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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.20 - 02:03AM Title: Chapter 21: Healing


.I loved this chapter thanks to the interpersonal relationships, especially Ginny and Harry. Their desperate passion, one for the other is strongly appealing. It is what anyone would desire in real life! Well done! Now for my concern. Maybe I have read so much fan fiction that I have either conflated stories or missed a critical explanation along the way. But, if the Ministry has fallen, Snape and Carrow appear to dominate Hogwarts, and Aberforth indicates that even the Aurors are, for all intents and purposes, Death Eaters, how is it that (1) Arthur still works at the Ministry; (2) Harry's partners in crime, Ron and Hermione, and his girlfriend, Ginny are moving about freely at Hogwarts and taking special trips home; (3) Harry is recuperating at the Burrow; (4) a Muggle is living and traveling at will with Harry's adoptive family. Why, then, are all these folks safe and why have the Auror/Death Eaters not swooped down and punched their one-way tickets for their next great adventures?

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the chapter. However, to answer your question, I wrote this chapter nearly eight years ago, and frankly, I really don't remember why I dropped the ball with your four bullet points. I'm guessing I was so concentrated on developing the Harry/Ginny relationship and helping Harry recover that the more negative side of the story just fell by the wayside. I'll hazard a guess that Arthur was still working at the Ministry because that's what Rowling had him do up to a point in Book 7; Ron, Hermione and Ginny just needed to be "special"; The Burrow was the best place for Harry to recover; and I wanted Dudley to experience the positive side to magic and a wizarding home. Finally, I'm the author and that's what I wanted to happen in my story! Thanks for reading and I look forward to your next review.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.19 - 04:17AM Title: Chapter 20: Rescue


I am guessing there will be hell to pay upon exit unless Voldemort has them out for a meeting or a mission! I am on the edge of my seat awaiting the potential conflict!

Author's Response: All of that potential conflict takes place "off camera" as it were because of the fact that I wrote this story in only two points of view, that of Ginny and Harry. It can be assumed that Voldemort was indeed upset and that the Death Eater ranks ended up being a few wizards short after Harry was allowed to escape! Besides, I wanted to concentrate on Harry's healing rather than invent horrible things for Voldemort to do! Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.19 - 04:13AM Title: Chapter 19: Action at Last


I am stunned that Carrow would allow known supporters of The Light to leave school, especially due to the overly generalized nature of the note! Otherwise, very well done!

Author's Response: I almost didn't have Carrow let them go, but since the rest of the story hinges on how Ginny, Ron and Hermione contribute to Harry's rescue and eventual healing, I decided that was more important than a fight about why the three weren't being allowed to leave the school. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.19 - 02:51AM Title: Chapter 17: Dumbledore Shares His Secrets


OH, my! What a dark chapter! This is absolutely the best written captivity/torture scene I have read in fan fiction, and is just about as good as anything I have read anywhere in this genre! The emotions are palpable and, at last, Harry gets some benefit from having stood by Dumbledoe, though Albus is correct. He was selfish, and it would have been in the best interest of the Side of Light for him to have trusted Harry to perform side-along Apparition. I HATE torture scenes, but you made this one effective by concentrating on the emotional, rather than the physical, aspects!

Author's Response: I agree that excessive force in torture scenes is abhorrent, so that's why I chose to write from Harry's emotional point of view. It takes away the sadistic glee felt by those inflicting the torture and concentrates on how the victim copes with what is being done to him. I'm glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.19 - 02:19AM Title: Chapter 16: Dudley Helps Out


An interesting chapter and a nice continuation of your plot to redeem Dudley Dursley! I have to confess that I have an instinctive sense of exaggerated cringing in any scene that places Dudley in near proximity to Ginny. I've read so many stories in which Dudley begins to lust after Ginny that I get sick-ish even though I know Ginny would NEVER allow that to go anywhere! LOL! And your story does not even hint at such egoistical arrogance on Dudley's part. I guess it shows how little I would ever be able to trust Dudley. Nevertheless, I am pleased to see you giving Dudley a chance to mature. Hell, if I could give Pansy Parkinson that opportunity in my stories, I have to suspend disbelief long enough to lower my inner Dudley shield charm!

Author's Response: As an incurable optimist, I needed Dudley to make a clean break from his parents. At the start of this story, he was definitely feeling uncomfortable with how he had been treating Harry. My wish for this character is that he is slowly maturing and learning to consider the opinions of others, the ones that don't advocate the narrow-minded thinking typical of Vernon and Petunia. Also, since the focus of this part of the story is on finding Harry, Dudley wants to begin making amends and how better to do so than joining the hunt for his cousin. When I was writing this section, I didn't want to be like other authors and have Dudley lust after Ginny; as you said, that plotline has been done too many times and I wanted something fresh. I'm thankful that you're willing to lower your inner Dudley shield charm!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.19 - 02:11AM Title: Chapter 15: Darkness...


