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All Beta Readers are volunteers that are writers themselves, have completed and passed an examination and are thoroughly familiar with submission rules and available references to the Harry Potter world. Please feel free to contact any of our staff with the simplest of questions or the biggest of projects.

This Beta process is thorough and includes an examination of punctuation, syntax, grammar, spelling, characterizations, and proper Harry/Ginny references (spells, charms, magical beasties, geographic locations, etc.) as well as adherence to site rules. Please note that all beta readers reserve the right not to review your story.

If you have any questions, comments or are interested in joining our team please contact Spenser Hemmingway at

NotesI am a BIG Harry and Ginny fan, but I am open to reading other ships that might be in the story. I will read any genre, but I love alternate universe the most. I consider my greatest strengths to be grammar, spelling, and if needed, history. I have a large knowledge of the Harry Potter universe and a lot of free time on my hands. I'm willing to help you re-work your stories so that the story is the best it can be. I have been writing stories (not just Fanfiction) for a long time and have good experience. I can currently speak some Spanish and am learning more everyday. I also know some people who are native speakers of Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French so if you need any help with writing parts in different languages, I can help you by getting it correctly translated.
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PennameGinny H Potter
NotesHi, I'm Ginny. I love to read and write. I will beta any genre but I'm not a big fan of action fics. I love doing AU fiction, especially when it's in a completely different era than now. I will beta fics with any rating and word count. I am flexible with any ships but I prefer cannon, especially Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione and James/Lily. My Main strenghts are grammar, spelling and the fact that I know the Harry Potter books so well by now that I know many dialogues by heart. Whatever it be, I promise to stay true to the charachters and your story.
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NotesHi! As an SIYE beta, my goal is to help you get your story to the point where it can be published on SIYE. That means grammar, spelling and canon. SIYE has been very good to me. If I can help others share their stories, then I will have paid forward some of what I have received.

Beyond that, I am willing to help you with other aspects of your story, IF YOU WANT ME TO. After all, it's your story. The only things I won't touch are crossover stories or songfics.

I have been writing fan fiction myself for less than a year, but I have decades of technical writing experience. I have read an immense amount of Harry Potter fan fiction. Language, motivation, story arcs, story continuity, I do my best to help with whatever you think you need. Fair warning -- I am a citizen and inhabitant of the United States -- my brit-picking is not to be relied upon.
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NotesI love Harry/Ginny stories and that's why I hang around here so much. Other than that pairing, I am pretty open about any others. I have years of writing experience but I'm better at starting stories than finishing them so you won't see much published here (yet). As a beta I see my role as assisting the author get their story ready. I may not always like the way you want to take the story but that is the author's decision, not mine so I won't object based on personal preferences. The only genre I really wouldn't want to get into is crossovers but anything else goes. I claim no real expertise about UK English or customs but I try to bring some authenticity into my stories so I have done research on those items. I am good at knowing canon facts and I can usually spot plot holes or anything else you might want me to look for. I am generally available but real life has to take precedence at times.
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