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Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2010.03.05 - 02:40PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Andrew Lloyd Weber - eat youre heart out!

Reviewer: Larry Signed Date: 2009.04.04 - 08:13AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Splended story, I'm sorry there wasn't a follow up but excellent none the less.

Reviewer: harry__ginny___4ever Signed Date: 2008.02.15 - 07:27AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


No Review

Reviewer: KateriBella Signed Date: 2008.01.02 - 10:24PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Well done, Mojomig! Hopefully there will be a second chapter, yes?

Reviewer: rel Signed Date: 2007.11.13 - 03:41PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


It was amazing!!! I love Phantom of the Opera!!! I love The Phantom of Hgwarts!!! Totally creative and original!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, Rel.

Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2007.08.16 - 09:35AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


'"Come Ginevra, we must return. The fools who run this school will be missing you."' (this had me literally laughing out loud)

'By the end of Ginny's second year, she was the top student in her year in all the wand based disciplines: transfiguration, charms and defence. She would use her growing awareness and sense of magic to augment her spell casting, giving extra power and control.'

I had to stop reading for a bit, just as I was finishing the section on Ginny's second year. Thinking on what I had read so far, my mind put these two lines together, and then lead me to put Hermione in the role of Carlotta... I could just picture Hermione getting jealous of Ginny's academic acheivments and threatening to run off to enroll in Beauxbatons or something...

Dumbledore: Your school needs you
Ron and Neville: We need you too
Hermione: Would you not rather have your precious little ingenue
D, R & N: Hermione, No! The school needs you!

Author's Response: There were so many pieces from the show that I wanted to put in, but couldn't. I desperately wanted to do the MAsquerade ball, and have Phantom/Harry say "Why so silent good professors?" Thanks for your review

Reviewer: Zen Signed Date: 2007.05.04 - 05:44PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Well, I haven't watched The Phantom of the Opera before, but this one was really amazing! It was really well-written! Kudos to you, M!!

Author's Response: Thanks Zen. This is based on the stage musical, but there's a fairly recent film version, and the original book if you want to know what should have happened!

Reviewer: Darkeagle856 Signed Date: 2007.03.24 - 06:10PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


I loooove this story, its like the definition of a beautiful transition from play with semi evil phantom to story with good harry phantom. keep up the good work ;)

Author's Response: Cheers matey. As long as I've got you to pick up my errors, I'll keep writing, OK?

Reviewer: alzzu Signed Date: 2007.03.17 - 07:46AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Because I've always wanted a story where Harry is raised by a House Elf, never actually studies at school, thinks Dumbledore is a fool, kidnaps Ginny and terrorises the entire school, and because you broke up the Trio, left Sirius in Azkaban... you get Outstanding for this. Yeah, I was just teasing you, M, this is brilliant! I absolutely loved it. It was original, to say the least, I've never seen anything like this. The only criticism I'm handing out is that you had a couple of "new"s where there should have been "knew". And considering you live in England, and english isn't even my first language, you should be ashamed. ;) Yep, I'm just teasing again. Brilliant job, Michael!

Author's Response: Well, you'd better have a word with Kevin about the 'news'! I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks Young One.

Reviewer: Ginny Rox the Burrow Signed Date: 2007.03.03 - 05:02PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts



Author 's Response: Thanks, GinRtB

Reviewer: mysticalmilli Signed Date: 2007.03.01 - 11:25AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


dR Who is coming back nxt month somewhen somewhere.
I could'nt help it i was out and a tube of smarties were calling my name.

Ive seen phantom in london and in the cinema.
der der der der deeerrr der der der der der!

Rating: 11 ( Dr Who FANTASTIC!)

Author's Response: It seems I need to have a word with Kizzy

Reviewer: sapphire200182 Signed Date: 2007.03.01 - 02:18AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


hmmm, that's an interesting take on HP/POTO... I see Harry more as a Raoul and Voldemort perhaps as the Phantom (???) but this is refreshing...good work, though I wish it had been longer. Yes, knightsbridge is right, if you don't know the PotO story you don't really understand it...