Ah ha, the Sky Battle and the demise of Dumbledore. As you so properly noted, Harry's saving people thing would not allow him to abandon his headmaster, though a little application of his inner Dslytherine might have been for the best. Hopefully, Dumbledore will have enough strength left once this ends to impart some critical wisdom to Harry. Otherwise, the marginal utility of his sacrifice will be near negative infinity.

Author's Response: I apologize for waiting to respond to your review for so long. I haven't checked my statistics in quite a while, so I didn't know you'd reviewed. Anyway, you definitely have a handle on what's probably going to happen in this story. As with most hero stories, the mentor meets his demise when the hero needs him/her most; this story will follow that plot arch and Harry will receive the information he needs...eventually. It'll just be done in a rather unconventional way. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.17 - 01:56AM Title: Chapter 14: Harry's Birthday


Exciting cliff i.e.! How will Harry's wand lead Ginny and company to his rescue? At least that is what I hope is coming. At first I was thinking Harry would be right there near his wand, but covered by his cloak! Oh, well! Apparently not!

Author's Response: It isn't Harry's wand that will lead Ginny, et al to Harry, but you are right that there is something that will. The real question about the wand should be "how was Harry able to send it to Ginny?" If you think about the simple, wandless spells he did in NYNH, you have your answer. Also, if you know Harry's character, you'll know that his sense of nobility would not allow him to abandon Dumbledore, his saving-people-thing just wouldn't allow it. Besides, he'd already Banished his rucksack, containing the cloak, back to Hogwarts, so he wouldn't have been able to hide under it, right? I love reviews like this because it shows what I wrote made my reader think! Well done!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.09.17 - 01:38AM Title: Chapter 13: A Day with Dumbledore


What a lovely chapter! I've been away for a while, preparing classes for church and binge-watching Criminal Minds. What a nice, emotionally touching way to return!

Author's Response: Welcome back! This was one of my favorite chapters to write in this story because of the way it helps Harry connect with the parents he barely knows and remembers. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.31 - 01:17AM Title: Chapter 12: Worry


Very touching chapter! I am extremely glad that you had Harry confront his emotions and confess how much better he is with Ginny beside him. Well, we shall see where you decided to take the thoroughly enjoyable tale!

Author's Response: You made me smile with this review. While Harry is rather thick-headed when it comes to bottling up his emotions, there's something in Ginny that makes him want to confront them...and he's always better for it in the end. Thanks for reading. I look forward to your next review.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.30 - 03:14AM Title: Chapter 11: Reunion


Lovely chapter! This provided a wonderful heart-to-heart and allowed your readers a chance to understand the feelings of both Harry and Ginny and her decision to stick with him despite his reluctance to fully include her in his life. She had a good chance to simultaneously, or at least sequentially, blow off some steam, recovery from fear combination of rejection and fear for the lover who left her behind, and a release from her pent-up passion. And then the cliff i.e. At the end! Exciting!

Author's Response: You have to admit that Ginny is either a glutton for punishment or she truly, deeply, madly loves Harry like no other to put up with the shenanigans he's pulled because I decided to follow canon and not allow her to go with him on his adventures. That said, it also gives her the opportunity to show just how tough she can be and to make a role for herself where there wasn't one to begin with. I like to think that Ginny has learned from being the youngest in her family and from the various adversities she's been through personally, so that she has a strength of character that will help her weather the idiosyncrasies of being Harry Potter's girlfriend. I'm glad you approve of how I ended the chapter. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.29 - 01:03AM Title: Chapter 10: The First Excursion, Part 2


Very nicely done on the adventure, and you greatly improved on the rationale for leaving Ginny behind! I loved your decision to use canonical information from CoS and GoF! It seems reasonable that Tom Riddle would have chosen a curse or two for the Tri-Wizard Tournament that he had already entrusted to guard a Horcrux. Good job with the descriptions and the way you had the protagonists cooperating throughout. You used the history presented in the canon very smoothly, keeping things consistent while writing your own narrative. I'm looking forward to the reunion with Ginny, especially given the tactless way Harry notified her about his departure!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this first adventure, mostly because the first draft read like a laundry list that wasn't very interesting. Once I started incorporating past canon and information from Fantastic Beasts the fact that the protagonists cooperated so well just fell into place. Also, this was another place where some of my own theories came into play, especially about the wand being Ravenclaw's relic. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed when Rowling chose the diadem instead of the wand hiding in plain sight, but that's author privilege, I suppose. I think you'll enjoy the next few chapters and I anticipate your next review. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.24 - 02:36AM Title: Chapter 8: Visiting Hogwarts


Okay, I am officially lost! Ginny correctly thinks that Harry told her the decision to limit certain knowledge to Ron and Hermione's was Dumbledore's command, but the opposite was the case in Harry's discussion with the Headmaster. So, not only is Harry choosing to eliminate Ginny despite Dumbledore saying she has a right to go, Harry is also lying to Ginny about the reason. I am hooked on your story, but Harry is quickly slipping from the ranks of nobility. I think I understand that the Horcruxes is making him do this, according to the answer you provided to my last review. So, on we go!

