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Reviews For The Lives We Touch

Reviewer: UnorthodoxConvention Signed Date: 2007.09.04 - 06:44AM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


Haha,,,really liked the part when Maggie woke up, how you managed to bring out the defining characteristics of each of the characters by the single lines they said. Great story so far, keep it up!

Reviewer: witowsmp Signed Date: 2007.08.23 - 10:08AM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


Amusing reaction. I'd say that once she has time to think, she'll wonder why the Death Eaters would be after a 15-year-old orphan.

Reviewer: animeluvr8 Signed Date: 2007.08.23 - 02:57AM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


Oh, I can just see Tonks and Maggie bonding. lol And I'm interested in seeing why Sirius had this reaction. It may be because he's so cooped up though. I could certainly understand that. Can't wait for another chap. ^_^

Reviewer: Prof McGonagall Signed Date: 2007.08.23 - 12:24AM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


You have 5 kids and still have the energy and brain power at the end of the day to write this EXCELLENT story??? You have my deepest respect and admiration!

Honestly, your story is VERY well written. It pulled me in immediately and I catch myself throughout the day thinking about it.

I think your "jumps" in time make perfect sense....after all who wants to re-read canon in fanfiction if nothing really has changed during those stretches. Maybe just start the chapters in question with: a year later...or, like you have been doing, just with the dates. That should make it perfectly clear.

Anyway, back to this chapter. You have me guessing now. I was completely sure that it would be Sirius, who will fall for Maggie. Now however, Bill is a possibility as well...after all he carried her to the couch and remarked about her being so light...and is closer to her in age...Hmmm...I still think it should be Sirius, he really deserves some happiness. Besides, don't the little scowles and huffs and stabs between them remind you of another clueless couple we all love??? ;-)

I am almost ashamed to ask you to update soon, seeing as you have your hands full (yep, I'm a mom too)...but still: I LOVE your story so please update as soon as you possible can justify ;-)

Reviewer: yentila22 Signed Date: 2007.08.23 - 12:03AM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


I logged on just to leave you a review. I think that this story is terrific! I can't wait to see where you take your story next.
Maggie is very real and so is her concern for her student ( I am also a veteran teacher). I love how she is being introduced to Harry's world. The humor and characterizations are spot on. Last but not least it is so great to see Sirius.

Reviewer: Kezzabear Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 07:57PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


I loved the dialouge at the beginning. Very cool. And it answered a few more of my questions that i got tangled up with at the end of the last chapter.

I probably would ahve combined the last two chapters, you see, to make one long chapter...but since I didn't learn that technique until I wrote chapter 11 (and looking back could have combined a couple earlier ones of mine...) who am I to criticise? ;)

Reviewer: irollam Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 07:40PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


β€œI can do that with my hair. See?”

β€œVery cool, Tonks.”

LOVE it!
I love this story, are there going to be many harry/ginny parts?
Ohhhh what if she went to Hogwarts?!
As a muggle studies teacher?
Update soon!

Reviewer: intromit Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 07:11PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


I usually avoid stories with original characters as the lead, but you've done an excellent job. Maggie is an captivating character. Will the story continue from her perspective? Keep writing and I'll continue reading. Again, well done.

Reviewer: ready2run2006 Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 06:48PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


I'm really digging this story! Looks like sparks are flying between Sirius and Maggie! Can't wait for the update!

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 05:36PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


Well, I think miss Thompson is a tad older than Tonks, but certainly will be a great company for her.

Tanks for the updating, it was a great chapter.
Update soon, please!

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 04:46PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


thats just because Sirius has a crush on her...he thinks shes hot! LOL anyway i loved this chapter...i love how it was a lot longer then the others! i hope you update soon! which you seem to do...which is great! i love that you update soo quickly! ooh i cant wait to read more!


Reviewer: eaglebird Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 04:14PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


I think the assumptions that the Order is using to keep Maggie from going back to the Muggle world are a bit severe. After all, only Lucius saw her briefly and not because she was looking for Harry but because she was lost. That should not be sufficient reason for the DE's to go looking for her.

I am really enjoying this story, however,a nd Maggie seems to be working her character in with the otheres quite well. I wonder if she or Sirius will develop a crush on the other?

Reviewer: harry 4Eyes Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 04:11PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


Poor Sirius, looks like all those years in Azkaban has turned his charm with women, in kindergarden flirting, when you pulled a girls pigtails, pushed her in the mud and called her names because you liked

I'm sure she'll learn soon enough his bark is worst than his bite (sorry couldn't resist), I get the feeling he's just a little jealous of the first person who truely held a place in Harry heart as family...will be interesting to read what's crawled up his butt. He should be happy he has another prisoner to share his woes with.

Well another great update
Update Soon

Reviewer: faded memories Signed Date: 2007.08.22 - 03:08PM Title: Welcome to Grimmauld Place


Great Job Again

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