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Reviews For Anti Cliché

Reviewer: jennyelf Signed Date: 2007.12.29 - 10:07PM Title: Anti cliché


This is so incredibly well-written. I know I did not catch all the allusions, but I must say that I loved the "My name is Harry Potter. You killed my father. prepare to die." one best. I don't think any of the fan fiction that I have been reading has made me laugh as much as this and Echoes has.

Author's Response: I'm glad you found a few chuckles here. I have another story you're likely to enjoy that isn't posted here because SIYE declined to accept it. It's posted at PS-net (see my author page here for the link), and is called Pratfall. If you liked this, it's almost certain you'll enjoy that. As for Echoes, I'm glad you find the humour there as well. It's a rough road ahead for everyone, but some of that initial humour will be back soon -- or rather, sooner than you fear, but not as soon as everyone probably wants. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2007.02.21 - 05:54AM Title: Anti cliché


Still chuckling about this 30 mins after I read it. Very nicely done. The satire was just too perfect!

Author's Response: I\'m always curious to know who \"gets it\" fully, who gets it partly, and who is just left scratching their heads in dismay. I\'m glad to know you got at least part of it. I hope it kept you chuckling for a while, as we all need a bit of relief from time to time.

Reviewer: Victor Aagaard Signed Date: 2007.02.20 - 10:51PM Title: Anti cliché


Hehehehe. That was amusing.

Author's Response: Glad you were amused.

Reviewer: Torak Signed Date: 2007.02.20 - 10:34PM Title: Anti cliché


Can I validate this twice? Oh, go on.

It's dreadful, in a fantastic sort of way... all those cliches, but not... nicely done. I started something along these lines a while back, but true to my habit I never... um... yeah.

Anyway, very nicely done. And why do they have so many broom cupboards?

Author's Response: Three shall be the number of the counting... Five is right out. You could validate it twice, but would that double the impact? Dreadful. High praise, that is, considering that was the intention in many ways. I suspect the mirror on the wall knows who is fairest of all.

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