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Reviews For Taking the Train

Reviewer: kash2110 Signed Date: 2008.10.14 - 07:32PM Title: Conversations by the Water


but for her. So that she could live her life. Whether or not he was in it - Such a good line, because if you REALLY love someone, then you want them to be happy even if you're not part of their happiness.

So many things I like to say about that chapter but like Harry & Ginny, I'm pretty wiped out after reading it and feeling all that emotion within it!!

Reviewer: potslicker Signed Date: 2008.04.20 - 01:57PM Title: Conversations by the Water


This chapter was also good, lot of good conversation between Harry and Ginny. Good to see her really coming around. Looking forward to see how you fix it?

Reviewer: irollam Signed Date: 2008.04.15 - 07:17PM Title: Conversations by the Water


I just had to go back and give you your 100th review! Your story is amazingly fabricated and I'm always so excited to read the next chapter! Good job!

Author's Response: Hee hee - thanks! I was excited to get it! -Mel

Reviewer: hms42 Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 06:04PM Title: Conversations by the Water


No Review

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 03:13PM Title: Conversations by the Water


I believe it is entirely in Harry's character to reject any actions that would be dishonorable. No tawdry sex for he and Ginny because their love is intrinsic to their honorable character. That's why their romance is so attractive.

And I see Ginny has it right. Their problem can't be fixed merely by Harry's explanation of his mistake. Sacrifice is required. Can't wait to see how you work it out.

Reviewer: cheetahyoda Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 02:43PM Title: Conversations by the Water


good chap update soon!

Reviewer: Wolfric Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 01:32PM Title: Conversations by the Water

Very nice chapter. Thanks for writing. W.

Reviewer: hgfan1111 Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 09:11AM Title: Conversations by the Water


Arghh! Let's try this one more time!!! This is the third review I've submitted, so I pray it goes through because I think I've completely forgotten what I wrote earlier. **sigh**

Let's see if I can get the mood back....

Such a heartbreaking chapter...although such a necessary one. I'm glad we got to see Ginny's POV because it let us understand more where she was coming from, even if, internally, I'm screaming at her to get over it. Because they are in love. Because they are supposed to be together.

Wow. I think I just caught a glimpse of what it may have felt like to read my own angst-driven story without knowing what was going to happen next. **blushes sheepishly** Sorry for putting everyone through that.

Mel, this was a beautiful and poignant chapter. The imagery was very moving. I'm glad that Harry has finally realized that there are other reasons for him to be back...Teddy and the Weasleys. Yes, he's supposed to be with Ginny...and marry her...and have copious amounts of children with her...but there is more to life.

I'm waiting anxiously for the next chapter. :) Thanks again, Andi

Author's Response: Thanks Andi - This was a strange chapter for me to write, because there were things that needed to be said, but not a lot of action. If you care to read my book in response to Chris, you will see that I feel strongly that all this is not Ginny's fault. She is trying to "get back" so to speak, but it is not simply a question of just accepting Harry's love. I am glad you see the big picture too - of family and love and support and all that . One of my favorite parts of this chapter (other than the memory, which I have to admit I really liked), was Ginny's talking to Harry about George. Life goes on, but you have to remember that it is not easy for the living. Talk to you soon. (Oh, and they caught our racoon - yay!!) -Mel

Reviewer: jennyelf Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 09:10AM Title: Conversations by the Water


I love the memory. Harry was so incredibly sweet. He might be doubting himself now, but he was absolutely right to wait. But please don't let Harry give up on Ginny now.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Don't worry, Harry won't give up. And neither, as you will soon see, will Ginny.

Reviewer: Pooky Anonymous Date: 2008.03.29 - 08:57AM Title: Conversations by the Water


I am a Harry/Ginny shipper all the way! However, I am so NOT because of the canon stories, but because of fanfiction. The canon Harry/Ginny relationship is in many ways a joke. There is no substance to it. The reason that I say that is because we the readers never really get to see it. We see their first kiss at the Quidditch party and that's it! We are TOLD about it, we see Harry reliving it in his mind, but that is it. In fact, we never even really see their friendship evolve. Once again we are TOLD about it. For all intents-and-purposes, the canon Harry/Ginny relationship (at least the part we see and are told about) is a teenage romance, nothing more, nothing less.

Bearing that in mind, if we want to consider that canon Harry/Ginny had a more substantial relationship, then I think we can say certain things. First, I don't believe that it is realistic for a 16 year old and a 15 year old who have been dating for less than 6 weeks (the length of their relationship in canon) to spend the vast majority of their time lying naked with each other and seriously contemplating having sex. In my opinion, that is reminiscant of two extremely randy teenagers, not to truly in love teenagers developing a deep relationship that could propel them into a lifetime of love and support. Second, I don't think it is unreasonable for two people who have just been dating for awhile to not say the words "I love you." Sometimes, it takes time to come to a place where those words are said, and personally, from what we have seen of canon Harry/Ginny and the little scene you gave us of their HBP relationship makes me suspect that Harry/Ginny were DEFINATELY NOT at a place that they could say the words "I love you" to each other.

