

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Category: Post-OotP, Buried Gems
Characters:All, Harry/Ginny, Severus Snape
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Humor
Warnings: None
Story is Complete
Rating: PG
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Summary: During a DA lesson, they are reviewing smaller spells, starting with summoning. Everyone, including Neville, is getting it down. Well, everyone besides Ginny. When she askes for extra lessons from Harry, he instantly turns her down. Which angers her and leaves her badgering him for the lessons afterwards. He finally agrees, but on one condition. She has to give him lessons too. Lessons on how to win over the girl he fancies.
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Chapter 6 out ready and early just for you.
I don’t think I ever put one of these things but…
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Summoning Conditions
Chapter 6 - Waston, the plan failed…again.

Deep breathes. That’s what she need. A few inhalations of breath. Deep ones.

Ginny wasn’t sure she’d ever been this nervous. All right…she had been those first few times she’d seen Harry. Like when she had stuck her elbow in the butter dish. Not that she’d done that out of nervousness. She’d simply had a bout of clumsiness.

Okay, that was a lie. She’d definitely been nervous. Sort of like now. Only now, it was much worse. Much, much worse. Not only was she going to have to see Harry, she was going on a date with him.

Alright it wasn’t really a date. More of a friendly outing. One that seemed rather…dateish. When she had agreed to go with Harry three days ago, it seemed like Hermione knew the moment after.

The older bushy haired girl had come running into her dorm room minutes after Ginny had mailed the letter, a huge smile on her face.

“Isn’t this wonderful?” Hermione had boasted.

“What?” Ginny had asked puzzled.

“Your trip to Hogsmeade with Harry.”

“How…” She’d drifted off absolutely amazed at how quickly Hermione had found out. “How do you know?”

“Oh! I am so happy.” Hermione really had looked happy enough to twirl in a circle. She was also looking happy enough that Ginny let her curiosity slip away. She’d smiled and shrugged.

“Yea, it is pretty great. But…” Ginny had frowned.

“But what?”

“It’s just a trip to Hogsmeade. Nothing big. I have gone to Hogsmeade with Harry before. This isn’t any different.” She’d told Hermione this, all the while feeling like a liar. She could feel inside her that it was different. In many ways. Apparently, so could Hermione.

“That’s not true and you know it.” Hermione had lost her smile and placed her hands on her hips.

“Do not.” Ginny argued and ignored the urge to act more like a two year old and stick out her tongue. Hermione had shaken her head and sighed.

“I’m not going to argue with you. But, remember that I told you it would be different.” Then she smiled and left.

Ginny was beginning to get creeped out. Whenever she saw Hermione, the girl smiled as if she’d gotten a special edition copy of her favorite book. It was kind of scary. Then there was Harry, who shot her glances in the hallway, and left her blushing. He also sat with her at meals and they talked easily. It was unnerving her with Hermione always smiling.

And today, they were going to Hogsmeade. It felt more like a date than Ginny thought it should. So, she couldn’t help but be nervous. Especially since she was walking to the Entrance Hall doors, where she and Harry had planned to meet.

“Alright Gin.” She mumbled before she rounded the corner toward the Entrance Hall. “Deep breaths.”


Harry wasn’t sure if he saw her before she saw him, but…he definitely saw her. He smiled towards her. The smile she gave in return seemed forced and shy. He could tell she was nervous. But…he didn’t mind her nervousness. He actually kind of liked it.

Hermione and Ron had been with him only moments before. Hermione had been giddy and Ron seemed a little too nonchalant on the subject. Which kind of surprised Harry, considering he was going to Hogsmeade with Ginny (Ron had a stubborn streak over who she dated). Harry just figured Ron didn’t have the whole situation totally figured out.

Hermione had instructed Harry to review over his lessons the night before. He’d tried and remembered as much as he could. Which seemed like a lot, but now, walking to the carriages that would take them to Hogsmeade, didn’t seem like enough.

