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Real name: Tamar

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Woo hoo people, I have finally got off my arse and made my own website with all my stories on. Check out out by clicking on the button which says, 'homepage'. I'll be posting news and all that on here so check it out and check out all my stories! (And review! Don't forget to review!)

Also, just a note for everyone mentioning the story posted on this site, A Halloween At Hogwarts, it is a one-shot and I know the end is rushed and one day I'll go back and fix it. Promise ;) Anyway, the reason it's a one-shot and not a story is because it was a challenge set by Mrs.HarryPotter12 over at The challenge got deleted because it was against the rules to post it and all that... But anyway, I thought it was an okay fic, so please go read and review it!


I have brown hair and brown eyes. Very individual. Um, not. I'm average height (about 5'4" or a bit less, I'm not quite sure) and I'm a thirteen year old girl from England. I love football (soccer for non-brits) and play it basically all the time. Including matches both a saturday and a sunday. I also do rugby and stuff like that.

My likes/dislikes:

-Food: Pizza
-Drink: Vanilla Milkshake
-Film: Shrek 2 (funny) and Dreamcatcher (Lol, the alien looks hilarious when you first see it...)
-Book: Well, apart from HP, it's You Don't Know Me
-TV Program: Simpsons
-Music: Rock, stuff like that.
-Band: Dunno at the moment...
-Sport: Football (Soccer for you non-brits)
-Subject: Drama
-Person: Me, lol, just kidding. My best mates are my fave peeps.

Least Faves:
-Food: Brussel Sprouts/ Celery (Ugh! What am I, a rabbit?)
-Drink: Fizzy Water (Yuk... Dunno why, but yuck)
-Film: Dunno, something boring like Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya sisterhood. Haven't actually seen it all cos I got so bored.
-Book: I dunno... Some boring textbook like the one I accidently stole from German class because I wasn't thinking and put it with the rest of my books into my bad. Or that Yr 9 Advanced Maths book thingy that weighs a ton.
-TV Program: Balamory. The tune drives me CRAZY!
-Sport: Gym. I like Gymnastics but I hate the Gym we do at school which is like, climb up a rope. Do a balance on a ladder... Boring!!!
-Subject: Last year it was German, but know I have a cool (but I think a little mentally unstable...) German teacher so it has to be Maths.. Ooh, or Textiles. That sucks. But it is funny to wind up the supply teacher. (Our proper teacher broke some ribs so is in hospital)
-Person: That person who broke Saf's finger when we were playing football. Meanie.




*~*~*October 29th:
See My Website!!!


For Harry Potter (which is what I write fanfiction for)I support the following ships:

Harry/Ginny (Much in common)
Ron/Hermione (So meant to be)
Remus/Tonks -Or Remus/Kate ;)
Lily/James (A whole load of duh, and I hate James and Lily with anyone but each other)

I will NOT read the following ships: (Just FYI)

Harry/Hermione (they are like brother and sister)
Remus/Lily (Hate Lily and James with anyone but each other)
Snape/Lily (See above)
Remus/Sirius (They are not gay, they like each other like BROTHERS. Read the chapter in the Whomping Willow in HP3 to see the words 'They embraced like BROTHERS')
Any incest ships(This is just wrong)
Teacher/Student (By this I mean stuff like Snape/Hermione and Remus/Hermione or any Marauder and person in Harry's generation.)


I like to read and write (why else would I be here) and I have several fanfiction stories. Most of them are in canon to each other, and here they are in reading order:

Life of a Marauder (Completed)
Times of a Marauder (Work in Progress)
Death of a Marauder (Coming soon!)
Lost Prophecies (Completed)
Lost Prophecies: The Alternate Ending (Completed- one shot)
Lost Ghosts (Completed- one shot)
Lily Black and the Tower of Wisdom (Work in Progress


I also have some stories not in my canon, they are:

Him (Completed- one shot)
A Halloween At Hogwarts (completed- one shot)
The Death of The Greatest Wizard That Ever Lived (completed- one shot)
The Worst Day of My Life (completed- one shot)


To see all my other fics (all of them support H/G even if they aren't actually in them, promise) then go to my website. Lost Prophecies is a next generation fic about Harry and Ginny's children, so you should go read that as they are in it.

If anyone out there wants to adopt "Life of Grimes: Severus Snape" then email me. If I don't reply in about a week then itmight have been filtered in my junk so try again or review on my story and ask.


Well, anyway, that's the end of my bio for now,

P.S. JimbobJunior as a username still sounding catchy.

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A Halloween At Hogwarts by Marauder4eva starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 13]
Hermione is planning a Halloween to remember and the whole school is in a buzz. But will she and Ron stop fighting? And will Harry ever admit his feelings for Ginny? (This fic is a reply to a challenge set by Mrs.HarryPotter12 over at
PG-13 - Post-OotP - Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Fluff, Humor, Drama, General - Warnings: None - Words: 7125
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Published: 2004.10.30 - Updated: 2004.10.30 - Hits: 3731

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