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Reviews For Socks

Reviewer: Summer Potter Signed Date: 2012.10.14 - 02:25AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


No Review

Reviewer: beryl Signed Date: 2011.04.19 - 02:27AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version

For the record, I prefer your "Preferred version"

Reviewer: mrs hermione Signed Date: 2008.12.30 - 04:33PM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version

i love this writing

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: _kb_ Signed Date: 2008.08.05 - 10:19PM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


Somehow, I missed this one of yours. (shrug) Anyway, that was a fun little piece. I'm torn between which I like better. I sorta agree with you on liking the dialog only version, but the extra descriptions of the 2nd add a lot more info. (like ~2K words worth -- haha, sorry :-) In the dialog version, I imagined a lot more sarcasm than you had in the 2nd. I have no idea why, maybe it's just my present mood. Perhaps that's a lesson on why dialog stories aren't done more, too much chance for misinterpretation. Anyway, I'm off to read "Shoes". I can see several possibilities... Kevin

Author's Response: You hit the nail on the head -- in the dialog only version, the reader\'s mood directly translates to how they perceive and react to the story. Happy people or sad people or brooding people will all walk away with very different experiences. That makes it kind of fun, doesn\'t it?

Reviewer: DukeBrymin Signed Date: 2008.05.19 - 10:43AM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version


Wow! I really enjoyed the dialogue-only version, I think that having to infer actions makes this much more enjoyable. While it would be fun to see this expanded and full of fluff, it really does do a good job of keeping the essence of the relationship.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you were willing to give it a shot. The reception has been better than expected, honestly. While the challenge premise was in some ways about fluff, I\'ve never been one to get into too much of those scenes -- they are better left in the imagination, I suspect, than in forcing people to have one uniform view of them. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Zapatorf Signed Date: 2008.05.09 - 02:19PM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version


HAHAHAHA! Whoo, that was good at the end. Reading the next one.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.

Reviewer: elusive Signed Date: 2008.05.08 - 08:04PM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version

At first, I was very skeptical of the all-dialog style of writing. Fortunately, you are able to make the character's actions quite apparent through their words. By the time I was a few lines in, I was completely picturing Harry and Ginny's actions just as if you had been describing it. Kudos for changing my mind!

Author's Response: Glad you were willing to give it a chance, and found it worked for you. It\'s one of those things that has appeal in some groups, and not at all in others. I don\'t know that I\'ll try to do this again, but with as many positive reviews as this received . . . I might try. Cheers.

Reviewer: melkior Signed Date: 2008.05.08 - 07:04PM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


I always feel stupid when reviewing something, and all that I wanted to say has already been said. Nevertheless, I did throw a glove, or a sock in this case, so it wouldn't be appropriate for me to pass out the review.

I preferred the first version, but with a twist. My order of reading was like this: first I skimmed through the first version, then through the second version, and then I actually _read_ the first version. This way, the full impact of everything that transpired registered fully on my third read, but my imagination was influenced enough to fill out everything in the right direction.

I am slightly confused, but the reminder of rules did help out a bit. I'm sure you're enjoying this.

On another note, as Sovran said, you did a wonderful job with Ginny. She's bold and perceptive, and even a bit quirky, for a good measure. I must say, I got a better perception of Ginny than Harry, but then again, it was from Harry's POV, and he was concentrating on her.

All in all, great job, and I'm looking forward to "Shoes". Hopefully, I'll even be able to tie it all together.

Author's Response: Well, the rules were laid down pretty clearly, so I had to set up the needed wiggle room. Did the Socks and Shoes get fully tied together for your satisfaction? There\'s nothing wrong with reviewing late. You can just say, \"[aol] me too ! [/aol]\" and it\'s well understood. Snicker. That was an interesting manner in which to read the story - 1, 2, 1 - but whatever works for you. Ginny is a bit of a fun character to play with, eh? (Redheads and playing, erm, right, nothing to see here, carry on . . . )

Reviewer: sanidad Signed Date: 2008.05.08 - 12:51AM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version


I'd like to place my vote for your preferred version. While the alternate version fills in a few missing details, I think your dialogue fills in all of the required details without the extra text very well. I think writing a piece like the preferred version requires a fair amount of skill, which you obviously have. Thanks for the fun read and I look forward to reading "Shoes."

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. It took a good bit of back-and-forth to get some of the interactions conveyed the way I wanted in dialog, so I suppose there is a level of skill involved there. It might just boil down to sheer determination and endurance, but I\'d like to think there was a bit more somewhere. I hope you enjoyed Shoes as much.