They reached the white carriage and Harry opened the door. Ginny made as if to get in on her own, but Harry defiantly stuck his hand in front of her. She glanced at him with a smile, before taking it. Harry waited till she was all the way in, before stepping in himself. He closed the door and the carriage took off.

“So, Ginny.” Harry tired to smile charmingly. He wasn’t sure if he knew how. She glanced over from the window. “Where all do you want to go today?”

“Umm…” She shrugged. “Honeydukes and Zonko’s, I guess. It doesn’t really matter.”

“Well, I definitely want to go to Three Broomsticks.”

“Oh…alright.” She nodded. The talked idly for the next few minutes, till the carriage pulled to a halt.

“We’ve arrived.” Harry smiled her way again. He opened the door and jumped out. Ginny went to step down and Harry impulsively placed his hands on the sides of her stomach. He lifted her gently and her hands slid to his arms. She glanced at him oddly as her feet touched the ground had she stepped back.

“Thanks.” She smiled, her cheeks slightly flushed. Harry felt a little proud. He had already made her blush and their date had only just started. Harry glanced at Ginny as she took a deep breath and they began walking into the town.

It was, as usual, loud in Hogsmeade. The kids from Hogwarts were screaming joyfully, while searching for their friends. Many of the third year students, who all seemed so small, were looking around in what seemed to be complete amazement. Harry smiled at most of them as they walked past.

They reached the front of Honeydukes and pushed their way into the store. The store was slightly crowded and filled with laughter and talking. Harry walked to the front counter and ordered a pound of Honeydukes peanut butter fudge.

“Fudge?” Ginny asked. Harry glanced at her and shrugged.

“It’s good. You don’t like it?”

“I do. I just never expected you to. You don’t seem to be a fudgy person.” Ginny smiled and Harry grabbed his bag and thanked the woman behind the counter.

“Well, you’d never expect me to like a lot of things I like.” He smiled and winked at her. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ginny questioned.

“Do you want something? Some sugar quills? Maybe some fudge of your own?” Harry asked as if she’d never asked that question.

“I want to know what you meant.”

I want to know if you want something from Honeydukes before we leave the store.” Harry replied stubbornly.

“No thanks.” She muttered and headed for the exit. Harry followed after her and once they had started down the street again, opened his bag and pulled out a small chunk of fudge and popped it in his mouth.

“Want some?” Harry asked holding the bag towards Ginny. She stared at the bag and then nodded.

“All right.”

Harry tore her off another piece and closed the bag. He handed her piece of fudge to her and smiled as she popped it in her mouth. She smiled as she looked at him.

“Honeydukes fudge is the best.” She said after she’d swallowed.

“I know.” Harry smiled back. “Wanna go to Zonko’s next?”

“I guess.” She agreed with a nod. Harry shifted his bag to the hand on the opposite side of Ginny and let his arms fall to his sides. Beside him, Ginny stared straight ahead, her arms swaying slightly as she walked.

Harry swallowed all the doubts he had on what he was about to do and took a breath. He let his hand sway so it brushed hers, and as if he’d caught a sign (which he hadn’t) he took her hand and folded their fingers together.


Wow. She seriously wished she could rewind things and watch them again to figure out exactly how this had happened. This being the fact that she was walking through Hogsmeade, her face flaming and her hand enveloped in Harry’s. Her heartbeat was racing-which wasn’t a good thing, since Harry was holding her hand and could most likely feel her pulse jumping out of her skin-and there was so many feelings racing from her hand to her chest that it was crazy.

She really had no idea Harry was going to take her hand before he had. She hadn’t really given a sign, more of just her nerves making her jumpy. When his hand had hit hers, her arm had jerked and then he’d taken her hand in his own.

Oh Merlin, what he must be thinking. It had most likely been an accidental brush. He’d been fidgeting moments before and it could have just been an aftereffect of all his movements. Then once his hand had brushed hers, he must have thought she was responding to his touch, and not jerking out of nervousness, so he’d felt that he had to take her hand. Why had she ever told him to do that during their lessons?

