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Reviewer: Gryffinclaw_31 Signed Date: 2020.04.23 - 09:20AM Title: .


I love it!!

Reviewer: ngayonatkailanman Signed Date: 2012.02.24 - 01:46PM Title: .

starstarstarstarstar that is what I call fluffy.

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2009.04.16 - 08:45AM Title: .


great story - very cute

Reviewer: pony Signed Date: 2008.03.06 - 12:41PM Title: .



Author's Response: Just like the weather. ;-) Thany you very much for the review! Glad you liked it!

P. Flamel - Most Accomplished Alchemist In The Wizarding World, Order Of Merlin First Class

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2008.03.06 - 01:39AM Title: .


Judged for competition.

This was a nice little ficlet. I enjoyed reading about Harry's attempt to keep Ginny at Grimmauld Place overnight.

Yes, so Ginny's a Harpie in this fic. We know that Gwenog Jones is the captain, but Angelina? Is this a reference to Angelina Johnson, Ginny's old Quidditch captain from OotP? If so, then it's interesting that Angelina has gone pro, and that she and Ginny are reunited as Harpies.

Many of the other challenge writers have found excuses why characters couldn't Apparate (too drunk) or take the Floo (no connection) home, but you're the first writer I've read who remembered about the Knight Bus! Well, it looks as if getting a girl to dance with you is the best way to stop her from riding the Knight Bus! LOL!

The ending was short and sweet, of course.

Overall, great job. I wish you luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Angelina's gone pro here, and is now captain, Gwenog is coach because I don't think she'd have played for that long. And everything was covered except the Knight Bus, so I decided that would be my challenge. Harry being irresistably charming, is hard to resist, especially if you're dancing with him. :-)

Thank you very much for the review, it's nice to see what a judge thinks. ^_^ Glad you liked it!

P. Flamel Most Accomplished Alchemist In The Known Wizarding World Order of Merlin, First Class

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2008.03.05 - 12:36PM Title: .


Harry was the definitive wolf in this. There can be no doubt about that. He really was a bit harsh considering the trouble she would get into, but then can you blame him? I'm a bit surprised that in none of the stories I've read where one or the other are trapped someone doesn't just create another Portkey. The Potter Lexicon seems to indicate that it is a simple matter. Maybe the training camp has wards in place to keep fans, reporters and amourous fiancés out. It really is a nice little story and very enjoyable. Thanks. Eric B.

Author's Response: Yes, we'll just pretend that the training camp has very heavy anti-portkey, anti-apparition charms around it. :-) Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it!

Reviewer: hopeless romantic Signed Date: 2008.03.03 - 01:55PM Title: .


Hahahaha. That was very cute!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Glad you liked it. :-)

Reviewer: elaithin Signed Date: 2008.02.27 - 04:43PM Title: .


Very cute :). Good job working the challenge fic, and I always like stories set while Harry and Ginny are in Auror/Quidditch training. It gives a very 'college' feel to the characters. Good job! - Patrick

Author's Response: Thank you very much Patrick! :-) Glad you like it. I actually like older Harry/Ginny stories, but I couldn't think of one...:P

Author's Response: Thank you very much Patrick! :-) Glad you like it. I actually like older Harry/Ginny stories, but I couldn't think of one...:P

Reviewer: armybabe09 Signed Date: 2008.02.21 - 11:19PM Title: .


No Review

Reviewer: Dianne Signed Date: 2008.02.20 - 06:23PM Title: .

Nice and steamy! I liked that Harry very cleverly used up the time left on Ginny's Portkey back to her training. It was nice to read about the other characters as well, such as where some of the Quidditch players ended up. Very nice to see Kreature in a fic as well as we don't often get to hear about him. Well done, and thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Steamy? Perhaps I could have written more of that, but I find myself unable to write scenes of that nature...lack of imagination I guess. Everything else was a space filler. Thanks for the review! ^_^

Reviewer: lety77 Signed Date: 2008.02.20 - 11:51AM Title: .


No Review

Reviewer: Phoeness Signed Date: 2008.02.20 - 10:11AM Title: .

I like your story ! Yeah, it's very cute and warm, Harry has definitely a strong power !
Poor Ginny, Gwenog and the press are going to kill her...

Good job, continue writting like this !

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it. ^_^

Reviewer: MyGinevra Signed Date: 2008.02.16 - 09:54AM Title: .



Cute, warm (emotionally and temperature-wise), and romantic. Of course it's well-written, too LOL. Those green eyes make Harry irresistable. I'll have to think about getting green contact lenses. :-)

Good luck in the challenge!! Keep on writing, too, you are getting better all the time.


Author's Response: LOL, yes it's all in the eyes.. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the review as always!

Reviewer: gejufan Signed Date: 2008.02.15 - 01:02PM Title: .


No Review

Reviewer: ginevrapulliza Signed Date: 2008.02.15 - 01:01PM Title: .


I have to say that this one is one of the best I have read of the challenge, so far. I really love it. It was sweet and romantic and Harry is just perfect. I do love it.

Great job. Take care.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm tempted to ask whether mine was the first you read, but I'll take the compliment. ^_^ I'm really glad you like it, first time I've written a Challenge fic, so I didn't think it would be very good. Thanks for the review!

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