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Reviews For Fighting Harry

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2010.08.28 - 10:35AM Title: In the End


I read this story in one sitting. I just could not put it down. What a phenominal piece of writing. Edge of the seat and emotional all rolled into one.

Now on to the follow up.

Reviewer: Trucker Signed Date: 2010.08.13 - 01:16AM Title: The Last Stand


Some typos are funny:

"Her eyes were brimming with eyes."

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 11:20PM Title: Tom-in-Ginny


Ginny had a hard life? Second year definitely, but it is widely accepted that she had a good life with so much love. Sorry to keep going on things like this, but since you gave no other history we are left to believe that all things were the same from the original books except for her experience that you explicitly told use about. I was also really thrown last chapter when she said about being used and manipulated all her life. Again second year I can see, but how does that equate to her whole life and who took advantage of her and manipulated her? I have a hard time getting behind the character when that isn't the character's past as I understand it and there hasn't been any alternative past in the story, well unless you are talking about Harry and Ron not including her in everything and I think that is hardly grounds for such statements.

Ginny is a trust freak, but she knows Snape lies to her and that's OK because he is only doing what HE thinks is best for them, but Harry was only doing what HE thought was best. Double standard much?

Whats with the brush off with Fawkes to Harry/ Seems odd as it's no secret that they got along swimmingly.

I do love the Tom-in-Ginny tag though :-)

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 10:10PM Title: Ginny's Letter


I feel very disconnected from Harry and Ginny especially Harry they don't even seem like the characters. Harry saying "If I’d known that she was going to cause this many problems…” just seems so unlike him no matter how frustrated he is and Ginny blathering on about trust when she is one of the biggest abusers of trust. Also her saying a couple of chapters ago that it was Ron's fault that the events of second year happened when the reality is that she would have written in's what girls do not to mention that she never told anyone when she suspected something was wrong and I don't mean Harry or Ron. There were many people she could have told.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 06:57PM Title: Snape's Plan


Wow more Ginny sue-ism....“The Dark Lord has always held you back from achieving your full potential.” This after she recently shattered Harry's strongest shield. I wonder what Harry's "power he knows not" will be. He really hasn't done much in this story.

Ginny should get the hypocrite award of the year. Trust is her issue, but she has been lying to Harry and Ron for years and if she were that bitter why would she have ever gotten together with Harry to begin with. I keep thinking about when Sirius died and she comforted him and he felt so alone it really shows her true self as I would think that would have been the perfect time to tell him what she knows. You haven't really put much depth in Harry. I mean he says the same tings over and over.

Just giving you my perspective on the story not you personally.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 05:41PM Title: Communication


If I had a son, I would name him Tom. To remember,” Of all the stupid things. Ya let's shoulder a kid with that kind of burden. That would severely f up his life. Ya I'm named after the most evil wizard of all time who just happen to place a part of his soul in my mother. Wanna hang out? I knew it was coming... Ginny just so happens to be able to destroy Harry's strongest shield. If it wasn't for that pesky prophecy I think Ginny would be your choice to finish him off.

Of course this is all just my opinion and you know what they say about that.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 05:18PM Title: What Was Bound To Come Up


Wow you managed to throw some Ron into Ginny. " In Harry's shadow now". For someone who is suppose to be mature that is such a teen thing to think. The reality that you've created is that she really nothing more that a jealousy pouty teen. Give me recognition, see what I can do, If you don't let me play I'll just take my ball and play on my own, I can't have my way so I'm going to do everything I can to show you I'm better than you. COME on Ginny Grow up and think rationally instead of emotionally.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 04:44PM Title: New Problems

Really? Come on. I guess you could use it to explain some things like power fondness for dark magic, but really??

I can already see it she sacrifices herself for him thus destroying the soul bit. hmmm. A little disappointed.