He must feel out of place…walking down the street and holding her hand. Geez…this wasn’t her place either. This was the place for the girl he liked. The one she had been giving him instructions on how to win over…

She needed to set him straight, tell him that she hadn’t been giving a sign and he didn’t need to hold her hand. She took a deep breath.


“Look, we’re here.” He pointed straight ahead of them and smiled. Ginny frowned as she followed to where he was pointing. People where filing in and out of Zonko’s and Ginny sighed slightly as she realized where exactly they were.

“All right, let’s go in.” She said, hoping he was going to realize her hand. Why wouldn’t he? It was his prefect chance to let go and not have to worry about hurting her feelings.

Although she thought that, when he let go of her hand in reality, a heavy disappointment fell over her. She walked behind him as the browsed the shop. Zonko’s hadn’t really gotten in many news things, but the old stuff was just as fascinating.

They had things that could make your hair grow, fall out temporarily or color instantly; things that made food turn cold as someone was taking a bite; some of the items were for making people’s eyeballs come out of their sockets and roll around and things that could be used to make someone punch someone in the jaw.

Most of the items she saw made her smile, because of the likeness they shared with the things her brothers invented. A few might even be able to rival her brothers’. They walked around the shop for a few more minutes before Ginny spotted it.

The ultimate thing that would trick her brothers…well, at least coming from her.

“Harry! Look at this.” Ginny exclaimed. Harry turned from the hop-like-a-frog-for-the-next-week candies and back to her. He looked at the candy and then to her with a shrug.

“What about them?” He asked. “They are just Shock Sock Tarts.”

“Ahh…” She smiled and pointed to the box. “But they are so much more. To the ordinary eye, they do look like Shock Sock Tarts when, in fact, they aren’t. It’s a new candy Zonko’s invented. They are hiding the real thing under the mask of the Shock Sock Tart.”

“Really?” Harry studied the box. “Then what is it if not a Shock Sock Tart?”

“They don’t have a name for it, but if you read the back it says that the ingredients make you walk around for weeks with your legs spread wide apart. There is no possible way to close them.” She smiled happily knowing that the prank might not be good, but Fred and George would never see it coming.

“Ginny…” Harry looked up at her with a smile. “Why do think these are so cool?”

“Think about it. Fred and George would never realize they weren’t a Shock Sock Tart. Once they eat a few of these and their legs spring apart for the next week, they will fully realize I sent them in return for the Blueberry Burners.” She shrugged, a smile still on her face. “Besides Shock Sock Tart’s are cheap enough that I could buy them and these ones are…” She turned towards the shelf the Sock Tarts were on and instantly frowned. The price was way too high.

“Cheap enough that I can buy them.” Harry inserted, finishing her sentence so it was directed at himself. Her face flamed and she grabbed at his arm as he took a box of them from the shelf.


“No what?”

“You can’t buy them.”

“Why not?” He asked with a smile. He switched the box to his other hand, holding it along with his bag of fudge and then pushed her hand off his arm and into his grasp. He held their hands between them and squeezed. “I want to buy them…why don’t you let me?”

Ginny stared at him over their hands. His eyes were smiling and she searched them for more than what this really was. A mere friendly gesture…a pity on her because she was poor. She glanced away, blocking the feelings that rose. She didn’t want anyone’s pity, especially Harry’s.

“Why?” She asked. “Why do you want to buy them?” She flexed her fingers in the hand Harry held, hoping to get him to let go. He didn’t. Instead, his other hand came around and pulled her face back to look at him.

“Because you looked so happy while you were talking about getting them. Besides,” Harry shrugged. “I like to see the masterminds beat at their own game, it’s entertaining.”

Ginny smiled and decided to just give in. Harry didn’t consider her a pity case…just entertainment.

“All right.” She said with a sigh, as if she hadn’t just given up. “Buy them if you want. But don’t come whining to me when you’re broke afterwards.”