Reviewer: choco1 Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 02:50PM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


Evidently I need things spelled out for me. - I have to admit I am a fan of the "prose" version, it really helped set the scene for me. As always, love your work.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. There\'s nothing wrong with wanting it spelled out. The dialog-only version is a high-risk form of writing, and clearly doesn\'t appeal to everyone. How many books do you pick up that are only dialog? Anyway, thanks for reviewing. Cheers.

Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 12:46PM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


Overall, I prefer the dialogue version, but I have to admit that I got a bit more out of the extra prose in ch2. It gave me just a touch more information than my imagination provided the first time through. For example, Ginny's leaning closer to Harry at the end. So I suppose that I, too, appreciate them both. I still say I prefer the original, though.

That aside, I like the story, and I think I can see how it was required as a prequel. You did a nice job with Ginny - she's perceptive and bold and feisty, as we all expect from canon-Ginny post-OotP, but you haven't lost the required traces of pre-CoS-Ginny.

I'm looking forward to Shoes. Though I admit I'll have to go back to make sure I remember all of the parameters we gave you for the challenge. Wouldn't want you getting away with anything.

Author's Response: How did I do with that little private challenge, anyway? I said something similar in another review response, but for me the extra prose both adds and takes away. Having the prose forces the same interpretation on the scene, plus or minus epsilon, every time you read it. Not having the extra prose allows for a dynamic experience, with each reading coming to a different interpretation -- a different scene entirely, really. That\'s why I lean toward the dialog only version so much more.

Reviewer: calgary Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 10:17AM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version

The dialogue version definitly. Writing dialogue is something you do very well. I don't whether it's your ear for language or what, but it really spins and moves a story. You know how to do it and you capitalize on it. You also have a sparse writing style, which I really appreciate..

I also loved the way you sequed from hugs to scent to socks just within the dialogue context. The second version I liked very much too. But really, it didn't need it.

Either way, much better then you usually see in fan fic. So why quibble?


Author's Response: Aww, you\'re making me blush. I don\'t know that I do it all that well, but as long as I\'m doing better than David Eddings (who doesn\'t do it well at all), then I\'m okay. But when you can switch around names and pronouns blindly, and not tell the difference, well, something\'s wrong. Still, it\'s nice to know you enjoyed both forms. If it had only ever appeared in the second form, would you have found yourself thinking something was missing? Cheers.

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 09:30AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


I just got through reading both versions and I've decided I like them both equally, but for different reasons. I like the first one because it's a conversation-driven story and requires the reader to make up the action and control the pacing in his/her imagination. For me, I just barreled through it, enjoying the quick back and forth feel of the piece and the fact that Harry is forcing himself to talk to Ginny when he really doesn't feel like it. I like the second version because the action you've put in slows down the pacing. When words and gestures and facial expressions are juxtaposed or used together the reader can see more of what the author is trying to convey rather than what the reader reads into it and the meaning changes. What I took away from the second version was that there was something more to what Harry and Ginny were telling each other than just their word were saying.

At one point in both stories I had to walk away from the computer. Harry's admission, I dont know what to do when someone hugs me ... its always a surprise," just chokes me up. No matter whether it's written as a rapid-fire, no action ping pong conversation between two people or whether there is deliberate action/response added, those simple words always go straight to the heart of what compels me to love canon and the fan fiction stories we all take the time to write about our favorite teenage wizard.

Finally, thank you for reminding me of what I can do as an author when I'm bogged down in making the action work when I'd rather be crafting the conversation between characters. Action can always be filled in later, it's the meaning of what is being said that matters most, most of the time.

Author's Response: First, I\'d like to say a thank you for the review. It\'s increasingly rare to get a detailed walk through of thoughts and reactions to anything, and I appreciate it. (The other reviews I receive like this tend to be from the \'regular\' crowd, so they know how much I appreciate it.) Your comments regarding the multiple meanings are important, and actually why I have the tendency to prefer the dialog-only version. When I read the prose of an author around the content conveyed in words, I\'m forced into a narrow view of the scene. That scene may be beautiful and well crafted, but it\'s a static moment that cannot change on subsequent readings. In the dialog only version, I find that my mood at the time of reading greatly varies how I interpret the scene. Sometimes it\'s light and fluffy, sometimes it\'s dark and brooding, sometimes it\'s something else entirely. This allows a dynamic interpretation on every reading, even by the same person. The drawback is that people in a bad mood are likely not going to find it improved by the work. The dialog version has a higher risk in immediate rejection. But I\'m okay with that. At any rate, I\'m glad you enjoyed it and it caused you to think about not only the content, but the style. That\'s the single highest goal I can have, so I\'m happy quite a few people have responded well to this little story. Cheers.

