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Reviewer: Aikio Signed Date: 2007.04.05 - 07:27PM Title: Last Golden Day of Peace


Well... (alright, Brilliant)

I must say you made it plausible, but as you said on Melindas "chat/mail" thingy you didn't like reading ff that weren't plausible..

I really like your writing style, and I think the characters act just as they're supposed to..

And the story so far is really interesting, so I can't wait for the next chapter..


Reviewer: tinabell Signed Date: 2007.04.05 - 06:58AM Title: Petunia's Confession


Harry is just so darn awkward and endearing!
My favorite:
...he took another chance and rested his other hand on the knee he’d been wondering about earlier. It was warm and soft and smooth and freckled and everything he thought a knee should be. " Sigh...

I thought you wrote the scene with Petunia well. I just have a hard time with it because I don't think there's going to be a big heart to heart between Harry and Petunia in DH, so no reflection on you!

Great job so far!


Reviewer: tinabell Signed Date: 2007.04.05 - 06:24AM Title: Prologue


I had lost track of your story, but I'm re-reading and jumping back in!
Harry is very in character here. With just this little bit, I can see that you have his mannerisms and personality down pat.
My favorite line:
“Love,” he muttered, not liking where this conversation was going at all even as the creature in his chest sniffed the air hopefully.
Great way of working in the canon. I am re-reading HBP now and JKR's references to the "creature in his chest" are some of my favorites.
I'll try to review consistently!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2007.03.23 - 12:57AM Title: Last Golden Day of Peace


The handling of Snape in this chapter was excellent -- quite plausible.

I rather liked the interactions, especially between Harry & Ginny; Krum is good, too.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review - I hope to have another chapter up soon, so I hope I keep your interest!

Reviewer: nerdy_bookworm Signed Date: 2007.03.19 - 03:18AM Title: Last Golden Day of Peace


I really liked the Pensieve scenes with Snape; I can't wait for his reply. Also, Krum becoming the DADA teacher is a nice, unique twist. I've really enjoyed reading this story.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and I hope you keep reading (and reviewing!).

Reviewer: Rhetor Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 08:41PM Title: Last Golden Day of Peace


I love this chapter, and I know how hard you worked on it. I think your tarot/elemental take on the horcruxes is inventive and right on target (despite all the grief I gave you about it ;)). Like Melinda, I think the opening up to Ginny -- especially in the intimate moment -- is a great piece of character building and shows the relationship maturing. And yes, we may have come up with the messages on AIM, but you thought of the dialogue between Harry and Hermione on the subject all by yourself. Finally, despite having read at least six previous accounts of Bill & Fleur's wedding, I find this one fresh and satisfying -- as I told you, I especially like Ginny's line to Harry after the battle and the image of the two of them fighting side-by-side.

Your readers hope you'll have another chapter for them soon. I just hope you keep writing, because you're so good at it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and all your hard work in the beta process, Ken. "Love as doing battle together" - could it be anything else, with Harry and Ginny at this point in history? I'm hard at work on the next chapter, but starting a new job on Monday may take some time away from that endeavor, so we'll see how long this one takes. Hopefully not as long as this last one!

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 05:41PM Title: Last Golden Day of Peace


well that was fun what better wayt o get out of dancing....and to bad about the happy days...hope ginny will be fine...harry is enought sence to not do anything but then again anything can happen....kutgw

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

Reviewer: melindaleo Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 11:12AM Title: Last Golden Day of Peace


Good chapter. I'm so eager to see Snape's story come July. I used Petunia's anger toward Harry in a similar fassion, but I'm still not willing to forgive either one. They're the adults, they should/ve acted like them.

Interesting idea with the Unforgiveable Vow. It makes me wonder what would happen if someone took two vows that opposed each other - like the one to the Order and the one to Narcissa. It's an interesting thought.

I LOVED that Harry opened up to Ginny about life with the Dursleys. I think it's very appropriate that its her he shares some other, private things with. I'm eager for more.

Author's Response: Thanks, Melinda! I'm eager to see how everything with Snape plays out, too, and I guess I'm using this fanfic to expound on my personal theories. I'm glad you liked the bit with Harry and Ginny - I think that in a mature relationship, it's that kind of intimacy that's most important.

Reviewer: hothoney111 Signed Date: 2007.02.11 - 12:34PM Title: Prologue


great story! i can't wait to see how you are going to continue it. more soon!! ;)

Reviewer: Sionwitch Anonymous Date: 2007.01.31 - 11:27AM Title: The Dog Star


I really like your story so far, The part I liked the most is that Sirius is back, I wish that would happen in canon, there must be a reason why the mirror is still there and just a simple reparo could fix it, Besides I do believe that in some way or another is Sirius who will be solving the RAB mystery for Harry, But I have to ask you that please don't leave poor Sirius alone for all the eternity there, he deserves much better than that, he deserves to be with his friends. Keep the good work.

