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Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2009.08.19 - 06:25PM Title: Wait



Thank you

Reviewer: TrainzStoffe Signed Date: 2009.02.28 - 05:24PM Title: Wait


Just found this by random-browsing, and I'm glad I did - It's a good piece of fluff, which I'd have missed otherwise. Gave me a bit of inspiration as well, which is always good. Well done!

Reviewer: ginnyfan3 Signed Date: 2007.06.30 - 12:42AM Title: Wait


Great reading

Reviewer: HarrynGinnyfan Signed Date: 2007.03.19 - 08:42AM Title: Wait


Awwwwwwwwww! Very sweet! :)

Reviewer: destin4fl Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 11:21PM Title: Wait


wow! gooood!!!!

Reviewer: griffindorechicky101 Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 04:44PM Title: Wait


awwww seqeul hurry please

Reviewer: blue_skies_forever Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 02:16PM Title: Wait


That was very well-written. There were a few minor grammer issues, but none of them take away from the overall message of the story. It makes me sad that this is a one-shot. You could have taken this far if you'd continued even with a second chapter on how the war ends up. Regardless, nice job. I enjoyed it!

Reviewer: Hermine Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 01:57PM Title: Wait


No Review

Reviewer: eaglebird Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 01:34PM Title: Wait


Only Ginny can get Harry to talk and to express his emotions . Only Ginny can get Harry to release his demons and to realize his true strength. Ron's warmup talk with Harry set the scene for Ginny to confront Harry and to finally get him to confess his love for her. Somehow I think this scene deserves a sequel ..... when Ginny next persudaes Harry to take her with him on the horcrux hunt.

Reviewer: Elementum Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 01:14PM Title: Wait


That was just beautiful. Probably the best wedding type fic I've ever read. Right from the beginning, when you had Ron try and talk some sense into Harry first. Very unique of you. I really think Ron changed a lot at the end of HBP, and this is the first fanfiction that really touched up on it. Awesome job all around.

And the scene with Ginny was nearly heart wrenching. The emotions honestly just poured off my computer screen. =) Nicely done.

Reviewer: xo_morgie33 Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 11:18AM Title: Wait


Awwwww, classic plot with an original twist. Love, love, LOVE ittt! Ahhhhmayziiiingggg!

Reviewer: Enchantedgurls Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 02:43AM Title: Wait


This was so angsty and well written. Nice job.

Reviewer: harrystwin1 Signed Date: 2007.03.18 - 12:30AM Title: Wait


I like that Ron has become insightful and that he read "Hogwarts, a history" in third year LOL. There are many stories that have these two make up at the wedding. But I like that you ended it as you did. The last lines of the story were my favorite. Very nice job.

Reviewer: lecook4 Signed Date: 2007.03.17 - 11:46PM Title: Wait


There are a few misspellings that could easily be fixed, but otherwise, a cute story.

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