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Reviews For In You I Trust

Reviewer: MagoGosora Signed Date: 2020.11.06 - 01:35AM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: nayin1704 Signed Date: 2020.08.04 - 08:28AM Title: Chapter 1

a really good story. I just wish you'll write a longer story based on it.

Reviewer: sunnyseaforever Signed Date: 2012.05.12 - 09:55AM Title: Chapter 1


A very interesting take on the First Week Challenge. I like it a lot.

Reviewer: mdauben Signed Date: 2010.09.25 - 09:32AM Title: Chapter 1


Another reader who hopes you will go on to expand this story. You have set such up such a great premise that it would be a shame not to run with it!

Reviewer: katlover070 Signed Date: 2008.12.31 - 11:17PM Title: Chapter 1

It took me a minute to realize how the begining and ending fit together, but it was perfect. I loved it. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm very glad when people pick up on things like that. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2008.11.02 - 10:49PM Title: Chapter 1


Really well done.

Author's Response: Thank you - I liked this story enough that I've been expanding it. Check out 'Vires, Veneratio, Diligo, pt I, if you're so inclined. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: jennyelf Signed Date: 2008.08.04 - 09:46PM Title: Chapter 1


Oh, this is good. I am glad that you are filling it out more with the new story. There is so much here to work with. I noticed that Cordy (from VoS) was here in this one and that Draco was a gryffindor. Very interesting! I love it!
~Jenn :)

Author's Response: Jenn, Glad you're liking it. You can see why the story wouldn't let go of me ;). Thanks for the review - Patrick

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2008.07.27 - 12:30PM Title: Chapter 1



I really really like this. It just feels so ... right.

I came over to read it when I found your new story which is an expansion of this, and well...

If you manage to keep up the quality you'll have a winner on your hands, no question.

I'm really looking forward to seeing whether you can expand on the little teasing bits you've added in, like Cordelia (who I assume is an OC), and Draco being sorted into Gryffindor, which I don't think I've seen outside Anne Walsh's Dangerverse stories (which really are superb and I wish she could post them here...). Obviously this is assuming you'll be keeping those elements in the new expanded story. If you don't, then at least I'll have registered here how much I like them ;-)

Author's Response: I can confirm that those elements will remain in this story. As for the Dangerverse.. well, I'm a fan of that, too, so I'll be trying not to echo what she's already done. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: Kismatt Signed Date: 2008.07.05 - 11:06AM Title: Chapter 1


*looks around for more story*

Oooh, please! Please continue this! I was heartbroken to get to the bottom of the page and not find a "Next" link. I'm intrigued at the second set of twins - and Draco as a *Gryffindor* - and how Harry knows the spells...and ...and...


Consider this another nudge. :)

Author's Response: Odds are I will, Kismatt, but not until I complete 'Harry Potter & the Veil of Shadows'. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2008.05.15 - 01:26AM Title: Chapter 1


Judged for competition.

This is a very interesting story. Like many of your other reviewers, I'm still trying to figure out the exact structure of the story. I'm assuming that the opening scene takes place in canon, then as Harry makes his dying wish, "I wish it had been different --" and then his wish comes true, as we enter an AU, a world that will be different.

I was wondering why you wrote "September 1, 1991" instead of 1992, knowing that this challenge takes place in Ginny's first year -- until you explained how Ron and Ginny are twins. (It's clever how you choose a birthday for the twins in 1980, about halfway between Ron's March birthday and Ginny's August birthday from canon.) We see how the Sorting is slightly different, with Harry, Ron, Neville, and much to my surprise, Draco! in Gryffindor (but I can't see Lucius being too pleased with that), and Hermione and your OC Cordy for the girls. (Are Dean, Lavender, etc., still in Gryffindor?)

Of course, the Harry and Ginny relationship is set off by their falling into the trap set up by the twins -- I mean the other twins, Fred and George! That Featherweight Potion might come in handy some time in the future. Also, it's good to see some developments (Hermione's friendship, Harry's decision to become an Auror) occur much faster than in canon.

I was wondering about Luna, since the challenge requires her to appear. Then you have Ginny write a letter to Luna, indicating that her age here is the same as in canon. I assume that she'll still be in Ravenclaw in this fic, but then again, the opening mentions that Luna was mis-Sorted, indicating that she'll be in another House in this universe.