“I won’t.” Harry replied with a laugh and as he pulled her to the check out counter by her arm, something pulled in Ginny’s chest and she wasn’t sure she wanted to identify it.


After buying the Shock Sock Tart’s and leaving the store, Ginny tried again to take her hand from his but once again didn’t have the result she wanted. Harry had acted as if he hadn’t even noticed her attempts.

So, for the second time in the last five minutes, she gave up. Harry walked next to her, a smile on his face and the arm holding the bags, swinging as he walked. She laughed slightly as she watched him.

“I can carry one of those bags for you.” She told him. He shook his head.

“That’s okay, I got them. Besides, we are here now, I am just going to sit the bags down.” Harry said as he pushed the door to The Three Broomsticks open. “You go get the table, I’ll get drinks.”

“Okay.” Ginny agreed, tugging her hand away.

“Ginny!” Harry called when she was a few steps away. She frowned and turned around. “What do you want?”

“Oh…a butterbeer is fine.” She smiled and after Harry nodded, went to find them a seat. Hmm…she looked around. She hated deciding on a seat, it was much too difficult. One’s in the front you get to much breeze because of the door. Ones in the middle were loud. Ones in the back were too isolated. Where to sit…where to sit…

“Ginny!” At a table near the front, Colin Creevey sat there along with his brother, Justin Flinch Flecthy and (to Ginny’s utter dismay) Dustin. Colin was waving franticly and Dustin had a huge smile on his face. Ginny sighed and walked over to them, forgetting about having to get a table.

“Hey guys.” She said with a forced smile.

“Hey Gin.” Dustin scooted over and made room for Ginny to sit. Not wanting to be rude, she glanced behind her to see where Harry was (still in the line) and sat down.

“You here alone?” Dennis Creevey asked from across the table.

“Er…Not exactly.” She muttered.

“Who you here with?” Dustin asked throwing his arm around her shoulder and playing with her hair.

“I’m here with-” She cut off when a shadow fell over their table. Harry was standing there holding two glasses of butterbeer.

“Me.” He said with a small smile, glancing from Dustin to Ginny.

“You’re here with Harry?” Colin asked with a large smile. “That’s great.”

“Yea.” Dustin agreed twisting a piece of her hair around his finger. She saw Harry’s eyes flash from Dustin to Dustin’s hand, and Ginny realized how rude she was being.

“That’s right…” She went to stand up but Dustin grabbed her hand, keeping her in place.

“Why don’t you and Harry join us?” Dustin asked politely. Ginny glared at the table. She didn’t want to join them. But from the grip Dustin had on her hand and her hair, what could she do? Harry glanced at her with a questioning gaze. She faked a quick smile towards him.


“All right.” Harry took a seat beside Colin. He sat the drinks on the table in front of him and pushed one of them across so it stopped in front of Ginny. He saw Ginny glance up and as he sat their bags beside him. She took a sip of her butterbeer and Dustin’s hand kept twirling her hair.

He definitely felt like letting his jealousy rage.

He could have sworn the boy was really gay, but with his obvious intentions towards Ginny right now, he didn’t know what to think. Especially when Ginny did nothing to stop him. He picked up his drink and took a long swig of it.

“So…how has your day been?” He asked to no one in general. Dustin squeezed the arm around Ginny and smiled.

“Better now that my Gin-Gin’s here.” He sounded like he was joking. Ginny glared at him and Dustin lowered his head to her ear. Harry watched in suspicion as Dustin spoke in a stage whisper.

“Play along sweets. Watch your boy’ jealousy flare.” He kissed Ginny’s cheek after saying it,and Harry glared at him. Dustin looked towards him and smiled.

Harry couldn’t let this guy ruin everything…so what could he do but play along?

Harry fel into a conversation with Colin and Dennis, He was sipping from his cup and inputting every now and then. But he was too concentrated on Ginny and Dustin (who were having their own conversation with Justin), to say much.

“What are you talking about?” Ginny said her tone sounding amazed.