[Respond: In Review]

Reviewer: melindaleo Signed Date: 2007.01.28 - 09:43PM Title: The Best Birthday


Okay, I'm caught up now, and have a very enjoyable read. While I think Harry and Ginny have grown closer quicker than they will in canon, that's also the reason I like fanfiction and exactly what I want to see. Harry had a very nice day for his birthday - he handled the reporters with ease, had fun and some "bloke" time with Ron, and finally got himself a new wardrobe. His realization that Hagrid has always been there for the important points in his life scared me. Gulp. I don't know how Harry would handle losing Hagrid.
The only piece I was less than thrilled with was Sirius. I miss him, too, but I think his loss was such a huge impact on Harry - and the fandom, too - that is just seems a little too easy to bring him back that way.
Aside from that though, I've found everything else really plausible. I like your idea that destroying the Horcruxes isn't the hard part, it's the enchantments surrounding them. I find that entirely plausible. Keep going - I'm waiting for more.

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2006.11.29 - 07:34AM Title: The Best Birthday


Excellent! I'm generally not a fan of "drinking scenes," but I think you handled this one particularly well: I can understand Harry having some curiosity, but given that he feels responsible enough to try to "break up" with Ginny to keep her safe, I can't really see that dropping his guard enough to lose control of his faculties in a public place would have a great deal of appeal for him.

And the emotional impact of getting Sirius' old motorbike and the contents of the family vault -- especially the trunk labelled "Godric's Hollow" -- would indeed be pretty significant.

Good thing Harry & Ginny have each other. :-)

Author's Response: Thanks for the praise! I can\'t take all the credit for myself, though - I owe a lot to my intrepid beta!

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.11.25 - 08:43PM Title: Sirius Conversations


Excellent! One thing, wouldn't Harry's birth announcement have metric measurements? S.

Author's Response: Huh. Hadn\'t thought of that. Thanks for bringing that up!

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.11.25 - 08:03PM Title: Petunia's Confession


Wonderful story, superbly written and thought through. I look forward to reading on. S.

Reviewer: Myrkul Signed Date: 2006.11.23 - 05:38PM Title: The Best Birthday


I like the way how Ginny and Harry develop their relationship. I'm wondering how are you going to show them on the wedding day.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m trying to have them grow together naturally - I\'m glad to hear that you think I\'ve achieved that.

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2006.11.23 - 02:49PM Title: The Best Birthday


well when harry is done being a prat and kiss the girl we can have some fun..the guys gift great fun...the twins are right and ron is to dumb for his own good...kutgw and glad hagrid got the bike and kept it and now for harry to have it what fun..kutgw

Author's Response: I\'m glad you think it\'s fun - although I disagree that Ron is dumb; he\'s just spectacularly self-centered sometimes. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Rhetor Signed Date: 2006.11.22 - 10:56PM Title: The Best Birthday


See, it's chapters like this that make me realize that what I really want is for Harry to be happy. You wrote a nice day full of fun and love and laughs that were all believable and perfectly in-character, and I couldn't have had a better time. I mean, I know that this is going to turn out to be action/adventure because the label says so, but I'm just going to wallow in the fluff for as long as I can.

I really want to know what's in that box labeled "Work."

It's fun working on these with you. Let's hear it for the Vice President in Charge of Proper Labeling!

Keep up the good work; this is a blast to read.


Author's Response: Yes! More Happy!Harry in the world! The \"work\" box will be addressed probably two chapters from now; I\'ve got too much planned in the next chapter to address it there if I don\'t want it to end up a 15,000 word monster. You\'re the best!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2006.11.01 - 12:11AM Title: The Portrait


Well done; the interactions all seem quite believable to me.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad to hear that you like the character interactions; they\'re my favorite things to write.

Reviewer: eaglebird Signed Date: 2006.10.31 - 11:25PM Title: The Portrait


I like the increasing intimacy and trust that is occurring between Harry and Ginny. Finally with the pensieve to look at we may gain further understanding of either or Snape/horcruxes.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I\'m trying to build their relationship naturally, so it will keep progressing as we go along. Snape and the Pensieve are coming in the next chapter, so keep reading!

Reviewer: Rhetor Signed Date: 2006.10.31 - 11:04PM Title: The Portrait


Well, as I hope you know by this time, I love it. And yes, you do have hidden fluff-tendencies; don't fight it -- become One of Us.

Seriously, though, I like how meticulous you're being about Harry & Ginny "being there" for each other in times of stress. One can almost watch the relationship grow more emotionally intimate. The details about the hand-holding in the Headmaster's office were eloquent without being forced or overstated.

Interestingly, although I have never liked canon-Harry's quick temper or his tendency to yell at Dumbledore, in this scene I found it natural and even appropriate.

Of course now we're all dying of curiosity to know what's in those three memories. I'm glad the box is safely in his trunk. ;)

Keep up the good work; I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


Author's Response: Look! I\'m replying to your review! o-o

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