Reviewer: gejufan Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 09:15AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


hee i like this story.

did ginny ended up kissing him? well of course she did she's ginny.

Author's Response: The ending is left open for interpretation. Perhaps she did. Perhaps she just smeared it all over his face. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: Pooky Anonymous Date: 2008.05.07 - 07:25AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


Very interesting. Gee, I wonder, how will Ginny help Harry discover what lip balm feels like????

I eagerly await the sequel!

Chris (Pooky)

Author's Response: Well, you put some on your finger, and smear it around with vigor . . . oh, wait, you meant something else, didn\'t you? Cheers.

[Respond: In Review]

Reviewer: Professor_Chris Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 06:50AM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version


Very interesting, looking forward to seeing how this fits in with Shoes.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. Glad it was interesting.

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 03:31AM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version

Sorry, forgot to say which version I prefer...actually I like both of them.

The dialogue technique is all very fine when there's just two speakers, making it easy to keep track, but few authors can manage this technique well (Selector, the author of the "Witches' Secret" stories springs to mind, those are *mostly* dialogue in some places with dozens of speakers, and he has a knack for natural cues to identify them). You've got a good ear for speaking style, making it easy to hear Harry and Ginny's voices.

The prose style is nice for filling in details which can't be spoken. There's just no way you would be able to spatchcock some details into the dialogue, it would become stunted and bizarre.

I guess it's like the difference between radio and TV: each is good in its own fashion, with strengths and weaknesses.

Author's Response: Another way to think of it is as the theatre. In Shakespeare, for example, everything has to be done via dialog. You have settings and some movement/actions, but the weight of thought, emotion, and so forth must come from the dialog. To that end, I think it\'s possible to tell an interesting story through dialog, but it\'s quite hard to do it well. And yes, the stunted and bizarre results may be quite amusing. But it\'s a good exercise for me to tinker with, as it lets me develop skills that are otherwise weak. In all, I\'m happy it provoked such a wide range of thoughts and reactions from the various readers. That tells me it was worth the effort.

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 03:20AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


"I promised that youd learn what lip balm feels like." o.O ORLY?

I can't wait for the follow-up ;-) Siriusly, Harry needs more moments like these, he *really* does.

Author's Response: No pun intended? I agree, he needs more moments like those, but only if they come from the Right Person to give them. Yeah, Really. Snicker.

Reviewer: NotACat Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 02:57AM Title: Chapter 1: Preferred Version


"Here, hold this for a second." Harry really is an innocent if he doesn't recognise that as a cue to run for his life :-D

This is rather nice, and makes you wonder why more people don't remember just how emotionally-crippled the Dursleys tried to make Harry. Under the circumstances, it's a wonder he didn't just crawl back in his cupboard and stay there.

Author's Response: Maybe it\'s a wonder he didn\'t crawl in and stay there, or maybe it\'s a wonder he didn\'t flee when he figured it out. Most kids in that type of situation aren\'t given enough freedom (school, etc) to have a chance to flee. At the same time, most kids only truly want to be loved, and they always think it\'s their fault they can\'t be loved by their parental figures. Rather depressing, really, what kids will tolerate and all they want out of it is a bit of affection. The media is far too full of stories like that, and the ramifications of it are truly horrific. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. Cheers.

Reviewer: EnFuego Signed Date: 2008.05.07 - 02:53AM Title: Chapter 2: Alternate Version


It's kinda like reading one of the books and then hearing a JKR interview a few weeks later . . . the book is much better without the extraneous material, but the back story lends to the understanding of the narrative (simultaneously wiping out the story we create in our imaginations yet opening up a whole new world of ideas) . . . brilliant! Really enjoyed it, although I somehow doubt even Harry could be that clueless. Can't wait for "Shoes"

Author's Response: The level of clue-less that Harry operates under is one of the contentious points in my beta email chains. JKR glossed over a lot of the details, and after setting up a very dark home life. My betas and I argue over this theme a lot. JKR did the written form of putting a ribbon on top of it so it doesn\'t seem so bad, since it is a child\'s story. But if you take what she set up and follow it, I\'d argue you wind up with a Harry about as damaged as . . . this one. I would be the first to agree there is room for interpretation and moving the line about, but he would be far more clueless than he is in canon. Anyway. Glad you enjoyed the story. I\'m pleased it can tickle your interest, given that it\'s very much not what I typically write. Cheers.

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