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Okay, so I'm an average female, currently age 18. I have loved fanfiction since I was 11, but didn't write any Harry Potter fanfiction until this spring (2007), which I am glad because I highly doubt my first few attempts would have been any good back then. ^_^ Hopefully, I've matured since then.

I have always known, since the third book which I read when I was about eleven or twelve (thirteen?) that Hermione was going to end up with Ron. Don't ask me why. I just clearly remember finishing PoA and my brother saying, "Harry is going to end up with Hermione." And I looked at him like he was crazy, saying, "What are you talking about? It's totally Ron and Hermione!" And look who came out right? Heh... I love to rub it in his face. Anyway, I had no clear signs of H/G until the lovely HBP, but I had hoped for a long time that it would be H/G. Perhaps since the second or fourth book. And I absolutely LOVE this couple (as those who have read my stories can obviously see). I don't spend that much time at all on R/Hr (they're a nice couple, but definitely not my passion). It's all about H/G!

Now that I'm done with that bit of ranting...I thought I'd write a little bit about my stories - their statuses (as of today - 3/14/08) and such, because I have so many going on - and many more to come, I'm afraid. Can someone let my muse give me a break? T_T you are:

March 14, 2008: I'm technically back from my hiatus! Technically. I'm afraid I won't be cranking out chapter and chapter like this time last year, but I will be updating and keeping my promises. Thank you for your patience. :)

Faded From the Winter: [WIP] Hm... for some reason, I'm having some trouble getting chapter 12 out of my head...

Paper Plane: [WIP] My Post-Hogwarts story. In a way, I like it, in another...I suppose it could be better. I hate making Harry seem horrible, but I dislike seeing only his perfection only too...arg, blame it on my weirdness. Chapter 5 and 6 are still in progress. However, I've been thinking about putting this story through a full EDIT status...

The Red String: [WIP] Ah, okay, you must all think that I've forgotten about this story. Not true! I have chapter three done, but I'm not happy with it, so I'm working on changing bits and pieces so that it's good enough. So don't think I've abandoned this! I have quite a clear picture in my mind of what I want to happen. ^_^

Sweet Days of Summer: [WIP] I will be honest with you. This story was supposed to have been completed by May 2007. At least, that was what I had wanted. But then life got in the way, and I didn't write as much as I had wanted and my beta hadn't edited anything. So...yeah. Also, since this story has no real plot to push it forward (it's about falling in love),

I think chapter 5 or 6 will be the end.

Merged Moments: [WIP] Not too much to say. I've got an outline of when and where and what scenes I want to write. I'll be honest. I haven't started on chapter three.

A Matchless Match: [C] Ah, one of my favorite stories. I sure do love clueless Harry. ^^ Thanks a lot for nominating and voting for me two months in a row! I'm glad you all liked it! Oh - and I plan on an epilogue after the sequel (MM) is done.

I am, however, planning on doing a full-story edit!

Catching Butterflies: [C] So this story is pretty much done, but maybe I'll write a sequel. Harry's or Ginny's POV. Not sure... One day maybe.

Little White Lie: [C] Done! But I might edit it a little bit some day...

Underneath the Moonlight: [C] Done! With it and it's sequel!

Moonlit Path: [C] The sequel to Underneath the Moonlight. I plan to write one last piece to this series. :) Look forward to it.

Colorblind: [C] Wow! What a surprise. I'm the reason there's a "Poetry" section you can add to. XD Most people don't like this piece, but one day I might write something explaining what I was trying to do. :) If you want something that might intrigue you or hurt your head, this is it.

The Artifice of Night: [WIP] So this is my first break from straight romance/humor/angst! Hopefully I'm doing well. ^^ I've got a good image of the story in my head. Chapter 4 in the works.

Okay, so I realize that I have a LOT of stories in progress...and I really DO have a lot more coming...(I've already written several first chapters and have started various one-shots...) Wish me luck, yeah? ^^;

Oh, and in case anyone out there is interested, I have another story that I do not plan to post on SIYE - Precipice. You can read it on my account if you are interested. It - er, one of our favorite characters are...not...I'll just let you see.

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