Eagerly awaiting your next fic. Cheers!
The Kid

Author's Response: Many thanks for your comments, Sapphire. I\'m sorry to everyone that it couldn\'t be longer, but it was in danger of being a retelling of the PotO story, rather than a story inspired by it. I had thought about a masquerade ball scene, in which the Phantom would appear and say \"Why so silent good Professors?\" but I\'m afraid that ended up on the cutting room floor. Based on the orirginal story, Harry as Raoul and Voldemort as the Phantom would be more logical, however, I can\'t quite picture Voldie as the Angel who takes a beautiful young girl under his wing to teach her about the purity of magic. Thanks again, Mojomig

Reviewer: knightsbridge Signed Date: 2007.03.01 - 01:26AM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


When I started reading this one-shot, I had no idea that for the first time as a reviewer I would be make that begging for this story to continue. I know you ended it at a good place, but that doesn't mean that I can't hope that everyone will see Harry as Ginny sees him. The Phantom WAS rather a monster, but if I read this correctly, Harry isn't. He was told he was by the house elf (possibly to keep him safe). that raised, and masked him from the rest of the wizarding world. A scar that runs from his forehead to his chin is his badge of honour, not to be hidden from the person he loves..

Whether you decide to add or not, just know this was a fantastic story.

Author's Response: Thanks Kb for your great review. I hadn\'t planned to continue this any further, but there definitely seems to be demand...hmmm (noise of cogs turning)..I agree that Harry-Phantom is no monster, but he certainly has a darker side. Thanks again, Mojomig.

Reviewer: ready2run2006 Signed Date: 2007.02.28 - 07:15PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Awesome take of Phantom in the HP universe! I love it! I'm pretty sure Ginny won't mind what she sees behind the mask. ;-)

Author's Response: I don\'t think she\'ll care about the scar either. Thanks for your review, R2R!

Reviewer: Sweetie813 Signed Date: 2007.02.28 - 06:57PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


I love how you have done this! It's amazing! I hope you plan on writing another chapter and continuing this story.
It is amazing! Well written!

Author's Response: Many thanks for your review! I\'m sorry to say that I have no current plans to continue this story, though.

Reviewer: Mallori Potter Signed Date: 2007.02.28 - 06:16PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


i had never heard nor seen the phantom of the ophra (i know what it is)
you use such good descripton
keep writing(will there be a sequal? i hope

Author's Response: Hi Mallori. I\'m glad you enjoyed the story, although if you ever get to see PoTO or at least hear the sound track it\'ll make more sense! Thanks for your review!

Reviewer: PhoenixLady Anonymous Date: 2007.02.28 - 04:18PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Wow! Great fic! Wouldn't make much sense if you don't know the story of Phantom of the Opera though. Oh well. I love that musical. And the music. They're great. My dad took my mom to see it once on Broadway once before they got married, and they got a CD which they still have. I listen to it all the time. Recently, we got the movie version of Phantom, which is really good. But yeah, I'm glad you changed it. I would hate for Harry to disappear and for Ginny to be afraid of him, then leave him. Really great fic. Um, yeah, I guess I'm babbling a bit here, I'm just kinda in a rush here because I have to leave for swim practice soon. Bye!

Phoenix Lady

Author's Response: Thanks, Dani. It\'s nice to hear from you again. Enjoy your swim...

[Respond: In Review]

Reviewer: mysticalmilli Signed Date: 2007.02.28 - 03:48PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts



Author's Response: My dear Milli Moo, please go back into the story and read the summary and the author\'s note! Too many Smarties, young lady!

Reviewer: scyth3_ Signed Date: 2007.02.28 - 03:40PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


No Review

Reviewer: Tron Signed Date: 2007.02.28 - 02:28PM Title: The Phantom of Hogwarts


Wonderful story! I'm glad you shared it with us.

I'm thinking Ginny is going to get a shock when she removes the mask. I don't think the scar on his forehead makes him a monster.

You are a great writer and I hope you have more stories for us soon.

Author's Response: Thanks Tron. I don\'t think Ginny will care what\'s behind the mask, and of course he\'s not a monster. I have a new chapter of my multi-fic written which should be up soon. I\'m going to concentrate on that for a little while, but then I\'m sure I\'ll be back on the one-shots. (I have got one all planned already!)

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