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Hello everyone. I'm sorry that I haven't updated in so long, hopefully I will find the time in the near future to finish my stories.

I wanted to let everyone know what I've been doing. In November I wrote a novel on NaNoWriMo and spent the next 2 months editing it.

The title is Always A Hero and it is now available as an eBook on The printed version will take a few more weeks.

Anyone with a Kindle, I pod/phone, or with a free Kindle app will be able to download and read it. I know that many of you already download the stories that you read on SIYE so this will be a breeze.

Thank you for all the support and education that you - the readers - have given me over the years.

Prof / Valerie Franklin

The book is now available on and Amazon UK as an eBook or printed verson. Or the printed copy will be available at the following link.

I’m still working on the Bio – I have no idea what to say…

List Price: $12.99
Always A Hero
Authored by Valerie A Franklin

Terror comes in many forms...

When the love of her life, her husband, and the father of her children was declared missing in Iraq, all Rebecca wanted to do was crawl into a hole and hide until he was found, but even that luxury would be denied her. Systematically, everything that made her feel secure was being ripped from her. Rebecca's safety net was gone.

Related Categories: Fiction / Romance / Suspense

I found SIYE in 2004 and must not have slept for a week. I was amazed by the wonderful stories written by HP fans. The first story that I read was Strider’s Love and Power . She completely hooked me with her descriptive writing style. After being sleep deprived for four months, I talked myself into believing that I could write. I found a beta that was willing to put up with my amateur attempts. I will always love and respect Rhiannon. She taught me more about writing than my college professors ever did, and I have a degree in children’s literature.

After a year of writing and betaing at Perfect Imagination and SIYE, I applied for a position as an archivist. It is much more difficult than many people would think. There is a fine line between being negative and offering constructive criticism.

Most of my stories will have romance and angst. I am a hopeless romantic. There is nothing better on a cold rainy afternoon, than to sit in front of a roaring fire and read a good book. After a rocky road with many trials, tribulations, misunderstandings and growth on both sides, they must end with happily ever afters. Because I feel very strongly that you must work for what you want.

Fairy Tales was my first attempt at fanfiction. It began by making up stories for my granddaughters, they adore Harry and Ron, and plan to marry them in the future.

These characters are from the wonderfully creative imagination of JKR, I am only borrowing them. The stories are for my enjoyment and I am not receiving any monetary gain for them.

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