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Penname: pleurocoelus [Contact - ]

Real name: Andrew/Andy

Member Since: 2013.01.11

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I am a man with dark hair and green eyes. I wear glasses. I have a scar on my forehead from an encounter in my early childhood.

Of course, my hair is brown, not black; my glasses are rectangular, not round; and the scar is from a piece of furniture, not a Dark Lord.

My wife is the lovely and talented Sage Defender. Go read her stuff!

Harry/Ginny is not a ship. Harry/Ginny is a fact.

My stories that I don't have posted here:

Innocence Machiavellian Neville upholds justice by breaking the law.

The Uncaring Sun Voldemort's shade goes mad in the far future. Immortality isn't all he thought it would be.

On a Mission from God Sirius gets to play interdimensional troubleshooter. In Progress. Will post here once it's complete.

The Further Adventures of Spacetime Sirius After he fell through the Veil, Sirius Black was recruited to be an inter-dimensional troubleshooter. Now he travels from universe to universe, helping out the forces of good and spitting in evil's eye. A part of the Missionverse series. This story is an ongoing series of oneshots.

Harry Potter and the Cave of Second Chances Time Travel Harry has to undo the effects of the Malfoys' evil plot.

Drawing a Bead On his way to face Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter has a fateful meeting with Mr. Filch. This meeting leads to victory against the Dark Lord and an Order of Merlin for Mr. Filch. good!Filch heroic!Filch.

Short Stuff A series of short oneshots, nothing over 1000 words. Multiple characters, settings, ships, whatever. Ongoing - updated when I have something that fits this category.

Harry Potter and the Tropes of Fanfiction A series of oneshots exploring the tropes and conventions common to Harry Potter fanfic. Multiple genres, Multiple characters, Multiple ships. If you don't like one chapter, you might like the next.

Hello, Tom! When Lord Voldemort goes to kill young Harry Potter, he encounters resistance from the person he least expected, the young child himself. A story of time travel, its cause, and its aftermath.

Disturbing Revelation On his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter has a disturbing revelation. Humor. A crossover with the 1984 miniseries, V (The Visitors).

Mission is Harry/Ginny so I will post it here once I finish it.
Cave will eventually be Harry/Ginny, but not for a while.
I will post them here once they're complete, or at least to a more complete state. I've observed that some readers here don't like long waits until the Harry/Ginny part is posted, so nothing here until there is something for the to enjoy.

I'm currently working on a series of stories where Harry and Ginny get flung into various futures where magic has seemingly vanished. Captain Jean-Luc Picard may or may not be involved in one. Captain Malcolm Reynolds in another. Crossovers galore!

Other stories in the queue:
Multiple sequels to On a Mission from God.
Soul bond with sci-fi twist
Marriage law fic
Ginny goes to America
Transformers crossovers
Spider-Man crossover
Time travel stories

My account (home of all the stories linked above)
My AO3 account
My tumblr
My Livejournal which I don't update and don't even log on to, but haven't the heart to delete.
My wordpress which I occasionally update. It contains some supplimental information about my stories, including the book covers I've made for some of them.

If anyone wants to write a sequel to any of my stories, just send me a message. I don't think I'll have any objections, unless you want to do something really stupid. (Stupid is defined as making Ginny evil, doing anything that would make the story ineligible for SIYE, etc.)

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