Not too bad over all so far thought. One thing to point out though is that I find it odd that Ginny, who knows Harry best of all would actually hold him to a normal standard. I mean here is a man that lost his parents at 1 1/2 and was sent to a family that hated him and abused him, made him sleep under the stairs for 11 years, Finally goes to a place where he thinks he might fit in and is both revered and harassed, almost killed every year, finally finds a parent figure that truly cares for him with a real connection to his family and is dead because he could not control his emotions and she thinks that he would act like a normal man. Unrealistic in the best case. I mean of course he will do everything to protect the one person he loves more than anything even destroy himself.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 04:43AM Title: A Brother's Reaction


You really are pushing the trust issue and from Harry's perspective it just doesn't fit. Trust isn't the issue for him isn't simply Love. The love of a person that is harmed would do more damage than any lose before.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.13 - 04:27AM Title: Ginny's Visit


Is trust the issue? I don't get that from Harry. Just a desire to protect her and realization that his feelings are so strong that if she were beside him he would be worried about loosing her and why wouldn't he? Everyone he has been close to save these two is dead. That alone would tend to make you very paranoid.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.12 - 10:13PM Title: Snape's Story


I am relieved about the switch in plans, but am now irritated in the unfairness of the Harry hating. I mean assuming that all the events of the books happened prior to now except for Ginny's tale Harry is hardly arrogant. I also find that while I understand Ginny's anger with in limits I think that you have taken to an extreme that is slightly unrealistic.

We will see I guess.

Reviewer: ReaderRabbit Signed Date: 2010.07.12 - 09:52PM Title: The Decision


Boy you must really not like Harry. I mean I like a strong Ginny, but this is going a little over board. You did for Ginny all that should have been done for Harry. Sad really. Even as hateful as she is at Harry now I'm sad to see that you would put her in with the Death Eaters. Getting the mark is a stigmatism that she could never live down no matter how much she does to bring Tom down most people will always look at her as a evil person. You would have served her better to simply make her a vigilante.

It should be interesting to see how you try to redeem her even though in reality she would always be black balled because she went willing to the person that Killed Harry's and so many other persons families no matter her intentions.

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2008.07.16 - 04:52PM Title: In the End


No Review

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2008.07.16 - 10:19AM Title: Ginny's Visit


“Great,” he spat. “A loner who thinks they can save the world.”

Pot, kettle; kettle, pot.

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 04:48AM Title: In the End

YUCK........... LOL but seriously you went to far out of your way to make this a very dark story by showing people's worst features. You tried to get love and trust into the story but you completely dismantled it way to early in your story. Unfortanatly it seems like there was two people writing this story for awhile I didn't think there was no way in the world that I would finish this it was that bad but towards the end you made a comeback the thing I would say is you shouldn't of left the love and trust come at the end that was Harry's power in your world if I am right but you didn't give it to him at all you only did it when it became obivious to you I think that he needed it at the end to win against old Tom. There was parts were your true brillance shown through but there was more parts were it was a very hard read and im thinking maybe alot of ppl gave up on. BUT this is all my ideas on your story and how it was hopefully you feel alot more happier than I do about the finished product.

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 03:59AM Title: Going into Battle

OMG two in a row you are doing right so well that makes hope for a revision of the rest of the story cause your ending is chugging along

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 03:51AM Title: Battle's Eve

only makes me wonder were this author wa in the truly horrible times in this story best chap yet

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 03:39AM Title: Tom-in-Ginny

Maybe should of held back on that last review LOVE you actually having harry do something compared to the rest of the story that was the biggest shock i have had in this story you have Harry behaving like I think he would be in this postion and looks like your trying to make a come back on all the love and trust and crap where it hasn't been in the story yet I really feel that this shouldn't be the break you take

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 03:29AM Title: Ginny's Letter

Well there was your chance the revival to the story the anger Harry was feeling thats what should of been going on about 5 chaps ago there was to many lies going down to have Harry chill there that was the chance you had to have him go go solo I felt that was the only way that you could really go with the story his hatard while wrong is what he probably should be feeling with all the lying go on but you have some Snape come in and easily trounce him scene to get love or some trust crap in the story seriously now how you built the story there is ABSOLUTELY no grounds for you to use TRUST, LOVE, HONESTY, ECT.... In this story because there was none sorry to tell you but its looking while the idea was best I have heard or the story was OK. When it could of been up there with the bests. I have no doubt in my mind that next chap Harry settles all down says his sorrys and goes off saves ginny with love if and once that happens I have to say you have screwed the pooch

Reviewer: piltad Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 03:14AM Title: The Last Day

you know what I am really not liking it you have this missive of love to save Ginny in this story should this happen i would say no..... Kills me to say this but if Ginny doesn't die and Harry isn't destroyed by not saving her than this whole story was for nothing this story isn't fighting for Harry. Your title says it all Fighting Harry she is fighting him there is no love in this story this is a tale about lies and deciet and how much lies can truely destroy everything.

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