“Shhh…” Dustin hushed her and began whispering. Ginny shook her head and picked up her butterbeer. She took a drink and then sat it back down, letting her hand fall beside it. It was the best chance he had at the moment to set things back on track. He let his arm rest on the table and reached for Ginny’s hand. He fiddled with her fingers and pretended not to notice when she glanced at him sharply.

Instead, he leaned in towards Colin and tried to get caught up in their conversations. He stopped fiddling with her fingers and intertwined them with his. From the corner of his eye he saw Ginny shake her head and then direct her gaze back at Dustin. He almost sighed from relief.

After a few conversations and one and a half butterbeers, Harry released Ginny’s hand to check his watch. Her hand slipped off the table and into her lap as Harry stood with a smile.

“Well, it was nice sitting with you all but, I promised to meet the other two parts of my trio in a bit. Better be going.” He smiled and then looked at Ginny. “You coming?”

“Of course.” She said like it was stupid he asked. As she was standing, Dustin once again pulled her back down and kissed her on the cheek.

“Later love.” He murmured in the same manner he had that time at breakfast.

“Bye Dustin.” She stood and finished off her butterbeer, then turned towards Harry. From her last drink a small bit of butterbeer had remained on the corner of her mouth and she was totally oblivious to it. “Ready to-” She cut off when Harry’s thumb touched the side of her mouth. He wiped the butterbeer off and then licked his thumb. Ginny just stared at him.

“You had a little bit of butterbeer on your cheek.” He said nonchalantly. He reached towards her again and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Ready?” He took a step around her and then her voice stopped him.

“What are you doing?” She asked and he turned to look at her and their gazes clashed.

“What do you mean?”

“You buy me the tarts, you hold my hand, you play with my fingers, you get jealous, and now you’re touching my face and tucking my hair? It’s almost like you’re…” She paled slightly and swallowed.

“I’m just putting my lessons to good use.” He watched her carefully. Her gaze seemed to flash and her back stiffened.

“Is that all I am?”


“Just some thing you can practice on?” She screamed. People turned to look at them and this time Harry paled.

“What do you mean something to practice on? I’m not-” Harry’s words cut off as Ginny pulled her wand out and Bat Bogey hexed him before she ran from the store.

“Shit.” He muttered around the curse. At the table he still stood in front of, Dustin laughed loudly.

“You know Harry…” Dustin said loudly. Harry was to busy fighting the curse to look at him. “You definitely just witnessed a good bout of the Weasley temper.”

“Bloody. Shut up Dustin.” Colin muttered.

“And Harry?” Dustin continued. “If you don’t stop hurting her feelings and pushing her away, you aren’t going to be the one seeing it much longer.”

Colin glared at his friend and cast the counter curse. The curse lifted off Harry, and he glared as he regained his balance and breath.

“What in Merlin’s name are you talking about?” Harry asked, glaring once again at Dustin.

“You’re going to lose her.”

“Right. To you, I suppose?” Harry snarled, glancing at the Three Broomstick’s door.

“Harry, Harry, Harry…haven’t we already gone through this? I am gay. I like guys.” He nodded his head towards Justin. “Like him. I had my eye on you too…till Ginny confessed her undying love for you.” He laughed as Harry grimaced.

“Thank Merlin she did.” Harry said smiling towards Dustin for the first time. “What about today…with the hair twirling and stuff?”

“Trying to show Ginny how jealous you could get.” Dustin admitted, earning another glare form Harry. Dustin shook his head and Harry frowned.

“I’ve really messed things up now…and it’s not really my fault.”

“It kind of is.” Dustin replied defending Ginny like any loyal friend would.

“Not really. She’s the one who took what I said the wrong way.” Harry pointed out and Dustin shrugged.

“Well, you’re the one who has to fix it.”

“I know.” Harry smiled and turned to leave. “Later.”

“Oh, Harry?” Colin called out. Harry turned back with a sigh.

“What now?”

“You forgot your bags.” Colin said with a smile.


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