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I got to know JKR's wonderful Harry Potter universe at the time when PoA has been published, and I loved it. This magical world with the many amiable, great, whimsical and evil characters fascinated me. Unfortunately, this changed a bit. Whereas the end of HPB left me a bit heart-broken, I was somehow disappointed about DH. Ginny was not even granted a reunion hug. However, the idea that The Four can now finish Hogwarts together in the same class has brightened me up a bit.

This good mood held up until JKR announced that Harry prefers to leave Ginny behind again to join the Auror-Academy, to be the poster boy of the Ministry of Magic. I can't believe Harry wouldn't return to Hogwarts where he'd be with Ginny for his final year and leave Ginny alone with her horrific memories of the year with the Carrows. With his history of being a leader and teaching the DA he'd have been the obvious choice to be Head Boy like his dad was. Then there is the issue of his hating receiving attention because he was The-Boy-Who-Lived (twice). His by-passing the normal channels to become an Auror just was so out of character for him. To be honest, I don't think that half a year living in the British wilderness and a bank robbery qualifies Harry to be an Auror if previously a brilliant Hogwarts graduation was necessary. Plus, I believe he'd be pretty damn tired of fighting dark wizards after offing Voldy and fighting his minions. Sorry, I can't believe that he would choose a career in which his children, like he himself, easily could end up as orphans.
However, what shocked me the most was JKR's announcement that Ginny will become the Quidditch Rita Skeeter of a rag like the Daily Prophet. My Ginny becomes a colleague of sleazy Rita Skeeter? OK. Of course, Mrs Rowling is allowed to do whatever she wants with her universe. It's hers. However, this very announcement of JKR smashed her wonderful universe for me. I was so disappointed that I ignored it for years.

Many years later I stumbled by chance upon the German translation of "The Seventh Horcrux". I was excited. Out there, there are people who can repair my beloved universe. After doing some research for the author of the story, I found Siye. Ever since then I'm devouring Ginny-Harry stories and I can't stop digging for more stories. Reading fanfiction is a kind of "Justice for Ginny Weasley" reaction for me. Ginny is my favourite character and she always will be. Of course, that means, that Harry is always by her side. Due to aforementioned reasons, I try to avoid post-Hogwarts stories if they follow the usual post DH-canon because they often dampen my mood even if they're very well written. For me, new stories are often the old ones, released ages ago. Obviously, I'm a bit late with fanfic :-)

Since my writing and English skills are not good enough to provide my own stuff I will concentrate on the reading part ;-)
(Well, that's no longer true, at least the latter. Despite my lacking skills, I have written my own story in the meantime. But see for yourselves ...)

I registered here because I'd like to say thanks to everyone who distributed to my relaxing reading evenings. I admit that I'm a bit Ginny centred and I hereby apologize beforehand for criticising Harry far too quick whenever I've got the feeling that he doesn't treat Ginny well. I'm perfectly aware of the fact that I'm a wee bit quirky when it comes to Ginny, but I can't help it. Sorry about that.

My OTP is Ginny/Harry. It's the only pairing I read, besides an occasional Lily/James story.

Any questions why Ginny is the only one for Harry? Have a look at the essay "Giving Her the Power" on sugarquill. Google will show you the way.

... and, btw, my result for The Sorting Hat Test at HelloQuizzy...

I scored 4% Slytherin, 28% Ravenclaw, 64% Gryffindor, and 36% Hufflepuff! So, if I were a wizard I would have been a dorm mate of the Marauders, lol.

My favourite books of the HP series? Probably CoS and/or OotP. Those two are the starting point of some of my favourite AU stories and both were important years in Ginny's life. My less-favourite book? With a Ginny, who is reduced to a dot on the Marauder's Map, it certainly is DH.

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