Author's Response: It's been so long since I last read the story that I'm reading it along with you. I can see why you're confused and think Harry is lying to Ginny. You're right that Ginny thinks Dumbledore told Harry to limit the number of people who know about the Horcruxes. However, since Harry suddenly finds himself in charge of the expedition to the Chamber, he decides that it's better for her to stay safely away because of the unknown physical dangers he and Ron and Hermione are likely to face. There's also the concept of having someone to come back to running through this entire story. The other thing we need to remember is that Harry is sixteen and sometimes sixteen-year-olds don't always make the best decisions. (I'm a mother of one and sometimes his judgement isn't as mature as I think it should be!) Anyway, Harry's reasons for leaving Ginny behind are dealt with in an up-coming chapter. Hang in there... I think Harry will eventually redeem himself! Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.23 - 04:10AM Title: Chapter 4: What a Week


Wow! We have already discussed this, but Harry's rejection of Ginny feels terribly wrong! I was furious with Jo Rowling for what she did with Harry and Ginny. In my own effort to expand the epilogue while remaining true to canon, I really struggled to have Harry's explanation for his behavior when they were apart make sense and allow Ginny to retain her sense of dignity. I see you doing the same thing and utilizing many of the same arguments I used. We can make it make sense, but I was left with the belief that JKR was simply using Harry's nobility as a cheap trick so she could continue with the trio format. Ron's terrible insecurity and jealousy of Harry's relationship with Hermione's would not have made sense if he was constantly wrapped around Ginny! The vision of Harry returning his necklace to Ginny is heartbreaking! He is rejecting the piece of herself that she sacrificed for him! He is rejecting HER! I know you felt bound to follow canon when you wrote this but, DAMN! I'm not sure how any relationship could withstand this kind of personal rejection! I look forward to seeing how you handle this. I sincerely hope you didn't decide to keep the apart for almost a year!

Author's Response: The part of this story that still feels wrong to me after all these years is Harry's rejection of Ginny. You're quite right that I struggled with that part of the story because it seems counterproductive to their mutual goal of getting rid of Voldemort. However, there is the possibility that the Horcrux within Harry's scar is asserting some influence on him, making him reject her and maybe she recognizes the signs of this for what they are and is strong enough not to lose hope. I also like to think that the time Ginny spends with her mother is taken up with talk about her relationship with Harry and the sort of motherly advice Molly can dish out to bolster her daughter's flagging spirits. You'll see how strong Ginny is the further you go into this story. Oh, I promise Harry and Ginny won't be apart for a year. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.08.23 - 01:45AM Title: Chapter 1: London


I would like to suggest that you did not miss the mark with Dudley, at all. You just had a touch of seer blood in anticipation of Deathly Hallows! Great job with the interaction between Harry and Dudley, and you deserve kudos for Ron's display of backbone toward Vernon! Great start to Book 3!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like how this story is beginning. You're going to see a lot of a more mature Dudley in this story because I wanted to explore the possibilities of him making and acting on his own decisions. I've always had the theory that Dudley can mature, especially when he's away from his parents and their bigoted prejudices most of the year at Smeltings. As for Ron, he, too, is maturing and he realizes that if Harry is to succeed in his quest to off Voldemort, Harry's home life needs to change in order for him to heal completely from the battle in Book 2. I look forward to your next review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 08:40AM Title: Chapter 34: Epilogue--Service

I have to admit that I have already considered reading For Love of Family. However, the word Auror in the summary of For Love of Family has kept me from reading this story so far.
I have read a few "Auror Harry" and "Quidditch Queen Ginny" stories and they were not my cup of tea. In those post-DH stories, I've read so far, it was mostly about that Auror Harry has little time for Ginny or the family, because he has to work too much, watching the grass grow at Malfoy Manor, preferred in double shifts at the weekends. If he has time, Ginny is locked up for weeks in training camps or has to fight with her B-list celeb status in the press. These are all things that are so out of character for Ginny and Harry, at least from my point of view. That's why I've avoided Auror and Quidditch stories in recent months. OK, I know that these probably are prejudices. Perhaps I have chosen the wrong stories.

