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Reviews For The Final Symphony

Reviewer: Ginzig1 Signed Date: 2006.11.02 - 10:27PM Title: Chapter 4: Finale: Adagio lamentoso


The ultimate sacrfice. At least they died together, saving someone they both loved like a brother. Ginny is right, they will both be okay with time. Very nicely done! I'm sorry that it's over so soon.

Author's Response: Yeah, Ron and Hermione did do the ultimate sacrifice. I agree, Ginny is right that they will both be okay with time, although in the scene in question, she was only speaking for herself. I suspect Harry will also recover, but I think he loved Ron and Hermione in different ways than Ginny, so his recovery may be different than hers. If I write a sequel (though I have no intention of doing so) I could build on both Harry and Ginny\'s recoveries. Thank you so much both for your reviews and being such a loyal follower of this story.

Reviewer: garion34 Anonymous Date: 2006.11.02 - 10:24PM Title: Chapter 4: Finale: Adagio lamentoso


Great ending, it was very emotional. The only thing wrong with it was already stated. Hagrid was extremely OC. Hagrid's is very emotional and would have been deeply affected by Ron and Hermine's death. Other than that, good job!

Author's Response: See my response to the review to which you have alluded. Its true that I don\'t show how affected Hagrid was by Ron and Hermione\'s death, so I will work on that. However, I fail to see how Hagrid is techincally \"out of character\" when neither the books or the movies offer any evidence that Hagrid would be incapapble of either officiating a funeral, or singing. I agree that I am \"stretching\" his character a bit, but I don\'t think I\'ve gone \"out\" of character. Other than that, thanks so much for the review!

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Reviewer: lecook4 Signed Date: 2006.11.02 - 09:40PM Title: Chapter 4: Finale: Adagio lamentoso


It was a sad ending, but I'm glad you let Harry and Ginny live. The only thing that really bothered me was the extreme out of character part about Hagrid officiating. First of all Hagrid can't speak well, and you have him talking like a Rhodes Scholar. Remember how his defense for Beaky was that he was always cleaning his feathers. Hermione and Ron had to come up with stuff for him to say at the trial. He wouldn't make a very good officiate. Also you have him singing. It was a very poignant part of your story and all I could do was laugh at the image of Hagrid singing. You might want to consider that if you ever go back over this.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know about Hagrid, I appreciate it. I think would Harry, Ron, or Hermione die, they would have wanted someone like Hagrid to officiate the funeral. I just see that as a natural extension of thier friendship. I may rework the dialogue a bit, because I certainly agree that Hagrid is not usually a ver eloquent speaker. About \"Beaky always cleaning his feathers\"--that was from the movie, not the book. In the book, Hagrid keeps dropping Hermione\'s notes for him (which is worse, yes) but I think that reflects more on his nervousness than his inability to speak eloquently. As for the singing, there is no evidence from the books (though he sings in the movie of GoF) that points to Hagrid being able or unable to sing, so I put that in for much the same reasons that I have him officiate the funeral. I may very well make Hagrid a bit less eloquent, but he will remain the officiate and he will still sing. Other than that, thanks so much for the review.

Author's Response: I also forgot to mention that sometimes I talk like a Rhodes Scholar Wannabe, so I sometimes add my own speaking patterns, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not, to the characters.

Reviewer: Ginzig1 Signed Date: 2006.10.29 - 12:51PM Title: Chapter 3: Allegro molto vivace


Wow. On so many levels, wow. Ginny sort of lost it there, didn't she? Hopefully after a little rest, she'll be doing better. Very sad chapter. Curious, was Ginny thinking about Harry? I hope so, but in her impaired condition, I'm worried that Voldemort/Tom's memory was causing some issues. I hope Ginny will be okay and Harry will be back soon. She needs him very badly.

Author's Response: Oh, wow!! I never thought of Ginny recalling memories of Tom/Voldemort!! I should have! Yes, Ginny was thinking of Harry. Yes, Ginny needs Harry very badly, and I promise they will be reunited, but I will leak out that there will be complications...

Reviewer: Ginzig1 Signed Date: 2006.10.28 - 09:20PM Title: Chapter 2: Allegro con grazia


I liked Rene's name for Ginny, Gin-every. Very sweet. I think Arthur's accessment of Harry is very accurate. Curious though, did Harry have that same dream or only Ginny? I like your writing style very much, the only 'complaint' I have is that your chapters seem to be over too soon. But I understand that you need to end the chapter when it feels right. I don't post here, but I do have a story going elsewhere, so I understand that. I look forward to reading more about Rene. Will Harry ever contact Ginny?

Author's Response: I know these chapters seem short when you read them, and they are, but man, when I\'m writing them, they seem LOOONG! LOL :) The dream is only Ginny, as far as we know. If I was splitting the narration between Harry and Ginny, I could have written a dream for Harry, but in this story, Ginny\'s dream is the only one of imprtance. I\'m not very good at \"scrambling\" names if I need a character--like Rene--to be unable to pronounce something just right, so it means alot to me that you like \"Gin-every\". Of course, I\'m glad that it came out sounding a wee bit corny, because it gave Ginny a reason to smile--when she really, REALLY needed one. Thanks again for the great review!

Reviewer: Ginzig1 Signed Date: 2006.10.27 - 09:05AM Title: Chapter 1: Overture/Adagio -- Allegro non troppo


Nice start, I'm interested in seeing how this plays out. I'm glad they came to an understanding before Harry left. I like the friendship/sisterly love Hermione and Ginny have. JKR never really highlighted that friendship, but it's very important. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks, Ginzig1!! To tell the truth, I was not expecting a review so soon, so I\'ll give one additional thanks for that. I promise to be as diligent as possible with posting the next chapters. I like the sisterly freindship between Hermione and Ginny, too, and I totally agree that it\'s very important, which is a big reason why I write it at all. I say the same about writing Hermione\'s parents, but they will not be featured in this particular tale... Anyway, thanks again.

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