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Alright, so I believe I am ready to start posting some stories!!! Exciting!!! So, let's jump right in, here are some things you should know about my stories.

a) I believe it has been proven again and again that Harry and Ginny are very passionate people and therefore I absolutely refuse to ignore the sexual components of their relationship. It is a part of the relationship as much as the love and tenderness, so the Harry and Ginny will be moving at an acceptable pace, but one that suits not only the characters, but teenagers in general ; )

b) I find the characters of Dean and Parvati to be greatly underestimated, mainly because of their counterparts Seamus and Lavender, two fairly frivilous characters. These two will often pop up in my stories and I'll usually portray them as a romantic pairing.

c) I admit it. I have an evil streak.. I like to see people get what's coming to them and so I really enjoy 'Cho realizes what an idiot she is and is jealous of Ginny' stories. I mean come on, Michael or Harry, who would YOU choose?

d) Missing moments are the LOVE OF MY LIFE, love reading them, love writing them, and I have come to the firm conclusion that there is not enough of them out there. This is because, in MY opinion, they are ridiculously hard to write because all the facts have to line up and you MUST have the characters right, otherwise it becomes meaningless. Expect to see alot of these kinds of stories.

That's all for now folks, I'm gonna get wrting, so you can get reading!!!

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