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Road Home
By PantherHawk

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Summary: Ginny waits and remembers as she returns back to Hogwarts for the first time since the war had ended. It is here that she remembers what happened in the last two years, as she waits for a lost love to return to the world where he truely belongs.
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None of these characters are mine, they are JK Rowlings and I just love them to pieces and would never use them for profit.

Ginny’s brown eyes filled with tears as she apparated back to the land of her childhood education. One that had ended two years prematurely. She walked through the gate and made her way onto the grounds. Her eyes scanned the familiar setting before they rested on the white tomb that was now the landmark of what once was Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It had been a year now since the war had ended. Professor McGonagall had hopes of reopening the school in due time, but people were still having trouble parting with their children. Trust still needed to be gained, but Ginny had confidence that the school would reopen.

Ginny would have taken her N.E.W.T.s this year but when the war began she knew there had been more important things to deal with. She gave up school to help her friends and family fight the battle for life and a better world. There were more lessons in that then what any classroom or test could ever teach.

After Fleur and Bill’s wedding, she had found out about Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s plans to journey to Godric’s Hollow. Knowing that, she was determined to go too, but Harry refused her. He wanted to keep her safe. His emerald green eyes had stared down at her intensely, explaining to her what must be done, and he wanted her to stay behind to protect her family. His family as he had called them.

He had made a promise to her that they would meet at the white tomb on the one-year anniversary of the defeat of Voldemort, she agreed and he had sealed the agreement with one last kiss.

So she had concentrated on keeping Dumbledore’s Army together and in constant contact. Before they had left, she had Hermione teach her how to call them on the coins and made Ron promise to call them whenever they were needed. That only occurred during the final battle which occurred at Godric’s Hollow.

Many had died that day on both sides. She had been near the battle between Harry and Voldemort. Close enough to know when one would go down, but far enough away that she could not hear the words or spells being said. She didn’t even know if he knew she was there. Her and Neville had been fighting back to back against Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lastrange.

She was unsure when it occurred but after many hours of fighting Neville left her side. He became the decoy… he had sacrificed his life as Harry laid on the ground and Voldemort’s wand pointed down at him. Neville received the killing curse that was meant for Harry, giving Harry time to recollect himself and sending his own killing curse.

Everything went silent after that. Harry apparated from the battle scene immediately. Ginny didn’t even have time to react to what had occurred in front of her.

Though it had not been the last time she saw Harry in the last year, she was still unable to speak with him. A couple of weeks after the defeat of Voldemort he had made an appearance at Hermione and Ron’s wedding, as Ron’s best man. She herself had been Hermione’s maid-of-honor. She had only been, able to catch his eye once through the whole ceremony, long enough for her to know he needed time to himself but he still cared for her.

So here she was, standing next to the pearl white tomb. She ran her hand across the smooth surface. It was then that she felt the strong hand on her shoulder. She leaned back against his body, not having to look, she knew his touch better then anything in the world. As she leaned back, his arm slipped around her. She fit perfectly, just as she remembered. She smiled, sighing happily. He whispered in her ear, “I missed you too.”

She turned to face him, needing suddenly to see his emerald green eyes and his messy jet black hair. Looking up, his eyes were worn but a smile was on his face. It warmed her heart so much. Tears flowed freely down her checks as she buried her face into his chest, wrapping her arms around him, holding tightly and never wanting to let him go. She also felt his own arms tighter around her and he kissed her fiery red hair.

It was a long time before she felt Harry move. He placed a finger under her chin, moving it so she was looking into his emerald green eyes once again, his own face tear-stained.

Harry took his thumb and brushed away Ginny’s tear-strained face. With his touch, her heart began to race and she could feel her face turn Weasley-hair red. It was then that he dropped his head down till their lips met for the first time in such a long time.

Ginny kept the kiss as long as Harry would allow it, but after a few minutes he pulled away. Ginny opened her eyes to see a new spark in his eyes. Though his eyes still showed years of sorrow and pain, this new look reminded her of the fist time she saw him.

It was then that she found her voice for the first time since he had arrived at her side, “I love you.” It was only a whisper but loud enough for Harry to hear.

“I love you too,” as he kissed her forehead gently.

Ginny sighed not wanting the moment to end, “Well, we better go, Mum is expecting us home for dinner.”

Harry smiled. “Yes we wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.”

Ginny stepped back so that they could prepare to apparate, their hands the only thing keeping them connected. Harry paused though for a moment, running a hand over the smooth stone in front of them as if saying, “I did it” and saying his last good-byes to his mentor and teacher.

After a few moments of silence, Ginny and Harry walked hand and hand back outside the main gate and apparated to the Burrow, reuniting the love that had been separated for two long years, and returning home.

Thanks to my beta Cougar!
Reviews 8

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