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Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2010.09.19 - 11:24AM Title: For What It's Worth


Do I have to review every story as I read them. This one was an excellent side dish as I ate my tea.
Onwards and upwards.

Author's Response: Reveiws are always wonderful, but our readers are never obligated to leave one. If you've set out to read everything of mine, and in order, you might have a challenge on your hands with fifty-some stories (some with as many as twenty chapters). I do appreciate your reading.

Reviewer: Artistand Signed Date: 2009.01.27 - 11:42PM Title: For What It's Worth


No Review

Reviewer: bookish327 Signed Date: 2008.05.27 - 08:11PM Title: For What It's Worth


An amusing ride as always, when we are blessed enough to read by a fic by yourself. :-)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you. Eric B.

Reviewer: drawjones Signed Date: 2008.05.06 - 02:35PM Title: For What It's Worth


A very interesting take on the whole Harry getting through the barrier. It's creative, and actually works pretty well. In regards to the whole Lucius angle at the very beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed that and have seen few other stories that begin from that aspect. Overall the story was quite entertaining and I enjoy your writing style.

Author's Response: I was toying with having Lucius at the end of the story as well, but I thought that the concentration needed to be on the relationship between Harry and Ginny. I understand everyone’s’ respective ages, but their futures were obvious and I wanted to pursue that while taking into account their current ages. The whole point of the story was that the Hedley Kow could not break up/interfere with/completely destroy the relationships which were established. I had fun insisting that this wouldn't happen with Hermione and Ron either. The theme of the story was that friendships overcome those forces trying to distinguish them. Our heroes learned that--even at that age. Thank you for reading! Eric B.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2008.05.03 - 02:00PM Title: For What It's Worth


Judged for competition.

Here we go again with another flashback challenge. It was a good idea to continue last year's challenge from first year into this second year challenge.

This fic begins with Lucius -- which, in a way, makes sense. When I was considering how exactly this challenge would work, I remembered how everything in set in motion when Dobby -- Lucius's elf -- is the one to stop Harry and Ron at the barrier. Therefore, this fic must begin with Lucius, since he's the one who sets all of the events of CoS in motion.

Well, I never would have suspected his plan to be a shapeshifter! LOL! We've seen shapeshifters in the HP universe before, of course -- we have Lupin's boggart from PoA. The difference, of course, is that boggarts change into a person's fears, while your shapeshifter simply impersonates.

So in the end, Lucius wants to create discord among Harry and his friends, but it doesn't work -- Harry and Ginny, even at this young age, are able to see who their real friends are.

No Spenser, of course, since there's no reason for him to be there in second year. But at least we have a glimpse of his future bride, Luna, already showing signs of seeking out the extraordinary.

Overall, great job as always. Good luck in the challenge -- and I'll read your "companion piece" soon!

Author's Response: I initially entered this Challenge with the personal requirement that it would meet canon standards as well as those for Book Two. If Harry and Ron couldn't get through the barrier...had to fly the car to Hogwarts...then another Harry and Ron needed to do so instead. I felt very bad hurting Ginny that way. Angst is something natural to a preteen, and the situation merely enhanced all of hers. This was obviously not a story for Spenser, and it rightly should not be. I missed having his interactive dialogue with Loony, but Ginny's was much more appropriate. Actually, Luna is easy to work opposite almost any other character. My daughter Loony (Jennifer) was satisfied and was the person who suggested the final confrontation between Harry and the Kow. I really appreciate your reading and wonderful commentaries. Please keep this story, its entire plot in mind while reading the companion. Laugh at the jokes, but picture the hurt little girl scribbling away in her journal. Thanks! Eric B.

Reviewer: elaithin Signed Date: 2008.04.30 - 10:49PM Title: For What It's Worth


Very nice. As always, I love revisiting this universe, and your use of a shape-shifter (heh. Kow.) was very well done. Good and original! - Patrick

Author's Response: The Kow offered a nice way to get Harry and Ron on the train. It was too bad that all of that had to happen to poor Ginny, but I think she may have learned something from the experience and they came away better friends. Thank you for reading! Eric B.

Reviewer: Dianne Signed Date: 2008.04.30 - 05:26PM Title: For What It's Worth

It's so very rare to see a story written from Lucius Malfoy's point of view so you get a lot of credit from me there. I agree with you, looking back, Harry and Ginny would be able to find things that they might have missed when they were kids that would have given them clues that they would one day be a loving couple ... family, even back then. Nice!

Author's Response: Dear Lucius has certainly had his share of worried projects. He simply picked the wrong one this time. Regardless--he's up against our favorite couple here and doesn't stand a chance. Thank you very much for reading. Eric B.

Reviewer: Zapatorf Signed Date: 2008.04.30 - 03:14PM Title: For What It's Worth


Wellll, I remember reading THIS one when it first was put out. I thought it was really good, but now I'm a bit confused as to how Harry got through the barrier. Yes, I did get that from your review reply, and now I've got to figure it out. Oh, and the story was funny and good too. I was trying to guess who it was the whole way through. Loved Hermione and Neville on the ceiling in their underwear, it's just hilarious, even if it is rather mean.

Author's Response: I was determined to adhere to canon where I could. The Challenge had Harry beyond the barrier. I just did some...substitutions. I wasn't considering this story's companion story while I was writing, but it's always good to step back and laugh at something. By the way, they were wolverines not pandas--Neville is a wild man at times. Thank you for reading this. Eric B.

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2008.04.15 - 09:59PM Title: For What It's Worth


Very enjoyable story--I was rather stressed there for awhile about G/H being able to forgive each other. And, as always, I need more fluff, but I think that's more a comment on me than on your story.
Keep 'em coming!

Author's Response: I love fluff as well, sometimes too much. In this case however suspense had to win out. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks! Eric B.

Reviewer: lilyevans_Jan30 Signed Date: 2008.04.15 - 07:14PM Title: For What It's Worth


This kept me guessing until the very end - I was so involved in trying to figure out what was going on that I actually forgot about Lucius at the beginning. I thought Polyjuice Potion for a moment too, but that didn't seem to fit. Only one nitpick - Harry actually was supposed to get through the barrier! Although I guess a figure that looks like Harry is a close second. Good story!


Author's Response: Harry did get through the barrier...sort of. It just wasn', I'd better not post a spoiler. Thank you for reading and reviewing. Eric B.

Reviewer: bransfolly Signed Date: 2008.04.15 - 05:34PM Title: For What It's Worth


As usual your writing makes me smile, well constructed. You have a very unique universe going. Your Ginny is just perfect

Author's Response: Harry thinks she's pretty perfect (and perfectly pretty) as well. That's how he was able to tell which was which. Thank you for taking the time to read. Eric B.

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