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Reviews For The Lives We Touch

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2007.08.21 - 10:37PM Title: Regret


OMG! If more teachers thought like that!

Tunning to the next!

Reviewer: eaglebird Signed Date: 2007.08.21 - 01:57PM Title: Regret


I love Maggie's near obsession with Harry. I'm a bit jealous too because I didn't have blue hair, didn't have green eyes and couldn't fly onto roof tops ...... and never did I have an attractive 22 year-old Oxford graduate take a fascination in my deprived childhood. I hope she catches up with with Harry soon so that I can live vicariously and imagine what my fifth year could have been like.

Reviewer: knightsbridge Signed Date: 2007.08.21 - 01:49AM Title: Regret


I agree with Roary...I seriously doubt that turning someone's hair blue, or winding up on the roof of the school would go unnoticed. I think SOMEONE would have gotten the hint that Harry was less a delinquent than a 'special child.' Jo didn't deal with it to well in any of her books..DD kept sending him back into hell, year after year, and never once checked on the condition he was in. whilst there..

If Maggie goes back to the Dursley's, I'm well and truly sure she will get the 'school for incurable' whatever, that Aunt Marge got, or the 'that freak went to a school for HIS kind.' I also think that wend he's at hotwarts and finds a bit about his past (that which Hagrid left out when he told him he was a 'thumpin' good wizred' he will remember what Maggie told him about living in Godric's Hollow, and seek her out.

You have no idea just how wrong I usually am about my guesses, but it's fun to try.


Reviewer: roary Signed Date: 2007.08.21 - 12:41AM Title: Regret


I really like this story and especially love Ms. Magnolia. It has always seemed to me that Jo Rowling neglected to deal
with the issue of Harry's abuse rather lightly. A continually beaten, starved and overworked kid would be noticed by teachers
who were trained to notice abuse, wouldnt he? This story seems much more what might have been.
Cannot wait for the next update. Keep it up!

Reviewer: animeluvr8 Signed Date: 2007.08.20 - 11:53PM Title: Regret


Oh, this is very sweet. I really like this Headmaster. Hes no Albus! lol But hes definarly pretty cool.

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.08.20 - 11:04PM Title: Regret


i hope there is more cuz this is sad! i hope she finds him! oh i hope i hope! and i hope you update soon! this is soo good! i love it!


Reviewer: caitlyn62442 Signed Date: 2007.08.20 - 10:55PM Title: Regret


I like your take on what muggles think of Harry, It's a nice bit of originality I haven't seen in other stories. :)

And I'm so anxious for Maggie and Harry to finally meet again!

Thanks for your contsant updates! I'm glad to see that you know where you're going with this fic.

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