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Reconstruction Challenge Update (2)
It was late, past 9 PM, Tuesday, September 1st. Headmistress McGonagall just wrapped up the first Start-of-Term Feast since Hogwarts castle was rebuilt. With her last welcomes, announcements, and notices, she tells the various Prefects to take charge of their houses. As all the students start getting up and heading towards the door, she has one last thing to say.

Oh, and one other thing. Please. Watch. Where. Youre. Walking. Thank you. Then she turned around and left.

This Update became so large that I made it a short story all by itself. Please click on this link to see the whole update: Reconstruction Challenge Update (2)

The Challenge story can be told in many different ways. This is just one suggestion to get your mind to start thinking of ideas.
Sir Ollivander on 2007.10.20 - 09:38AM ()


Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.20 - 10:50AM to say:

I always make a point of reading and reviewing every Challenge story...once I submit my own. I get some wonderful inspiration from other people, but I go to great lengths to remain original. It is great that we can share ideas as we do, and the thirty-some days that we are given to write allows a good deal of brainstorming, outline revisions and consumption of dark roast coffee while producing an entry. I really like what I have read so far. I look forward to logging on a few times a day to see if there are new submissions and/or new reactions to my own. Thanks to everyone who is participating this time. I'm wondering if this year's Christmas Challenge will involve Harry and friends customizing Santa's sleigh. Elves preserve us! Eric B.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.20 - 10:55AM to say:

I have encouraged a few potential Challenge authors to read other currently submitted works to maybe get an idea of their own. I think it worked a few times. About Christmas, no, it's not Santa's sleigh we pranking this time.

Kezzabear came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.20 - 11:07AM to say:

I held off reading any until I wrote mine. I wanted it to be original as well. Sadly I have not caught up with them all. (That's what you get for potentially stranding your characters in the middle of nowhere in your regularly scheduled programming ... now can someone tell me how to get them out of there???? ;) )

goingbacktosquareone came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.20 - 08:24PM to say:

I've purposefully stayed away from the Challenge stories until I'd outlined and started mine for fear of duplicating or doing something similar... Once I've submitted my final chapter I plan to go back and review all the other entries, but I didn't feel like it was fair to skim ideas when I wasn't finished. But then, it wasn't like anyone else was going to focus on fixing the mechanicals, eh? The pipes...always taken for granted.

quinn came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.20 - 09:52PM to say:

I'm the same way, I refuse to look until mine's done. An you're worrying me goingbacktosquareone, mine definitely plays in the pipes. Holding out hope for originality though... Glad people already have stuff in, I guess I'm just a pro... crastinator, that is.

goingbacktosquareone came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.20 - 11:55PM to say:'d have to be really thinking in the gutter, literally, to duplicate what I've done! LOL! I wouldn't worry too much about it. Put on your thinking cap and finish that story! You've less than ten days! Chop chop!

Zen came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.21 - 12:36AM to say:

Oh, wow, the line which McGonagall said would fit what I have in mind perfectly...*grins*

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2007.10.21 - 10:11AM to say:

Zen - go for it. Anybody can use any suggestions I put out there.

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