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Reviewer: calgary Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 12:33PM Title: Chapter 15: Turning Point

Great chapter! Your writing has impressed me before., but I really liked the maturity you've shown with your narrative. I liked those conversations between Harry and Ron. Also the one with Peter and Luna. Your portrayal of Knott is really fascinating. I'm fascinated by him to begin with. One of these characters by Rowling that could be anything.

Your mentioning of Ginny kind of thew me off. I kind of thought she would no longer be in the story (being SIYE not withstanding.) She's not sitting around twiddlling her thumbs. Not the way you've written her in the past. Something going on with her.

Author's Response: That\'s the paradox of adolescent relationships: both partners benefit, but also come to rely and count on one another to the point where they stop maintaining other friendships, looking after lingering problems, etc. Ginny is too strong a character to stay down for long, with or without Harry.

Reviewer: LeprechaunJV Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 11:12AM Title: Chapter 15: Turning Point


I still say Madame Bones wil make a better minister.....

Reviewer: Shadow Knight Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 09:22AM Title: Chapter 15: Turning Point


Glad to see this project continuing on. Are we going to get a Ginny POV at all?

Reviewer: parakletos Signed Date: 2009.11.01 - 08:15AM Title: Chapter 15: Turning Point

I'm assuming. because you are still posting here, that Ginny returns to Harry's side in the not too distant future.

Reviewer: LeprechaunJV Signed Date: 2009.09.14 - 11:13PM Title: Chapter 14: Choices


No Review

Reviewer: rrauch Signed Date: 2009.09.11 - 03:23PM Title: Prologue: Vengeance


I have to tell you I was more than a little concerned of your bringing Harry in to the slytherin world. I however found your story writing to be very well thought out and balanced. You took the time to develop each character with their own personality inside of your stories. I especially liked how you brought out Luna. I personally have always been facinated to see another side of here apart from JK's stories. I have found myself diving more and more in to your plot. The best I can say about your story is that everything fits together. Most authors develop plots somewhere within the confines of JK's work. You have gone outside the boundaries and excelled. Thank you for your work and I eagerly await your next story. If you ever need beta help I would more than volunteer. However the Beta's you currently have are obviously outstanding adn you probably shouldn't mess with that. have a good Day.
Russ Rauch

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2009.09.07 - 09:03PM Title: Chapter 14: Choices


Thank you for moving forward with this tale....I too miss Ginny...and can see that everything is going to get quite intense.

The crux seems to be: how does Harry re-integrate after his arrogance is so does he maintain his vulnerability while retaining and augmenting his strength. I would think that reconciling with Ginny...even if the romantic aspect of their relationship remains dormant for a critical before too long.

Reviewer: wvchemteach Signed Date: 2009.09.06 - 08:09PM Title: Chapter 14: Choices


I just wanted to take a moment and say I'm absolutely in awe of the restructuring you've done with the Harry Potter Universe... I've not seen this attention to detail since the Unbroken Universe. I love the way you've portrayed a Slytherin!Harry without him losing all his Gryffindor qualities that we know and love from canon. I like the parallels to canon you have... but at the same time I love many of the divergences as well.

If I have one complaint and it isn't really so much a complaint, but more of a personal preference I'm hoping Harry will get his head out of his arse soon and fix things with Ginny... if for no other reason I miss reading about her in the narrative and her circle of friends.

Reviewer: parakletos Signed Date: 2009.09.06 - 05:55PM Title: Chapter 14: Choices

Thanks for this chapter, its good to see things moving along. Whither Ginny?

Reviewer: harrypotterspirit Signed Date: 2009.09.06 - 01:58PM Title: Chapter 14: Choices


You have set up Giselle as an interesting and questionable character. Looking forward to seeing which side she really is on. You have spent a good deal of this chapter with Aiden Greengrass and his attempts to gain support for Harry. It doesn't appear Voldemort got much idea of Harry's abilities from this failed attempt to capture/kill Harry at Hogsmead. Will he go for a bigger attack next time? And will Harry become too self absorbed blaming his presence for the injuries and deaths.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2009.09.05 - 11:30PM Title: Chapter 13: Waking Leo

starstarstarstarstar this before going to the new chapter. I hate the rift with Ginny, as well I should...but want to say what a powerful chapter this is. Now, I have to go.

Reviewer: Phx tears Signed Date: 2009.09.05 - 08:10PM Title: Chapter 14: Choices


:( sad.

what happened to ginny and why didn't she check up on harry! :P

Reviewer: pearlythepirate Signed Date: 2009.08.06 - 06:39PM Title: Chapter 13: Waking Leo


The die is cast indeed!!! Thanks for the awesome update! I can't wait to hear more from this epic series!

Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2009.07.30 - 07:41AM Title: Chapter 12: Promises to Keep

"men like Aiden Dressler believe that you could be" I thought it was Aiden Greengrass? Sorry, I know this is belated, but I went back to read the previous chapter to make sure I was up to speed before I went to read the new chapter.

Reviewer: Soccer Devil22 Signed Date: 2009.07.27 - 10:14PM Title: Chapter 13: Waking Leo


If I've read that correctly, Harry just sold out Daphane in order to gain Scrimgeour's support. Good chapter. Can' wait for an update. ~Jeff~

Reviewer: harrypotterspirit Signed Date: 2009.07.27 - 11:06AM Title: Chapter 13: Waking Leo


So pleased and surprised to see an update. More action on the horizon. Wonderful. Looking forward to what Daphne is up to. Awesome to see Harry test the waters and take control of his destiny. Daphne would/will be proud.

Reviewer: melipy Signed Date: 2009.07.26 - 11:03PM Title: Chapter 13: Waking Leo

I love every update! Yay for updates! There was one line where Umbridge was talking, that I think you meant to write galleons and wrote dollars. Just thought I should mention that. Also, the end killed me. Poor Harry having to make decisions like that. I can't wait for more. Hopefully the next update won't take as long *wink wink*. Thanks for this one!

Author's Response: Yes, yes, that\'s a rather glaring oversight. I beta\'d this myself because I didn\'t want my readers to wait any longer, and obviously didn\'t do a wonderful job. It\'s fixed now, thanks for pointing it out.

Reviewer: dangerousakki Signed Date: 2009.05.09 - 01:41AM Title: Prologue: Vengeance


Oh no dont tell me this story is not being continued :(

Reviewer: pearlythepirate Signed Date: 2009.01.13 - 12:41AM Title: Chapter 12: Promises to Keep


I love this series! I was shocked at the confrontation between Harry and Ginny and am anxiously awaiting a resolution! I hope there will be some nasty Umbridge moments where Harry reciprocates by totally owning her with his own awesomeness.


Reviewer: parakletos Signed Date: 2008.11.14 - 06:01PM Title: Chapter 12: Promises to Keep

Welcome back. More, please ?

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