Third, the strength of a person's love/committment to another person is not the willingness or unwillingness that they have towards having sex. For Ginny and Harry to seriously contemplate and/or ask one another if their having sex back in HBP-times would have prevented their current situation is ridiculous. A person's love/committment for another person is rooted in just that: their love, their committment, their willingness to forgive, to be patient, to be supportive, to be challenging yet supportive, to be encouraging, and to lay down one's own interests, needs, wants, desires for the good of the other.

In regards to Ginny's response to this situation. Harry made two choices. In terms of Harry/Ginny, Harry's first choice was a honest, understandable mistake. In terms of Harry/Ginny, his second choice was a huge sacrifice and demonstration of the realization of his mistake, his desire to correct it, and a demonstration of his love, desire, affection, longing for Ginny. If Ginny's current response is solely driven by the "rending" of reality caused by Harry's "cheating" death, then I can understand and excuse her behavior. If, however, her response is primarily driven by her anger at Harry for breaking up with her and choosing initially to get on the train, then it is crazy, a demonstration that it is Ginny who is sorely lacking in love and understanding of Harry, and not Harry that is lacking.

Ginny, Harry made a mistake, but he corrected it. His love and desire for you was so great that he literally "cheated" death itself and jumped back from the dead. Demonstrate to Harry the love and understanding that you claim you have for him, and that you claim he doesn't, even though he is the one who is displaying it by the boatloads, and you are sorely lacking in real life demonstration.

I hope that Harry/Ginny resolve this mess soon. While I like this story, this was my least favorite chapter so far for the reasons that I described above (it is not the quality of your story or writing, but the attitudes displayed by the characters). Love is primarily a choice, an act of the will and heart, despite the absence, presence, or screwed-upness of feelings and emotions. In this story it is strinkingly clear that Harry "loves" Ginny, while I am not so sure that Ginny "loves" him back. Grow up, Ginny. As much as I hate to say it, maybe it is indeed good that they are just friends now, but I believe that when the next step is made, it is Ginny that needs to make it, not Harry.

Chris (Pooky)

Author's Response: Hey Chris - glad to hear from you - I was not sure if you had continued reading after the first chapter or two. Let me see if I can address everything in your review. First, what I have tried to make abundantly clear, is that Ginny's response to this entire mess is not her fault. Even though we know that Harry made a mistake with the mirror, and on some level, it feels wrong to punish him and her so greatly for their mistake, this mistake was rather gigantic, and the repercussions are too. Harry, in effect, got to have his cake and eat it too, at least for a while. He got to see his parents, talk to them, view their relationship in person, see and talk to Sirius, Fred, Remus and Tonks. And then he got to realize that where he really needed to be was somewhere else. Whether you look at it as cheating death or simply screwing with it, he was only going to get the chance to be with Ginny again if he worked his ass off for it. Ginny was devastated by the events, and we see her trying to come to terms with everything here. She knows she loved Harry, and somewhere, deep down, that old Ginny is trying to come to the surface. But please don't blame her for not being able to give Harry what he wants yet. That is not how I envision their resumption of their relationship. Instead, they are both going to have to think hard about not only what they mean to each other, but what they really want in their lives as a whole. Next, do I think canon Harry and Ginny had sex? No. Do I think they discussed it? Probably. Things seem to happen earlier in the WIzarding world in any event, and most of the things Harry goes through in the books are things that no 12 or 13 or 16 or 17 year old should be able to handle. And yet he does, one after another. So I don't think that his and GInny's relationship would necessarily be confined to hand-holding and kisses and going to second base- no more. As for saying "I love you," I think their failure to say it before Harry left was a mistake on both their parts. If Ron hadn't interrupted them in Ginny's room, I think they might have gotten there. I have no doubt, personally, that they were in love. This was not as a result of six weeks of snogging, but years of friendship which waxed and waned and then grew stronger over Harry's sixth year. I am actually just starting to pin down ideas for a sixth year fic that explores Harry and Ginny's relationship as friends, prior to the kiss, hopefully it will become something more than ideas sooner rather than later. I wrote this story as a way to explore exactly what Harry and Ginny mean to each other, and how they have to almost build from scratch something that Harry can remember, but Ginny has to relearn. I also wanted to flesh out Harry's feelings of family, as that has so much to do with his ability to bring Ginny back. Anyway, thank you for your thoughtful review - truth be told, this was not one of my favorite chapters either, but probably because I know where they are going, and just want them to get there, already! -Mel (lilyevans_Jan30)

Reviewer: Professor_Chris Signed Date: 2008.03.29 - 06:31AM Title: Conversations by the Water


Hmm, more progress, still have some distance to go, I hope that they can get there and not just settle at being friends. Now they just need to work out what is still causing Ginny to not be her old self to see if they can fix it fully.

Glad that Remus and Tonks are going to be with James and Lilly, I am sure Siruis would have been buried there too if he had not gone through the veil.

Looking forward to the next Chapter

Author's Response: Baby steps, baby steps. Although deciding to bury Remus and Tonks in the same place James and Lily are was not an accident. I would have loved to get Sirius there too, but I have read a couple of other fics that did that beautifully and don't think I have anything different to add. But maybe he has a memorial stone there - since we know he would not want to be anywhere near the Black Family plot! Thanks!

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