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Reviews For Blushes and Pranks

Reviewer: Spenser Hemmingway Signed Date: 2008.05.06 - 10:35AM Title: Chapter 2: Gits


This is developing nicely. You keep steering the two together in a perfectly logical manner, and one would not expect that it is for the story's sake. I agree that Ron was more than a bit of a git for treating Ginny that way, but looking at my own children I have to admit that it is perfectly normal. You place Harry in a particularly awkward position being a friend to both, but then he is Hermione's as well when we see those other arguments. This is definitely a story that draws you in. Good job and thanks. Eric B.

Author's Response: Again, thank you for your review and I'm glad you continue to enjoy the story. In regards to Harry and Ginny's interactions, it was an effort on my part to make them realistic and seemingly believable. I also wanted to find unique ways of bringing them together, detention with Snape is of course a perfect way to do that. Ron and Hermione arguing also makes a perfect opportunity as well. The only incident I had any reservations about was the carriage ride to the castle, especially considering first years take the boat. After writing it, I hoped that my explanation of why they wound up together in a carriage to be believable, and I've been pleased to see that most seem to accept it as realistic.

Reviewer: pokecharm Signed Date: 2008.05.03 - 10:51AM Title: Chapter 2: Gits


this is much sweeter than I had anticipated - nicely written :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad I could pleasantly surprise you. I wanted this story to be a bit more 'light hearted' than some of the other things I've written, and hopefully it's succeeded.

Reviewer: Kezzabear Signed Date: 2008.05.02 - 07:35PM Title: Chapter 2: Gits


I like the way you get Harry and Ginny alone together, very natural and good progressions but there are a couple of continuity errors in this chapter that distract from the story. When Ginny turns up in the Gryffindor common room after Hermione leaves she was alone, then she was with someone else, then suddenly Luna was there although then she vanished. that was very confusing and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Also Ginny couldn't find a seat because the common room was full due to it being soon after dinner but then Harry and Ginny went down to dinner.

Although I'm not a fan of Ron being quite so gitlike (although it's entirely plausible lol) I look forward to seeing if he gets what's coming!

Author's Response: Hmmm... the continuity errors you speak of greatly trouble me. They were pointed out by my Beta, and the fact that Luna was in the there at all is annoying as well. I though I had made all the sufficient corrections and eliminated the issues you mentioned, but evidently they persist. Thank you for pointing them out and I will be reviewing the chapter in question.

Author's Response: Ah, I have read the offending section and now know exactly what you mean. Thank you for pointing it out. Ultimately the issue comes from a previous version of this chapter where I had Luna in the common room with Ginny, and my beta and I had a rather lengthy discussion about whether it could happen or would happen so early in Ginny's first year, assuming it could. The result was that I just decided to forgo it, and did a modification where I attempted to 'erase' Luna from that part of the story. What your astute eyes have seen, are in fact the instances where I failed to adequately do my job. *Shakes head and sighs* Thanks again for your review and comments. I greatly appreciate knowing where I've mucked up so I can work to avoid it in the future.

Author's Response: Third time's the charm. I have now edited the chapter, correcting the issues you have pointed out. Thanks again, and I truly appreciate your review pointing it out. I can't say thank you enough as mistakes like this annoy me. Perhaps it has something to do with my chosen profession, where the simple errors are the most costly.

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra Signed Date: 2008.05.01 - 07:04PM Title: Chapter 2: Gits


Your writing is qite readable anyhow.

Author's Response: Readability is always a primary goal of mine. The writing I do at work makes little sense to anyone but me, especially if you consider my handwriting, but my stories are meant to be entertaining, not headache inducing.

Reviewer: Kage James Signed Date: 2008.05.01 - 06:47PM Title: Chapter 2: Gits


No Review

Author's Response: Thanks for the rating. I take it you enjoyed the chapter.

Reviewer: Pooky Anonymous Date: 2008.05.01 - 02:38PM Title: Chapter 2: Gits


Snape is such a greasy-haired git!!! He needs a good scrub! Keep up the great work!

Chris (Pooky)

Author's Response: Yeah, Snape is a git, but he was a very useful one as I found him to be a perfect means for ensuring Harry and Ginny would have to spend some time together.

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