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Penname: Senator of Sorcery [Contact - ]

Real name: Moony

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"Never let it be said that I use fifteen words where one will do." -Stan Lee (I believe but correct me if I'm wrong.)

Hello lovelies, I'm Senator of Sorcery, if you like my work here and would like to see more of it, go to, you can find me under the same username, or to where I am moonythejedi394. Wanna know about me? Dunno why you would, but if you're here I assume it's because you're attempting to stalk me. I'm one of those dratted teenagers who doesn't go outside and browses Tumblr and YouTube all day, rather tall, Armenian-German, a giant ball of anxiety that spits out a variety of stories; some of my favorite things are pizza, cats, a vast majority of all variations of the color red, Let's Plays and giant dorks on YouTube, music with heavy guitars and anything to do with the punk and emo genre. I started writing when I was about ten, but back then I was absolutely horrid. Now, well hopefully I've improved a bit. Irl I'm a student/writer who probably spends too much time obsessing over Hinny and YouTubers and not enough doing math. I write fanfics, short stories, and I've got a novel I'm s'posed to be working on that's actually a series but that thing is going through a dry spell right now so I might as well spend all of my time writing stuff I'll never be able to make a career out of.

My largest project so far has been For In Dreams, which was a tiny idea I had in 2013 but has now grown into a 200k word story with now 1k followers and over 30 chapters. Damn, 2013 was three years ago... Hey, do you realize that we're closer to 2020 now than 2000? High fives if that scares you. Because I am very irregular in my updating, I created a forum to interact with the readers of my story more closely (i.e. apologize for a month long gap) (sorry :( ). In doing that, I've committed to posting information on the story on an almost weekly basis. If you've read For In Dreams and like it you can visit and maybe even follow the forum here: --> Give it a look, as that will motivate me to post there more and you can therefore get all sorts of cool content about the story, like character tidbits, tiny backstories, theme songs for chapters and characters, and more! (This has been a brief sales pitch.)

If you'd like to follow me on tumblr, I am senatorofsorcery, I'm on Spotify as moonythejedi4 where there is an For In Dreams playlist (A World Entirely Our Own) and an After playlist (The After World) and my for use irl playlists.

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