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Reviews For An Icy Reception

Reviewer: lalachoa Signed Date: 2008.02.14 - 02:59AM Title: Chapter 1


Hahaha! It is so funny! Love it!

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 09:42PM Title: Chapter 1


I really enjoyed this one. I especially like how effective it was with just the dialogue.

Reviewer: carolquin Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 09:41PM Title: Chapter 1


this story is being reviewed for judging purposes...

this was one entertaining story. i could not stop laughing!!! good luck in the challenge.

Reviewer: drummersgirl Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 04:40PM Title: Chapter 1


That was just the cutest!

Reviewer: darkelf00 Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 03:34PM Title: Chapter 1

loved it.

Reviewer: he_who _is_terry Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 03:23PM Title: Chapter 1


that was awesome

Reviewer: hmrpotter Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 03:19PM Title: Chapter 1


Haha, very funny!!

Reviewer: anna_banana Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 02:55PM Title: Chapter 1

i liked it


Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 02:48PM Title: Chapter 1


I enjoyed this. The all-dialog format did get confusing in one or two spots, but when I read more closely, it was not at all hard to figure out who was who. I liked piecing together what had happened over the course of the story as I 'heard' what Harry and Ginny were saying. I think you did very well with a tricky format.

Reviewer: Professor_Chris Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 02:34PM Title: Chapter 1


Great story... That was very entertaining...

Reviewer: starboy454 Signed Date: 2008.02.13 - 02:13PM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

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