But we'll never find out unless you update this fic. I've been saying this for many of the challenge entries that I've judged, and I'll say it again -- I want to see what will happen next. I wonder whether, in your next chapter, you'll jump up to December, so we can see another rendezvous between Harry and Ginny in their secret trimonthly hiding place --

Overall, excellent fic. Good luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Jim,

Thank you, first, for your insightful review. You're correct in that it takes place in canon (ish) for the beginning and then transits to AU.

As for a continuation (and all the questions you raised regarding Luna, Draco, the Featherwight potion, the hiding place, etc) ... I've given serious thought to it, and I'll probably start it as a completely new story. Everything in this one-shot would be included, of course, but the scenes would probably be split up among the first three or four chapters. Again, Thanks for the review!

- Patrick

Reviewer: Professor_Chris Signed Date: 2008.05.10 - 05:11PM Title: Chapter 1


I am so sorry I read this a while ago and completely forgot to review as I wasn't on my normal machine.

Anyway this was a really great story, I love the way that Harry and Ginny connected and how you have left open the possibility of continuing the story later. I hope that you will be understand these things take a lot of work.

Best wishes

Author's Response: Chris - the amount of work necessary for a retelling 'canon' epic is why, at the very least, this would have to wait until I finish 'Veil of Shadows'. Still, I'm glad you liked this glimpse! Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: pippan121 Signed Date: 2008.05.04 - 09:32PM Title: Chapter 1


I'd like to see you continue this storyline. It is really well done.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Leonheart666 Signed Date: 2008.05.04 - 03:45PM Title: Chapter 1



I've only got one thing to say really...

Why does this have to be in the first week challenge!?

You could really make something of this as a time travel romantic AU fic. It would be brilliant, but nooooooooo you had to put it in for the First Week, so you can't!

Anyway, enough of my strop

really good work, I love your style of writing, it's really good to read. Your plot was good too, and like I say, it could be continued so well.

Loved it!

Author's Response: Well, it could still be expanded as an AU - that is the idea. Writing it for the challenge like this was an attempt to challenge myself to write a story that I don't completely resolve, and leave a lot of things open to interpretation. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the review - Patrick

Reviewer: Elisabeth Signed Date: 2008.05.02 - 09:07PM Title: Chapter 1


Please continue this story. i love stories about Harry and Ginny conecting when they first meet. That was pretty interesting way for you to start the story, with Harry dying then getting a second chance with Ginny. It would be great if you had a few chapters per year at Hogwarts.

Author's Response: I'm considering it ;) Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: Ella Signed Date: 2008.05.02 - 06:18PM Title: Chapter 1

Oooooh! Intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Author's Response: :) Thanks, Ella. Y'all are certainly nudging me towards continuing it, that's for sure. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: Dianne Signed Date: 2008.05.02 - 12:48PM Title: Chapter 1

Nice dramatic beginning there with Ginny and Harry! The do-over that seemed to be Ginny's and Harry's wish was very well done and since the Elder wand is special, I can believe Ron and Ginny being twins. It was touching when Ginny said 'my dad can fix anything'. I think a lot of little girls feel that way. The featherweight potion was clever as well. Thanks for the story!

Author's Response: My wife assures me that all little girls feel that way, even when they grow up. My daughter seems convinced of it, too. :) Thanks for the review, Dianne! - Patrick

Reviewer: Fearlessvenom1 Signed Date: 2008.05.02 - 12:11AM Title: Chapter 1


Really wonderfull introduction to what promises to be a interesting universe...
that is if you decide to continue this story. you could do a couple chapters for each year at hogwarts.

Author's Response: Heh. We'll see. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: Comet Moon Signed Date: 2008.05.01 - 11:54PM Title: Chapter 1


No Review

Reviewer: Comet Moon Signed Date: 2008.05.01 - 11:53PM Title: Chapter 1

Dude, this one is wicked


I'd be a crime not too

You've set up so much depth that we can see a bit already

Hope to se more

Ja ne


Author's Response: Jim,
LOL - so noted. I tried to cast enough hints so folks could figure out how things would play out even if I don't continue/expand the story, but I am leaning more towards doing that now. Thanks for the review! - Patrick

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2008.05.01 - 08:22PM Title: Chapter 1


Ooh, I really loved this one. I'm a sucker for the "Harry and Ginny meet for the first time and instantly click" type of stories, and this one was very well done. I would LOVE to see this expanded upon, to carry them through more of their Hogwarts career.

Author's Response: I am too, Duke. I'm liking the idea of expanding it more and more myself - I won't lie and say I haven't already thought out certain parts of the story. ;) Thanks for the review! - Patrick

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