Nevertheless, you are right; perhaps I dare one more try with For Love of Family. In this case, I'll pester you again by sharing my thoughts while reading. Promised!

Author's Response: The only time "Auror Harry" really makes his appearance is in the Prologue. Otherwise, the story is about the family dealing with a crisis and how they all react and rally around one of their family members and then the son of a friend. That's all I'll say. Please give the story a chance. I think you'll like it.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 04:25AM Title: Chapter 34: Epilogue--Service


It is very sensitive from Harry to have the service for Dumbledore.
He still seems to suffer greatly from the events of last year. It seems to me that he feels himself as old as Dumbledore. I hope that he soon will be completely healthy again with Ginny's help. I had the feeling that she's already moved in to Gwenyn with Harry, right?

Finally, I want to say thank you for a great story of a noble, brave, and a sometimes slightly sad Harry and a brilliant Ginny.

In addition, I want to say thank you for your kind and patient answers to my ramblings. I hope that my quirkiness when it comes to Ginny is forgivable ;-)
The authors always point out that the reviews are inspiring for their further writing. The opposite way is also true, if you get answers from the author to your thoughts or questions, you also like to write a review again. :-)

Author's Response: No. Ginny has not moved into Gwenyn with Harry! Molly wouldn't hear of such a thing until Ginny is at least done with her seventh year at Hogwarts! However, she is dividing her time between The Burrow and Harry's house with the intention to eventually become a permanent resident. In the meantime, she is helping Harry heal from his kidnapping by being her wonderful, loving self and I think knowing he is loved is the best medicine for Harry at this time. I completely agree with your statement that if an author writes a reply, the reviewer is more likely to leave another one. I like reviews; therefore, I answer every one I get, even if the reviewer only leaves stars. A simple "thank you" goes a long way. I, too, have enjoyed our discussions of this story and I hope you'll start reading my Family Series, starting with "For Love of Family," the story that has sparked many of my one-shots. I look forward to your next review.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 04:22AM Title: Chapter 33: Aftermath


Yes, thats a thing which bothered me most in DH, there wasn't even a short aftermath. JKR hasn't even granted Ginny a reunion hug at the end. That is probably one reason for the many terrible aftermath stories where Ginny and Harry are separated by obscure circumstances for years.
It would have been nice to know what Ginny and Harry have for career plans. I know very well that this question is a bit selfish. Actually, I just want to be sure that Harry isn't becoming an Auror, because I think that's boring.

Author's Response: I think you hit the nail on the head with this review. Well done!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 04:06AM Title: Chapter 31: Grief


I found it very reassuring that Ginny could feel over their link that Harry is not dead. The link will also become handy in their preparations for the final battle. Both the author and Ginny had a splendid idea, when they have brought the necklaces into the game!

Author's Response: Not only was the necklace important for proving to Ginny that Harry was alive, I also believe that if Harry had been dead, the Invisibility Cloak would not have hidden him. Proof of this is that when the Cloak is in Harry's trunk covering intimate objects, it can be seen. When it covers Norbert in PS/SS, the dragon becomes invisible because it's a living thing. Therefore, Ginny has double proof that Harry is still alive.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 03:41AM Title: Chapter 30: Snitch’s Rest


Your version of the In Between scene was very touching. It seems that Snape finally has done what Lily and James couldn’t do because of his faults, to protect Harry. And now he can make peace with his past.

Author's Response: Making peace with the past was definitely one of the themes of this chapter as well as choosing what is right over what is easy. However, in Harry's case, I think what is right is also easy when he has the love and support of his friends. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.05.20 - 03:40AM Title: Interlude: Draco's Decision


It's an interesting thought that James had advised Draco in his decision.
In the way, you describe the three Slytherin boys and Snape, one notices that you believe, that in every man there is something good. I hope that too. Even if the world affairs often makes me think that the opposite is true.
Obviously, Snape decided to move on. Am I wrong in the feeling that he wants to see Lily again?

It was a great, thoughtfully-making chapter!

Author's Response: The idea for James to counsel Draco the first time he entered the In-between came about because Harry has met and made his judgment of Lucius Malfoy, but Draco hasn't encountered Harry's father. This was his chance to see what a truly loving father could be. I'm sure there were some tender moments between Draco and his father, but I sense they were few and far between. At least for this story, I wanted to show the thawing of the relationship between the Slytherins and Harry and while they will never be best mates, they will respect each other... and that actually started with Draco's encounter with James. Yes, Snape is tired of his double life and most likely wants to be with his childhood friend. I'm glad you liked the chapter.

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